September 05, 2017

Engel wrote as if, after 38 years, an under-educated 70+ year old would remember every meticulous detail of procedural law, while remembering no personal things, in an arrest which never occurred in the first place.

Cleveland, the land of very good commercial radio.
Randy Engel and Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux
know why I posted this photo here.
Incidentally, among the pieces of evidence given to me through the years,
one is a Social Security Benefits statement of Anthony Cipolla.  I will be
posting it, to show the public how financially poor the man was.

And again, I was never his follower, and I assumed that, from 1989 to 2013
that he was guilty of some close-contact wrong.  Even know, I am more
than willing to declare him a molester, but all of the fact-checking result-
ed in it being repeatedly proven that the Diane Thompson Clan, and Tim
Bendig lied, over and over again.

Preliminary Request:  Could a NON-hostile person please obtain and send
me a digital copy of that sheet of paper which Randy Engel called the one
remaining piece of evidence in the 1978 Cipolla Case which actually did
not blossom into an official case?  It's the one that Engel said was signed
by a Detective M.N. Nehouser, Badge 46 and his partner, possessor of
Badge #37.

And could you do so without threats and snide remarks?  So, let's get
down to the bottom of all of this.

And why is this important?  ANS: Because the Cipolla Case rocketed
Cardinal Donald Wuerl to the top, and Wuerl has been doing nothing
but attempting to sabotage the 2,000 church in many ways, construct-
ing it in his own image and likeness  None the less, when it gets shown
beyond all reasonable doubts that he rocketed into stardom upon a lie,
then his clout deflates and follows the law of gravity.  And Wuerl being
in power is a very grave matter.

You know, of all the bishops about whom people wrote in disdain in
the 1990s, Wuerl is the only one to remain.  Dolan didn't rise to the
surface of people's concerns, yet.  Think for a second:

Roge Mahal Mahony, gone.   Joliet Illinois' Daniel Ryan, dead.  McHugh
of Camden, died at the age of 68.  Rembert Weakland, resigned in disgrace.
Etc.  Wuerl remains in power.

The Nov/Dec 2016 article of a Randy Engel who does not know that there is
no school on July 30 and that no military base is in operation in Spartansburg
SC is simply a case where a person wants to believe what she heard so badly
that she refuses to fact-check the damning tale told.   This is my opinion, so
stated as such for legal purposes.

Now, how could a person of reason expect a 70+ year old person with zero
education in Pennsylvania law to be able to concisely remember and narrate
something that she claimed to have happened in 1978 and which was said to
have never happened by the retired Pittsburgh police officer who was claimed
to have been the one which made the arrest?

And remember, non-detective Mark Ninehouser, Badge #46, was asserted to
have been the one who made the arrest of Cipolla, under the misspelled name,
Nehouser, Badge #46, and under the mistaken title of detective.

I already mentioned in detail and in several posts how  the arrest and post-
arrest retaliation narration of Engel was erroneous.  Now, that narrration was
long, wind-bagged, and super-detailed.  Concerning the people who believed
Engel's article at the outset, why did none of them think to themselves, "How
is a 70+ year old lady with no legal education going to remember all of this 
without having any paperwork or notes to look at?"

And of course, that which Engel claimed to have been the the last remaining
piece of evidence was NOT written by any Pittsburgh police officer, because
all officers were required to hand-print their reports.  In fact, the snapshot of
the the Offense/Incident Report purported to have been the one pertaining to
the Cipolla Case had wide looped "L's" and "D's," and it was obviously writ-
ten by a woman.  Plus, Ninehouser would not have signed it as "Nehouser."

Plus, plus, plus, Thompson never recounted anything of a personal nature,
in her long and harrowing tale.   She didn't mention if the detectives (Nine-
houser and Fogle who were NOT detectives at the time) were tall or blond
or left-handed, or gravelly-voiced, etc.

There was no remembrance of personal tidbits, except in the theatrical narra-
tion of her being in the DA's office, to sign a sheet of paper which would dis-
miss criminal charges in her parallel universe.  Firstly, a case is dismissed at
the  Clerk of Court's office.  None the less, she said that the detectives were
shaking their heads in disappointment, as she signed a paper she could not
read, because she had tears in her eyes ... as if she could see the line upon
which to write her name --- as if using a tissue or a hand couldn't clear her
of vision.  Well, that's yet another indication that she fabricated the overly
theatrical story.

Oh oh oh, and concerning her mention of Cipolla taking youth to a motel in
Dearborn, to see the Henry Ford Museum, she had this elaborate memory,
yet she could not remember the names of the other lads.  And she never
mentioned consulting with the parents of the other kids who went on a
trip that might have been another fictional trip in Diane Thompson's

Of course, the entire scenario arrest and post-arrest narration was a fabrication
designed to deceive you and me.  None the less, Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux
left out the personal-features that one remembers more than the legal procedure.
For example, she stated that Cipolla's friends slit her tires.  Yet, she never men-
tioned what kind of car she owned, if any.

She never mentioned anything about the mythological 70 year old man who
was supposed to have slapped nine year Tucker in the face at a convenient
store.  In fact, how did she know that the man was 70?  If she knew his age,
then she also knew his name.  Why did she never mention his name, being
that she defames anyone in her way, as a matter of course ... on the turn of
a dime.

From my personal experience, you are going to remember snapshots of some-
thing that happened in your life 38 years ago, and not a detailed account of a
legal procedure about which you never learned.  Furthermore, Engel's narra-
tion of that legal procedure was embarrassingly wrong.  It wasn't slightly
wrong.  It wasn't in need of tweaking.  It was a total farce.  Of course, I've
already mentioned how the narration was a farce.

If you refuse to believe me . . .

If you refuse to believe me, then take Engel's account and show it to an avail-
able off-duty police officer, clerk of court, constable, judge, parole officer, or
corrections officer ... and even to an ex-con who went through the criminal
process.  One of the things that the legal professional (or ex-con) will say to
you, after reading the Engel article, will be (to the approximate effect):

--- "What?  He was never taken to County?"  

---  "What?  There was no bail hearing in front of a magistrate?  You know, 
        that's the time when she would have been invited to speak to the judge, 
        and plead with him to keep the guy in jail."    

--- "What?  Cipolla was standing at their doorway and didn't have his bail 
        instantly revoked?    You know, he would have been tossed back into 
        jail the moment the cops showed-up on the seen.  That would have 
       been a violation of the terms of the bail."

--- "And uhhhm, he was charged with molesting a kid and not given at 
       least $10,000 bail to pay, and was merely let go on his own recog-
       nizance?   Oh, I don't think so."  

--- "You know what?  This lady is pulling a fast one on you."

As I previously stated, I am more than willing to publicly announce that
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla was an egregious
molester.  But, the fact-checking only showed that Tim Bendig and
Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux lied about him.  Bendig is a
proven liar, after all.  More specifically, he's a proven con artist.

All in all, that Nove/Dec 2016 three-part article of Randy Engel should
have been published on  April Fool's Day, because it truly was one sick

Just so that you'll know, Engel got the Cipolla article posted on Renew
America while Diane Thompson had online that I was Cipolla in dis-
guise, running a pedophile ring.  Now, Engel knows that I exist,  After
all, I used to publish some of her stuff, and she did talk me, as well as
writing to me, on occasion.  So, she had the moral obligation to let you
know that Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux was lying about me.
Engel let the lie perpetuate.

Now, it did get to a point where I lost 80% of my viewers, whatever be
the reason.  Things seemed lost, and it looked as if I were going to fade
away.  Well, in March of 2017, this Wuerlgate site was #1 on the Micro-
soft search engine, aka  It was #2, #3, and #4 on Google and
Yahoo, pursuant to common Wuerl-related keywords, and it was #1 pur-
suant to many keyword combos involving the name, Wuerl.

It's interesting how, the same year someone tried to physically murder me,
the Thompson-Engel-New Jersey Hag trio tried to destroy me.  Well, you
people who attempted my demise thus far failed.  Now will come the day
of accountability.

     By the way, read this or eat it in a court of law.   Have a nice day, dusk,
     night, dawn, morning, or noon, whatever the case may be.