September 09, 2017

Mexico Street, Part 2 ... forthcoming in more detail, I hope

Parallel to Mexico Street is California Ave.  They are one block apart.
Do you see any convenience store here where a young Tucker would go
and get his face slapped by a 70 year old merchant???  The only other
commercial-zone street is Lincoln Ave, several blocks away.

Plus, there was no official apartment building found as was described by Engel,
with a kitchen door and upstairs rental units.  At most, such at thing would have
been a house turned-into-rental-property.  There are rental units there,but NOT
in the way Engel described.  So, the Engel account made things confusing.
Sometimes I have the luxury of ample time and at other times I don't.
Then suddenly, more than one pressing thing crashes down on me.

For example, among things to be done at the time of this writing, I have
to spend hours, going through dozens of files, to find one sheet of paper,
so as to finish a construction-related case via sheriff's writ of execution.
Such a thing results in overhauling an entire paperwork filing system.
Such a thing takes time.

Let's not forget about sudden allergic reactions that come-a-visiting via
nearby parked cars clad in repulsively gaudy amounts of chemically
laden products called "air fresheners."

Plus, it's tax time and I have to be returning to Chicago via road travel,
in about a week.  So, I've work to do on a company vehicle, so that it
can get its needed inspection sticker.  In as much . . .

At present, available time is a precious commodity.  So, the Mexico Street
Part 2 post is in a state of suspended animation.  In fact, my spare time was
wasted on this post.  None the less, be patient.  After all, I have to be even
more patient.  At least I find the rest of the Mexico Street photos and I do
intend on posting them, simply to show how much I employed due dili-
gence on this case.  At the least, you should know by now that I am NOT
Anthony Cipolla in disguise, that I actually have been in the construction
industry, in multiple phases of it, and that I write my own articles, NOT
being a puppet for anyone.

By the way, I have to post the one Social Security doc that I have on Anthony
Cipolla, to show how poor he was.  This will erase any lingering defamation
about him running an evil ring of felons.  He had too much back pain for that
type of thing, not mention his heart condition which is now thoroughly proven.

As a preview, the closest place I could find that would be a nearby convenience 
store where Tucker would go was this butcher shop, and such a place doesn't sale 
basic household items.   Lincoln Ave in nearby Bellevue was the only place 
could find to have a convenience store  --- a and grocery store.  However ...
A nine year lad would not be walking that distance.  Add Mark Ninehouser's 
revelations on the subject and rest reasonably assured that no 70 year old
convenience store merchant slapped Tucker in the face.
The bottom line was to show that the Randy Engel description of harassments
on Mexico Street couldn't logistacally have happened the way she described.

The point was to provide circumstantial evidence to show that Diane Thompson-  randomly fabricated a
horror story of incidents, to make her look like a harrowed and outnumbered
victim ... outnumbered at the hands of an entire DA's office, an entire bishop's
office, an entire parish, and an entire neighborhood.

Well, former officer Mark Ninehouser was finally located, and there now exists
credible eyewitness testimony to show that the retaliation & harassment scenario
asserted by Randy Engel and Diane Thompson is conclusively proven to have
been a falsehood.

Needless to say, I am more than willing to declare Anthony Cipolla the monster
and diabolical fiend that he was made out to be.  The problem is that the fact-
checking repeatedly resulted in conclusively finding that the damning accusa-
tions against Cipolla, DA Bob Colville, and the late Bishop Vincent Leonard
were conclusively false.  If Cipolla did molest anyone, it was not the way in
which Engel and/or Thompson asserted.

As a word of wisdom, if Frank Labiaux really were molested by Cipolla as
Randy Engel described, then he would been so irate and outraged at me that
he would have gone to extreme lengths to tell me.  Labiaux would have fired-
off numerous emails to me, and he would have then sent me a number of text
messages.  He might even have telephoned me.  However, he has thus far been
entirely invisible to me.  He extended no effort to prove me wrong and to con-
vince me that he was telling the truth.

Again, such a thing is only a red flag that make Frank suspicious.  It's not, in
itself,  definitive proof.  The church fire-extinguisher tale was proven to have
been a lie, however.  So, Labiaux's credibility was destroyed at Stage 1.

None the less, if you have ever been sexually harassed or abused by Cipolla, I'm
an open door.  If Cipolla is guilty or not, it will have no effect on me.  After all,
I NEVER gave Cipolla any lodging or transportation or money, and I never in-
troduced him to any human being, ever.  I kept my distance on purpose.  So,
him finally being found guilty wouldn't take away any security clearance ave-
nue that I have had in a life.  It's simply that all of the conclusive fact-findings
illustrate that the Bendig Camp and the Diane Thompson Camp lied about Ci-
polla.  In fact, they lied in embarrassingly sophomoric & easy-to-debunk ways.

By the way, keep in mind that Randy Engel made mention of a motel near the
Henry Ford Museum.  It's the one where Engel asserted that Cipolla molested
Frank Labiaux.

Well, in Cipolla's large-sized little black book, there is the contact info of a
motel near that museum.  However, there is also the contact info of a motel
in Coraopolis Pa (a Pittsburgh suburb used by airline travelers, for lodging.)
In as much, the appearance of those two motels in Cipolla's little black book
were plausibly and probably the motels he would use for his incoming guests.
They logically would have been the motels he would use for those flying into
Pittsburgh and those going to Michigan, to visit the nearby PIME seminary.

If you were victimized by Cipolla in anyway, let me know.  If you found him
to be "a wonderful man," as one of his followers found him to have been,
then let me know.

By the way, there is also Vince Cipolla's account of the way Anthony Cipolla
was as a child.  Vince was/is 5 or 6 years older than Anthony.  That account
described a youth who wanted to be a priest from his youth.

Okay for now.  Till the next time, if there is a next time.