April 01, 2017

The Day of No Words, Fourth and Final Part

If you post something on April 1, someone will think that it's a joke.  So, for
today, my photography will do the speaking.  After all, a man's photography
is a window to his soul.

As some of you perhaps know, my character has totally been ripped apart by a
crass and uneducated person whom I caught lying, repeatedly.  Her perpetual
assassination of my character was an unending act of whistle-blower retaliation.
It was also her attempt at a diversionary tactic, to get you to never read my find-
ings on how incredibly dishonest this vicious hag is.  She was used by an equal-
ly dishonest Donald Wuerl, to make himself look like the saint he never was.

Anyway,  if you look at a man's photography, you see his personality traits.  His
photography can actually dissolve the claw marks of character assassination