May 26, 2017

Back in Chicagoland. More unfinished business to be addressed.

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo, 2017
While in Pittsburgh, I took care of a bit of unfinished business, but none of it had to
do with Cardinal Wuerl and his emerging apostate church, not to mention his eight
consecutive years of maintaining and protecting sacrilegious liturgies known as
"Dignity Masses."

For those unfamiliar, when I refer to Apostate Church, I refer to the official Catholic
Church teaching found in Saint Paul's 2nd letter to the Thessalonians.   Mention of
the Great Apostasy is also apparently the heart of the Third Secret of Fatima TEXT.
Accordingly, the Great Apostasy will begin at the highest ranks of the only church
ever founded by Christ.  Apparently, such an apostasy is in motion.

 And yes, the Vatican's Tarcisio Betrone, Angelo Sodano, & Joseph Ratzinger play-
ed the supporting role of liars in June of 2000, in claiming that the Third Secret of
Fatima vision (which transpired on July 13, 1917) was not accompanied by any
spoken narration of the Virgin Mary, even though it was confided to the shepherd
children of Fatima a few minutes after the first and second secrets were confided
to them.

It was merely that the Vatican in 1960 ... headed by the less-than-ascetic and more-
than-plump John XXIII ... decided to regard the text of the Third Secret as NOT
knowingly and NOT reliably authentic.  Yet, news releases of 1960 mentioned that
there were words attached to the Third Secret, conveyed by the same Virgin Mary
who verbally spoke about the first and second ones in July of 1917.  So, she would
have logically spoken about the Third Secret to the illiterate children, as well.

Moreover, a 1957 issue of Paris Match Magazine even published a photo of where
the Third Secret TEXT was kept ... in an antique writing desk in the papal apart-
ment at the Vatican ... as opposed to the papal palace in Castel Gandolfo.  The
desk was literally nicknamed, Barbarigo.

None the less, the one-page text which comprised the Virgin's Mary words spoken
after the phrase, "In Portugal, the doctrine of the Faith will always be kept," was
hidden from humanity in virtual plain sight.  Concerning this, the Third Secret of
Fatima was publicly called "Sister Lucia's annotations" by the Tarcisio Betrone
who would later become the Vatican secretary of state.

Invaluable information was kept from humanity.  Why?  ANS: Apparently, the
Vatican feared losing donation money, while gaining the distrust of humanity.
Well, the Vatican lost people's trust during the tenure of John Paul II and the
scandals which marred his papacy.  Therefore, concealing the Third Secret
didn't matter.  People kept leaving the Church in truckloads, anyway.

Believing in lies is equal to ingesting poison berries.
In review, there was NO valid consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary in 1984, evidenced by the fact that it is 33 years later and there has on-
ly been the opposite of World Peace.

For the those unfamiliar, the Virgin Mary promised that the COLLEGIAL conse-
cration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart would result in the text-book defined
conversion of Russia and an Era of Peace being granted to the world.  The ab-
sence of world peace  shows that the Vatican Trio of June 2000 sang a deceptive
tune.  Time will prove them liars, but the proving thereof will be beyond tragic.

The problem with the modern world is that anyone who still believes in a God
doesn't understand that such a creator is slow to wrath.  Humanity is abusing the
patience of God.

I don't know why Cardinal Sodano, Cardinal Joseph 'Vatileaks' Ratzinger, and the
now-Cardinal Betrone thought that mankind was so incredibly stupid and gullible
in June of 2000  that it would believe anything that those three would tell it, con-
cerning the Third Secret.  They did little more than insult the intelligence of any-
one not on the payroll of a Catholic diocese.  This is especially the case now, be-
ing that the world went through far more intense warfare and outright murder
after the June 2000 Fatima Third Secret press release than before it was pub-
lished.  The Opposite of World Peace has been geometrically progressing.

Betrone said that Fatima is in the past.  However, the Akita prophecies are only
coming to light now, and it addressed the same basic issues that where addressed
at Fatima by the exact same Virgin Mary.  Thus, Fatima is NOT in the past.  It's
right in front of your face.

In addition, those who do not believe in Fatima or Akita or La Salette simply do
NOT want to believe in those apparitions, because those non-believers are lazy
and cowardly.  Well, coming soon, at a theater or drive-in near you, will be the
Battle Between Heaven and Hell.  It will not be a boring time, in the near future.
In fact, it's time to literally get into shape, but the lazy refuse to do so.  So, they
simply say that they don't believe that the Fatima apparitions occurred, with the
January 25, 1938 unknown light in the sky  and  the October 13, 1917  Miracle
of the Sun as Fatima's Seal of Authenticity.

For those unfamiliar, the Miracle of the Sun occurred on October 13, 1917 and
was reported in newspapers throughout the world.  The identifying feature of
this miracle which proved it to have NOT been a mass hallucination was that
everything drenched by the recent rainfall became instantly dry.  In order to dry
every person, carriage, piece of clothing, and patch of land stretching all the way
to the horizon, you needed to either detonate a hydrogen bomb or you needed
to suspend natural law.  In as much, only an avowed liar would deny the valid-
ity of the Fatima apparitions, on account of the miracle of October 13, 1917,

In our generation, man landed on the moon, mapped-out the tectonic plates, split
the atom, mapped out the human genome, and developed the worldwide internet.
Yet, the Betrones, the Sodanos, the Wuerls, the Ratzingers, and the Kaspers of the
temporarily corrupted Church give too little credit to the Eternal God who created
mankind with a mind that can go beyond any foreseeable horizon.  Thus, we will
get past the evils and deceptions of this present era also, no matter how many sup-
porters of Hillary Clinton, Muslim Terrorism, Deep State Usurpation, Media De-
ception, Sweatshop Labor Profiteering, and Church Corruption exist.

Keep in mind that the final prophecy of Fatima is "an era of peace being granted
to the world."  We are NOT at the end of the world.  Only non-creative malcon-
tents want it to be the end of the world, because they hate being around you and
I.  It's also because they don't have the personalities to easily make friends or to
make life fascinating ... or intriguing ... or a moving experience.

Oh, by the way, if you're wondering what is to become of the present ruling body
at the Vatican and in the Church Hierarchy elsewhere, know that they will go the
route of the French Aristocrats of the late 18th Century.  After all, history repeats
itself, and those who do NOT learn from the mistakes recorded in history are con-
demned to repeat the exact same tragic history.  Now, the present residents of the
Vatican and the holders of high ecclesiastical office think that they are so clever.
God will show them their foolishness and utter worthlessness in one fell swoop.

The present power-holders live like aristocrats who see you & I as nothing more
than the "little people," even though we're the ones who build the bridges, main-
tain the highways, heat the buildings, and harvest the crops used by humanity.
All in all, it is now time to choose sides:  Either the side of Heroism or the side
of Cowardice.

During my recent stay in Pittsburgh, I found added evidence in the Cipolla Case.
The European Faction which operates independently of any American living in
the United States did go to bat for Cipolla in a very professional way.  The prob-
lem is that Cipolla died shortly afterward.   So, we don't know if the European
effort would have produced any favorable results.  I saw the paperwork in digit-
al form.

Randy Engel should have backed off and waited.  Cipolla died of a heart attack
on her watch, while enduring intentionally inflicted emotional distress.  Engel
wrote the most damning report on Cipolla which was beyond bogus in her de-
scription of the Pennsylvania criminal court system & on how an adult actually
molests any 9 year old lad.  When I ever get the time to do so, I will teach Engel
the meaning of the word, "accountability."  She turned out to be nothing more
than a telephone gossip.

There are a number of things yet to be conveyed to you.  I have not done so, be-
cause I haven't gotten the permission of those involved, for me to do so without
repercussions..  And of course, if any writer betrays even one source, he will get
no more sources coming his way.

Moreover, I would rather that others break those stories, because the Wuerl
Propaganda Machine would then have a number of reputations to attack.  Of
course, neither Wuerl nor his pit bulls attacked me by name, being that, to do
so, would draw a large portion of Western Civilization to the evidence posted
at the Wuerl-of-Hurt site.  You know that you cannot deny the reality of post-
ed documentation.  The most one can do is conceal its existence from the vast
majority of humanity by never mentioning it and never mentioning the name
of the compiler of such documentation.

In the end, people will say, "But, why didn't anyone tell us?"  Newsflash:  I told
you ... at my own risk ... at my own charitable expense.  Oh, by the way:  You're 
welcomed ...  It was the least I could do ... No Problemo ... There's more where 
that came from ... Don't mention it ... It was an act of conscience ... I despise 
cowardice, being that the sons of documented war heroes usually do hate the 
opposite of what made their dads war heroes.

Killed by Hags and two other liars, as well as their accomplices.
Now, for the record, the Engel account was proven bogus in multiple
ways.  The most obvious way was in the fact that she never mentioned
Cipolla "being taken to the County Lock-up," being that he never was.
Engel mentioned something so bogus in the "arrest narrative" that
one with even minimal legal experience knew the whole account
to be a farce ... a fraud ... libel ... the end of her legacy.
I also secured more info on the Edward Huff case, and his actions were so obvious
that Wuerl should have never readmitted him back into diocesan ministry.   Even
if Wuerl were to have been convicted of violating the Child Services Protection
Act in covering up Huff, Wuerl would have gotten no more than a fine in the
mail, and would only have been charged with a Summary Offense.  Such a
thing is less than a misdemeanor.

None the less, the great hypocrisy is that Donald Wuerl was being paraded around
the newspapers as a great saint who heroically disallowed any sexual predator from
being in active Pittsburgh diocesan ministry while he was actively covering-up Huff.
Wuerl readmitted ... reinstated ... Huff, personally.

There was also the matter of Father John Wellinger during the exact same time span.
And let us not forget about Father James Torquato whose cover-up included the Year
2002, when Wuerl was literally being paraded through the streets one Saint Patrick's
Day, as a full blown hero with a perfect track record concerning sexual abuse cases.

To think:  Wuerl used my patron saint to basically spit in my face, as well as making
a mockery out of my patron saint and the patron saint of Ireland.  Typical.
The press made the proven cover-up artist, Donald Wuerl, look
like Superman, "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound."
If you come to read the contents of, you will learn that
Cardinal Wuerl did NOT have a clean track record, concerning his handling of
sexual abuse cases.  Of course, Cardinal Wuerl is so deceptive that he wears ele-
vator shoes, aka "lifts."  He didn't do so in Pittsburgh during the 1990s, however.
None the less, he is no taller than was the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua.  In
fact, the Washington Post described Wuerl as a "sleight man."  The bottom line
in mentioning this is to show how Wuerl and his propagandists deceive and de-
ceive and deceive, even concerning something as petty as his bodily height.

Cardinal Wuerl's former palatial  residence.  
Incidentally, I got my 2017 PA State Police Security Clearance last week.  In the
end, I will hold accountable those who committed libel, false light, and/or slander
upon me.

Yes, someone else recently lunged for my jugular vein and failed.  The one thing
that you have to understand at this point is that the more a person gets opposed,
the more courageous and confident he becomes, in watching his enemies fail
like a parade of bumbling buffoons.

It's elementary, Watson.  The more you put me to the test, the stronger I become.
See you at the Battle Between Heaven and Hell.

May 21, 2017

Cardinal Wuerl: FOUR cover-ups in Year 1 of his Pittsburgh tenure

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo

The quickest summary is that the FOUR priests were ======>


1} John Hoehl whom Donald Wuerl personally reinstated into ministry
and kept in ministry, even after the so-called "enlightening" dinner that
Wuerl had with the family of two lads molested by the three priests men-
tioned below, 

Wuerl kept Hoehl in ministry until the priest mentioned directly below
was indicted and arraigned.  Then, Wuerl dropped Hoehl like a very hot
potato.  If Wuerl were to have kept Hoehl in ministry --- even "doghouse 
ministry" and/or probationary ministry --- Wuerl would have been invit-
ing a grand jury inquest.

2} Robert Wolk (ordained the same year as was Wuerl, thereby indicat-
ing that he was Wuerl's classmate.)  Ann Rodgers falsely claimed that 
Wolk was removed "just as Wuerl became bishop."  The truth is that 
Anthony Bevilacqua placed Wolk on administrative leave, long before 
Wuerl replaced Bevilacqua.  Donald Wuerl was positioning  to reinstate
Wolk, as he did Hoehl.

3} Richard "Sade" Zula who did practice Sadism on at least one male 
youth,   This was the only known priest Wuerl was NOT going to re-
instate into any type of ministry.  Now, Wuerl has been proven to be 
unjust and vicious, but he drew a line in the proverbial sand when it
came to Sadism.  Wuerl hid the knowledge of Zula's crimes from law
enforcement, despite the Child Protective Services Act.  Hes imply let
Zula go about his life with full intention to never reinstate him, ever,

Now, when DA John C. Pettit was trying to process Zula's indictment, 
no one at the Diocese of Pittsburgh let him know what Zula's address 
was at the time.  Pettit didn't even know where Zula was, and the dio-
cese claimed that its personnel didn't know, either.  The Diocese of 
Pittsburgh personnel were a collective aggravation to Pettit through-
out the criminal investigation, making fact-finding a .

4} Fr. Francis Pucci who was not laicized or removed from ministry.  
Rather, he was allowed to conduct the Mass and perhaps Divine Office 
with a religious order of sisters.  Pucci was indicted, but his indictment 
was dismissed on the statute of limitations defense.  Therefore,  Pucci 
remained on the diocesan payroll.  In fact, even the criminal convict, 
Richard Dorsch, was on the payroll, after his conviction.  In Catholic
Canon Law, even criminal priests, after prison time, must be financial-
ly supported by their bishops.  A bishop does NOT have to reassign
a criminal priest who completed a jail sentence.  But, he does have
to sustain such a priest.

The two lawsuits involved 1} former Catholic school headmaster John 
Hoehl as co-defendant; 2} the two brothers abused (at different times)
by Wolk, Zula, and Pucci as members of the plaintiff family.  Only one
of the two brothers was an altar boy, incidentally.  Let us proceed.

Ann Rodgers"-Melnick" was a Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer originally from
California.  Before going to Pittsburgh she worked in the Southwestern sect-
or of  Florida were major leaguers do their baseball Spring Training.  Even 
though She was never a Roman Catholic (or any other rite of Catholicism.)
Yet, she was given the post of Pittsburgh Roman Catholic Diocese director 
for Communications, as if no Catholic on Earth is good enough for the job.

During the infamous 2002 media rampage on clergy sex abuse, she wrote that 
as far back as Wuerl's very first year as bishop of Pittsburgh, he announced a 
Zero Tolerance Policy, where no priest accused of sexually abusing a minor
could ever go back into ministry.  That was a complete falsehood, supported 
by the evidence of him returning to ministry Frs. John Hoehl and Edward

Concerning her proven lies, the first one which was detected was her claim
that the tiny Donald Wuerl was an ascetic 5'11".  The truth is that Wuerl is as 
short in height as was the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua --- between 5'4 
to 5'6".  Concerning this, I received a polite phone call from Washington stat-
ing that Wuerl stands 5'9" to 5'10".  Yes --- with elevator shoes, he does.  

Being that I was in Pittsburgh during Wuerl's tenure, and being that he walked 
up to me, I do know that he is tiny.  He did NOT wear elevator shoes here, in
Pittsburgh.  Others who met him also told me that he stood 5'4" to 5'5".  One
person described Wuerl as "scrawny."   A very polite 5'4" woman said to me
that Wuerl and her stood "head to head," meaning at the same height.

I know of Wuerl's height and Bevilacqua's height from a point-blank range
personal experience (in a public forum.).  In fact, I was surprised to find out
how tiny Wuerl was as he approached me, once upon a time.  This is because
he was made out to be this superior godlike man of masculine stature.  The
Donald Wuerl who approached me was exactly like a certain flaming homo-
sexual theater major who would occasionally buzz around our click and take
with him one of the guys, the son of a certain lieutenant governor's son; not
from Pennsylvania and not from any State that borders on Pennsylvania.

The bottom line is that you cannot instantly trust as true anything written by 
Ann Rodgers.  But, for the most part, Rodgers used sleight of hand semantics,
(as opposed to outright lying) in her deceiving of the common man & woman
via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

We adjourn to the original article:

Donald Wuerl was installed bishop of Pittsburgh on February 12, 1988.  It only
took eight months thereafter for the Diocese of Pittsburgh to become one of the  
first dioceses in America to be 'scathed' in what was to become a nationwide 
Watergate of perversity.  Wuerl was caught performing a triple cover-up, and
the practice of sadomasochism was one of the acts which transpired within a
trio of clergy members whom Wuerl unsuccessfully concealed from law en-
forcement authorities.  Incidentally, Pgh is the abbreviation of Pittsburgh

Always keep in mind that the only reason why Wuerl was one of the first bish-
ops to announce a zero tolerance policy was because he was one of the very first
of American bishops caught red-handed in performing multiple and simultaneous 
cover-ups which included John Hoehl as Wuerl's fourth simultaneous cover-up.

Wuerl expressly put Hoehl back into ministry and immediately took Hoehl out
of the ministry line-up after DA John C. Pettit publicly announced that Wuerl
and his personnel were uncooperative during the criminal investigation which
resulted in the indictments of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.

In as much, Wuerl had to put on airs and display a very fake facade, in announc-
ing a zero tolerance policy which he did NOT observe in his subsequent cover-up
of Frs. Edward Huff and James Torquato.  Wuerl is a liar by his actions.  Such
as a person known as a hypocrite.  Wuerl also chooses which Catholic doctrine
to observe and which one to violate.  Such a person is known as a heretic.

Concerning Wolk, Zula, and Pucci:

A member of the criminal trio was an assistant chancellor of Wuerl's diocese, as 
well as a canon lawyer.  This factor alone showed motive for proceeding with an 
intentional cover-up.  In fact, Wuerl vehemently defended his cover-up of Wolk,
in news print, claimed that the cover-up wasn't a cover-up.  Wuerl has been a liar
from the beginning.

The Sex Abuse Casualties

The casualties were two altar boys of the same family.  They were brothers. The 
years of molestation occurred from 1981 to 1987.  In addition to the three indict-
ed priests, there was a fourth alleged assailant reported to one of the three prose-
cuting district attorneys.  He was a layman.  Furthermore, there was a fourth dio-
cesan priest implicated, but only in his capacity as a probable accomplice; as a 
silent person who reported nothing to anyone.

Concerning this priest, he either allowed criminal conduct to transpire in a ski 

lodge suite where he was staying or else he was clueless to what was transpir-
ing there.  Nothing was established other than he was at the scene of the crime, 
going into his room, while a criminal priest was taking his altar boy into anoth-
er one.  

This fourth Pittsburgh diocesan priest, incidentally, was strangled to  death in 
Havana Cuba in 2001, after having been on administrative leave since 1996.  
A source informed me that Wuerl, himself, officiated as his funeral ... so stat-
ed the source.

While in Cuba, this priest was openly homosexual and was said to have "helped 

his visiting friends find sexual partners while they stayed in Havana."  He was 
the tragic Fr. George Zirwas, and at this point in the narration you should be at
the first stage in realizing that Lord Byron was more correct than he was mistak-
en when he stated that the truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.

Wuerl's unholy trinity

The indicted priests were Robert Wolk, Francis Pucci, and Richard "Sade" Zula.   

Wolk was the assistant chancellor and Zula was nicknamed after the Marquis de 
Sade.  All three priests were charged and arraigned in Washington County, PA.  
It's a county which touches the southwestern border of the Allegheny County 
where within sits Pittsburgh.  

Furthermore, Richard Zula was also arraigned east of Pittsburgh, in Somerset 
County.  Robert Wolk was indicted in Allegheny County, as well as in Wash-
ington County.   In fact, he was the first one to surrender himself to the police.  
Incidentally, the Diocese of Pittsburgh comprises the six most Southwestern 
counties of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania, at last count, has sixty-seven counties.

The front page of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's November 11 edition of that

year gives light on how involved the criminal investigation was:  

        "Moreover, authorities said their investigation had uncovered
          evidence of similar offenses involving one of the priests that
          occurred elsewhere in southwestern Pennsylvania and Florida,
         Ohio, Virginia, and Canada.  Authorities in the jurisdictions
         have been contacted."

This shows that the matter was not taken lightly by law enforcement officials. 
In fact, the district attorney of Washington County prophetically stated,  "We  
would be sticking our heads in the sand to believe these are the only three 

Zula had 138 criminal counts filed against him in Washington Coun
ty, alone. 
However, a plea bargain reduced the counts to only two.   In sequence, Zula 
also plead guilty in Somerset County.  Now, as far as went Wolk, he plead 
guilty in Allegheny and Washington counties. 

Pucci's case, on the other hand, was dismissed due to the two year statute
limitations expiring on two types of criminal charges.   It expired approximate-
ly four months prior to his indictment.   He was indicted under the assumption 
that the time-keeping for the two year limit had frozen during the time Pucci 
was outside of Pennsylvania, in a Maryland psychiatric facility.  None the less,
conspiracy charges remained open for Pucci, and that particular crime had a 
five year limitation.   Despite this, Pucci's case was eventually dismissed.

Take note that, during the nationwide sex abuse scandal, priest after abusive

priest was sent to a psychiatric facility, as if each one were an unaccountable
victim of mental illness.  Now, there is a difference between mental illness
and sin.   If a person is insane, then he is without malice in a materially harm-
ful act, even though each member of society has the right to be made safe from
such a harmful person.   However, deception and manipulation, as much as
scheming and concealing, were committed by priest after abusive priest, and

such acts are elements of malice; not mental illness. 

In addition, these priests were described as having "compulsions" that required 
psychiatric treatment.  In the Catholic vernacular, such compulsions are known 
as temptations.

Wuerl and His Personnel:  Uncooperative During the 1988 Investigation

The Washington County district attorney announced that Wuerl's diocese en-

gaged in "foot dragging" throughout the criminal investigation.   The DA was
either irked or incensed by the Pittsburgh diocese's lack of cooperation, call-
ing it "minimal at best."   His quote on the topic goes as follows: "It was not
the spirit of cooperation we would like to see."  Of course,  "foot dragging"
is a polite way of saying "stonewalling" which, in turn, is a polite way of say-

ing "a step away from obstruction of justice charges."

Wuerl had pushed his luck to the limit.  Being that he was caught performing

a triple cover-up, and being that he was accused of having impeded a crimi-
nal investigation via stonewalling, he had no other choice than to strike the
pose of a strict disciplinarian.  This shows that Wuerl was not not not the
caring and concerned bishop that he was made out to be by the 21st Century
media.  Rather, he was a chameleon, looking out for himself.  He changed
colors according to the changes in the political climate.  In fact, he original-
ly presented himself as a "liberal."  He was then paraded around as a "con-
servative."  Wuerl has shown himself to be out for himself.  The following
mainstream media newspaper links provide the evidence:

Photocopy of Cleveland Plain Dealer Article which mentions the existence 
of a fourth predator in the same Pittsburgh diocesan molestation ring:
Wuerl's Cover-up with Mention of Fourth Assailant

The New York Times Report on the Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the San Antonio Express-News Report:

Photocopy of the Report found in the Lewiston Daily Sun:,2371591&dq=zula+barn+parked +car+pettit+resort&hl=en

Photocopy of the Nashua Telegraph's Report on the Cover-up:

The Associated Press News Report on Wuerl's Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the Bryan Times Report, with D.A.'s Additional Statement:

Donald Wuerl: A Coast to Coast Disgrace

News of Wuerl's triple cover-up made its way from coast to coast, via:

- the New York Times,          - the Saint Petersburg Times,
- the Philadelphia Inquirer,     - the Philadelphia Daily News,
- the Cleveland Plain Dealer,   - the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
- Maine's Lewiston Daily Sun,    - the San Jose Mercury News,     
- Pennsylvania's Reading Eagle,   -  the San Antonio Express-News,
- California's Lodi News-Sentinel,   - the now defunct Pittsburgh Press,   
- Northwestern Ohio's Bryan Times,    - Oregon's Eugene Register-Guard,
- New Hampshire's Nashua Telegraph,  - South Carolina's Rock Hill Herald.
From as far west as California's San Andreas Fault line, to as far east as the
New York metro area, Donald William Wuerl became an early chapter in the
Vatican II church's sex abuse history.  From as far south as the Florida Gulf
Coast, to as far north as Maine, Wuerl's diocese had already proven itself to
be what best selling author Malachi Martin would later say it was"... one
of the most pathetic dioceses in the United States."

Concerning George Zirwas:,202749&dq=george+zirwas+pittsburgh+cuba&hl=en,127061&hl=en,1539593&hl=en,4367236&hl=en
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A Pittsburgh area molester got away, thanks to Donald Wuerl, according to Cleveland Plain Dealer & Bryant Times

    In re: Wuerl's Triple Cover-up which resulted in the indictments of Fathers
    Robert Wolk, Richard Zula, and Francis Pucci, accompanied by District
    Attorney John C Pettit calling Wuerl and his staff less-than-cooperative.

     The Cleveland Plain Dealer mentioned the existence of an alleged fourth
     assailant in the case involving Frs. Wolk-Zula-&-Pucci.  The Plain Deal-
     er mentioned four additional youths abused by either/or Frs Pucci, Wolk,
     Zula, the fourth suspect.  The Bryan Times, which served Ohioans on the
     Northwestern sector of the state reported the same things.

    Incidentally, Robert Wolk was ordained the exact same year in which Wuerl
    was.  This would indicate that Wolk and Wuerl were classmates.  This would
    indicate cronyism in Wuerl's cover-up and in him publicly stating that telling
    a priest that he can no longer be in ministry "is a devastating thing to do."

    In 2015, Wuerl was hailed as a Poor Richard, living the ascetic life in a closed-
    down school.  He was then discovered to be living in a $43 million complex,
    in Marie-Antoine comfort, along Washington DC's posh Embassy Row.
Wuerl was being hailed as an ascetic even when he was living 
in this Pittsburgh mansion.  The lies about Wuerl were uncovered 
with documents, photos, and news archives.  He's a walking lie.  

As a humorous note, as soon as I took this photo, "guard" 
dog  came out of the mansion.   My remaining photos of the 
area were accompanied with the hostile sound of the dog.  
    Wuerl only had a zero tolerance track record when it came to having zero
    tolerance toward whistle-blowers who tried to clean-up the corruption in
    Wuerl's own diocese.  This included James Torquato's evidence-based ac-
    cuser.  You can add the Paul Dorsch who was a credible accuser of the
    notorious John Hoehl.  Also add the previously mentioned whistle-blow-
    er deacon whom Wuerl would never allow to be ordained a priest.

   The press treatment of Wuerl has been a very unconscionable lie, regarding
   him being hailed as a heroic & caring zero tolerance bishop.  He was just an-
   other bishop who had his share of cover-ups and even retaliations, all the while
   having been an eight-year-long rebel against the Vatican ban on Dignity Masses.

   All in all, Wuerl was one of the first bishops caught performing a cover-up.  My
   research shows that he was the second bishop, only preceded by the Layfayette
   Louisiana diocese's cover-up of Gilbert Gauthe.

The Bryan Times article:,4088961&dq=wolk+arrested+pittsburgh+zula+pucci&hl=en

The Cleveland Plain Dealer article:

May 20, 2017

Proof that Wuerl ignored the Child Protective Services Act ... in his cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, not to mention Hoehl & Huff

Keep in mind that the Donald Wuerl who retaliated against the children of the
Risen Lord Parish  adults who protested against Wuerl on TV was praised as a
loving and caring man who only cared about the welfare of children.  Evidence
proves that picture of Wuerl to have been a complete lie.  Below is a photocopy
of the evidence.  Wuerl only cared about himself.

A photocopy of a newspaper article reporting Phase I of Wuerl's Triple Cover-
up at the time it was uncovered is posted several paragraphs below.  Be patient
and scroll down to it, so that you will learn how dishonest Wuerl's propaganda
machine always is.   This proves that Wuerl was not the caring and protective
bishop that his embedded propagandist, Ann Rodger, (Pgh Post Gazette) made
him out to be.  Tiny Donald Wuerl ... the Elevator Shoes Kid ... is one big lie.

Plus, if Wuerl ... or his then-diocese ... would have been indicted and convicted
for the offense high-lighted herein, it would have been no more than a Summary
Offense.   This means that he ... or his then-diocese ... would have been required
to do no more than pay a fine.  However, this would have made him look bad in
Vatican paper reviews.   He probably wouldn't have become a cardinal,  if he or
his then-diocese were found guilty of violating the Child's Protective Services
Act.  He did violate it.

Contradiction Time:  
Wuerl was made out to be a non-compromising disciplinarian, 
but after the Wolk indictiment ... the opposite was illustrated.

"To say he will not be reassigned is a devastating thing," said Wuerl to the
press shortly after he was caught performing his triple cover-up which was
headlined with Father Robert Wolk's indictment.  The same Donald Wuerl
also said to the media, "It is NOT covering up to embrace man who is
suffering."  Yet, Ann Rodgers, (formerly known as Rodgers-Melnick) of
the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had the audacity to deceive the public into be-
lieving Wuerl to be the bishop of zero tolerance that he never was.

Add to this the fact that Wuerl already reassigned the notorious John Hoehl
months prior.  Wuerl had no intention of getting rid of Hoehl until the indict-
ment of Wolk.  Yet, the pathologically bland Ann Rodgers had the audacity
to make it look as if Wuerl were the instant disciplinarian from Day 1.  You
now see how far away from zero tolerance Wuerl was.  After all, he made a
criminal sound like a victim.  You can now also see how much of a liar was
Ann Rodgers of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  You need to keep in mind that
a faction who praises Wuerl seeks to have him to get the 2,000 year old Ro-
man Catholic Church to declare the repeatedly condemned Sin of Sodom
a holy act of God.  Apparently, such people have strong stomaches.

Now, in the Year 2002, when Donald W. Wuerl was being made out to be
the holiest male on Earth --- next to the molester Marcial Maciel who was
also lauded as a saint --- would you have been praising Wuerl if you knew
about his triple cover-up?  Would writers have been calling that fraud "one
of the good guys, if you they knew about DA John C. Pettit announcing to
the press that Wuerl was uncooperative during the investigation which re-
sulted in the indictments of Wolk, Richard "Sade" Zula, and Francis Pucci?

Would he have been made the Master of Ceremonies in a St. Patrick's Day
parade, if Pittsburghers knew about Wuerl's public excuse for covering-up
the crimes of three of his priests, followed by Wuerl publicly denying that
it was the act of covering-up at all?   Or would you have categorized him
with Bernard Law & Roger Mahoney?

Would you have been praising Wuerl that year, if Ann Rodgers and the
Pgh Post Gazette were honest enough to report on the James Torquato
case?  It's the case of a former personal secretary of Wuerl spending con-
secutive years not keeping his hands to himself and then retaliating the
moment he was reported.  You know, the Torquato case has dozens of
pieces of evidence attached to it.  It is the single most evidence support-
ed cover-up of Donald Wuerl.

Wuerl was headlined as the bishop who fought the Vatican to remove  "a
molester priest," when the fact is that he only attempted to have the priest
removed from ministry for what was later called a misdiagnosis of Depress-
ion and Suicidal Tendencies.  The priest was never arrested, yet Wuerl let
the papers claim that the priest was.  In fact, that priest, Anthony Cipolla,
received a favorable Pennsylvania State Police background check security
clearance in the Summer of 2014, where within it was stated that Cipolla
has NO ARREST RECORD in the State of Pennsylvania.  For those of
you who are brain dead, Cipolla's 2014 security clearance of a huge deal.

This triple cover-up also shows Wuerl's motive in letting Anthony Cipolla
be the public scapegoat whose reputation was completely annihilated, de-
spite the overwhelming evidence of Cipolla being the opposite of the media
smear campaign launched against him.  You see, DA John C. Pettit publicly
stated, (and I am going by memory on this quote, meaning that it is to be re-
garded as paraphrased:  "I don't want to make this look like a witch hunt, but
we would be sticking our heads in the sands to think that this is an isolated
incident."  This meant that there would be more investigating . . . there was
to be more "snooping around," "looking around," "scrutinizing."  So, Wuerl
needed a diversionary tactic, to pursuade the law enforcement personnel in
more than one sovereign state involved to be deceived into thinking that
Wuerl was a staunch "zero tolerance" leader.  Wuerl was proven to be
no such person.

Wuerl was in a law enforcement spotlight.  This meant that Wuerl needed
a smokescreen, to deceive the public into thinking that he was a holy and
all so caring saint.   Wuerl did nothing more than masquerade himself as
an angel of light, at the expense of others such as an Anthony Cipolla who,
unlike the effeminate Donald Wuerl, was found to have zero nexus with the
homosexual subculture.  Wuerl, on the other hand, had a definitive nexus
with the neo-Sodomite world.

The newspaper jpegs above prove that the slightly built Donald Wuerl
thrived on a propaganda machine filled with sleight of hand deceptions
and direct falsehoods.

In addition, don't forget that he rode the coattails of John Cardinal Wright,
and without the help of the allegedly homosexual John Wright, the Donald
Wuerl who accommodated banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive
years would have been nothing.

It was the court system that prompted Wuerl to strike the pose of a strict
disciplinarian.  It was all a fraud to have claimed that Wuerl would come
to the rescue of the victims of predatory priests such as the Edward Huff
whom he kept hiding out in mental institutions and the Father James Tor-
quato whom he sent to Rome while federal court papers had Torquato's
name mentioned throughout them.  Wuerl's artificial pose did not occur
until three simultaneous indictments of three Pittsburgh priests occured
under Wuerl's watch, coupled with a DA John Pettit's public accusation
that Wuerl's diocese performed uncooperative conduct with police inves-

Keep in mind that there was no criminal investigation of Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci until an attorney friend-of-the-family of the two young play
toys reported the matter to the police.  The attorney did not do so until
after Wuerl visited the family. Despite visiting the family, Wuerl still
refused to report Wolk, Zula, and Pucci to the police, as was required
in the Child Protective Services Act.  Now you can see more clearly
that everything about Wuerl is either an outright lie and or sleight of
hand deception.

In addition, Wuerl only went to the home of the traumatized family af-
ter their parish pastor was told by them that they were going to report
the three molester priests to law enforcement authorities.  The pastor
then informed Wuerl.

Do not be deceived.  Ann Rodgers made it sound as if Wuerl were a
strict disciplinarian who ousted Hoehl, as soon as he learned of him.
No, Wuerl placed Hoehl into chaplaincy ministry, as he did with Huff.
Wuerl did NOT read Hoehl the riot act until Wolk, Zula, and Pucci
were criminally indicted.  Then, Hoehl became a hot potato.  Wuerl
got rid of Hoehl, so that Wuerl would not get into trouble.  There was
no loving and caring bishop involved.  I tell you solemnly, Wuerl was
absolutely vicious and heartless while in Pittsburgh.  He was the per-
sonification of lies and retaliation.

As a  review, so that it will be clearly understood:

Now, Pgh Post Gazette reporter Ann Rodgers claimed that Wuerl had
an epiphany while visiting the traumatized family and then became the
"model of zero tolerance" thereafter.  This claim is easily proven false
by the fact that District Attorney John Pettit publicly announced that
Wuerl's then Diocese of Pittsburgh did NOT provide the cooperation
that the district attorney sought during the criminal investigation.  It
was a criminal investigation which didn't commence until someone
other than Wuerl notified the police.

If Donald Wuerl were the model of zero tolerance, he would have been
the one who reported Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Plus, Wuerl would NOT
have allowed the 'foot dragging' that a Western Pennsylvanian DA said
was being committed by Wuerl's diocese.  Neither would Wuerl have
reinstated Hoehl and Huff.  That which was told to you by former
Post Gazette writer, Ann Rodgers, and FoxNews are proven false-