July 01, 2017

When you write to me, please state the following on the first line::::::

Don't think of me as a narcissistic egomaniac too good for you, if you write
to me and don't get an immediate response from me.  Plus, don't think of me
as temperamentally insulted by you, if you don't immediately get anything
more than an acknowledgment of your email.   Think of me as someone
drained, wracked, and in need of a vacation which doesn't come to con-
struction professionals until the very end of November.

Now, so that your email doesn't get tossed away as SPAM, at the very top
line of it please state your name ... or make-up a code name ... and mention
the topic about which you write.  And and and, mention that you are writing
in regards toward the site of mine that carries the topic you wish to address,
be it:
        www.donaldwuerl.com  or

                                      www.theheartofmary.com  or

In as much, know that you are absolutely welcomed to write to me ... if you
aren't going to threaten or harass me ... and if you are a person whom I have
not told to never contact me again.  At present, there are only TWO people
whom I told to never contact me and they are both aged hags who do not
have any sense of respect or any civilized measure of temperance, in their
explosive tempers and non-factual accounts.

You can write to me about the subject matter in the www.donaldwuerl.com
site, as well as the environmental writings in the Blue Marble Album, along
with the economic issues in the Blue Marble Album, and even the military
writings in the same Blue Marble Album, not to mention the content in my
site titled, the Heart (and Mind) of the Virgin Mary.  

And by the way, don't write to me, to call me a statue worshiper, being that I
don't own a statue.  So, if you're an anti-Catholic Protestant fanatic, then keep
your comments to yourself.  You people need to understand that you have ab-
solutely no social skills, and are very crass & vulgar in your demeanor, your
delivery, and everything else about you.  Plus, you don't have non-insulting
senses of humor.  After all, you are void of the elegance and friendliness of
 the Virgin Mary, being that you, in your hatred for her, are the opposite of

Moreover, if I stated something contrary to objective fact on the Wuerl-of-
Hurt site,  then you have an obligation to write to me, so that I can correct
the error(s) stated.  In as much, if you write to me, to have me correct some-
thing based on fact (and NOT based on con artistry), know that I am not go-
ing to be angry at you.  Rather, I am going to be embarrassed and I'll be well
mannered about it.

Now, the last time this happened, I was notified about the catechism book,
the Teachings of Christ.   After a few exasperated emails sent to me by an
individual who was a direct witness to the construction of  that book, I fin-
ally changed all that the emailer said that I needed to change.

As a result, I was able to let you know that Cardinal Wuerl did NOT write
that book single-handedly, and that he was not even a co-author.  I was al-
so able to let you know that Wuerl didn't steal the manuscript of that book
from the late John Hardon and signed his own name to it.  Rather, I was
able to let you know that Wuerl was merely one of three co-editors and
that the book had several co-authors, none of whom was Wuerl.

Okay then, feel free to write to me, if you are not a lying propagandist who
thinks that he/she can scare me into deleting the volumes of the charity work
done by me.  After all, that work was done, so as to warn you of the she-wolf
in your midst --- that of the Dignity Mass debutante who is named, Wuerl the
Girl in Washington DC inner circles.  At other sites, I warned you about other
frauds who had or have influence among an easily deceived generation of man-
As a reminder, there were a few people who went online and damned as the
most dangerous bishop in the Catholic Church, this bishop, that bishop, and
the other bishop.  The locations of said bishops ranged from New Jersey to
Illinois to California.  HOWEVER, all of those bishops are now either dead
or retired, showing us all that Wuerl was the one to spotlight, all along.  The
only cleric who is American and who has been point-blankedly attached to
the temporarily corrupted Vatican since 1969 (Due to John Cardinal Wright)
is none other than  Cardinal Donald "Dignity Mass" Wuerl, also known a:::

1} Wuerl the Girl, 2} the Elevator Shoes Kid, 3} Mr Kissy-poo Smiley Face,
4} Whirlybird,  and 5} Uncle Donny, the Ethnic Cleanser (on account of the
      ethnic parishes he closed in the former Steel Capitol of the World which
      employed many foreign language immigrants as steel workers.)

Wuerl is the one cleric who remains in a high seat of power.  Thus, he is the
one whose legacy and propaganda machine must be destroyed, as much as
Barrack Obama's hypocritical legacy is smoothly being destroyed in the
present tense.

The Church is in death-throes.  Wuerl has been there, in power and influence,
during the Catholic Church's death pangs.  Thus, one can logically conclude
that he was contributory to the death-pangs, if not an orchestrater of such an
execution-style death to the Faith of Saint Peter.

To remove Wuerl and his accomplices from power, along with those of Cardi-
nals Timothy Dolan, Walter Kasper, Tarcisio Betrone, Angelo Sodano, etc., is
to resuscitate the Church and bring forth its prophesied restoration.

That prophecy is found in the 17th Century Quito apparitions where it was
prophesied to a Mother Superior by the Virgin Mary .... in a series of super-
natural events known as visions ... that the 20th Century Church would be-
come a hall of desecration and scandal, followed by the restoration of the
heavily sacrileged Church.

All in all, we are NOT NOT NOT at the End of the World, as the very heretical
"born again" Protestant heresy claims, with its fairy tale about a great rapture,
where all Billy-Graham-saved-good-ole-boys will be assumed into Heaven
body and soul, as if the were the equals of Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary.

Of course, when the Great Chastisement comes and the good ole boy "Bible
Believers" are found floating in flood residue, or are seen hanging lifeless
from wind-ravaged trees, all will realize that the belief in the Great Rapture
was a lazy man's arrogant heresy.

In review, if you write to me, please do the following:

If you already wrote to me, state to the effect:   "Hi.  This is John Doe
(or your code name) again.  We originally exchanged notes about such
and such subject at the such and such site."

If you are writing for the first time and want to hide your name from me:

Hi.  I am (give a code name), writing about such and such a topic that
you addressed on the such-and-such site.

In this way, I won't lose track of you.

There is work yet to be done, in the matter of Church corruption, sweatshop
labor profiteering, true environmental concerns and not the carbon blueprint
con game, as well as economic issues.  So, if you are not too cowardly, not
too self-seeking, not too lazy, and not a liar who thinks that everyone is stu-
pid and easily duped by you, then send me a communication.  I can learn
from you, you know.

Till the next time.