June 25, 2017

I've gone out of my way being kind and patient about it, but . . .

    . . .  justice has to be done.

As a quick update, when I return to the Chicago Vicinity, aka Chicagoland, I'll
be speaking with a corporate attorney about legal action to be taken in the name
of the defamed Cipolla family.  He is familiar with Washington D.C. attorneys,
and of course, Donald Wuerl lives in a luxurious part of DC.  Thus, I'll at least
get solid referrals for a type of federal lawsuit known as a diversity action.

Incidentally, you can include "causes of action" aka "counts" in a federal law-
suit that would otherwise be limited to state court jurisdiction.  It's known as
1367 supplemental jurisdiction.  None the less, Randy Engel's three-part article
of 2016 was an easily refutable sick joke in Parts 1 & 2.  Her stubbornness is
even more of a sick joke, especially in light of the fact that she can make con-
tact with the police officer said to have arrested Cipolla.  That officer told me
that he only printed-out a report, after having taken Diane Thompson's state-

Now, I will NOT give his contact info to anyone other than an attorney retained
by the Cipolla Family.  This is for the sake of privacy.  Engel can simple call the
NFL office, to get contact info on Mark Ninehouser.  For the record, Randy En-
gel asininely called Mark, M.N. Ninehouser.  Also for the record, Mark told me
that he did not have a middle name.  Neither did Harry S Truman.  The "S" was
done in honor of his two grandfathers simultaneously:  Solomon Young and
Andreson Shipp Truman.

Anyway, I'm back in Pittsburgh until (at least) the 4th of July.  If you have in-
fo on Wuerl's corruption ... or even if you want a free estimate on construction
work ...  I can be reached at 724-709-4716.

Concerning mention of construction, keep in mind that the 70+ year old and
florescently hair-dyed Randy Engel ...

in conjunction with her 68+ year old arthritic New Jersey conspiracy theory
housewife who was absolutely sure that the Arabian airliner sabotage of the
weakly built WTC Towers was an American Thermite demolition ...

and in conjunction with the proven liar Diane Thompson/Mangum/Labiaux
who was too asinine to know that all charged citizens are sent to County jail
and then to a local magistrate ...

attempted a full-scale decapitation on me, in planning to spread a rumor that
claims me to be a liar only pretending to be in construction, all the while oper-
ating a molester protection ring.  So, I am giving all people asinine enough to
believe Randy Engel and her sources as the sources of all truth to test me for
cracks and find out, once and for all, if I have been spending time on construc-
tion-related work between Springfield Illinois and the Pittsburgh vicinity or if
I've been operating a ring which takes an untold large amount of money to oper-
ate.  So, if you are a worshiper of Donald Wuerl or Tim Bendig or Randy Engel,
then give me a call.

For the record, I've done work ranging from ironwork to heavy equipment op-
erating to carpentry to roofing to pipe installation to heavy landscaping to a
myriad of heavy, medium, and light unskilled labor.

In addition, I worked on projects owned by entities ranging from the Army Corps
of Engineers, the Department of Energy, the Pittsburgh City Engineers, the URA,
the Pittsburgh Housing Authority, and the U.S. Postal Service to the very nice lady
down the street and even the Amish.

Now, even when I am in Chicagoland, I can have an estimator pay you a visit, if
he or she is not already booked to the hilt. If a man with a Spanish accent comes
to give you the estimate, know that his work was been in trade journals and that
he even constructed a mansion.  All in all, you can always call, be you in the Pitts-
burgh vicinity or in the Chicago vicinity.  The Chicago estimator, incidentally, is
a full-blown master in multiple trades who even was a union carpenter in the late
1960s.  In addition, we do commercial and resident work, as well as subcontract-
ing work in government projects.

None the less, any new info on Wuerl and his cult is always appreciated.  Such a
thing would be invaluable at this time, being that the same Donald Wuerl is still
perched on high, in this present generation of corrupt ... and heretical ... hierarchs
who even lied ab out the Third Secret of Fatima, calling that secret "the annota-
tions of Sister Lucia.

Keep in mind that we live in the era of Bendict XVI's Vatileaks I disgrace and Pope
Francis I Vatileaks II embarrassment.  Thus, it is reasonable to suspect that any cler-
ic elevated to high position is as corrupt as the failure pope's corruption.  This would
include the Donald Wuerl who has been proven to be a corrupt operating and cover-
up artist sufficiently enough at the www.donaldwuerl.com site.

Pittsburgh, the land of 446 bridges, some of which were built over valleys
and not water.  This is where the Wuerl Cult was formed, thanks to an
Episcopaliam newspaper writer who made Wuerl out to be Clark Kent.

 It's actually predictable that the 70+ year Randy Engel, resident of a stereo-
typical Pennsylvania Podunk, apparently cared not to correct any of the bla-
tant falsehoods appearing in the first two parts of her damning three-part
article of Nov/Dec 2016.

That article is an insult to the intelligence of everyone who was involved in
the Cipolla Case.  In fact, it's so bogus that you become tempted to not pay
attention to it.  Then comes a text/email where the person writing you has
zero experience in legal procedure and therefore thinks that everything that
the error-ridden Randy Engel wrote was only second to St. John's Gospel.
 It's at that time when you find that you have to educate the members of the
public who read Randy Engel's less-than-reality-based account which I ...
with the help of retired officer Mark Ninehouser & several pages of docu-
mentation, as well as other witnesses ... picked apart like frail cotton candy.

Randy Engel's Nov/Dec 2016 article was as reality-based as this
decal.  The difference is that this decal was intended to be a joke.  
Engel's article, presented as acute journalism, was a sick joke.
For those unaware, the Cipolla Case was one completely misrepresented in the
press, to the benefit of Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  It made Wuerl look like a one-
of-a-kind stern disciplinarian who had a perfect track record when it came to
sex abuse allegations.  HOWEVER, Wuerl had several proven coverups, in-
cluding a major coverup that occurred during the time he was being praised
in the press as a moral protector bishop.

Wuerl's cover-up at the time was none other than the Father Edward Huff who
would come to be indicted, thereby rendering Wuerl into a state of emotional
shock.  Yet, the members of the press who praised Wuerl as the moral standard
bearer never mentioned Wuerl's outright hypocrisy in the Huff cover-up.  Of
course, there were Wuerl's cover-ups of Frs.  Robert Wolk, Richard "Sade"
Zula, Francis Pucci, John Hoehl, and James "the Retaliator" Torquato, not to
mention someone in the Diocese of Pittsburgh looking the other way when
Father John Wellinger was first reported and then reported by another per-

None the less, there are already more than enough pieces of documentary
literature at the www.donaldwuerl.com site to show that the presentation
of the Cipolla Case ... especially as was done by the 70+ year old Randy
Engel ... were erroneous in declarative statements and grossly negligent
in the many pieces of evidence which show Diane Thompson and Tim
Bendig to be lying con artists.

Concerning this, THINK.  I have called Tim Bendig a calculating con artist
who personally lied to me four times in a matter of minutes, and I have been
calling Bendig a liar for years.  Yet, he never filed a civil action against me.
No lawsuit from Bendig ... and no law firm sending me a demand letter in
the name of Tim Bendig.  This, alone, should light-up your mental chande-

In addition, I do have a pivotal piece of evidence not yet shown to the public,
attesting to Bendig's habit of con artistry.  I have not shown, because I was
asked to wait for something to first happen.  I am still waiting on that one.

I have much to do at present, being that it's construction season, and being
that I have  tasks on the field, in the office, and occasionally at the Dept of
Court Records and at the Sheriff's Dept, concerning construction-related
civil actions.  None the less, I have written a sufficient amount of evidence-
based & corroborative witness-based articles on the Cipolla Case which
shows that the Engel articles of Nov & Dec 2016 were completely sick
jokes that necessitates her polite retirement from writing.  The research
was basically been accomplish and its not a contest.

Concerning Engel "losing touch with reality," she wrote in condemnation
of a certain diocesan sex education program when the truth is that the sex
ed program was designed to teach the youth how to NOT get molested by
unconscionable priests and/or nuns and/or lay teachers.  Someone didn't do
her homework, as was the case with the Cipolla Case.  In fact, Engel's
claim of "rampant homosexuality" at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminarian
was a super exaggeration, in light of the fact that a seminarian was kicked
out of there for constantly "hitting on the other seminarians," in the search
for unnatural acts which turned Sodom and Gomorrah into sulfur pits.

At present the Cipolla articles can be found at:


If you are not going to read the articles, then keep your mouth shut about
the case.  Wuerl used that case as a smokescreen while he was under a
major law enforcement spotlight, due to Wuerl's triple cover-up of Frs.
Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  The DA whom Wuerl was hoping to deceive
was DA JOHN C. PETTIT would mention that there was more inves-
tigating of the Diocese of Pittsburgh to be done.  The Cipolla Case was
one of Wuerl's con games.  Instantly, Wuerl's first con game was that of
deceiving people into thinking that he singlehandedly wrote the Teach-
ings of Christ catechism book, when the reality was that he was only
one of three editors of the book.  The book had several co-writers.
All in all, Wuerl, by his actions and even his words is quite the liar.

I have to go do some concrete work now.  Hopefully, I'll return and
accomplish the task I promised someone I will do.

Incidentally, there is this writer here and that writer there presenting
themselves as replicas of Jesus Christ ... or at least the mind of the
Holy Spirit.  Well, of all those writers, there is only one who has
done and still does carpentry work ... as recently as three days
ago.  So, think.

For those unaware, Jesus the Nazarene was a carpenter.  So, if you
want to get close to the mindset of Christ, go talk to someone who
knows what it is to do carpentry work.  You'll find the others as
being to pretensions and arrogant, thinking themselves to be too
glamorous for working men.  However, it's the carpenters who
make very nice things, including houses, decks, gazebos, etc.

Carpenters have a greater sense of order and beautiful than any head
bashing hag living in Podunkville.  So, think, as opposed to letting
yourself live as do the brainwashed.  It will liberate you.  We don't
have time for paranoiac battleax hags who claim that even Fulton
had to have been a Sodomite, on account of a cape traditionally
traced to a time when mankind had not yet invented the zipper or

Paranoiacs are not the ones who come to your defense, leaving guys
like me to fight your battles for you.  So, why go through the middle
man . . . or middle-hag.  Paranoiac hags aren't the ones living in the
Ground Zero of humanity, interacting with strangers on a daily and
even hourly basis.  They don't travel, via roadway, from Coast to
Coast and then Coast again.  So, why do you waster your time with
them???  And if you are a male tending to their every paranoiac word,
then why are you a momma's boy?  Get some testosterone and join the
Use your brain cells.

Why waste your time on "journalists" who never leave their desks or homes?
Get with the current, instead of stagnation and that hag-paranoia.