September 29, 2017

The Cipolla Case: A completely misrepresented farce according to documents and corroborative witnesses.

There were many Cipolla Case articles written by me.  I have physical evi-
dence pertaining to it and I've spoken personally with the persons deeply in-
volved in the case, the most important person was the one claimed to have
been deeply involved in the case and who was NOT.  That was former po-
lice officer, Mark Ninehouser, who told me that he did NOT arrest Cipolla
in 1978 or at any other time.  In fact, he wasn't even a detective in 1978.

All in all, the Cipolla Case was Wuerl's way of hiding behind a smokescreen,
to hide from DA JOHN C PETTIT.  The hypocrisy was that, during this time
Wuerl was covering-up Father Edward Huff.  Plus, in 2002, when Wuerl went
to Rome to get an aging pope to laicize Cipolla, Wuerl was covering up the
retaliatory homosexual, Father James Torquato, former personal secretary of
the Donald Wuerl who ordained Torquato.

Now, if I ever get time to consolidate all of my findings into perhaps two or
three parts, I'll do so.  Time and prior commitments make it a heavy workout
to do.

Keep in mind that, since the company transfer, I've traveled between Pittsburgh
and Springfield, Illinois, under orders.  It was all road travel and such a thing
takes time.

Moreover, the Randy Engel decapitation attempt of me has failed.  I even post-
ed online construction-related delivery tickets, receipts, and invoices which have
my signature on them, proving that I definitely am in the construction industry.

I also have a few construction-related photos of me online.  Randy Engel has
completely lost a sense of decency and has become a fanged attack hag.

For those unaware, the 1978 accuser of Cipolla whose accusations and narra-
tions were picked apart like cotton candy committed libel in stating that I was
Anthony Cipolla in disguise operating a child molester protection ring.  The
rumor was going to claim that I was doing so while pretending to be in the
construction industry.  Then Cipolla died, and rational people were able to
tell that the articles were NOT being written by Cipolla
under a fictitious name.

Plus, the construction documents posted online show that I don't have time to
run any kind of ring and that I am in an industry where the  workers of such an
industry are well known for their magnetism to grown and fit women.  In fact,
in speaking from personal experience, grown women definitely are magnetized
to muscular males who have responsibility positions and/or dangerous jobs.

Hags like Randy Engel, on the other hand, actually have murder in their hearts,
as they exist in a dimension of paranoia and conspiracy-theory-obsession.

For those equally unaware, I've gotten eight security clearances throughout the
years, including the FBI clearance and Child Abuse History Clearance, not to
mention the clearance to carry concealed weapons and a security clearance
from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  So, your defaming of me
will be a lot more costly than you defaming the average bear.

Engel is spitting in the face of my sense of mercy.  I'm trying to be nice about
her ridiculously fiction novel of Nov/Dec 2016, but I can't sit back and wait for
a 70+ year old to finally grow up.

Also for those unaware, the attempt of the three hags involved in the massacre
of Cipolla's reputation, the youngest of which is Hillary the Hag Clinton's age,
was to announce that I was a fraud lying about being in construction all the while \
operating a a Child Molester Protection ring.

You have no idea how rare it is to encounter children in the construction industry,
being that the sites can be very dangerous ones and children are kept away from
them.  I have encountered more dogs than children.

Anyway, there are many Cipolla articles written by me for you to read.  You will
then realize what a murderous liar Wuerl is, and how much of a deadly liar is the
Diane Thompson - Mangum - Labiaxu - the Teen-Pregnancy-Queen of the 1960s
who showed no signs of temperance or honesty in her blogs.  It's very simple.  I
was the whistle-blower who exposed fraud and Thompson retaliated against me.
If you believed anything that she or Engel wrote, I suggest that you save the
money you were going to spend on a MENSA IQ test.