October 01, 2017

Anthony Cipolla: Never arrested. Never tried for molestation at Vatican. His case involved Depression & Suicidal Tendency Diagnosis and a lot of Fraudulent Misrepresentations that Wuerl Allowed to be Printed.

Hint:  The interested law firm is NOT located in Pittsburgh.  
Below will literally be the official report for a certain law firm who showed interest
in proceeding with a civil action on behalf of the surviving family members of one
Anthony Joseph Cipolla.  Specifically, the interest expressed was in a federal court
diversity action ---  a federal lawsuit, comprising a number of defendants and the
tort offenses of  Libel, False Light, and the Intentional Infliction of Emotional

As I previously stated, I am still in the Chicago vicinity, drained and wracked in
physical body.  Even at that and for the record, Chicago isn't that bad of a place,
if if if you stay out of the South Side.

Anyway, bear with me, and let me do a bit of rejuvenation.  I'll start laying down
the tracks of what turned out to be a super sick joke orchestrated by one Donald
Wuerl who already was in a major law enforcement spotlight, due to his uncov-
ered cover-up of criminal Fathers Robert Wolk, Richard, "Sade" Zula, and the
late Francis Pucci whom Wuerl kept on Pittsburgh diocesan payroll registries
until his death.  Wuerl was in need of a scapegaot and diversionary smoke
screen.  The Cipolla provided the screening.  So, Wuerl let the thing be
exaggerated, while the media ever-so-coincidentally forgot about the
statement of DA John C Pettit and Wuerl's Triple Cover-up, as well
as the mention of a fourth perpetuator in that case who got away,
and also not to mention the John S. Hoehl who slipped out of
Pennsylvania jurisdiction during the same time and and and
Wuerl's cover-up of the Father Edward Huff who was to be
indicted and convicted in due time.

There are a lot of dragon to slay these days.
It' a matter of budgeting time in doing so.

The report rips to utter shreds the damning allegations of one Diane Thompson
who now goes by the name, Diana Mangum.  And remember:::: I located, con-
tacted, and conversed at length with retired officer Mark Ninehouser, Badge
#46, the one who was said to have arrested Cipolla for molesting a child of
this Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum.  He expressly told me that he did
NOT arrest Cipolla.  Furthermore, he did NOT get any calls of windows be-
ing broken at Diane Thompson's home or of tires being slashed.  There's
more on this matter, to show that Diane Thompson, one of her son's and
her daughter lied to a certain 70+ year old writer who did no fact check-
ing.  Being 70+ years old would be one of the reasons for gross neglect.
This is what lawsuits are for.

It also exposes the utter fictionality of a Nov/Dec 2016 three-part article written
by one Randy Engel, a 70+ year old female who obsessed herself with writing
about male sodomites, lesbians, and sexual ship jumpers erroneously called
transsexuals.  Ironically, she identities herself with a man's name, as would
a militant lesbian.

Concerning Engel's article,  I have never been able to pick apart any article as
easily as hers, and I have never found such lawsuit fodder in my life.  That is
how pathetically sophomoric that article was and is.  For example:

Engel didn't realize that there is no public school classes in America on July 30
of any year ...

... and that there was no military base in Spartansburg South Carolina in the 1950s,
1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 21st Century, and that Camp Croft was merely a
WWII prisoner of war camp turned into a tourist civilian camp ground in 1946 ...

... and that a person indicted for a felony in America goes to County Jail, and not
Police Station Number 1, 2,3, or 4 for any kind of hearing ...

... and and and that Frank Labiaux did NOT commit fire extinguisher vandalism
upon a nearby black Methodist Church in 1978, because two known deliquents
did the vandalism the year prior, followed by them slitting all the tires in the
same church's parking the following year ...

... and that N.M. Nehouser, Badge #46  was actually Mark Ninehouser, Badge
#46 ...

... and that Mark was NOT a detective at the time ...

... and that Mark ... nor his partner ... arrested Anthony Cipolla for anything ...

and, therefore, that there were no post-arrest retaliations and that there was no
Allegheny County DA forcing Diane Thompson/Mangum to drop criminal
charges that only a prosecutor or judge can drop in the first place, being that
there was no arrest, according to Mark Ninehouser, the uniform police offic-
er who did nothing more than take Diane Thompson's statement, print it out
on an official form, handed it over to the real detectives, and had nothing to
do with the case from that point on.

The Cipolla Case is NOT the maze one would think it is.
It was outright fraudulently misrepresented squared and cubed.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cipolla Case, as was presented was one consummate
farce.  In  addition, Cipolla is the only priest I have ever defended in print.  So,
I am not a paid agent for any organization that protects accused priests, being
that I soundly condemned Father James Torquato and a few others.  Concern-
ing others, I simply state that I didn't know their cases enough to make any
kind of assessment.

Furthermore, being that Anthony Cipolla has been dead for over a year, you
can now rest assured that Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum lied when
she stated that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molester
protection ring.  Moreover, I have earned EIGHT security clearances in my
life, and even have one in force at present.  So, if you have deep pockets
and you commit libel against me, except a war you can neither win nor

So, if you want to learn of how much of a sleight of hand con artist Donald
Wuerl is ... and how much of a liar Tim Bendig is ... and how much of a
sophomoric liar Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum is ... and how much
of a buffoonish danger to society Randy Engel is every time she sits at a
keyboard, then stay tuned.  If you don't want to stay tuned, then you are a
person who loves lies.  Reality is far more liberating, though.

Always remember:  retired officer Mark Ninehouser stated that
he NEVER arrested Cipolla and wasn't even a detective at the
time, as was claimed by Randy Engel.  Plus, the Beaver County
DA officially stated that there were no grounds upon which
to indict Cipolla, after a three month investigation caused
by Tim Bendig and his former attorney whom he fired
and replaced with a lawyer for the local masons.
By the way, the Tom Hamilton mentioned herein was NOT
some kid who used to frequent the McGuire Home.  Logic
would tell even a newcomer that this Tom Hamilton would
be the chief administrator of the McGuire Home.  So
people, please start using your brain cells, concerning
you who were conned by Randy Engel's article.