September 25, 2017

The photo of that house and overhead view of neighborhood is a violation of the Right to Privacy

If you know that Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, you need to maturely
tell her to remove the photo of my former house from the internet, along with
the photo of the bird's eye view of the tourist rental village where the house is
located, because it violates the privacy of those who bought the house, after
my siblings and I were bought-out.   She is literally invading the privacy of
total strangers, and I am literally going to have to call the police on her, if
those photos are not removed pronto

She must cease all cyberstalking of me, all harassing of me, all libelous post-
ings against me, and all forms of false light, and all attempts to provoke any
degree of anger and contempt toward me.

She must NO Longer go as far as writing to people in my life, in order to get
them to do her proverbial bidding or dirty work.  And remember, an exagger-
ation of something far less serious than a crime alleged online is actionable
under the title, False Light.

Due to her incessant attacking of me and her obsessive scouring of the internet,
to find things to use against me, I have no choice than to activate legal options,
including contacting the Florida police on account of her harassing of me and
on account of her posting the photo of a private home where I no longer live,
and on account of her libel against me, being that defamation committed in
Florida is a criminal offense.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl is benefiting from her attacks against me.  He is the
one who should be called to accountability for orchestrating the farces that
placed him in heightening power.  Thompson is his barking dog and new
diversionary tactician.
The Desolation of it all, only because I delivered drywall
into an attic which had the Torquato Evidence in it and
found myself in the middle of retaliations shortly thereafter.
Concerning Randy Engel, defamation committed in Pennsylvania is NOT a
criminal offense.   It is only actionable in civil court.

Okay then, Diane Thompson stated that there are lawyers drafting-up a life-
destroying lawsuit against me and that they vetted Engel's article which was
the writing of someone who had no knowledge of the PA Code of Criminal
Procedure and who was apparently too lazy to fact-check damning accusa-
tions against Cipolla and was too lazy to find out of Mark Hamilton was
just a youth frequenting the McGuire Home where Cipolla was stationed
or if he actually was a head administrator of the entire facility.

 Of a Randy Engel

... who apparently didn't know that Detective M.N. Nehouser, Badge #46
was actually Mark Ninehouser, uniformed police officer, Badge #46, and
that he did NOT arrest Cipolla and was not in DA Bob Colville's office
watching Diane Thompson sign a sheet of paper with tears in her eyes,

... and who apparently had no knowledge of the Pittsburgh public school

... and who apparently did NOT know that there was no military base in
Spartansburg South Carolina during the 1960s or 70s or even in the 50s,
80s, 90s, or21st Century,

... and who didn't research the Black Methodist Church vandalism case
which was relatively big at the time, being that it appeared to have been
racially motivated  by the two juvenile delinquents who committed the
act, none of whom was Frank Labiaux,

... and who didn't know that a person charged with a felony is taken to
COUNTY JAIL and then to a magistrate's court for a bail hearing and
NOT to police station number 1, 2, 3, or 4, and then be let go free on
his own recognizance without first going to the magistrate's courtroom.

etc etc etc etc.

So, if you know Randy Engel, tell her to call my VOICEMAIL or to
TEXT me, at 724-709-4716 and give me the names, bar ID numbers,
phone numbers, and legal addresses of the attorneys Diane Thompson
claimed were drafting a lawsuit against me, and will make sure that
that will serve the lawsuit Thompson claimed was being drafted, un-
less Thompson is lying or exaggerating.  In fact, there would be a de-
mand letter written by now ... unless Thompson lied.  So, the law firm
apparently needs to know if they should send it to Chicago or to Pitts-
burgh.  So, I need them to contact me, in order for them to get their
contact info.

All in all, tell Randy to submit via text or voicemail the contact info
and names of the lawyers whom Diane Thompson claims are prepar-
ing to destroy me in a court of law, and let's go war.