September 27, 2017

Update: No communications came at all, whatsoever . . . that I know-of.

No one sought to arrange for me to speak with either Frank Labiaux or
his half-brother, Tucker Thompson, as was publicly stated by their mom.
Another case of disingenuous conveyances.  If anything was sent to the
Pittsburgh office, I was not told of it.  I am presently in Northern Illinois.

For those unaware, Tucker and Frank were alleged to have been molest-
ed by the late Anthony Cipolla, even to the point where it was alleged
that Cipolla was arrested by two detectives, one of whom was named
M.N. Nehouser, Badge 46.  Well, it turned out that the holder of Badge
#46 (in 1978) was a uniformed officer named Mark Ninehouser, and
Mark directly told me that he NEVER arrested Cipolla.  He said that
he went to the residence of Diane Thompson, took her statement, and
transposed it to a police report which was hand-printed, followed by
Mr Ninehouser handing the hand-printed report to the actual detectives.
After that point in time, according to Mark, he was outside of the Cipol-
la case.

This means that the long-winded narrative of a post-arrest retaliation in-
volving Cipolla, then-Bishop Vincent Leonard, & then-DA Bob Colville
 was a long-winded fraudulent misrepresentation.

Incidentally, Mark Ninehouser light-heartedly told me that he did NOT
have a middle name.  Neither did Harry S. Truman or Ulysses S. Grant.

Also, Diane Thompson recently posted to sheets of paper which were
purported to be the intro pages of a 1993 deposition of her, in the Tim
Bendig Case.  However, not a page of the deposition, itself, was post-
ed, meaning that no one has the opportunity to see what she alleged
and then impeach her testimony.

None the less, Cipolla ... before his death ... told me that there was no
Diane Thompson deposition or else no one told him about her being
deposed.  Well, Cipolla's name was NOT stated on the cover sheet.
So, he wasn't lying.  None the less . . .

. . . this brings to mind another thing that Cipolla said to me a couple
or so years before his death:  He stated that his attorney (my former
neighbor) the late John Conte said to him, "Don't worry about Diane 
Thompson. She's an adroit liar."  This quote presents a question:

Did my former neighbor say this in response to the Diane Thompson
deposition which Cipolla did NOT attend?  No matter what, posting
cover pages of a deposition has no value if the deposition itself is kept
hidden from the public.  Thus, we still have no deposition, and for all
practical purposes, there remains no Diane Thompson deposition, as
I stated previously.

I am aware of an intensely damning South Carolina accusation that
Diane Thompson set forth to amplify, concerning the Year 2010.  I
now know what that was about and  can publicly blow it out of the
water.  It had to do with a grossly obese grocery store manager and
my walking into that store with a letter addressed to the store's ma n-
agement, concerning one of its employers.  It was a report, seeing an

The story is a exposition on how incredibly presumptive and dimwitted
are Southern coastliners or on how corrupt they are, in the stereotypical
good ole boy network.

None the less, there is the phrase, Red Neck Rivera used by us northern-
ers, to describe certain coastline areasof the former Confederate, Johnny
Reb, White Trash, Slave Owning, and Lynch Mobbing Deep South.  Af-
ter a series of legal papers/letter are composed and sent to their needed
destinations, I can fill you in.  For now, fraudulent  misrepresentation
squared and cubed can be the description of it.

Proof that it was a farce consists in the security clearances I earned since
then, including the all-encompassing FBI Clearance of mine which is ac-
tually the act of receiving a simultaneous security clearance from all 50
states and U.S. territories.  None the less,  I'll publicly address this issue,
for the sake of my reputation and family name which is the name of a de-
corated United Stated Air Force combat vet and research engineer whom
I used to call, Dad, and who provided pipe to the oil wells of Texas, with
the help of  his research staff and a few entire steel mill crews.

You know, when you attack a reputation as badly as certain people attacked
mine, you put that person at risk, in terms of employment opportunities, bus-
iness opportunities, financial opportunities, political opportunities, and even
physical safety.  After all, there are ill-tempered people out there who shoot
before they ask questions.  So, I need to go about applying for a South Caro-
lina background check security clearance, to silence the prime detractors I
presently have.  The prime detractors are over 70 years of age, concerning
those whom I am aware-of.  This is typical.  When a person of violence be-
comes feeble, he/she seeks the use of surrogates to do their violence for

None the less, once again take note that, when a person gets an FBI security
clearance, as I did in 2014, it is equivalent to simultaneously getting a multi-
state clearance.  It's like getting a Florida-Virginia-Massachusetts-Wisconsin-
Nebraska-Arizona-Idaho-California-Oregon-etc Clearance, all at once.  None
the less, I now have to go about, getting one more state clearance, due to the
recent public attack on my character.   When you become a whistle blower,
expect this to happen.

Keep in mind that this site covers more than one topic, such as the fact that
I was trying to get a church-approved "apostolate" designed to end the crime
against humanity presently known as Sweatshop Labor Profiteering and which
is classically known as Defraudment of Laborers of their Wages.

The same apostolate would actually have sought counter any pretense injustice
to which the majority of a population contributes, such as the common employers'
disregard for people of one Faith or another to observe a sabbath, as opposed to
running off to the for-profit-only establish that gives them their paychecks.  Plus,
abortion-on-demand would have been included.  I would have addressed exorbi-
tant medical and pharmaceutical costs, as well as the student loan trap, along
with the need for the livable wage, minus traditional teenage employment jobs.

All in all, I was trying to being given approval of an interstate or international or-
ganization,  and the only thing that the modernized & Protestantized Vatican II
gave me was the Torquato Retaliations, followed by my request being complete-
ly ignored.  This was followed by the Wuerl-Propaganda-Machine news articles
of 2002, making Wuerl look like the holiest saint on earth.

Remember that, in 2002, I had Wuerl in a U.S. Supreme Court queue, in the
form of a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari.  The problem was that, during that
year, the Supreme Court refused to review (as far as I remember) any case re-
lated to Church-corruption.  During that year, every church corruption story
made the airwaves and/or media print.  But, the Torquato Case was ignored,
thereby illustrating the amount of corrupt influence that Wuerl did have dur-
ing that time.

Yet, Wuerl's manipulative power need not be a cause of fear and intimidation.
After all, if the mighty Hitler War Machine can be turned into a mass of wreck-
age ... and if the Tojo War Machine can be sunk into the Pacific ... and if Nero's
lawless reign can be ended by an angry mob ... if Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
can end up exiled on an island ... and if Pablo Escobar can end up laying dead
on a roof ... and if Al Capone can end up being a convicted felon ... and if John
Gotti can end up dying in prison, then you can take down anyone and undo his

Again, there are a number of topics addressed on this site.  Look to the right
side of this page, read, and click away.   There is subject matter on Donald
Wuerl's Triple Coverup comprising Frs Robert Wolk, Rickard  "Sade" Zula,
and Francis Pucci, . . . as well as the notorious high school head master, John
Hoehl, whom Wuerl returned to ministry ... and  the convicted Edward Huff
whom Wuerl also put back into ministry ... and Wuerl's heresies, his Marie
Antoinette Lifestyle, and Wuerl's nexus to world-traveled molester Marcial
Maciel Degollado . . . not to mention Frs, Krawzcyk, LeDoux, Wellinger,
and and and Father James "the Retaliator" Torquato who was ordained by
Wuerl.  Read and view the documents on this site freely, so that my labor
will not have been in vain.


Ladies & gentlemen, place your bets.  The sun will be going down on
someone soon, here.  Who will it be?  The Wuerlgate/Wuerleaks author who
also wrote about Frs. Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Torquato, Zirwas, Wellinger, etc?
or Diane Thompson/Mangum, Mrs. Randy Engel, and their camp?
The original day of this writing was September 24, 2017

I NEVER google my name, and therefore, I NEVER seek to read anything written
by Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, aka the mother of one Frank Labiaux.
However, I get an email here and an email there, informing me that a close friend
here or an aloof acquaintance there was contacted by the same Diane Thompson,
aka Mangum, on the subject of me.  Thompson took my posts and instantly post-
ed on her blogs.  She obsessively scoured through my sites and even photography.
It renders me in a very creepy feeling.  I literally feel the feeling of being stalked.
After all, stalking if the act to hunt someone down with the purpose of harming
that person, and Thompson has repeatedly been trying to have me destroyed.

None the less, I only discovered on the weekend of September 23/24 that a public
offer dated July 29, 2017 and which was not posted until September 10, 2017, was
made by Diane Thompson/Mangum.  The offer was for me to finally speak with
her sons, Frank and Tucker, after all of my years of publicly asking their where-
abouts.  Thompson also mentioned that there are lawyers ready to file a lawsuit
against me.  Yet, I have yet to get a demand letter from any law firm.  Such a
thing comes before a lawsuit, in the attempt to prevent a lawsuit.

None the less, concerning this public offer, IF there really does exist the pages
(122 of them) of a February 1993 deposition of Diane Thompson in the Timothy
Bendig lawsuit against Anthony Cipolla, et. al., then I demand to read a copy of
the 122 pages of testimony spoken by Diane Thompson.  If she were able to post
the first two intro pages, thereby proving that Mrs. Randy Engel wrote another
falsehood in claiming that the Diane Thompson deposition was video taped, then
why did Thompson not post sample pages of her testimony?

FURTHERMORE, Randy Engel, herself, said that there was only ONE remain-
ing piece of evidence in the case.  Thus, she deduced that there was no deposi-
tion of Diane Thompson to be sought, out of inference.  Then suddenly, there
existed a Diane Thompson deposition.  Now, Bendig's attorney, Douglas Yaug-
er did say to the press that he found the 1978 accuser of Cipolla and would
have liked to have used her, for ever it was worth.  Thus, he stated that it did
not have any great value.

Concerning the offer to finally talk to Thompson's sons:

This is curious, being that I located retired officer Mark Ninehouser & was definitive-
ly told by him that he NEVER arrested Cipolla and had nothing to do with the very
short-lived Cipolla case after Mark took Diane Thompson's statement and then hand-
printed his report, followed by him giving the report to the detectives, being that he
was not a detective at the time, as Mrs Randy Engel claimed.

This invitation of me finally talking to Thompson's two sons is additionally curious,
being that Randy Engel's description of Cipolla's post-arrest retaliations and of DA
Bob Colville's strong-arming of Diane Thompson could not have occurred, being
that Mark Ninehouser assured me personally that he NEVER arrested Cipolla, as
Randy Engel's Nov 2016 article claimed.

This is even more curious, being that  it was 100% discovered that the Fire Extin-
guisher vandalism committed upon a Pittsburgh Black Methodist was NOT com-
mitted by Frank and a buddy in 1978, but by two juvenile delinquents who would
later slash all of tires of all of the cars in the parking lot of the same Black Metho-
dist Church.  Thus, Diane Thompson would know I would know that I would be
talking to a proven liar when talking to Frank Labiaux.

Now, I never contact Diane Thompson, so that she will not get the opportunity to
lie about whatever I will have said.  I also refrain from contacting her, so that I will
not come under Florida jurisdiction for any communication sent to Florida.  Thus, I
am hereby publicly stating the following in the cybersphere, hypothetically.

In order for me to talk with the sons of Diane Thompson . . . and tomher daughter ...
and to all others who were interviewed by the Mrs Randy Engel who intended to
tell you all that I was a fraud only pretending to be in the construction industry:

I must first be contacted ONLY by those alleged attorneys whom are said to ex-
ist and who are said to be ready to sue me.  Again, I will NOT speak with Diane
Thompson, so that she will not have the opportunity to lie about what I will have
said.  This is the same reason why I will NOT speak with the Tim Bendig who
telephoned me out of the blue, after a Hollywood person betrayed my telephone
number and who proceeded to lie to me four times in a row, after almost conning
me into believing that Cipolla was a monster.

Now, the two sons, Frank and Tucker, must provide identification proof, so that
I will know that I will be talking to them and not to a frau.  Furthermore, I must
talk to each one individually, but during the same session, so that they will NOT
have the opportunity to rig-up a storyline, based on the first son's conversation
with me.

The proof of the two gentlemen's existence must be shown to be by any of the
allegedly-existing attorneys whom Thompson claims are ready to file a lawsuit
against me, even though NO ATTORNEY has sent me any pre-lawsuit demand

So, if you attorneys do exist and if you are looking for a mailing address to where
to send your demand letter, call me and I will give you the address.  I do NOT pub-
licly give a Chicago address for the sake of others here.  I went through enough
Hell in Pittsburgh.  I am not going to let people be caught in the crossfire here,
in Chicagoland.


Furthermore, if anyone calls to threaten me . . . yet again in my life ... then
it's game on.

There will be no talking over the phone, being that I will not be sure if I am
talking to a son of Diane Thompson or to an impostor ... or or or if they are
being coached during the conversation.

Moreover, we will NOT speak in the State of Florida.  Quite frankly, I do not
know where the two gentlemen are located.

None the less, life being what it is, and God being as providential as God is,
talking to Tucker and Frank and others who spoke with Mrs Randy Engel is
inevitable, unless there comes a severe natural disaster, astrological gamma
ray burst, war, famine, riot, pestilence, etc.

Diane Thompson claims that she has the advice of attorneys who are work-
ing on a lawsuit against, even though I have yet to get a demand letter.  So,
have the attorneys contact me NOW.  Let's get things underway.

Meanwhile, if Cipolla is such a egregious serial molester, then how do you
explain the following DA report?  None the less, if you were molested by
Cipolla, then let me know, provided that you are not related to one Diane
Thompson-Mangum.  If you were not molested by him, yet where in private
settings with him, knowledge of this is also invaluable.

If Donald Wuerl really believed that Cipolla were a molester, then he would
have sent a letter to all people in Anthony Cipolla's former parishes and in the
Dormant area youth group, as well as to the Oakland N.J. youth group.  Wuerl
did this in the case of John Hoehl, thereby showing that Wuerl knew that Hoehl
was an abuser.  He did NOWT do this in the case of Anthony Cipolla.  Wuerl
let Cipolla be made into a monster in the press/media.  Yet, Wuerl did NOT
send out the letters that he did in the case of John Hoehl.

Let's get everything in the open, including Wuerl's alleged personal relationship
with the late congressman, Bill "abortion" Coyne.  If Wuerl is a lover of truth,
then he will comply.  None the less, where are these Diane Thompson lawyers?
Let's communicate NOW.