September 01, 2017

Will be conferring with a Chicagoland attorney about clearing Anthony Cipolla's name via court order.

For those of you new here, I am the one who took Cardinal Donald Wuerl to
the United States Supreme Court, via ye olde Petition for a Writ of Certiorari,
in 2002.  That was the year when the seemingly politically biased court refus-
ed to review all court cases involving modern Church corruption.

For those of you new here, I was the one who witnessed Cardinal Donald Wuerl's
evident viciousness, indifference, and deceit at point blank range, via the retalia-
tions triggered by Wuerl former personal secretary, Father James Torquato.

For those of you new here, I'm also the one who uncovered with documentation
and pertinent witness corroboration that the man formerly known as Fr. Anthony
Cipolla was railroaded by the Donald Wuerl who let Cipolla be tattooed with an
extremely violent form  of libel - calumny - defamation - "invasion of privacy in
a false light."  That is to say I found that 1} Tim Bendig is nothing but a con artist
and that 2} Cipolla never was arrested in 1978 or any other year for molesting a
nine year old or any other child.

Concerning Bendig, I am in possession of corroborative witness averments of
fact which state that Bendig is a con artist who pulled a con job on them, time
after time.  However, I promised to reveal nothing of Tim Bendig's most recent
deceit until something additional is presented to the public first.  None the less,
a number of people alleged to me that Bendig is 1} a pathological liar,  and
2} a person who lies 90% of the time.

Bendig even sent his lying con artistry to me via email, in the sophomoric attempt
to intimidate me into retracting all that I wrote about him.

At this point, take note that Bendig never sued me for calling him a liar and a con
artist.  Even if he were to sue me, I retained a few aces of evidence up my sleeve
which can show any jury how much of a liar others found Bendig to be, includ-
ing me.  After all, Bendig lied to me four times in a row in a matter of minutes.

All in all, the fact that Bendig ... and Cipolla's 1978 accuser (Diane Thompson) ...
never sued me for libel should make you entertain the likely possibility that Ben-
dig lied about Cipolla, in the attempt to get a large sum of money during Bendig's
time of unemployment.  Thus, you should entertain the very likely probability that
Bendig did it for the money.  People are known to lie for power, lust, and money,
you know.

In addition, I know very succinctly that the woman known as Diane Thompson
in 1978 and Diane Mangum in the 21st Century is an easily detected liar.

Concerning this, keep in mind that she claimed that I was Anthony Cipolla in
disguise operating a child molester protection ring, when the fact is that I am
a construction corporation employee who earned EIGHT security clearances
through the years and whose work recently took him from  Pittsburgh to the
environs of Chicago to Springfield Illinois.

Cipolla dying from a heart attack in August of 2017 shows how much of a liar
that vicious hag is, in light of the fact that new articles keep getting posted on, despite the fact that Cipolla is no longer alive.  Thus,
Anthony Cipolla did NOT write the many articles on that site.  I DID.  In as
much, if you still believe anything that Diane Thompson claims, then you are
as big as jackass as the 70+ year old Randy Engel who tried a decapitation at-
tempt on me.  She tried to spread the rumor that I'm a liar only pretending to
be in the construction industry.  Diane Thompson was going to pile-on, claim-
ing me to operate a child molester protection ring while lying about being in
the construction industry.

Now, I've already posted invoices and delivery tickets signed by me, concern-
ing the purchase of construction material.  Incidentally, Engel was too unedu-
cated to know that the construction materials industry went through a VOC-
free revolution, as in Water-based (as opposed to solvent-based and asthma
triggering materials.)