September 21, 2017

Wuerl apologized to Bendig at a time when Bendig was allegedly caught performing theft by fraud

In re:  Donald Wuerl and the Hallowed Halls of Hypocrisy
I promised to let someone else break the story, concerning a recent con game
allegedly perpetrated by the Tim Bendig who was made out to be the poster
boy of those molested by priests.  This is because the person who discovered
the alleged fraud deserves the credit for its discovery and should be the one
who breaks the specifics of the story thus far alleged and/or thus far proven.

The gentleman simply telephoned me one day this year, after I had forgotten
his name, and said, "Pat!!!!!  . . . You were right about  Bendig all along . . ."

At this point,  all that I can state is that Bendig was allegedly discovered per-
forming theft by deception while allegedly posing as the nicest and most
charitable guy in the world.  In fact, he took advantage of a tragic time in
someone's life to do so.  I can also state that I personally witnessed Bendig
being a complete liar, in having lied to me four times in a row ... and doing
so in a matter of minutes.  He lied to me about Anthony Cipolla being ar-
rested in Beaver County.  Cipolla never was ... arrested in Beaver County.
and a DA's document proves it to be the case.

The point to mentioning this goes as follows:

At the end of November 2016, almost immediately after Renew America pub-
lished Randy Engel's three-part article about the fictional account of Anthony
Cipolla's mythical arrest and his post-arrest retaliation which included Engel
describing a Pennsylvania Code of Criminal Court Procedure that does NOT
exist as she described, Donald Wuerl came forth and made a public statement.
In the statement, Cardinal Wuerl apologized to Bendig for not having believed
Bendig's 1988 accusations against Anthony Cipolla.

Wuerl was basically telling the world that Bendig was an honest guy whom we
can all now trust ... stating this while Bendig was alleged caught red-handed,
performing financial thefy by deception and similar acts of fraud.  None the
less, there is an added hypocrisy to Wuerl's 2016 apology.  It goes as follows:

Firstly, in 1988, Bendig accused approximately or exactly 9 priests and 14 sem-
inarians of sexual harassment and homosexuality, as if he witnessed such things
personally.  HOWEVER, even in Bendig's lawsuit deposition, he admitted that
he did  NOT witness that which he accused the priests and seminarians of hav-
ing done. Bendig repeatedly stated, "It was a rumor."  "I heard it in a rumor
mill."  Thus, Cipolla was NOT the only priest Bendig accused of wrongdo-
Wuerl definitely turned Pittsburgh into a Point of Conflict
All in all, Bendig's story to Wuerl in 1988 had a number of lies attached to it,
being that Bendig accused many more priests than Anthony Cipolla of sexual
abuses.  Thus, it was 100% certain that Bendig was NOT credible in his 1988
accusations.  Yet, in 2016, Wuerl contradicted documented fact that dates back
to 1988. in calling Bendig an honest individual deserving of a public apology.

Moreover, a number of people contacted me and said that Bendig was a patho-
logical liar.  One whom I personally met, stated in a follow-up email to me that
"Bendig lies about 90% of the time."  Keep in mind that Bendig lied to me four
times in a row ... in a  matter of minutes.

None the less, in late November 2016, Wuerl declared Tim Bendig an honest
teller of truth.  Being that Wuerl and the press created a honesty facade for
Bendig, the same Tim Bendig took advantage of the artifically constructed
facade, being that he was able to con people through it.

Now, Wuerl & the media had the moral obligation to tell people to beware of
Bendig, because of his trademark dishonesty.  So, the damage done in Bendig's
recent and alleged con artistry is the fault of Donald Wuerl and media personnel.
They should be forced to pay damages, if the alleged fraudulent conduct of Tim
Bendig is true.  My source on the matter included a document and an honest

Once again, I can go into detail about Bendig and I can give an outline of
his recent ALLEGED financial fraud, but I promised to wait, being that the
stroy is not yet finished.  Usually, court adjudications and the accompany-
ing judgments of damages end a story.  Simply take note how Wuerl made
a fool out of himself in November of 1988.  It was kind of equivalent to
John Paul II telling Mexican youth that Marcial Maciel Deggolado, the
greatest known molester in church histroy, was an efficacious leader of

Wuerl leeched off of Randy Engel's article and  doubly made a fool out of him-
self, because . . .

1} . . .the Engel article was beyond non-factual, especially in her description of
      PA criminal procedure, and in description of the actions of the Mark Nine-
     houser whom she erroneously called M.N. Nehouser and who wasn't even
     a detective at the time, as was claimed by Engel ... and Diane Thompson.

2} Secondly, even in the Year 2016, Tim Bendig was alleged caught being a
     con artist, in allegedly operating a money fraud scheme.

Anthony Cipolla, incidentally, described Tim Bendig as "a Huck Finn."