October 04, 2017

Important notifications with a measure of legal implications

As you might possibly know, I continue to be severely libeled and presented in
a very false light.  So, I need to make a series of simple and specific statements.

You might also know that it is the grand total of ONE PERSON orchestrated the
libel and False Light against me.  Such libel and false light easily results in the
loss of reputation which usually results in the victim loosing business and em-
ployment opportunities, as well as resulting in the destruction of projects done
at great toil.  That one person is a 70+ year old individual would NOT address
the issues that I addressed online, but instead, that person created a diversionary
tactic of attacking me so consummately that you would hold animosity and con-
tempt toward me.  It some cases such libel results in violence being attempted
on the person under attack.


The 70+ year old individual stated that a} you can search online all day and find
nothing about me, and of course, this is a blatant falsehood, being that millions
of times people viewed my URLs.    None the less, the 70+ year old then stated
that you can find nothing about me online, because I am Anthony Cipolla in dis-
guise operating a child molester protection ring.  Well, Anthony Cipolla died in
August of 2016, proving the 70+ year old person to be telling you a falsehood.

The same 70+ year old would send my less-than-civilized emails while claiming
that she couldn't find anything about me.  She knew all along that I existed.

The same 70+ year old would call me Mr. Mt. Vesuvius in an email or two.  I made
this know publicly.  She then said that she called me Mr. Mt. Vesuvius, because I
blow-up in anger like Mt. Vesuvius.  Yet, she never spoke with me and never saw
me in public.  So, how would she know?  Plus, if she believed that I had a violent
temper, then she would not have been ridiculing me as she has been doing.

The same 70+ year old also stated, that as far as she was concerned, I was as "queer
as a baseball bat," meaning "flaming homosexual."  Well, I'm a construction work-
er from Pittsbugh, working presenting throughout the Chicago vicinity.  How many
effeminate construction workers have you encountered in life, especially in Pitts-
burgh Steelers Country and in Chicago?

The same 70+ year old stated that I was an internet gifter, making up lies, in order
to make a lot of money.  Well, I never made a penny on the internet, evidenced by
the fact that my URLs never had a Paypal app, or a donation box, or a shopping
cart and checkout app on them.

All in all, she damns me in any way she can.  She also has made it a habit of steal-
ing my copyrighted material and posting it on her weblogs, as if she owns them.
This includes my photography which, alone, has attracted millions of views.
In as much:

No one is permitted to post any photograph of mine on his/her site, weblog, or
URL, unless you have personally asked me for permission to do so (on a per-
photo basis) and have been given permission by me to do so.

No one is permitted to post any of my writings on his/her site, weblog, or URL.

In as much, do NOT copy and paster my writings.  Do NOT copy and paste my
photos.  If you want photos like those on your site, then you go to California,
Florida, Maryland, Gettysburg, major American metropolises, national parks,
and state parks, yourself, and do your own photographing.  Or else pay me to
make the necessary travels and do the photo-shoots for you.


As I have stated over and over again, I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD, evi-
denced by my security clearances, one of which was a 2014 FBI Clearance,
gotten through the auspices of the US Dept of Education.  And FBI clearances
do NOT have to be renewed every year.  In as much, I have never been convict-
ed for anything outside of a traffic violation.  None the less, a number of those
security clearance certifications were posted at (and still can be found at) the
Blue Marble Album ... and even at this Wuerl-of-Hurt URL/site.

I was adjudged as having full physical disability status in 2003.  In my medical
records, my allergic respiratory condition was declared by a board certified pul-
monary specialist as being life-threatening in 2008.  In as much, I do NOT have
COPD.  I have a condition which can be deadly, and such a thing is expected of
a percentage of those who were exposed to many airborne chemicals & alkaline
dusts without the benefit of protective respirators.  I never wore a respirator in
any of my construction projects in the 1990s.

Now, on one of the nine weblogs that this 70+ year old constructed to fully
assassinate my character, there appears a couple of very long-written com-
ments on its comment board.  Now, such long comments can reasonably be
suspected of having been "contrived," "pre-planned, ""not spontaneously
written by a third party who has no conflict of interest."

None the less, the writer of one of the comments stated that he/she knows a
psychologist who read much of the Wuerl-of-Hurt posts and concluded ex-
ceptionally damning things about me.   Now . . .

No diagnosis can be made be any professional without the professional first
seeing the person in person.  A physician can literally loose his license, if he
she diagnoses a person without personally examining that person ... in person.

In as much, if there really is a psychologist out there who frequents my Wuerl-
of-Hurt site and who really did say a barrage of damning things about me, then
please contact me, all the while knowing that you have my clemency, and all the
while knowing that I would appreciate such honesty.

I would also appreciate to know if that comment has a contrived fraudulent mis-
representation or not.  Patrick at 1-724-709-4716.  None the less, if you really do
exist, I hope that you will engage in civilized conversation and explain why you
would have been such a damning diagnosis without ever speaking with me, as is
your professional protocol.

At a point of observation, usually a spontaneous comment written by a third
person who carries no conflict of interest isn't as long as that which was post-
ed on one of the nine weblogs designed to destroy my reputation for all-time.

Plus, being constantly defamed is like getting beaten up by bullies, over and
over again.  It absolutely drains a person.  None the less . . .

I did not start writing about myself at the Wuerl-of-Hurt site (except in one in-
stance that I remember) UNTIL my reputation came under ruthless and obses-
sively constant attack.  I then wrote in defense of myself, due to the defamation,
and/or libel and false light leveled against me.  The Torquato narration does not
count, and mention of the suicide I went-through doesn't count, either.

The exception to which I refer was in me having stated that I petitioned Wuerl
to grant me an apostolate to counter certain institutionalized sines, including the
crime against humanity known as "Sweatshop labor profiteering" and which is
formally known as Defraudments of Laborers of their Wages ... and and and
which was the Sixth Count in the Nuremberg Trials.

Mark Ninehouser:

In Randy Engel's Nov/Dec 2016 article, she stated that two detectives arrested
Anthony  Cipolla.  She stated that one was M.N. Nehouser, Badge #46.  I then
found out that Badge #46 belonged to uniformed officer, Mark Nine houser, in
1978.  Then, in the second half of 2017, the 70+ year old cyber-bully stated that
Mark Ninehouser was one of the officers who showed up before "the detectives"
came.  Stop there for a minute.

Engel proclaimed that an evidentiary sheet of paper possessed by the 70+ year old
person stated that a detective with Badge #46 did the arresting.  Mark Ninehouser
told me that he was the officer with Badge #46 and that he did NOT arrest Cipolla.
He also said that he simply took the person's statement, transposed it onto a hand-
printed police report, handed it to the real detectives, and did nothing else pertain-
ing to Anthony Cipolla.  Badge #46.  Badge #46.   Badge #46 is the key to seeing
that there was no arrest of Anthony Cipolla.  I hope that you 'got it' by now.  How
much longer are we ... am I ... going to have to put up with this?

Concerning Wuerl, one of those nine weblogs constructed by the same 70+
year old person stated that what I wrote about Wuerl was a pack of lies.
Concerning this, keep in mind that:

I posted multiple newspaper articles detailing the indictments of Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci, most of which quoted DA John C Pettit complaining about the
uncooperative conduct of Wuerl's then-diocese during the criminal investi-
gations thereof.  Thus, the 70+ year old is claiming that 1988 newspaper
staff members from New Hampshire to California are liars.

I linked to newspaper articles reporting on the tragedy of Father Zirwas.
Thus, the 70+ year old person claims that newspaper staff members of
years past were liars.

The same 70+ year old sent me an email once (after I publicly announced
that she is to not contact me or a third party associated with me) claiming
that a certain Cleveland Plain Dealer article reporting on Wuerl's Triple
Cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci was a falsehood.

None the less, news of Father John Hoehl being part of a major lawsuit was
in the newspapers.  Plus, I went through a suicide, involving a person who
had just left Hoehl's house as a long-term border.  In as much, it is beyond
ruthless to call me a liar in the remembrance of one of the greatest tragedies
I ever endured in my life.

Plus, numbers pieces of evidence concerning the Torquato Case was posted
online, including a Police Department's Citizen Report Form.  Yet, the 70+
year old wants you to believe I lie about Wuerl all the time.

There is even an EWTN letter posted online, speaking less than impressive-
ly about Wuerl.  That is hard-copy evidence.  Yet, the 70+ year old person
that I am always lying about Wuerl.

Now, let's adjourn to Camp Croft, in Spartansburg South Carolina.  Randy
Engel wrote that the 70+ year old person had a husband who was injured
at "military base in Spartansburg," while training with the special forces
during the Vietnam years.

In response, I publicly stated that Camp Croft was closed in 1946 and that
there was no military training there during the Vietnam Wars or any other
years after 1946.  Well, the 70+ year old person called me a liar and then
posted only part of an encyclopedia article on Camp Croft, leaving out the
time when it was a military base.  That was yet another deception.

For the record, Camp Croft was used as a prison of war camp in WWII.
Yes, captured Nazi German soldiers were sent to America.

In continuing, I was said to have been lying completely about Wuerl,
even though:

I linked to newspaper articles that reported on Father Krawczyk and
on Edward Huff.  (And concerning Huff, I have more photo-copies
of newspaper articles to post.)

All in all, at the Wuerl-of-Hurt site, there are many photo-copies of
newspaper articles, pieces of evidence, letters, etc.  I have evidence
and shared it with you.  Calling me a liar is merely a desperate 70+
year old attempting to get you to ignore all of my toil and expense.

Furthermore, Wuerl never sued me for libel.  Bill Donohue never at-
tacked me, even though he is one of Wuerl's known pit bulls.  In ad-
dition, Torquato never sued me.  Wolk never sued me.  Zula never
sued me.  Huff never sued me.  The survivors/estate of Zirwas and
Pucci never sued me.  Hoehl never sued me.  Etc, etc, etc go the

There is more to state; much more.  I need to go, right now.  None the
less, the attacks hurled at me and against me by that one 70+ year old
person (and her accessories) have been ongoing for over two years,
and I do not see any end in sight, unless I file . . .

You know, I do accept with gratitude any rosaries, stations of the Cross,
chaplets of Divine Mercy, litanies, novena, and even Masses prayed for
my petitions.  In fact, I'm partial towards the Infant Jesus of Prague and
others whom I will not mention at this point, being that the bully 70+ yr
old person will find a way to desecrate their names in future writings
that assassinate me in every way she can.  None the less, I would be
grateful for valid prayer, very much so.

10 Q