September 19, 2017

The Self-Absorbed Tunnel-Vision of it all

Yes, Nuclear Winter is far worse than even ten centuries of Global Warming.
Now, there is a time and a place for everything.  Now is NOT the time for
Diane Thompson/Mangum to obsess herself with continuing to assassinate
my character and the family name of my US Air Force Distinguished Flying
Cross Recipient dad who is no longer on Earth to defend his family name.
Quick Note:

The time of this post's original writing is Monday October 16, 2017,
at 2:04 pm.  I have to be shorter than usual for this, being that I've
a lot to get done today.

One quick note:  You know that, on April 14, 2016, an attempted murder
was performed on me ... or or or we can say that it was an attempted severe
act of assault and battery witnessed by the president of the humble-sized
construction corporation for whom I work.

Well, in April of 2017, a former member of the Dept of Defense performed an
act of whistle blower retaliation for something NOT related to Donald Wuerl
or Diane Thompson or Tim Bendig or any corrupt clergy member.  In fact, it
had nothing to do with the Dept of Defense.  It was a civilian matter.  Anyway,
the pushy-shovey ex-DOD employee tried to get me into a physical fight ...
while cameras were present.

It got to the point where he extended his bully tactics to that of springing him-
self in front of my face repeatedly, in a lunge position.   In each instance, he
would do a semi-circle and recoil, followed by him springing into the lunge
position yet again, into my face.

I was walking across a warehouse sized place, holding a respiratory to my face,
fighting to breath, on account of the gaudy level of chemicals in the place.  I re-
ported the level of asthma-triggering chemicals  in the place and he ended up
going after me.   While I was walking, he was parallel to me.  He suddenly
said that he "Knew a lot of defense systems," and he wasn't talking about
electronic military systems.  He was talking about difference types of mar-
tial arts.

Then, I had to return to the same place a couple days later, due to the fact that
it was a part of my work assignment.  So, that guy stayed away from me, as I
returned excess material that we didn't need for a construction project that we
had finished.  That same guy called the police on me and apparently made me
sound like the son of Godzilla, being that two police cars sat parked and the end
of the parking lot where I had parked.

Well, I got into the company pickup truck well aware of the presence of the police,
I lit up the engine, put the truck into gear and started strolling.  Within, two or three
seconds, the police turned on their cars and left.  I stopped my truck and just sat in
the parking lot .... kind of done out of spite.  None the less, this is an instance of the
type of whistle blower retaliation that I have gone through in life.

The series of retaliations included the Torquato Retaliations when one of the surro-
gates said to me, "I would have gone THROUGH you to get to (name withheld).  
And you know I mean "Physically."  So, if you say that the Torquato Retaliations
were nothing big, then you are a gossipy and vingeary stenched hag, or else you are
a Melvin Milktoast (whom we use to call "pansies") who would not come to the re-
scue of anyone.
Virtue is proven in an assailing storm;
not in a kissy-poo room of tea and crumpets.
During the Torquato Retaliations, Torquato tried to get his evidence-based accuser
arrested, in a super bogus setup, and I had to intervene at the McCandless Town-
ship Police Station.  Thus, I was a witness, being that I was there.

Plus, that accuser had to run through the woods at night with a recording some-
one was trying to take away from him.  I know this to be true, because I was the
one who drove to the guy, pick him up, and let him stay at my place.  His pants
were wet up to the thighs, just like someone who had to run through the woods
at night.

The Torquato Retaliation REAL retaliation.  Diane Thompson wants you to not
 think so, so that you will think that she was the one who went through a horrific
post-arrest retaliation which was IMPOSSIBLE to have happened as she claimed,
being that Officer Mark Ninehouser, Badge #46, told me that he did NOT arrest
Cipolla and that he was not even a detective at the time.  Thus, the story of the re-
taliation of Cipolla and the late bishop Vincent Leonard and former DA Bob Col-
ville, while being supported by Detective Badge #46 guy was compete libel.

On to the next order of business

This is the top of a waterfall.  The mindless see no danger here.

At this point in time . . . as far as I know . . . there still does NOT exist online
any deposition of Diane Thompson/Mangum in the Tim Bendig v. Pittsburgh
Diocese, Cipolla, et. al lawsuit.   Two COVER pages were posted that look
like credible deposition pages.  However, those pages most certainly are not
the transcript cover pages of a video-taped deposition.  This shows that Di-
ane Thompson lied yet again, additionally showing that a person cannot get
truth from that crass and uncouth 70+ year old who does little more than at-
tacks my character as a diversionary tactic, all the while hiding from address-
ing her numerous falsehoods in her Cipolla accusations.

In review, the accused priest, Anthony Cipolla, expressly told me that there
was "no Diane Thompson Deposition, UNLESS no one told (him) about it."
Now, he had in his hands in 2014 all of the depositions in the Bendig law-
suit and never acknowledged the existence of any Diane Thompson deposi-
tion.  I later discovered that the credible-looking deposition cover page did
omit the name of Anthony Cipolla as an attendant of the deposition.  So, he
actually was telling the truth in that he never sat for any Diane Thompson
deposition.  Or is it that he knew a deposition of her was scheduled and he
refused to attend?

None the less, Cipolla more than once told me that his attorney (my form-
er neighbor) John Alan Conte said to him, "Don't you worry about Diane 
Thompson. She's an adroit liar."   Well, it wasn't until this year that I re-
alized that Conte was probably talking about Thompson's deposition tes-
timony.  I assumed that John sent her the standard interrogatories that a
law firm sends during that discovery period, that she filled it out, and
that it was filled with easily provable lies.

None the less, we need to see her official deposition testimony, to see if it
were as embarrassingly false as was her own weblog testimony, and as was
the quotes of her in an October 1995 newspaper interview, and as ridiculous-
ly non-factual as the allegations in the Randy Engel article of 2016, where it
didn't occur to Randy that no child sits at his kitchen table doing homework
on July 30 in Pittsburgh, being that there is no school during that time.

Is Diane Thompson's deposition testimony as ridiculous as the Engel article,
where Engel was too lazy to find out that there did NOT exist a military base
in Spartansburg South Carolina in the 1960s or even 1950s or 1970s, 1980s,
1990s, etc?

In addition,  Bendig's attorney, Douglas Yauger . . . known as an attorney for
local Western Pennsylvania masons . . . publicly stated that he located the 1978
witness who accused Cipolla of having molested nine year old Tucker Thomp-
son, and publicly stated that he  "would have liked to have used her, for what-
ever it was worth."  Thus, Yauger, insinuated that her testimony was neither
convincing nor paramount.   Let's proceed:

An exposition in complete self-absorbed egotism:

We are near the start of an incendiary, annihilating war that will be the terror
of many people's depleting lives.  The war will have been incited by the crim-
inal pigman of North Korea who allows millions of his own people to starve
... who killed his own half-brother, his own uncle, and his own aunt, along
with a score or two of generals, as well as the young Otto Warmbier.

In addition:

Large parts of California have been incinerated in major fires.  The south-
ern United States recently underwent three disastrous hurricanes.   The
greatest act of gunman terrorism was recently imposed upon country
music fans in Las Vegas, and . . .

Antifa continues to replicate the violence of Hitler's Brown Shirts, and it
is allegedly planning to conduct a nationwide series of riots and unleash
widespread violence on November 4, 2017.  In light of all of this, what
does Diane Thompson/Mangum do?

ANS:  She writes a NINTH weblog solely dedicated to annihilating the
totality of my character, as if there is no pending world disasters and no
nationwide violence is soon to happen.

More so than was the case previously, mankind is nearer to the start of
WWIII.  But, the Melbourne crone sees that there is nothing else to do
than to be the voice Hell harassing me and defaming the family name
of my war hero dad who was awarded the Air Force Distinguished Fly-
ing Cross.  That feeble, yet arrogant and hate-filled hag.  She doesn't

 In fact, she recently wrote that she is glad that I live 1,000 or so miles
away from her.  Uhhhhm.  I am gladder.  None the less, do you see the
arrogance in this.  Why would I want to be the neighbor a 70+ year old
crass Podunk hag who does nothing but lie and mock and mock and lie?

I'm in CHICAGO and I'm an eligible bachelor.  Do you have any idea
what the women are like in Chicago?  It's not Latrobe Pennsylvania and
it's definitely not Melbourne Florida, to state it politely.

Why did that defamatory hag think that she would hurt my feelings by stat-
ing that it's a good thing that I am 1,000 miles away from her and was does
she take pleasure in seeking to hurt me always and in every way?  Well, as
long as that 1,000 mile point is in Chicago, then heck yeah.   Chicago gets
really really really addicting.  None the less,  I want to have nothing to do
with the ever so arrogant Diane Thompson who really should learn how to
format a weblog before she does her tenth damning weblog against me and
my family name.

Then, to top it off, she states that I was harassing her for years, even though
I NEVER wrote to her, NEVER telephoned her, NEVER had anyone write
to her, NEVER had anyone telephone her, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Yet, she is the
one who composed NINE WEBLOGS DEFAMING ME.  She is the one
who keeps sending me emails, despite me publicly making notice that
she is forbidden to do so.  Plus, she is the one who wrote to some of the
people in my life, bothering them about my discovery that her 1978 claim
of an arrest of one Anthony Cipolla and a post-arrest retaliation was a com-
plete falsehood.

I wrote about that which pertained to the 1978 case which was not yet a case
and which never got docketed in the PA criminal court system or any other
court system.  She wrote things about me which did NOT pertain to the 1978
case and presented them in either a False Light or in Libelous verse, per se.
She created a diversionary tactic in not addressing the case, in attacking me
from A to Z.

In as much, I am a construction worker from Pittsburgh, working in Chicago.
I an NOT the deceased Anthony Cipolla in disguise and I do NOT have the
time, the money, or the desire to operate a child molester protection ring.
Diane Mangum/Thompson deliberately lied.

Plus, she del erately lied when stating that you can search my name online
all day and find nothing about me.  I am in the Harvard Library System,
the UNC Chapel Hill Library System, Northwestern Univ Library Sys-
tem, etc, being that I was first published with national book award win-
ners and other laureates at the age of 20.  My presently active URLs
have accumulated over 5 million hits, meaning that a lot of people
know my works.  In fact, of all the things I am know for, I am most
known as a master photography.  Wuerlgate was only a fraction of
my works which included writings on military history, military science,
environmental science, economics, law history, modern poetry, etc.

I earned an FBI Security Clearance in 2014, and such a thing is equiva-
lent to being granted a security clearance from all 50 American States,
Puerto Rice, and Guam combined.

I do NOT blow up like Mt. Vesuvius.  I am known for being the opposite.
I am known for packing everything up and walking off the job, when I've
a dispute.  I write letters and file things, instead of punching people's lights
out.  After all, I'm a private academy student who was raised to have the most
diplomatic manners.  Even when I had to intervene to stop a wife-beating, I
simply walked into the apartment, played dumb, started doing small talk, and
made no threat to anyone.  After all, as soon as I walked-in, the wife-beater
stopped his wife-beating.  All in all, Diane Thompson/Mangum thinks that
you are stupid and will believe whatever she claims, even though no govern-
ment site mentioned the same things.  She wrote these things into a weblog
that had a blog's subdomain, giving away the fact that it was a sophomoric
site.   It was not written in any site suffixed with ""
All in all, Diane Thompson/Mangum doesn't quit doing all she can to get
you to despise me . . . to get you to cease reading my reports and/or my
commentaries, because she knows that she lied about Anthony Cipolla,
Bob Colville, Vincent Leonard, and the Detective M.N. Nehouser who
turned out to be the uniformed Officer Mark Ninehouser who wrote
down her statement against Cipolla, transposed onto a hand-printed
police report, gave it to the real detectives, and then had nothing to
do with Diane Thompson, from that point and onward.

She fears that I will turn my writings into an official filing, for certain
authorities to read.  Now . . .

If she were telling the truth about the Cipolla Case, and if she did not
gain custody of two grandchildren upon the claim that their father was
made severely disabled by cause of a priest's molestation, she would
have written me off two or three years ago.  But, she is apparently or
seemingly frightened that something will be taken away from her.  So,
she fights like a demon during an exorcism, trying to stay snugly in
the possessed.  She wants her lies to stay in her mind like a possess-
ing demon.  Yet, the only minds she will have to worry-about in the
future are judges.

In addition to the contradictions:

She once wrote, in her damning weblogs against me, that I was obsessed
in writing about the Cipolla Case, as in mental illness obsession.  Firstly:

She is the one who write solely and obsessively about me, in her NINE
weblogs which all damn me.  She writes about nothing else other my
writings on the Cipolla Case.  None the less, she acts as if the only
thing I have ever done online was write about the Cipolla Case.
So, for the record:

At the Wuerlgate site, I write about NUMEROUS TOPICS, not merely
about Cipolla.  I wrote about, Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, Wellinger, Ann
Rodgers, Torquato, Maciel, LeDoux, certain reports, Wuerl's heresies,
his cult of personality, etc.  Not solely about Cipolla.  PLUS::::

At my other URLs, I wrote about 1} Military History, 2} Military Science,
3} Environmental Science, 4} Occupational & Environmental Medicine,
5} Economics, Finance, and Investment, 6} the various subjects about
which I wrote in my poetry, 7} Occupy Wall Street, personal things,
and other topics.

Plus, there are my hundreds of photos which have gotten millions of views,
and in order to take those photos, I literally had to travel to California, Flor-
ida, the Three Rivers Region of Western Pennsylvania, a national Park in
Northeastern Ohio, a couple of the Great Lakes, Gettysburg, Baltimore,
Cleveland, and Chicago, as well as a numerous of point in between.
This constitutes a lot more than writing about the Cipolla Case.  So,
once again, Tompson/Mangum presented me in a false light, making
me look all so mentally ill.

That which places her out of touch is the purpose for my writing about the
Cipolla Case.  It was to show that Wuerl is a wall-to-wall fraud.  The Ci-
polla Case is the one that rocketed Wuerl into stardom.  However, Thomp-
son, in her self-absorbed mindset, acted as if I were targeting her.  I want
nothing to do with her.  Wuerl became a star on a fraud.  The Catholic
world needs to know this.

In as much, being that Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux is so obsessed with
me, would it not make you curious as to what it is that I wrote that made
her so incredibly obsessed?  And said obsession is evidenced by the fact
that she literally created NINE weblogs which damns me and presents me
in a very false light.

Another thing

Thompson, in yet another one of her weblogs said that no one was
trying to hurt me.  This was in response to me writing, "If anyone
telephones me to threaten me, then it's game-on."  Well, the feeble
70+ year old Thompson who still doesn't know how to format a
weblog was so arrogant that she thought that I was referring to her.
She's is a mosquito.  Worthless.  I wasn't referring to her.  I was re-
ferring to people who already tried to hurt me badly.  I was refer-
ring to people like those who already tried to do me severe harm.
If you don't believe it ever happened, then go ask for the police

Diane Thompson/Mangum is an illustration of the Podunk Mindset.
And that which made her look all the more self-absorbed is that she
acts as if my Cipolla writings were a part of my effort to go after her.
She's a worthless nothing.  I did NOT create the Wuerlgate site to
destroy that 70+ year old near-illiterate.  I created it to destroy the
insufferable Donald Wuerl and save the church he is destroying.

And when you go to choose sides, remember this:

I was the one who intervened in Dravosburg Pennsylvania to save a young
girl from a computer-geek-looking stalker.  Not Diane Thompson.  Not
Randy Engel.  And not the New Jersey conspiracy theory housewife who
was for certain that Building #7 was a government demo job when the
truth is that the black penthouse on the top of the building collapsed first,
proving beyond all shoadows of every doubt that it was NOT a demo job.

I was the one who intervened for two teenaged girls whose dad was beating
their mom.

I was the one in the middle of a street trying to prevent a brawl, during the
Torquato Retaliations.

I was the one who wouldn't be part of a mass company theft scheme and
then almost got permanent brain damage doing it.

And I was the one showing you the con games Wuerl was playing, at my
own risk and expense.

In as much, choose sides.

I have to go, right now.  I have so much else to get done in life.