November 29, 2017

The Harassment of Me Continues: Thus, here is a public notice

Whenever I post anything new about the Cipolla accuser, Diane/Diana Thompson-
Mangum-Etc, I get harassed quickly thereafter.   Of course, I repeatedly announc-
ed that she is to NEVER seek to contact me outside of doing so through attorneys.
She acknowledged as much in one weblog post that I know-of.  Well, the Pittsburgh
mail addressed to me was recently sent up here, to Chicago, and there were no law
firms seeking to contact me on behalf of anyone, including the Diane Thompson-
Mangum who constructed TEN ad hominid weblogs against me.   None the less:

To Whom it May Come to Concern:

Due to the repeated harassments that I underwent since the middle of 2015, I am
telling you that you are to never contact me or seek to contact me via the name
"Anonymous" or via any variation of the name, Anonymous.  Moreover, you are
not to send me any email of any kind that is sent from an email address contain-
ing the word "anonymous."  Thus, do NOT sent to me any kind of email from or .org or .net or .info, etc.

In addition, a recent Diane Thompson-Mangum weblog stated that she was given
a message to publicly post, from a person whom I forbid to contact me.  Well, the
only two persons whom I directly said are to never contact me outside of through
a law firm are Diane Thompson-Mangum and the New Jersey conspiracy theory
housewife who is between 67 and 69 years of age, and who was told by me to not
contact me anymore, doing so in the Year 2011.  So, that New Jerseyite would be
the only person who would give Diane Thompson a message to post, directly ad-
dressed to me.  Well, such a this still is the act of harassment.

Now, Diane Thompson-Mangum might have lied about the New Jersey conspiracy
theorist.  So, I have to let the local law enforcement personnel hash that one out, to
see if the woman will say that Diane Thompson-Mangum lied about being given a
message from her or if she really did do so.

All in all, this has been and remains to be a very creepy and eerie experience.  All
that matters is the 1978 accusations of Diane Thompson against Anthony Cipolla. 
However, Diane Thompson simply attacked me in every defamatory way thus far
imaginable, and I was NOT there, in Pittsburgh's northside in 1978.  I was NOT a
part of the case.  I simply fact-checked Thompson's accusations and found them
to have been blatant frauds and farces, concerning the claim of an arrest and post-
arrest retaliation which she claimed involved a former bishop of Pittsburgh and
a former Allegheny County DA.

Some personal attacks against contradicted other ones.  Therefore, she clawed at
my reputation indiscriminately, doing so without any composure or self-control.
This line itemization of ad hominid attacks, aka defamations, libel, and false light
privacy invasions is for later, due to the lack of time I have.  Plus, I will have a lot
of communicating to do with law enforcement personnel and legal professionals.
Such a thing takes time.

My fatal error was granting a time of mercy ... a time of diplomacy ... of leeway and
prudence ... in not sending my report to a certain law firm who invited it ... and in not
sending it to police as of yet.  If you ever come to have a nightmarish problem like the
one I have had since 2015, do NOT give your harasser(s) any time of mercy-leniency-
diplomacy-etc.  The time of mercy tghat you grant will be time used by your enemy to
destroy you.

Once again, instead of addressing the Cipolla Case of 1978, Thompson-Mangum
decided to attack me personally, from A to Z.  Ad hominid attacks, over and over
again ... for years.

Just because you are kind and giving, doesn't mean that your harassers/defamers
are going to follow your cue of kindness.  If you ever come to have a problem like
the one I had for the past 28 months, address it immediately.  Send your info to a
law firm who invites it and call the police. 

Once again, giving an extended time of diplomacy to your enemies will be used by
those enemies to destroy you.  It will at least destroy your peace of soul completely,
for a long period of time.