January 09, 2018

Am Back from Coyote Country: Unfinished Business Remains

The voices of coyotes was a nightly occurrence and were
literally heard here.  As time went on, the voices got closer
and closer.   At first, they were heard every night at 11pm.
As they got closer, the voices were heard every night at 3 am. 
Beautiful red tint to their coats.  They were too sneaky to enjoy. 
You never knew what they were going to do.
There is unfinished business to which to attend, concerning the ongoing corruption
and overall deceptiveness of one of the more highly ranking cardinals in the provenly
corrupted Vatican II Church which repeatedly sought to overthrow and eliminate that
which was taught and supported by the only church ever founded by Jesus Christ and
which literally can trace itself back to the original apostles of Christ.

Being in coyote country makes you automatically alert ... like a light bulb which stays
on all night.  You suddenly start realizing things about life that evades the perception
of the pampered.  None the less, I defended my local/club title and became a national
finalist.  It's reasonably assume that the winner was heavily tanked up on testerstone
that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger envious.  None the less, I'll be training a
Wisconsin body builder for competition in St. Louis, and am supposed to be com-
peting in the master's division, as well.  Okay then . . .

I made a promise to take care of certain business.  Good enough.  Being that it's the
Heart of Winter, I should have the time to do what needs to be done to procure a
measure of justice from a crew of provenly fraudulent individuals who apparently
didn't realize that I haven't even begun to fight.  Even at that, I had a number of
defamatory-abusive-derisive weblogs attacking me deleted.  I stopped counting
at defamatory-derisive weblog #9.  Thus, you need to keep in minde that:

I forbid all to copy and paste any writing of mine, any photograph of mine, any
chart of mine, any intellectual property on mine without first contacting me di-
rectly and asking me for my copyright permission .  Ironically, 100% of the time
when I was asked for my copyright permission ... to post elsewhere intellectual
property of mine ... I granted permission.  Of course, there are two people whom
I will never grant my copyright permissions, and those are the two who copied
and pasted my works more than the others.

They is a lot to address ... to take care of ... to achieve ... concerning the quest
for justice.  Let me collect my thoughts and documents and notes and facts, etc.
Stayed tuned assured that I haven't faded into the sunset yet.