January 26, 2018

Was Called Back to Chicago Unexpectedly

Downtown Chicago

No matter what, there remains a series of wrongs that need to be righted.  There 
persists states of damage-done that needs repair.  And of course, there is a chorus 
of lies that the choir thereof have not desisted from perpetuating.   All in all, there
remains outrageous conduct, outrageous acts, and even outrageous negligence that
need to be stopped.

Moreover, those ordained to be in charge of the care of others did nothing more 
than use the many others to serve them, instead.  As a result, you have clerics
living luxuriously at places such as Embassy Row, in Washington DC, all the
while being paraded around, by a propaganda machine, as a caring & heroic
protector of others, when having done a number of vicious and snake-like 
things throughout the decades.  One such cleric slithered his way to the top.

I have to leave today for Illinois once again, and I won't have February as the
vacation time that a number of construction workers get.  Even though it ap-
pears that all is lost and that all efforts were wasted, it's not over.

For now, there is enough here and elsewhere that can get you to easily see that
we have been ruled for decades by the most corrupted of individuals, in the hall-
ways of Church and of State.  This comprises people who got into positions of
power and did nothing more than "help themselves" to the perks, comforts, and
riches produced by others.  Browse, gloss-over, read, study, skim-through the
contain herein at will.  You're free to do so, free of charge.

Regeneration does occur,
even in corrupted societal organisms
None the less, the state of affairs spanning from the early 20th Century to the
early 21st Century are in accordance with the prophesies in the investigated
and approved Marian Apparitions of  1} Quito Ecuador, 2} La Salette France, 
3} Lourdes (in the French Pyrenees), and Fatima (Portugal).  

And of course, the great sufferer, Saint Paul, prophesied the Great Apostasy 
which apparently will become official at the highest ranks of the only Church 
ever founded by Christ.  

It was reasonably conjectured that this Great Apostasy was the main subject of 
the Third Secret of Fatima.  All in all, that time was prophesied to be an era of 
moral bankruptcy and dead faith.  It will result in the Battle Between Heaven 
and Hell, and such a thing will break up any boredom you might be experienc-

Instead of thinking of the Battle Between Heaven and Hell as a haunting night-
mare that leaves you parellized, think of it as a time of untold heroism, because, 
in the end, the forces of the Virgin Mary, mother of the King of Heaven will be
victorious.  So, what do you have to fear?

Now, the only workers of evil that the Ancient Serpent has on Earth is us.
Likewise, the only worker of good that the Infinite Author of Life has on 
Earth is us.  It's a matter of choosing your master and choosing your guide.
In the end, no one remains neutral.

Ironically, those who serve the will of the Ancient Serpent actually think
that they are cleverly serving themselves, in their selfishness.  And the
Ancient Serpent's will is nothing less than your personal destruction and
mine.  Yet, he needs to get us to destroy each other.  Why fall for his an-
cient tricks?  You're better than that.

Choose your path

Always remember that this Wuerl-of-Hurt site came about, on account of the
disingenuous propaganda spearheaded by non-Catholic Ann Rodgers-Melnick, 
later known as  Ann Rodgers, later known as whatever.  It got to the point where
Donald Wuerl's cult-of-personality image became a ridiculous form of idolatry.
So, I had to intervene and balance out at least one small sector of the universe.  

In the end, I got viciously and repeatedly attacked with lie after lie after lie, 
such as the claim that I was the severely defamed Anthony Cipolla in disguise,  
operating a child-molester-protection ring, when the truth is the I'm a construc-
tion worker from Pittsburgh Steeler County presently getting bits of work in the 
Chicago vicinity ... and also when the truth is that I was raised by a full blown 
decorated U.S. Air  Force war hero, and for a shorter perios, was raised by a
Rocky Mountain native private academy student who saw to it that I would go
the private academy route, with all the  poise and mannerisms of the private
 academy world.  She died when I was relatively at a young age.  

Etc, etc, etc went the defamatory attacks against me.  They resulted in at least
nine ad hominid weblogs attacking me were taken offline.  

Keep in mind that the defamed Anthony Cipolla died in August of 2016, and 
each additional post to this Wuerl-of-Hurt site proves that the one person who 
spread the rumor about this Wuerl-of-Hurt site being operated by Anthony Ci-
polla was deliberate lie, thereby destroying her credibility with one stroke.

The 8th Air Force Insignia.  When you are raised by a war hero
who repeatedly saw tragedy and even barely escaped tragedy, you
are raised much more differently than everyone else, and you get
extremely misunderstood or despised.  You get despised, because you
believe in the impossible and most people are lethargic cowards

Remember one more thing.  My prime goal was to be a granted a church-approved 
apostalate (aka movement, aka charity organization) designed to counter present-
tense crimes against humanity, such as the world
wide use of sweatshop labor and
field slave labor for profit.  Wuerl ignored my request, as well as the pleading of
a Pittsburgh organization who wanted him to speak out and mobilize against that 
one particular crime against humanity which, incidentally, was the Sixth Count in
the Nuremberg Trials.

To be continued .... the mission that is.

I've a 500+ mile road trip to do alone and I badly need sleep.  Till the next time.
Until then, go out and do the impossible.  Reinvent the wheel.