February 11, 2018

Malicious Email Hacking Has Occurred Today

The date of this post is February 11, 2018.  It's night time in Northern Illinois, and I only have internet access at present via cell phone.  This is an email hacking alert.

I recently received a few emails from people, stating that they just received an email with multiple attachments, purportedly from my principle email address.  Well, I had the flu all weekend and I sent no emails to anyone this weekend ... except to a close friend in Australia.

Now, early today, I received an email purportedly from a North Carolina law firm ...with approximately or exactly 6 attachments in it ... which were unable to be opened.  I then sent an email to the same law firm, asking the reason for the email.  Shortly thereafter, I received a few emails from people who purportedly received an attachment-ridden email from my main email address.

Now, if you received ... on February 11, 2018 ... an email which was purported sent from my main email account and which had attachments within it, don't attempt to open those attachments.  Furthermore, let me know that you received such an email.

I will have to terminate use of that particular email account and go back to using:


at least for the short term.

If you would rather text me or telephone me, do so via:

 724 709 4716.

Why did this happen on the anniversary of Our Lady of Lourdes?  It's a day that has great significance to me.  Well, maybe one day, I will actually get a break from what I have been forced to endure.

Okay for now.
Best wishes, of course.