May 06, 2018

Resuming the Mission: Commences in 5, 4, 3, 2 . . .

The Guardian Angel of Chicago.  Greetings from Northern Illinois,
an area feeling the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum during Winter. 
The mission of liberating the 2,000 year old Catholic Church from its present cor-
ruption resumes in more detail than previously so.  None the less,  keep in mind
that those of us who accepted the mission of liberation are mostly autonomous
from each other.  We are more like the Hedgemasters of Ireland during the Brit-
is persecution of Catholicism than the Communists who planned to overthrow
the Czar of Russia.  That is to say, there's no collective secret society conspiring
against the powers-that-be in the overly corrupted Vatican, especially in light of
the fact that all of the counter-revolutionaries are in public view, condemning the
present corruption in plain sight.

Personally, I find that each one of us "entities" who are involved in speaking-out
against the corruption of the modern church think that we can do a better job than
than the other entities.  Thus, we have not consolidated forces.  New information
about present-day corruption has come forth.  Thus, the mission resumes.

Keep in mind that a tree is known by its fruits.  In as much, enter one Cardinal
Donald William Wuerl, the notably effeminate 5'4" cleric who became an afici
onado of elevator shoes and whose propaganda machine made him out to be the
holiest man on Earth and the greatest teacher alive:

Now, if Wuerl were as sanctified as a Francis of Assisi who literally stopped a war,
and if Wuerl were as holy as a John Vianney who was visited by thousands of pil-
grims, then Wuerl would have left a legacy behind in the Diocese of Pittsburgh
which would have been inspiring.  Well, the faith in Pittsburgh is utterly waning.
It's disappearing.  Wuerl has no legacy there.

At the time of this writing, there is the plan to reduce the Diocese of Pittsburgh to
48 parishes from its present 188.  When Wuerl became bishop of Pittsburgh, there
were 311 parishes.  Wuerl was basically part of the dismantling of the Catholic
Church.  Thus all that Wuerl was was a Dismantler & Saboteur.  For the record,
Cardinal Wuerl is presently the archbishop of Washington DC and has been so
since 2006.

And yes, I'm well aware of the publication of the suspended Knight of Malta,
H.J.A. Sire.  It's title, The Dictator Pope.  Actually, it should have been titled,
The Latin American Dictator Pope.  In as much, the Vatican has become a
Banana Republic.  More on this later.

The Winter of 2017-2018 pierced us to the marrow of our bones, here in the
Chicago vicinity.  In fact, the wind was especially brutal when it sailed along
building fronts and store fronts.  Enduring that type of cold was a character-

Chicagoland got as cold as -21.66 Celsius (-7F) this Winter and -23.88 (-11F)
last year.  So, I took-up a new project, in expending a lot of energy studying
Climatology, only to graphically discover how much Al Gore, Barack Obama,
the Carbon Credit brokers, and those constantly vying for congressional fund-
ing at taxpayers' expense are nothing more but sleight of hand con artists ...
even fiction writers, crying "Wolf."  So, that has become a new mission for me.

Concerning this, if you are trusting of CNN, CNBC, Team Gore, the Hockey Stick
Graph people, the former Obama admission, & similar climate alarmists, and if you
have no prior education about text-book defined climatology, feel free to go to the
following URL and set for a spell, thereby liberating yourself from disingenuous

Climate Change Charlatans

A very important point to make at this point goes as follows:

You perhaps knew of a certain 70+ year old woman with a low educational back-
ground and a history of teen pregnancy.  Well, she also has a history of having
posted TEN ad hominine attack blogs, directly attacking me with multiple acts
of libel.  Those blogs were so vile and abusively violent that I  had no choice than
to press the necessary legal button to get them taken offline.

To think, even after having had NINE of her weblogs deleted, she had the audacity
to construct and even more abusive one.  Then, after her tenth blog was reported,
she then started to send emails to me, even though I had given notice for years
that she was to NOT contact me.

Concerning this, one of the libelous statements that she posted was that I was
Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a sex abuser protection ring.  Then , the
man formely known as Father Anthony Cipolla died and I kept posting on my
URLs, proving that I was not Cipolla in disguise, being that dead men don't
publish writings and photography

Now, at this point, and in order to save you from very costly legal action, take
a moment to realize something blatant.  Proof that I don't and didn't operate any
kind of sexual abuser protection ring is beyond blatant for the following reasons:

1)  At this Wuerl of Hurt site, I EXPOSED sexually abusive priests.  I did NOT
protect them.  I took Donald Wuerl's diocese to the United States Supreme Court,
on account of the retaliations that I and an evidenced-supported sexual abuse vic-
tim endured.

2) I am a construction worker who operates CONSTRUCTION WORK in the Pitts-
burgh vicinity and Chicago vicinity.  My world is not glamorous enough for sexally
abusive priests, teachers, etc.  I carry a lot of construction tools and material in a
number of company vans and in a company pickup truck.  I don't have room for
sexually abusive people.

And remember, the 70+ year old women attacked me as a diversionary tactic, be-
cause I repeatedly caught her lying about the late Anthony Cipolla and especially
the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, in her harrowing and completely
fictitious tale of "filing charges against Cipolla," undergoing retaliation, and then
being forced to "drop charges" at the hands of then-DA Bob Colville.

Civilians never file and/or drop criminalccharges, and and and defendants never have
hearings in Police Station #1 or at Police Station #9.  They are "taken to County Jail"
and have hearings at the county courthouse.

And then there was the man bearing Badge #46 and herclie about him.  On and on
goes the disclosure of her easily provable falsehoods.

3)  Now, in the Chicago vicinity, I have thus far been on/in approximately two dozen
or more construction sites, and have encountered people of all ages and walks of life.
None of them were harmed in any way.  Plus, I have a history of security clearances,
including an FBI clearance, a Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections Clearance, and a
Child Abuse Background Check Clearance.  Therefore, me being libeled/defamed
is far more damaging than those living more common lives.

In as much, if you repeat or hint as being true anything that that 70+ year old former
teenage pregnancy person and accuser of the late Anthony Cipolla stated about me,
I will have no choice than to take you to court and demand full restitution for such
libel. Such a thing is exceptionally expensive.  It WILL make you bitter.  It will
initially drain you emotionally, and then turn you into an emotional mannequin
shortly thereafter.

I suffered a lot in the extended effort to help others.  I caught someone lying at length.
That person committed predictable whistleblower retaliation against me.  How would
you like it if you did extended amounts of work, only to have your efforts sabotaged?

In her less than Shakespearian writings, she went to obsessive lengths to get you to
think that I have it easy in life and never suffered.  Let it be simply stated, "If you
only knew" --- from having an eldest brother born with a birth defect and you, like
me, had a severe form of asthma, in adulthood ... to loosing a mother at an age a lot
younger than desired ... to a list of other things not to be readily mentioned. 

None the less, after she publicly claimed that I was stalking her while I was 1, 200
miles away, in the Chicago vicinity, she stated that, during my respiratory illness
days in South Carolina, I did nothing but "loaf." 


Uhhhm, my asthma made it NOT possible to frequent amusement places, coffee
houses, bars, etc, on any regular basis, meaning that, whenever my Australian lady
wasn't in my life, I was alone in the Carolinas.  This meant that I had time for doing
involved writing projects.  In as much, while on the Carolina coastline, I wrote over
300 writings, some of which required 30+ sheets of paper to print-out.  This Wuerl
of Hurt site was mostly composed while I was in the Carolinas.  Moreover, some of
my writing ended up in a humble-sized British war museum. 

Plus, while I was in the Carolina, I fasted 36 days on one occasion, 32 days on anoth-
er occasion, and 17 days on yet another one.  Plus, you don't get buff in loaf around. 
I had weights in the beach house, and there were steps outside, for developing quad-
riceps, aka "thigh muscles."  Keep me allergy-free and I'm fine.  And even in the
Year 2017, I won fitness competition a couple of times.

In addition, in order to get you to think that I have no life-threatening respiratory
condition, she posted misleading and truncated ... abbreviated snapshots about
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.)  Of course, I don't have COPD.
I have an allergic form of asthma and RADS which can kill a person during a pro-
longed asthma attack.  None the less, the asininity in the 70+ year old cyber bully
belittling me by making it look as if I don't have a life-threatening condition goes
as follows:

30 times more people die from COPD than asthma each year.  All in all, she was
basically mocking COPD patients and such patients do have serious concerns
that required civility and respectfulness ... not the mocking that comes from a

I have to go, right now.  Till the next time.