July 27, 2018

Yes, a lot is transpiring, right now, . . .

... and I can't write a thing about it, being that I am bound to my promises
    of confidentiality.   I can't even give hints.  None the less, I assume that
    you are slightly familiar with a few of things reported in a newspaper
    here and a "social media" outlet there which includes the involvement
    of Cardinal Donald William Wuerl and his co-actors, let us politely
    say.  At this point, there is basically radio silence.

    However, there is one comment that I can make:

    There is a massive difference between mercy and weakness.
    Some people assume feeble weakness, when they are doing
    little more than wasting away the mercy being extended to
    them.  Some people need to think, instead of scheme.

    I'm here, in Chicago, if you need me, are curious, or wanna exchange notes.