August 12, 2018

Any one of a number of writers would like to speak with you

Well?  Do you or don't you   . . .   wanna be free?
You have a number of ventilation systems available to you.
They're called writers - journalists - authors.
You don't have to remain locked in Wuerl's Mass Coffin of Silence.

Long ago, a message was left for each man/woman on Earth by an
individual who was born in a stable and later crucified by Roman
soldiers.  It states that "The truth will set you free."  Now, in this
context, truth is defined as an entire way of being --- not merely
the act of speaking honestly.  So think.  Truth = Freedom.

As added note:  In the Book of Isaiah, Truth = Kindness.
This means that liars are vicious people and vicious people
are liars.  Cardinal Wuerl has proven himself to be both.

Next:  The following statement is NOT addressed to those who
signed an out-of-court confidentiality agreement with any diocese,
anywhere.  So, here we go:

Concerning the world of truth vs the world of liars, who is Donald
Wuerl that you should be locked in a high pressure suit of silence
and have the sense of intimidation sit in you like a dormant virus,
ever ready to unleash within you?  Concerning that which you per-
sonally experienced of Donald Wuerl and his associates, people
are out there, ready to listen to you.

If anyone, you know how vicious that guy is ... and how fake he is.
After all, he is a true wolf in shepherd's clothing.  For example, in
turning his back on hundreds of millions of sweatshop workers liv-
ing on slave wages, he proved what he is.  It didn't require us to find
out his creepy Embassy Row lifestyle, the "free-show" windows at his
former Pittsburgh residence, and the cover-ups of Wolk, Zula, Pucci,
Hoehl, Huff, Torquato, Wellinger, etc for us to realize how negligent
and heartless he is.  We only needed to see his sins of indifference, to
know that this guy cares about no one's pain.  Rather, all he did was
cause pain.

While hundreds of millions lived in poverty, all the while working hard
enough to be worth the price of a modest house and furniture, Wuerl was
living in untold luxury.  He was Marie Antoinette in shepherd's clothing.
Wuerl did have his minions, and his tenure in the Diocese of Pittsburgh
was truly a Reign of Terror, being that people were frightened to death
of becoming a target of retaliation.

Wuerl's immediate successor, Theodore McCarrick, was another person
who instilled terror into the hearts of people. In McCarrick's case, it was
seminarians, being that they didn't want to be molested by him.  He has
now fallen from power & influence, and this brings us to a question:
Who is next in line ... in the fall-from-grace line?

For now, think, and let the fear factor float away from you:

If people as powerful as Nubuchadnezzer II, Vercingetorix, Cromwell,
Louis XVI, Napoleon, Capone, Hitler, Tojo, Gotti, Escobar, drug lord
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, & Legionaire founder Marcial Maciel
Degollado can be taken down to the floor and made powerless, then
someone as less significant as Donald Wuerl can be jettisoned out of
the way.  And then, we can undo the damage he did to the Faith and
to people.

There has been a lot of work to be done, but Wuerl did nothing but sup-
press any efforts to get the work done.  He basically lead the lifestyle of
a Marie Antoinette, when he should have been leading the charge in the
venue of moral issues.  Such a thing is a bishop's automatic duty.  But of
course, there never was anything deep or altruistic about Wuerl.  He was
merely there for himself.

On Being & Becoming

Being that Wuerl's immediate successor, McCarrick, went down for the
ten-count, what is there to fear now, being that you will have a lot of sup-
port behind you?  Being that this 5th Edition site has gotten 407,000+
hits as of August, it's obvious that you are out there, sometimes check-
ing in, to here.  Well, someone is taking a look at the contents here.

Now, if you personally have an aversion to me, then you can convey
your stories and complaints of Donald Wuerl to a number of other
writers.  You can regard me as the switchboard operator, and I can
connect you.

So, you don't like me?  Big deal.  I don't even like myself, half the
time.  In fact, you don't come to this site out of any attraction toward me.
You come here for the information, no matter what you peronal-
ly think of me.

So, hop abroad a different freight car then.  There is no contest to see
who can take-down Donald Wuerl.  Rather, there is a mission to do so,
and whoever brings him to justice, I'm send him a thank you card.  I'll
even say to him, "If you ever need a kidney, give me a call."  You might
be that one person to do it.  And to you, I'll also say, "I'm not worthy.
I'm not worthy."  I'm good at saying that "I'm not worthy" thing.

We're not alone anymore, Toto.  We used to be, for a long time.
But, times change.  Opportunity is calling.  So, take back your
robbed peace.  In the process, we can take back the One Holy
Catholic & Apostolic Church from the McCarricks, Maciels,
Dolans, Sodanos, & Wuerls of this world who let it be utterly
sacrileged in every aspect, doing so with your tax-free collec-
tion basket dollars and with various corporate donations, as
well as endowments, & tuition, & rental income, etc.

The door is open.  WE are there.  In fact, we are in Kansas, Chicago,
Detroit, Altoona Pennsylvania, Clairton Pennsylvania, & in Wuerl's
Washington D.C..  In fact,  there are two of us in Chicago, working
completely independent of other.  At this point,  pick a writer,  any
writer.  There's no commitment.  All that you have to do is talk.
Take a freedom flight by giving me a call or dropping me a line.

                                  1 724 709 4716


This is your conscience speaking.  Long time no see ... or hear.

This is a reflection of the mind and personality of God, because this is the
intricate creation of God.  So, think, do you really have anything to fear
from a tinsel town narcissist who should never have been ordained a priest?