August 16, 2018

Charles Scicluna, Chilean Scandal Investigator, Coming to the United States

Do you recall when I wrote that there was a lot transpiring at present, but I can't reveal a thing?  That is still the case.  I am waiting on something pivotal.  However, there is something to which I am NOT knowingly bound to confidentiality, and that is this:

The Chilean bishop scandal investigator, Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta, is eventually coming to the United States, to lead the upcoming investigation of the American bishops.  This is the result of the 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report which highlighted as an arch-villain of corruption, Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl.  Add the McCarrick scandal to which Wuerl claimed cluelessness.

Of course, Wuerl denied having played musical chairs with George Zirwas, Ernest Paone, William O'Malley, Edward Huff, etc.  He also denied intentionally deep-sixing the John Hoehl whom he reinstated into ministry shortly after becoming bishop of Pittsburgh.

Shortly after Wuerl reinstated Hoehl, Wuerl quickly got rid of Hoehl, doing so as soon as Robert Wolk was indicted.  Wuerl showed-up in Pittsburgh, as its bishop, in February of 1988.  Wolk was indicted in October of 1988.  The John Hoehl whom Wuerl reinstated earlier in 1988 was soon to be gone in late 1988.

Incidentally, "Deep-six" means to throw into the ocean ... to get rid of something or someone.  John Hoehl took flight to West Virginia, where he got a job working with youth.  Wuerl never warned the West Virginia authorities about Hoehl sexually abusing youth.

Furthermore, I recently discovered, to the point of emotional distress, that the James Torquato Cover-up is alive & well, and in its 20th year.  War had been declared on me in this matter in 1998, and then renewed without my knowing so, four years ago.  Needless to say, recourse to Scicluna in the matter of James TORQUATO's retaliations alone.

Concerning the ongoing Torquato cover-up, this is why it is so important:

James Torquato was both taught under Donald Wuerl while Torquato was at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary and then ordained by Wuerl, personally.  Plus, Torquato was the first known priest ever ordained by Wuerl to be accused of sexual aggression.  Thus, Torquato is a reflection on Wuerl.  So, Wuerl had EXTREME MOTIVE to cover-up Torquato's malice completely.  Wuerl's evils must be undone, including Wuerl's cover-ups.

Needless to say, a petition-request will be attempted to be relayed to the Canadian-born Archbishop Scicluna, asking him to also look into the complicity of Wuerl's corruption, as was performed by the members of Wuerl's long-term propaganda machine.  This includes 1) Bill Donohue,  2) Ann Rodgers, 3) Mike Aquilina, etc.

Without the complicity of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and other entities, in their presenting a false Donald Wuerl to the world, the real Donald Wuerl would never have gotten away with the evils he did.  Wuerl would not have been able to have continued committing his corrupt practices.
The Mundelein Seminary that Wuerl inspected and gave
a good bill of health.  Yet, scandal was attached to this place.

Now,  the present fear ... terror ... of the present Vatican is that its prelates fear that there might be established in America a federal grand jury, pursuant to the Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act.

Concerning this, there already was a lawsuit that failed in the attempt to sue a certain diocese, under the RICO Act.  So. you can assume that the Wuerls of this corrupt Vatican II Church will be arrogantly confident that a RICO grand jury won't fly.  One big problem comes with that arrogant presumption:

Such a case will become a "case of the first impression" and it will present "a federal question" for a district judge and perhaps a panel of circuit court judges to answer.  Actually, it will present two questions:

1) Can an organization which was originally established as non-corrupt be declared as having transformed into a corrupt organization?


2)  Can an organization's subsection solely be declared a de facto corrupt organization engaged in racketeering, independent of the rest of that organization?

As far as concerns the Catholic Church, one subsection of it would be the episcopacy --- the college of American bishops which has been thoroughly corrupt for the past few decades.

Now, even if the RICO statue grand jury doesn't fly, there is still the matter of bishops sending criminals such as Fr Ernest Paone across state lines, and such a thing is an element of conspiracy.  The crossing-of-state-lines brings with it federal jurisdiction.