July 31, 2018

Keep the Phone Calls, Texts, & Letters Coming

1-724-709-4716.   When you call, don't call me sir.   Just Pat.  Even Patrick.
If you do start calling me sir, all that I'm gonna do is say, "At ease, soldier."
To start:  Do not be deceived.  That which Donald Wuerl operated
in Pittsburgh, while he was in charge of the Roman Catholic diocese
there, was a Reign of Terror.  People were terrified of being a target
of retaliation.  Plus, Wuerl used people as his Useful Idiots.

Now . . .

In 2018, I gave up on seeking any justice involving any of the many out-
rages, underhanded dealings, and snake jobs of Cardinal Donald Wuerl,
his protectors, his accomplices, and his close confreres at the thorough-
ly corrupted Vatican.  He & they made the Roman Catholic Church into
a really sick joke.  But, no one is laughing.  Rather, people ignore the
Church, in disgust.  If this were not true, then Church closings would
not be occurring, and bishops wouldn't be orchestrating fund-raising
campaigns.  The tax-free collection basket income is not what is was
when Archbishop Fulton Sheen was winning an Emmy Award, teach-
ing the true Faith of Peter to Americans from Coast to Coast.

None the less, you might have noticed that I posted no posts at the
Wuerl-of-Hurt site for a long while.  Then, I got a letter about Don-
ald Wuerl's predecessor, the predatory Theodore McCarrick.  Next
came more communications, followed by the predictable harass-
ment which has become a chihuahua barking at one's ankles.

Concerning Wuerl's assertion that he knew nothing about McCarrick's
sexual antics & the fears of seminarians throughout America, uhhhm:

"We" all knew.  How could Wuerl have not?  1) Wuerl was part of
the Seminary Visitation Project.  2) McCarrick's predatory lifestyle 
was even mentioned on Internet comment boards.  So, if Cardinal 
Wuerl were so clueless, then he should be dismissed, on account of 
gross incompetence & neglect.  

At this point, I'm not posting any new info until I have ironclad confirmation
or vetted source-credibility, along with permission to reveal confidential alle-
gations.  However, I need to make qualifying statements at this point in time,
as I have need to correct a few lies fired from the harasser corner.

Before doing so, I want to remind you that the lines of communication remain
open.  In the early years of television, celebrities would say, "Keep those cards 
and letters coming in."  Well, do the same in the 21st Century way of doing it.
In fact, you can write to me about any of the projects and/or subjects in which
I am involved.  Not just Wuerl the Gargoyle.
If you can follow the pattern herein, you can collect your
thoughts well enough to convey what you need to convey.
The era of being afraid of retaliation is finally over.
Order & Clarity needs to rise from the chaos.
Now, for the qualifying statements whose need arose, on account of lies
being recently told or questions recently being asked:

1) I have not spoken-with, not corresponded-with, not seen Torquato's credible
accuser in over a decade.  In the Summer of 2004, my Australian Outback gal
at-the-time and I had dinner with the young man.  Needless to say, none of us
spoke about Torquato or Wuerl.

None the less, I saw Torquato's evidence-based accuser in passing one time
thereafter, at a grocery store, near a copy machine.  That was the last time I
saw him or heard from him.  It was either 2005, 2006, or 2007.  Maybe early
2008.  I did not speak with him after my father came down with pancreatic
cancer.  That was October 2008.  Plus, I spent most of my time on the Caro-
lina coastline, during that timespan.

That which matters is that, in 2018, I still believe Torquato's accuser 100%.
Evidence doesn't lie.

2) I was NEVER molested by any male anywhere, at anytime.  This includes
the notorious Fr. John S. Hoehl who was my igh school headmaster.  Thus,
I was NOT part of the class action suit against the Dio of Pgh.

Plus, I NEVER received any kind of out of court settlement from Wuerl's di-
ocese, for the Torquato Retaliations.  Thus, I'm bound to NO confidentiality
agreement with any defendant anywhere.  When I speak of confidentiality, I
speak of my promise to keep confidential my informants and other correspon-

3)  You can reach me at:  724-709-4716 ... patrickpontillo@aol.com.
No paper mail.  It can get into the wrong hands or simply get lost.
Email and text is the route to go.

~If you have a fear related to something I might know, I'm here for you.
~If you have info that I desperately need, thank you in advance.
~If you need info that isn't buried in a vault of confidentiality,
  or ~ if you simply need to vent ... or to get off your chest
  something that is torturing your conscience,  I'm here.

Once again, you can contact me, concerning the other projects in which
I'm involved.  If you have a project that might fit my itinerary, and need
assistance, then write ... or call ... or text.

You have to expressly make it known that what you are conveying to me
is permitted to be published by me.  I instantly assume that it's confidential.

There is a feeling of strength that comes when you keep confidential things
confidential.  People who blab (betray confidentiality) do so, thinking that it
makes them powerful.   Some simply don't have the discipline to keep quiet.

Anyway, I'm presently in the Chicago vicinity, but I occasionally get sent
back to Pittsburgh for a while.  Then back to Chicagoville.  As far as goes
Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick, it goes without saying that they belong
in the deepest recesses of Hell.  As far as we go, we have a lot of damage
to undo.
The anvil will drop.  After all, history repeats itself, because power-grabbing 
& money-grabbing narcissists never learn from the mistakes of past.