February 15, 2019

The Next Order of Business: February 2019 Updates

Grunge France Flag

Let's begin with a thesis statement.  It happens to be an understatement.
But it has to be restated, because Americans are attacked with floods of
propaganda, done with the purpose of dislodging information from their
memory banks.  Here it goes:

Protecting as many sexual predators as did Donald Wuerl 
is equivalent to being a serial molester, yourself.

The roll call of sexual predators included 1) Zirwas,  2) Wolk,  3) Zula,
  4) Pucci,  5) Hoehl,  6) Paone,  7) O'Malley,  8) Wellinger,  9) Krawczyk,
10) Torquato, and 11) Huff, at the least.  Not too shabby, for being evil.

LeDoux, Ghastin, and Hartmann came to the Diocese of Pittsburgh (under
Donald Wuerl), even though they had sexual abuse allegations attached to
them before coming to Pittsburgh.  The question is if Wuerl knew about the

As far as goes Richard Lelonis, he at least had his priestly functions (his
faculties) restricted in 2002.  So, flip a coin as to where his case file gets

Implication:  Pope Francis, in keeping Donald Wuerl active in the bishop-
maker bureau of the Congregation for Bishops, is doing the same thing as
appointing a molester to that bureau.  You are what you protect.

Donald Wuerl did have a connection with Marcial Maciel.   Maciel was
the most notorious sexual predator in the known history of the Catholic
Church, and Maciel refused to receive the final sacraments of the Church
at his hour of death. 

Wuerl had a connection with McCarrick, and Wuerl's knowledge of the
American seminary world dates back into the Twentieth Century, when
McCarrick was new at abusing power.  Vigano was not wrong in his as-
sessment of Wuerl being a shameless liar.

Wuerl still wields power.  So, the pope claiming that he accepted Wuerl's
resignation, while letting Wuerl continue to run the Washington archdio-
cese, be a board member of several organizations, and be a member of the
Congregation of Bishops is an effective way to get people to ignore any-
thing you will have to say about anything in the future.  The present pope
has been called the Dictator Pope.  He's also the Intelligence Insulter pope.
He's accomplished at insulting the intelligences of those in the know.

Now to the next order of business.

Patrick Anthony, the author of most of this site's contents, is still involved in
moving a construction company out of Chicago.  He has one more project to
do there, and he'll be out of the Midwest, unless a FEMA emergency arises.

Now, there is news.  But, it's still being kept confidential.  It has to do with
crossing T's and dotting I's.  It also has to do with preparing reports for cer-
tain organizations, entities, agencies, bureaus, offices, shall we politely say.
No hints.   However, not all of the news has to be kept confidential.

As you perhaps know, France is in the opening stage of yet another revolu-
tion.  An uprising of Gilet Jaunes began in Paris after a carbon tax was im-
posed upon a working class that is already burdened by the present ruling
class.  So much for deposing monarchs and replacing them with republics.

Paris recently had a series of automotive bonfires, in response to the new
tax.  The Al Gore inspired Paris Agreement is backfiring.  The Accord de
Paris advocated as the end all of all existence by Barack Obama triggered
Class Warfare, Stage 1.  It included a wave of church vandalism crimes in
the Brittany area of France.

As a consequence of the present state of Europe, Pat was recently asked to
get ready to provide his services in Paris and elsewhere as a temporary body
guard.  Nothing is definitive at this point, and nothing more about this will
be mentioned.

The point to mentioning this much at this point in time is that, if you're a read-
er of his material and if you're located anywhere near Paris, you could possibly
end up exchanging notes, ideas, experiences, information, contacts, writings, or
advice with him in person, sometime in the near future.  "Possibly" is the opera-
tive word.  The conversations would deal with the present state of the Church
and more.  His contact info is at the right hand side of his sites.  Sometimes it's
in his posts.

While we're at it, Pat was inducted into the college level national language
honors society.  It's official name is Phi Sigma Iota.  He studied Italian and
French in college.  He attended a private academy that was operated by a
religious order founded in France and which took a terrible hit during the
French Revolution.

On the personal side, Pat's college girlfriend was Vietnamese, and his student-
mentor in college was a straight-A Haitian.    Pat once dated an Egyptian lady,
and yes she was a Muslim.  He also dated a fluent Czech speaker, and he was
once engaged to a foreign lady fluent in Hungarian.

His boss is Guatemalan and German.  His closest female college confidant
is part Guatemalan and Finnish.  Her parents worked at the UN in NYC.

Do you see a pattern, here?  Being called to do volunteer work in Paris is par
for the course for Pat.   Whatever is to come next is unknown.   His presence
was requested.  That's all that's known for certain, and that's the only news not
needing to be kept in confidence.

The point to mentioning all this is to say that the lines of communication are
open.  There is unfinished business to finish.  There is damage to repair, and
there is chaos needing to be turned into some form of sanity.  Add one more
thing to the things to do list:  Putting meaning into meaningless lives.  Yes,
meaningless lives matter.

Next order of business

Meaningless lives are those people regarded as meaningless by those present-
ly in power.  They're regarded as the Little People.  This includes all foreign
sweatshop workers and foreign slave labor victims used by U.S. corporations
who thought nothing of sky-rocketing the U.S. International Trade Balance
Deficit, costing America millions of jobs, causing leakages from the Ameri-
can money supply, and numbing the American conscience.

Speaking out against crimes against humanity was Donald Wuerl's moral
obligation.  If he wasn't going to do it, then he should never have become
a bishop.   He lived in luxury for decades, while ignoring workers who got
paid little and who suffered much.  That's another one of Wuerl's great sins.
People asked Wuerl to intervene.  He remained silent.  Criminally silent.

As a result of 30 years of Donald Wuerl, the laity has to do Wuerl's work for
him, while his thwarts the laity's ability to get any of that work done.  The
laity has been numbed to sleep.  It doesn't recognize moral emergencies any
more.  It is only pushed to support things that will get the bishops social ser-
vice contact money from the U.S. taxpayer.

Let's face it.  Donald Wuerl was on a pleasure cruise and an ego trip.  He had
shown that all he ever cared about was living a pampered life of luxury and
pleasure.  Everyone as far as Wuerl was concerned could take a hike, take
a flying leap, take a long walk off a short pier, go pound salt, go to Hell, hit
the road and get lost.  He lived a posh life at the expense of other people.

There is need to do the work that Donald Wuerl always refused to do.  It is
20 and 30 years overdue.  It's the same work that almost every other Ameri-
can bishop refused to do because they are self-seeking cowards.  The final
assessment is that Donald Wuerl did not become a priest to serve the Lord.
He did not become a priest to serve the People.  He only became a priest
to serve himself.  This is finally self evident.
          Observe how Wuerl served himself for 18 years.
Keep the lines open.  The enemy's tactic is to isolate and attack.
Next order of business

It's obvious that Europe is in transition and that Europeans want to take back
their continent and their culture.  There are even French citizens who want to
reestablish France's monarchy.  But at center stage are the crowds who do not
want to pay the Al Gore Tax.  The pope bought into it and he bought into Al
Gore's Climate Doctrine, obsessively.

Now, Al Gore received a "D" grade in his course with Dr. Roger Revelle, and
Gore has no understanding of atmospheric physics.  He took a grand total of
two science courses in college.  So, his understanding is little to none.  He ev-
en publicly stated on a talk show that the center of Planet Earth is "several
million degrees," when the truth is that it's approximately 12,000F.  Bill
Nye is not much better.  So, this calls for a detailed response.

The first response is to state that Dr. Roger Revelle, in his final years, pub-
licly stated (during a college lecture) that the added co2 in the atmosphere
"probably goes into the biosphere."  This has been proven.  Satellites re-
vealed that the Arctic Circle was getting greener.  Scientists discovered
the same greening effect in other places through other means.  Science
also discovered that higher co2 levels make for bigger plants and trees.

The second, third, and fourth response

Three links to three playlists are posted below, with an introductory lesson
in each one.  They show that the pope is either grossly misinformed and
gullible about climate science or else he's a manipulator using as a ploy
the climate doom predictions that never came true.  The ploy is to get the
United States to relinquish vast sums of wealth and influence to the UN.

The problem is that wealthy wealthy America is Americans in debt, fight-
ing to pay bills, suffering from cancer or asthma or heart disease or broken
homes, etc.  The streets of America are not paved with gold.  America is
$20 trillion in debt.  Part of America is a large Rust Belt.  Other parts need
the infrastructure refurbished.  Yet, people are still trying to leech off of the
US taxpayer.

Keep in mind that 97% of humanity never agreed on anything, including
things related to climate and life-giving co2 which needs to be at higher
levels today, due to the doubling of the human population of Planet Earth
and its need for greater crop production.

Hydrocarbons are poisons.  CO2 is not a hydrocarbon.  SO2 is a poison.
CO2 is not a poison, unless it approaches the 5,000, 6,000, or 7,000 ppm
mark.  10,000 ppm of co2 is usually fatal.  At present, the Planet Earth's
atmosphere is 410 ppm.  A college lecture hall is usually 1,200 to 1,750
ppm.  Furthermore, for every 2,433 molecules in the air, only one is co2.
Plus, co2 only absorbs infrared light at the 15 micron bandwidth and may-
be at the 2.7 and 4.3 bandwidths.
Newsflash:  The world is getting greener.

If you view the videos in the playlists linked below, you will learn that Al
Gore is a con artist and that Bill Nye is a fraud who knows little about At-
mospheric Physics and nothing about Oceanography and equally nothing
about the yearly Polar Vortex dip over the United States.  For the record,
the yearly Polar Vortex dip is due to the tilt of the Earth and never due to
co2 levels.

Only if the Polar Vortex brought warm temperatures to America would it
prove the existence of Global Warming.  The fact that the Polar Vortex
brought record cold temperatures proves the opposite.

The trend of Global Warming ended in 1998.  The Earth's climate has al-
ways been changing.  It's like a roller coaster.  It's like a round wavy roller
coaster.  CO2's ability to drive climate, when compared to the sun, is the
same as a 3.7 watt nightlight to a 200 watt light bulb minus sun blockers
such as aerosols, SO2 (from volcanoes,) low level clouds, and icescapes.

By listening to the tapes linked below, you will also learn that this pope at-
taches himself to lie after lie after lie, including Al Gore's great con game.
McCarrick was one of those lies, and Wuerl was another one of those lies.
Add the Cocaine Cardinal, Coccopalmerio, too.

Why does this pope elevate evil people and align himself with con artists,
while he damns devout & conscientious Catholics?   This pope is as close
to an Anti-Catholic Protestant as popes can be.   If he hates Catholics so
much, then why does he not join a Protestant sect? 

Climate Fraud & Data Tampering

Global Warming Scaremongering:  The Perfect Storm of Deceit

Snow Volume at Glacier National & Record-Breaking Cold Elsewhere

If the pope wants American wealth and influence to be surrendered to the
United Nations, then all the other nations of the Earth can go about expend-
ing their wealth and their human lives in defeating the Nazi Germans, sink-
ing the Imperil Japanese Navy, ending the existence of Mussolini's Fascist
state, stopping the wave of Mao Tse Tung's North Korean invasion forces,
dissolving ISIS, stopping the aggression of Russian Soviet Communism,
and taking care of several other despotic regimes.  Oh, wait a minute. The
United States already did all that at a heavy price.  So think.  It will work

The pope is obsessed with the Al Gore model of Global Warming which
happens to be 100% contrary to the teachings of atmospheric physics text-
books.  Yet, the pope seems insensitive to the approaching Global Chaos.
"Nuclear Winter is far worse than Global Warming." -  Patrick Pontillo

There is a huge difference between creativity and chaos.
Next order of business

A fatal error of sheeple (of easily swayed people who follow the crowd)
is that they never expect to see change in their lifetimes.  But change hap-
pens all the time.  So, expect the unexpected.  CardinalWuerl is a good
case in point.

For decades, Donald Wuerl was paraded around the media, the streets
of Pittsburgh, and the streets of Washington DC as an unparalleled holy
man.   It looked as if he would always be held in high esteem and would
even be given a hero's funeral, if not a shrine in addition to a high school
that was already named after him.  It even seemed that someone was going
to open Wuerl's cause for canonization.  However, it was then discovered
that he was anything but holy.  Wuerl turned out to be a slithering snake.
So, if you ever hear Cardinal Wuerl tell the truth about anything, pick-up
a telephone and call the main office of Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

The dead give-away was that Wuerl's not even a man.   So,  how could he
be a holy man?   Well, he suddenly fell from grace, like a bolt of lightning
ripping through the sky.  That's how Satan fell from Heaven.  Saint Paul's
life was changed by a bright flash of lightning that blinded him for days.

The times often change all at once, like a bolt of lightning.  God does not
operate in "baby steps."  Only big babies and tax-free collection basket
leeches do.

In conclusion:

Protecting as many sexual predators as did Donald Wuerl is equivalent to be-
ing a serial molester, yourself.  So, Pope Francis keeping Wuerl active in the
bishop-maker Congregation for Bishops is like appointing a molester there.

What you think you know, you don't.  The people you think you know inside
and out, you usually don't.  This includes the Peter Pan look-alike who holds
the nickname, Wuerl the Girl.

It's your move.