February 02, 2019

During the strive to make a Sodomite priesthood, Donald 'Dignity Mass' Wuerl was there, in the seats of influence, letting it happen.

One of the Pittsburgh Dignity Mass venues, compliments of Donald Wuerl.
He let it go on for eight.  In the mean time, multiple sources told me that
Wuerl was allegedly a practicing homosexual.  The Donald Wuerl who
approached me was extremely effeminate and resembled the stereotypical
gay theater majors of college ... at least the northern one I atended.


Preliminary Statement:   Catholic Church doctrine has always held that homo-
sexual activity is one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.   This
means that any attempt to incorporate homosexuality into Catholicism consti-
tutes the attempted theft of a 2,000 year old international entity that possesses
estates of considerable wealth throughout pockets of the world.

Such an attempt at usurpation will always include the manipulative takeover
of church property and government.   In fact, such a takeover attempt will al-
ways be orchestrated by a cabal dedicated to replacing centuries of unbroken
church teaching with self-seeking doctrines that delight only a skewed & self-
ish few.   Any attempt to overthrow a 2,000 year old worldwide church does
not solely consist in attempts to control the average Catholic's mind with cam-
paign slogans.

This type of usurpation always constitutes the Breach of Duty of Loyalty, as
in using the church's wealth for the purpose of consummating those lusts once
held by Sodom, shortly before it became a sulfuric blast furnace.  Such a take-
over includes controlling the clerical positions involved in seminary training.

In recent decades, it has been the policy to deny seminary entrance to those
applicants unwilling to abet in the sin of Sodom.  When the seats of church
authority become occupied by those who have no intention to honor the vows
they made at ordination, the seats of power occupied becomes a matter of ac-
cession by fraudulent misrepresentation. 

Now, concernig the authentic teachings of the 2,000 year old Catholic Church,
as opposed to Cardinal Wuerl's distorting of said Faith, there is a major differ-
ence between being tempted into sin and committing the sin.  A person tempt-
ed into homosexual acts ... or the entire Sodomite lifestyle ... doesn't sin until
he gives in to said temptation.  This includes "lusting in one's heart," being
that such lusting is the person actively consenting into the sin in such a way
that he/she would engage in the sin, if he/she had the opportunity to do so.
Sin transpires in the will, even though the temptations come to the senses.
Moreover, sin begins in the heart, in the desiring to engage in the sin.

                 A Gun Smoking More Now Than Ever Before

If the Torquato case isn't a smoking gun that proves the deliberate incorpora-
tion of the Sodomite world into the modern church, then no case is.   Firstly,
Torquato was a seminarian while Wuerl was his rector.  The same James Tor-
quato then ended up being personally ordained by Donald Wuerl.   In fact, he
was a showroom model of Wuerl's choice of priesthood candidate, and he be-
gan his physically intrusive antics only one calendar year after his ordination.
This means that he didn't wait long to get into action.   This indicated that he
had no resolve to honor at least one of his priesthood vows.



Do you think that Donald Wuerl was clueless to the fact that Torquato was
a homosexual?   Well, if he were clueless, then Wuerl showed himself to be
an erroneous judge of character and should have never been ordained a bish-
op.  If, on the other hand, the present archbishop of DC knew about James
Torquato's homosexuality, then Wuerl should have been removed from of-
fice while he was the bishop of Pittsburgh, simply for ordaining a Torquato
who would literally become a danger to others, in his retaliatory conduct.

In allowing homosexuals to be ordained, and in acquiescing to the influx of
homosexuals into American seminarians, Donald Wuerl illustrated that he ne-
glected to employ the due diligence needed to prevent the church from being
victimized by the ruthless antics of homosexual clergy members who should
never have been admitted for ordination in the first place.  In ordaining James
Torquato, and in covering up his actions, Wuerl showed himself willing to let
damage be inflicted upon the laity entrusted to him.

        The Welcoming Committee for the Sodomite World 
        and its Harm Upon the Church of the Near Future 
     Which Now Constitutes the Church of the Recent Past     

Cardinal Wuerl held influential posts in the ecclesiastical office once called  
the Training for the Priesthood.  During Wuerl's years of influence, the title
was replaced by the embarrassingly gay sounding Office of Priestly Forma-
tion.   In looking back, we see that it would have been more accurate to have
named it the Office of Prissy Formation, in light of the caliber of seminary
reformers who inundated the modern church.   In fact, a suffix should have
been affixed to the title, in order to reflect the stranglehold that narcissistic
Power Predators & Power Abusers had around the Catholic Church's brok-
en neck.

Donald Wuerl's guarding of the seminary chicken coup occurred during the
years when American seminaries were being turned into homosexual havens.
One such seminary earned the sarcastic name, Notre Flame, while  another
one got tagged with the name Pink Palace.   The renaming of seminaries by
those in the know included the one at the nation's capitol, where it came to 
beknown as the Theological Closet, as in the coming out thereof.

Wuerl was influential in seminary life during the time when he occupied
5078 Warwick Terrace, in Pittsburgh, PA.   Even before being ordained a
bishop, he was rector of Saint Paul's Seminary, in the Pittsburgh suburb of
Crafton   Now, it was shortly after the Vatican II reforms became a multi-
ringed circus, when an unconscionable fox with access to a control panel
opened the seminary doors to the sodomite world.   Wuerl was there, in
close proximity to the scenes of the crimes.   He was there ...

1] ... at the side of the John Cardinal Wright who was alleged to have been
    an active homosexual,  2]  at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary, from the
    calender year after Wright's death, until the calender year before Wuerl
    became an auxiliary bishop, 3] as an influential figure, in the overtly gay
    sounding Office of Priestly Formation,  4] during two nationwide tours of
    the euphemistically sounding "Seminary Vistation Program."

Thus, it cannot be regarded as an unrelated coincidence that the one bishop
given the nickname, Donna Wuerl, was a gatekeeper of American seminar-
ies during the homosexual influx of them ... as well as having been the pro-
tector of the James Torquato who spent years not keeping his hands to him-
self ...

... the one who never reported Wolk, Zula, and Pucci to the authorities, as was
prescribed in the Child Protective Services Act ... the one who, shortly after the
indictment of Wolk, was accused by then District Attorney John Pettit, of stone-
walling and foot dragging throughout the investigation which resulted in three
priests being indicted ...

... the one who put John Hoehl back into ministry ... the one who played musi-
cal chairs with Edward Huff ... the one who protected Donald Sotak till death,
while torturing Sotak's credible accuser to the point of leaving the ministry ...

... the one who was alleged to have been entirely indifferent to the accusation
communicated to him, concerning a Fr. John Wellinger whose name did appear
on a class action lawsuit that Wuerl settled out of court ...

... the same bishop who repeatedly showed himself to be entirely indifferent
to the plight of hundreds of millions of sweatshop workers ... the precisely
same bishop who let the Dignity Masses be part of the Pittsburgh diocesan
furniture for eight consecutive years, despite Vatican disapproval of such a

Protégé of Alleged Über Sodomite, John Cardinal Wright

Donald Wuerl was the personal secretary of alleged über sodomite John
Cardinal Wright.  Without his nexus to John Wright, Wuerl would have
been a relative nobody.  This means that Donald Cardinal Wuerl's rise
to power consisted in him riding the coat tails of a cardinal whose pri-
vate life was alleged to have been a war cry against Catholic morality,
the laws of nature, and the vows of ordination.

Concerning the specific accusations leveled against John Wright, they
allegedly came in graphic illustrations.   In fact, don't read Randy Engel's
narration of them shortly before you are about to eat.  They constitute a
play by play broadcast, and they will succeed in keeping you on a diet
if you read them.  The allegations were so graphic that Wright's accuser,
Bill Burnett, was either in the same room with Wright or else he was in a
grotesque fantasy world.  If you are curious enough to read the narrative,
be prepared to get completely grossed-out by the alleged actions of the
one cleric principally responsible for Donald Wuerl becoming a premier
figure in the sodomized Catholic Church.

You cannot be the long-term secretary of a reputed homosexual without
having been one yourself ... or at the least ... without being complicit in
covering up such a notorious cardinal's actions.   If the accusations made
against Wright were true, then it was a domino sequence of events which
lead Donald Wuerl to provide a series of welcome mats to the unnatural
subculture emerging throughout pockets of the Catholic Church ... in him
doing so almost as soon as he became a ruling bishop ... via his red carpet
treatment of the so-called Dignity Masses and his literature's presence in
St. Elmo's bookstore.  If the habitual conduct of Wuerl's early years were
not the dominoes effect started by John Cardinal Wright's alleged sodomy,
then Wuerl's accommodating of the homosexual world was an uncanny

An example of this welcome mat service occurred when founders of New
Ways Ministry presented Homophobia in Religion and  Society at  Saint
Mary's Convent, in Carlow College.  Another example of  Wuerl's red car-
pet favoritism toward homosexuality existed in the nexus that his diocese
had with St. Elmo's Books and Music.  The store which carried Sodomite
erotic literature also carried three of Wuerl's recitation tapes.

The same St. Elmo's Books was permitted to operate tables at diocesan
conferences, such as at the Tri-diocesan Teachers' Conference and a two
day conference held at Duquesne University.

The Duquesne conference, incidentally, was co-sponsored by Catholic
Charities and the embarrassingly gay sounding Diocesan Secretariat for
Social Concerns which finally admitted that it only concerned itself with
obtaining income-bearing government social service contracts.

It's no secret that Wuerl gave long-term shelter to the so-called Dignity
Masses for those dedicated to living thoroughly undignified lifestyles.
Coincidentally, the owner of St Elmo's Books and Music was president
of Dignity, at one time in his life.   In fact, Dignity USA was an exhibit-
or at the Fourteenth Annual Pastoral Musicians' Convention which uti-
lized the theme, Singing A New Church.

The title of the fourteenth convention indicated the concerted effort to in-
corporate anti-Catholic things into the Catholic Church, including the in-
stitutionalization of homosexuality.   The heresy in the title is blatant of
course, being that the New Church began approximately 2,000 years ago
in a Jerusalem Cenacle, and not in a Pittsburgh convention hall frequent-
ed by homosexuals.

Then there was the AA type of homosexual support group, Courage, giv-
en top priority by the Donald Wuerl who should have instead given first
concern to the most pressing moral issue of the day, namely sweatshops
and field labor abuse.   Wuerl is the cleric who allegedly acted girly in the
presence of a certain parish council woman, and who was cited as having
had the second softest handshake encountered by a certain diocesan lecteur.

Ironically, Donald Wuerl was also allegedly to have squeezed the hand of
a 5'4 mother and devout Catholic so hard that he caused her physical pain,
showing how insensitive and out-of-touch with his own senses that he is.
He was squeezing her hand while scolding her for defending Anthony Ci-
polla.  This is a woman who personally knew Tim Bendig and categorical-
ly alleged that Bendig was an habitual liar ... with an alleged temper which,
according to her, was displayed wantonly toward a woman advanced in her
years.  Do not be deceived into thinking that homosexual males are sensi-
tive people.  After all, the frequency of prison rape should confirm this.

Donald Wuerl was also listed on the website of premier expert witness
Richard Sipe as one of those bishops who carry a blatant homosexual
psycho-sexual orientation.  There is more that I can convey.  However,
I'm being polite at this time.

It's alarming that Wuerl remained indifferent to the pain of sweatshop la-
borers, all the while acting as if the members of Courage were the most
important thing on earth.    This included Wuerl's indifference toward the
30 cent-an-hour youth suffering in China, as well as the many 85 cent an
hour adults.

It is a moral obligation for bishops to speak out against the sin of cheat-
ing workers of their wages, when products made by the abused workers
end up in the bishops' own nation.   The Donald Wuerl who lived in lux-
ury for decades remained heartlessly silent toward the pain of others.  In
fact, his silence is a war cry against God.

Donald Wuerl spent a notable portion of his Pittsburgh days casting an
illusion of sanctity upon an unnaturally inclined cabal whose predeces-
sors, namely the Sodomites, ended up being incinerated in a city state
that reached the sulfuric critical mass stage.   Now, a fatal error of flam-
ing homosexuals is that they apparently fail to realize how intensely they
broadcast their homosexual tendencies.  They fail to hide their unnatural
tendencies from anyone except a few distorted church ladies.

The fatal error of such church ladies is that they equate femininity with
good and masculinity with evil.  This is  like adherents of the Manichean
apostasy which equated the spiritual world with good and the physical
one with evil.   Therefore, a person as void of masculinity as has been
Donald Wuerl is one who was mistaken by out-of-touch church ladies
to be a holy man.  They fail to understand that a flamingly effeminate
man is different than a peaceful.  In Wuerl's case, it was been alleged
to me repeatedly ... by more than one person ... that Wuerl is known
for what can be called a "hissy fit temper."   As effeminate as he is, he
was even known for squeezing the hand of a woman as short as he is
to the point of causing her physical pain.  This is how insensitive the
effeminate males of narcissistic tendencies are.

Ironically, in-touch church women abhor homosexuals, while being fully
aware that the present church is in utter ruins.   Theerfore, it's only the air
headed glamor mongers who treat homosexuals as Christmas tree tinsel.
Meanwhile, women of true faith are so repulsed by homosexuals that en-
countering the worst plague in world history wouldn't phase them nearly
as much. 

The Former Archbishop of Omaha's Assessment

During his Pittsburgh days, Donald Wuerl did nothing more than toss tin-
sel on a sulfur pit, and close parish after parish.   In fact, he closed parish
after parish as if he had insider information on the priesthood's population
being made to dwindle.   Only those bearing homosexual psycho-sexual
orientations received the seminary red carpet treatment during that time,
according to several sources.   It was alleged by former Omaha bishop,
Elden Curtiss, that the priest shortage was deliberately contrived.