August 13, 2018

Wuerl's Never-ending Hypocrisy

In a book attributed to Donald Wuerl and Mike Aquilina, the following is stated:  

"Love Is the Builder

Catholics love their churches.  We build them with love.  We make them 
lovable.   ...

...   Catholics build their churches with love; and our love has a language 
all its own.  Like romance, Christian devotion follows certain customs and 
conventions—a tradition poetic and courtly—hallowed by millennia of ex-
perience.   ...

...   Every part of a church is rich in meaning and mystery, theology and 
history.  Every furnishing or ornament reveals some important detail of
the story of our salvation.  Through two millennia, Christians have pre-
served and developed a tradition of building and decoration."

Firstly, this sounds gay.  Secondly, you aren't to love things.  You were created
to love living beings.  Churches are built out of a sense of memorial honor and
detachment from the world.  The irony is that you should also be detached from
the church building, itself.  You should own things and not have things own you.

Any church is merely a vehicle to the Eternal God, and not a goal in itself.  Fur-
thermore, Masses have been held in wartime fields, classrooms, converted barns,
etc.   I even attended Mass in a college ping-pong room.  So, any church building
in itself isn't the conveyor of grace.  It's a large sacramental, as well as a house of
prayer and a venue of devotion.  Whatever love in instilled within you while in a
church is to leave with you.  It's not confined to the church building or chapel.

Incidentally, churches do get blessed, and the reason why anything gets blessed
by a priest is so that the effect of original sin on it gets deleted.  The lesson here
is that the church's modern clerics and religion teachers lose sight with reality
when they neglect to consider the effect of original sin.

Churches are the attempt to bring an acre or hectare of the spiritual realm into
the physical one.  Their construction is the attempt to manifest the transcendent
God into daily life.  Such construction is based on Sacred Geometry, as well as
statics, dynamics, and structural engineering.   Magical fairy dust is not in the
church-building equation.  Thus, the Wuerl article is out of touch.

If the aforementioned text is the way Wuerl feels about churches, then why did
he reduce the number of Pittsburgh parishes from 333 to 218?  Why did he close
several dozen church buildings, over three dozen of which were actual churches?
One such church became the Church Brew Works.

In the aforementioned book, Donald 'Dignity Mass' Wuerl regards churches as
monuments of love.  However, years prior, while the same Wuerl was closing
churches by the dozen, his spokesman said that churches weren't necessary  ...
...  that a priest can conduct mass in a ping-pong room, a classroom, or some-
where similar.  Yes, it's true that you don't need Gothic arched structures, for
Masses to be conducted.  Yet, the ultimate closer of churches, namely Donald
Wuerl, later stated that churches in themselves, exactly like the ones he sold to
non-Catholic entities, are entirely indispensable, in as far as goes his definition
of love.

         Donald Wuerl:  Business transactions with a secret society 
              attached to automatic excommunication for joining it

So, why did Wuerl co-write/dictate a chapter about churches, to the point of re-
arding them in a way different than the way in which he treated churches in the
Pittsburgh area?  Wuerl treated churches and consecrated cemetery land as no-
thing more than marketable commodities.  He sold cemetery property to the
Masons, so that they could construct their new temple.

Wuerl conducting business with a secret society which happens to be antagonis-
tic toward Catholicism is yet another reason why the effeminate Donald Wuerl
can NOT be trusted with responsibility.  In fact, joining the Masonic guilds in-
curs automatic excommunication, as was previously mentioned.  Yet, Donald
Wuerl sold blessed property to them.  Such a thing is equivalent to Americans
selling P-51 Mustangs to Nazi Germany.  This is one of the many reasons why
Donald Wuerl should have never been ordained a bishop, as well as a priest.
Keep in mind that the personal secretary of author, John Hardin, alleges that
Hardin wrote a letter of John Paul II, warning him to not have Wuerl be made
 a bishop.  Well, John Paul arrange for tiny and effeminate Donald Wuerl to
become a bishop, and as a result, Wuerl ended up causing people untold pain.
Wuerl's only accomplishment in life was that of  causing grief, strife, and pain.