May 12, 2018

The leaked proof that Donald Wuerl seemed to have had no evidence against Anthony Cipolla

As a result of the Pennsylvania Diocesan Sex Abuse Grand Jury, it appears
that Donald Wuerl had enough paperwork on Anthony Cipolla, in a secret
archive file which literally warranted Wuerl to have removed Cipolla from
access to youth, as soon as Wuerl had the opportunity to review the secret
archive files.  Thus, Wuerl had motive to let the Cipolla Case be narrated
as a super-sensationalized & hyper-exaggerated horror story.  Wuerl did
NOT want the public to know that he had the paperwork to know what
to have done with Cipolla from Day 1.  This is true, if and only if the
mention of a lubricant on a young lad's undergarment was NOT placed
there by his mother, in order to frame Cippola.  If the accusing mother
of 1978 did NOT plant anything to frame Cippola, then it was a matter
of Case Closed instantly.

We now adjourn to the article which was written years before the
Pittsburgh diocesan secret archive files were reported by the 2018
Pennsylvania Grand Jury:

Now, as is policy at Wuerlgate, Anthony Cipolla articles begin with a copy of
his 2014 Pennsylvania State Police favorable background check security clear-
ance by which it is stated that he has no arrest record.  The security clearance
is usually posted after the preliminary statements of each article.  The prelimi-
nary statements are simply my updates.  Instead of posting knew articles, I add
to existing ones.  As time advanced, a Wuerlgate article becomes a tome.

Two Jpegs stop Cipolla's detractors in their tracks, especially being that Bendig
falsely claimed that Cipolla was taken out of the McGuire Home (26 miles north-
west of the Three Rivers Confluence) in handcuffs.  No he wasn't.  Tim Bendig's
a liar.  Plus, Cipolla was NOT laicized for molestation.  He disobeyed Wuerl's
command to not present himself as a priest.  Cipolla was seen on EWTN in full

The Vatican supreme court case (Signatura Case) was based on Donald Wuerl
removing Cipolla on account of a Clinical Depression and Suicidal Tendency
diagnosis of St. Luke's in Maryland.  It was the clinic founded by a "pansexual-
ist" who died of AIDS.  St. Michael's of NYC, as I have stated six to ten times
previously, called it a misdiagnosis.  Pansexualists advocate indiscriminate sex.

I highly advise you to not be sexaully indiscriminate with the wife of a jealous
Sicilian, however ... or the wife of a Columbian drug lord ... or the wife of an
American gun owner ... or the wife of a powerful and vengeful attorney ... or
the wife of an ironworker ... Well, you get the message on how asinine is the
pansexualist doctrine, always and in every way.  In as much . . .

If Donald Wuerl is such a descent "ascetic", then why did demand that Anthony
Anthony Cipolla go to a clinic founded by an avowed sexual anarchist and freak?
ANS: Birds who share the same type of feather gravitate to each other and cling
together.  Wuerl was the Dignity Mass red carpet accommodator.  He ordained
& protected honmosexual retaliator James Torquato.  He (Wuerl) was flamingly
effeminate in younger decades ... and is unnatural and decrepitly in his seventies.
Even in his sixties, Wuerl was called "Wuerl the Girl."  Chicago's Mike Volpe
stated that sources informed him that Wuerl did the "gay night" scene, etc.
This would show motive in Wuerl finding a scapegoat and railroading that
scapegoat into social disaster.  Let us proceed.

In addition, the damning accuser of Anthony Cipolla, namely Diane Thompson,
was fact checked and found to be a liar in specificity.  She changed her story al-
most completely, between the published mid-1990s account that she conveyed
to the Pgh Post Gazette and that which she stated on her two web logs which
contradict each other.  She even lied about me, in that she claimed that there
is no evidence that I exist anywhere online.  She then claimed that Anthony
Cipolla and I are the same person, meaning that my name is, according to
the proven liar Diane Thompson, Cipolla's fictitious name; nom de plume.

One added point to make is that the most damning claim which she made in
her 1990s "newspaper testimony" was NEVER mentioned by her in her 2015
web logs.  I won't mention it, lest she suddenly add it to her list of accusations.
It's as if she forgot that she alleged it.  Of course, the finding, without question,
if that she made up a story and then changed it.  Furthermore, she apparently
was not keeping track of her damning accusations.

All in all, Diane Thompson's fatal error was that she was too wordy in her two
2015 web log entries.  She wrote so much that it was easy to catch her in her
contradictions and story-changing.  There is more that was reported to me
about Diane Thompson.  But, I must first confirm as true the preliminary
report spoken to me personally, by an investigative entity.  More on Tim
Bendig is forthcoming.  But again, I must have confirmation to the valid-
ity of what was reported to me by two entirely different persons.

Before reading further, know that Tim Bendig was caught in "a controlled buy,"
and arrested, though not yet charged.  Controlled buys used to be called sting
operations.  The contraband involved, according to the source, was cocaine.
The only text message that I read about Bendig's legal trouble, sent to my
source as I was sitting across a table from him by a detective in charge of
the case, was "We haven't gotten around to filing on Bendig yet."  That's
the most recent info I was thus far given about the "controlled buy arrest."
However, I was given added info about other things pertaining to Bendig.

All in all, if Wuerl thought that Cipolla was a molester, Wuerl would have
reported Cipolla to the police, being that Wuerl previously covered-up for
Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, allegedly Wellinger, and definitively Edward
Huff.  This means that Wuerl could no longer neglect to report molester
priests.  Wuerl's get-out-of-jail-free card had expired.  This is why he re-
ported Fr. Richard Dorsch pronto.  All in all, being that Donald Wuerl
didn't report Cipolla to law enforcement, Wuerl had nothing on Cipolla.

This security clearance is addressed to me, because I ordered it and payed for it.
I needed to find out, once and for all if Bendig and Thompson were the liars
which fact-checking showed them to be.  There were.  I have not yet been
sued for calling Bendig and Thompson people caught in lies.  I outright
called Bendig a liar, being that he lied to me four times in a row,
about the document posted below.

Wuerl was showcased as a bishop fighting the Vatican to remove a "molester
priest" when he was only having Cipolla defrocked on account of the Clinical
Depression & Suicidal Tendency diagnosis of a Maryland clinic founded by
a "pan-sexualist" who died of AIDS.  St. Michael's of NYC declared the di-
agnosis erroneous, stating that it's natural to be emotionally devastated when
one's reputation is destroyed, especially in the fraudulent way in which Don-
ald Wuerl destroyed it.

A five year intermittent investigation of more than one person, coupled with
communication from accuser Tim Bendig and a series of emails from Diana
Mangum (aka Diane Thompson), showed that Cipolla was the victim of a very
cruel hoax.  It was a blinding outrage, concerning the way Wuerl treated him.
The great irony is that Donald Wuerl was the one found to have a nexus with
the homosexual world . . .  repeatedly so.  Not Cipolla.

In addition, as was stated four to six times previously, while Donald was be-
ing paraded around as a godlike heroic bishop who would never allow a mo-
lester priest in any ministry, he put Father Edward Huff back into ministry.
He did this while the media was stating that Wuerl was fighting the Vatican,
to remove a molester priest.  No no no, media.  Wuerl was not fighting the
media to remove Huff.  He put back into ministry Huff and the notorious
John Hoehl.

Of course, Donald Wuerl was caught in the triple cover-up of Robert Wolk,
Richard "sade" Zula, and Francis "Statute of Limitations" Pucci.

Wuerl, himself, was repeatedly alleged to have been a practicing Sodomite,
and he was the personal secretary of a John Cardinal Wright who was direct-
ly accused of have committed criminal & unnatural sexual activity with an
under-aged Bill Burnett, for 20 bucks a session.  Therefore, Wuerl needed
a diversionary tactic, to get law enforcement to direct its radar elsewhere.

If you believe that Donald Wuerl would never be involved in such evil, then
read about the Fr. James Torquato Case.  It IS the most evidence-based cover-
up of Wuerl, to the tune of numerous pieces of hard copy evidence which in-
cludes a police department's Citizen's Report Form, concerning an apartment
bldg intrusion that occurred shortly after I called the Papal Nuncio, to report
Wuerl.  Wuerl was ruthless.  Of course, the present communications sent to
me about theWay of Wuerl in Washington DC, where he is stationed, shows
that Wuerl hasn't changed.  It's simply that he hasn't the thug accomplices that
he had in Pittsburgh, during the 1990s.  And of course, the 1990s were when
Pittsburgh Police Abuse was well known.  Church & State was corrupt in
Pittsburgh during the 1990s.

Back to the Cipolla Case:

The enclosed piece of Jpeg evidence is the social deal breaker which shows
how much of a fraud Cardinal Wuerl has been, all the while deceiving the
general puthrough surrogate liar Ann Rodgers (formerly of the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette) and other journalists.  Firstly, journalists claimed that Wuerl
was fighting the Vatican to remove a molester priest.  Of course, this was
a lie   Wuerl was fighting the Vatican to remove a priest diagnosed with
Depression & Suicidal Tendencies at a clinic founded by a pansexual who
ended up dying of AIDS.  St. Michael's of NYC examined the same priest
and stated that he was not afflicted with any mental illness.

Incidentally, pansexualism is the school of thought which states, "whatever
floats your boat" sexually is good.  But, what about sexual crimes?  If the
committing of sexual crimes "floats your boat," as was the case with Wuerl
associate Marcial Maciel, is it good and wholesome?

Now,  Wuerl's great hypocrisy was that he was covering-up for a Fr. Edward
Huff while showcasing the Cipolla case in the media.  Wuerl was NOT trying
to get the Vatican to remove a molester when it came to Huff.  Rather, Wuerl
put Huff back into ministry at the exact same time he was placing the Cipolla
case in flaming neon, all the while never admitting that he had NO evidence
against Cipolla.

Incidentally, Donald Wuerl originally called Bendig "NOT credible" and dis-
missed Bendig's accusations against over a dozen seminarians & several priests.
When asked at the deposition about the priests he accused, Bendig kept saying
that he heard about it in the rumor mill.  Bendig did NOT personally witness
his accusations.  Even that can not be readily believed.  Nothing that Bendig
says can be instantly believed.  He is perhaps the most frequent liar you will
ever encounter in your life.

In addtion, the fact that Tim Bendig does NOT sue me for publicly calling
him a liar in a forum that reaches readers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas
is proof enough that he is the liar I said he is.  Bendig lied to me personally,
changing his story three times in four spoken sentences.  That is when I
realized that Cipolla was innocent of all of Bendig's accusations.

Now, you must keep in mind that, during the Wuerl years, there was a
phase where people were frightened to death that Wuerl would retaliate
against them.  This is because Wuerl was getting away with every vici-
ous deed that he did, including the retaliation committed upon school
children of the Risen Lord Parish School that Wuerl closed, despite the
fact that the parents raised enough pledges to meet the financial criteria
that Wuerl demanded.  However, true to his greed, Wuerl demanded to
receive cash-on-hand, in order for him to keep the school open.

Wuerl even did the in-your-face maneuver on the Vatican, in supporting
and promoting TWO weekly neo-Sodomite Massess for those who refuse
to accept the 2,000 year Catholic Church teaching which states that the
Sin of Sodom is not only a mortal sin, but it's one of the Four Sins that
Cry to Heaven for Vengeance.

Wuerl was getting sued left and right, also, in the PA Court of Common
Pleas, in federal District Court, at the PA Supreme Court, in the federal
Circuit Court of Appeals, and even at the United States Supreme Court.
Some cases dealt with church closings, and other dealt with 1} wrongful
death, 2} retaliation and endangerment, 3} unjustified employment dis-
missal, and 4} conspiracy which made Wuerl and his diocese only part
of the defendant list.  This was headlined by a class action lawsuit.

Wuerl even won in court against a pregnant woman who was fired from
her Catholic school teaching post only because she got pregnant out of
wedlock.  This was alarming, because taking away a pregnant woman's
income tempts her into having an abortion and ending a human life that
was in the process of developing.  Wuerl proved himself to have no
compassion as is required in the Law of Charity as is presented in the
official Catholic Church Teaching that Wuerl ignored whenever follow-
ing such teaching was inconvenient to him.'

All in all, Wuerl did NOT gain anybody's love and/or admiration in
Pittsburgh.  He gained their fear and resentment of him.  I was there.
I saw it close-up and very personally.  Wuerl was beyond vicious and

The more detailed explanation of the Anthony Cipolla case which has
now been proven to have been Wuerl's most vicious hoax and which
rocketed Wuerl to a fraudulently gained stardom appears here:

Posted herein is a piece of Jpeg evidence which shows that Donald Wuerl
had NO EVIDENCE against Anthony Cipolla, when he was defying a
Vatican order to reinstate the same Anthony Cipolla.

The great hypocrisy of the time was that the newspapers were falsely paint-
ing Wuerl as a bishop fighting the Vatican to remove a molester priest, while
the same Donald Wuerl was covering-up Edward Huff's sexual crimes, by
ping-ponging Huff between St. Louis and Pittsburgh.  Wuerl DID reinstate
Huff and put him back into ministry, as a hospital chaplain during the exact
same time when he was fighting to keep Cipolla out of ministry, but only
out of ministry on grounds of St. Luke's (of Maryland) diagnosis of Clinic
Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.   Wuerl did NOT fight the Vatican to
keep Huff out of ministry, and Huff ended up being criminally convicted.

Plus, all the records and evidence of the five-year investigation show Cipolla
to have been the opposite of what Ann Rodgers made him out to be.  And re-
member, I assumed at the outset that he was guilty only because Ann Rodgers
of the Post Gazette said so.  She was then fact-checked and discovered to have
been lying.

Lying was also quickly uncovered on the part of a Tim Bendig who was found
to have been nothing more than a con artist, even in him trying to con me in
the Summer of 2014, on a day when one of his "former child film actors" sent
me threats and intimidation tactics.

Lying was as equally discovered in the "newspaper testimony" of  the less-
than-virtuous  Diane Thompson whose two sons have different last names,
meaning that monogamous holy matrimony was NOT an accomplishment
of hers.  Yet, the Post Gazette made it falsely look as if she were faithfully
and virtuously married.  In as much, living a virtuous Catholic life was
something she mostly certainly was NOT doing.  The words, 1} slut,
2} snatch, 3} main squeeze would apply to her. "Married woman"
would not define her in any known capacity.

You have to look, identify, and perceive who dishonest  and ruthless Wuerl
was in hisclawing for power and influence, as well as an idolatrous view of
him which basically amounts to the worship of his 5.4" unnaturally inclined
"Tinker Bell" countenance, in replacement for the worship due to Christ.

Huff, incidentally, was criminally indicted and convicted.  In fact, Huff was not
removed until after a third package of complaints against was sent to Wuerl by
yet a third group of concerned and aggrieved citizens.

As I stated six to ten times in print, Wuerl used Cipolla as a diversionary tac-
tic, to keep DA John C. Pettit from scouring the Diocese of Pittsburgh with a
grand jury inquest.  Wuerl was in a major spotlight, due to his triple cover-up
and his uncooperativeness with DA Pettit's investigative team.

Also, his former boss, John Wright, was an alleged sexual abuser of the under-
aged male.  Thus, if Pettit learned of this, Wuerl would have been suspected of
having covered-up sexually abusive priests for over a decade.  Then, Wuerl's
private life would have been discovered.  The question is if whether or not it
would have been discovered to have been the unnatural lifestyle that my multi-
ple sources said that Wuerl lived, with Vaseline being a staple commodity in
that alleged world.

Bendig, of course, is a known liar who lied to me four times in succession,
while acting all so polite while doing so.  I stopped saying that he allegedly
lies.  Rather, I state, under pain of civil litigation, if I am committing libel,
that Bendig is an outright liar by habit.  I call him a con artist, yet he never
sues me.  Of course, I am reasonably sure that no attorney who has seen the
Jpegs on this Wuerlgate site would be stupid enough to take Bendig's case.
They would immediately fear that there are aces up my sleeve, waiting for
the strategic moment.  That is to say, if they take Bendig's case, and if I
present the aces during discovery, the attorney will realize that he wasted
his time and effort and would next have to worry about Bendig suing him
for Errors & Omissions, aka malpractice.

I simply state that there sure are aces up my sleeve.  Or are there any?  How,
do you know that I'm not lying?  One answer is to see if I have lied in print
before.  So, scour this site and find one falsehood in it stated by me.  None
the less, there is enough rare evidence on this site to show that I just might
possibly have more rare evidence or witnesses in the wings.

Of course, I call Diane Thompson "a proven liar,"  and she never contacted
me individually or through an attorney.   You know, if you call me a liar, I'll
get into action against the first free moment I have.  If I am lying about Diane
Thompson, then why isn't she in my face outraged and venting, demanding
that I make editor corrections?  Would it be because she knows that she has
been lying all along?  Or did I somehow get her story all wrong?   Once the
fact-checking on her "newspaper testimony commenced, her case fell apart
completely.  There is no soundness in the testimony attributed to her.  I've
already covered her outright lies in print.

This includes the updated preliminary statement.  We adjourn to the original


In re:  The Anthony Cipolla case which was presented in a false light by the
media.  It was the one which rocketed Wuerl to stardom, due to the fact that
it was hideously misrepresented.  Ann Rodgers in particular made it look like
an Alfred Hitchcock movie, claiming that Cipolla was arrested, when the truth
is that he never was.  This was followed by the same Ann Rodgers claiming
that the accusing mother of 1978 was harassed into dropping criminal charges
which were never filed in the first place.  The fact checking on the woman's
newspaper testimony resulted in the immediate discovery of falsehoods on her
part.  That fact that she, Diane Thompson, or a Post Gazette writer pretending
to be quoting Thompson, lied is shown in detail in other Wuerlgate articles.

Concerning the leaked letter below, if Donald Wuerl possessed damning evidence
against Cipolla on the day Wuerl refused to follow the Vatican order to reinstate
Cipolla, then the letter below would never have existed.  Certain journalists made
it sound as if Wuerl had long-since possessed evidence against Cipolla that the
Vatican never saw.  The truth was that Wuerl was desperately seeking any ex-
cuse he would to keep Cipolla out of ministry, because, if Wuerl were to rein-
state Cipolla, then law enforcement personnel would have dedicated themselves
to deeper investigation of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Of course, they would have NOT found anything that would incriminate Cipol-
la.  They would only find a trail of corruption and cover-up which lead to Wuerl.
Remember, Wuerl had been caught performing a triple cover-up which lead to
the indictment of three of Wuerl's own priests.  Plus, Wuerl was covering up
Father Edward Huff, while presenting Cipolla as the molester no one in any of
Cipolla's youth groups ever claimed him to be.  Wuerl targets Cipolla, the one
accused by the notorious liar Tim Bendig whom Wuerl originally called a liar.
Yet, he covers up an actual molester.  For the record, such a cover-up is only
a summary offense, pursuant to the Child Protective Services Act of PA.


For the summation of the Cipolla Case, see:

For a background thereof, continuing reading:

A background to the Cipolla case appears more than once at this site.  This
is because each Wuerlgate article has a stand-alone webpage, meaning that
a newcomer's orientation to the Cipolla case could be any one of a number
of stand-alone pages.  I wouldn't want that person to start cluelessly in the
middle.  This was the reason for the redundancy.

At the end of this article is a copy of the same Jpeg that is posted directly
above.  It's done so, for the convenience of the reader/vierwer.  It's proof
that Donald Wuerl had no evidence against Cipolla when Wuerl refused to
comply with a Vatican order to reinstate Anthony Cipolla.   Rather, Wuerl
was scampering for evidence against Cipolla, as soon as the Vatican order-
ed the priest reinstated.

Wuerl literally lied while trying to find anything he could use against the man
formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.  Wuerl's excuse for removing
Cipolla from priesthood ministry was the St, Luke Psychiatric Institute's di-
agnosis of Depression & Suicidal Tendencies.  That diagnosis was declared
invalid by St. Michael's of NYC.  This fact I have mentioned 6 to 12 times

One Interesting Point about the Cipolla Case

I met a few of those who had always believed in Cipolla's innocence, and
there appeared a common trait in Cipolla's supporters.  The pertinent fea-
ture of those people is that they were all a part of professional families,
and some of them were the professionals, themselves.  This included a
nun who was accomplished in music, an insurance broker, an electrical
engineer, a retired construction contractor, an editor, etc.  Cipolla's sup-
porters are managers in mainstream civilization.  That is to say,  from
my personal expeerience, Anthony Cipolla's supporters and followers
are some pretty high class people.  His supporters are NOT that of back-
woods illiterates, to say the least.

Also keep in mind the plaques of appreciations that were given to Cipolla,
for his management of youth groups.  Even after 42 years, no one from any
youth group managed by Cipolla ever accused him of anything wrongful.
I previously mentioned this 4 to 8 times elsewhere.

Now, there was a blatant observation which indicates the Wuerl didn't think
that Cipolla was a molester ... that Wuerl was only using the Cipolla case as
a diversionary tactic to deflect attention away from Wuerl's then-current cover-
up of an Edward Huff who was reported to Wuerl for a third time, by a third
group of concerned parishioners, during the exact same month when the Vati-
can ordered Cipolla back into ministry.  The observation is this:

Wuerl NEVER sent out a letter to people in Cipolla's youth groups or former
parishes, as he did in the case of John S. Hoehl ... and as Bishop David Zubik
did in the cases of Fr Wellinger  ...  Fr LeDoux  ...  Br. Ghastin  ...  etc.   In as
much, if Wuerl thought that Anthony Cipolla were a molester, then he would
have sent letters to the people located where Cipolla was stationed.

Moreover, the leaked document below shows that Donald Wuerl didn't have any-
thing on Anthony Cipolla when he was publicly claiming that there "might" have
been major factual inaccuracies attached to the Vatican's findings on Cipolla.

Take note that the average reader at the time missed the phrase, "might be," in
the newspaper articles.  Thus, Wuerl admitted that he had NO solid evidence of
any kind, or even rudimentary evidence against Cipolla.

Keep in mind that the evidence posted here was leaked by two different em-
ployees of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, on two different occasions.  This means
that one didn't know that the other one was leaking the exact same document.

For those new here, Tim Bendig (Cipolla's celebrated accuser)  turned out to be
nothing but a liar and con artist who, as a matter of habit, threatens to sue and
destroy people.  Bendig threatened me, doing so by deceptive means, intended to
intimidate me into deleting all the articles I wrote about him.  Well, the articles
remain online and  I keep calling him a liar.  Yet he ... Mr. Lawsuit ... never
sued me.

Let's go Back to the Scene of Wuerl's Crime

All in all, the evidence gathered in the past five years shows that Wuerl con-
veniently used Cipolla as a diversionary tactic, to get law enforcement off of
Wuerl's back.  Let's go back into time, to 1993.

March 1993:  The Vatican Signatura acknowledged as a matter of course that
no incriminating evidence against Anthony Cipolla existed, for any type of
wrongdoing, whatsoever.  It then judged that Donald Wuerl was out of line
for keeping Cipolla out of ministry pursuant to the excuse that Cipolla was
diagnosed with Depression and Suicidal Tendencies by a Maryland psychi-
atric institute founded by a renegade priest and practicing Sodomite who
died from AIDS, on account of him living out his doctrine of pan-sexuality
which, when translated into the vernacular, means any-way-you-want "it."

This judgment was especially poignant, in light of the fact that St. Michael's
of NYC refuted the Maryland clinic's diagnosis, declaring Anthony Cipolla
psychologically healthy.  Doubly poignant was that Wuerl refused to accept
the professional assessment of the board-certified and licensed psychiatric
facility.  He literally call St. Michael's assessment "scantily."  Quite frankly,
it simply didn't say what the manipulative Wuerl wanted it to say,  much like
a brat who kicks over the game board when he is losing. 

As a response to the Vatican mandate, Donald Wuerl's grounds for defying
the Vatican's high court was based on his unsubstantiated claim that:

1} The case might have been judged according to "major factual inaccuracies."
     Quite frankly, you can say this about any case in the history of mankind.

2} The Bendig lawsuit, which was in progress, would yield new evidence
     against Cipolla.  (Yet, NO new evidence arose, and all prior evidence
     showed nothing but Bendig's less-than-noble habits).  Keep in mine
     that Douglas Yauger petitioned the court for an extension of time, in
     order to locate witnesses for Bendig.  All that Bendig had was a Diane
     Thompson whose testimony was filled in so many holes and contradic-
     tions that it was easy to shred to pieces.

Now, Wuerl, his spokesperson, and those media writers friendly to Wuerl made
it sound as if ... as if ... as if Wuerl had long since been in possession of damn-
ing evidence against Cipolla and just had to show it to the Vatican.  They made
it sound as if ... as if ... as if Wuerl knew that the priest who humiliated him at
the Vatican was ever-so-coincidentally going to go out and molest child after
child, as soon as Wuerl would reinstate him.  Okay then,  you would assume
that all the evidence against Cipolla that Wuerl was going to present during
his rehearing at the Vatican already existed in a poignant and damning degree.

The truth is the Wuerl had no new evidence in his possession.  When April
1993 arrived, Wuerl still had no new evidence against Cipolla.  So, he got
an auxiliary bishop to send out, on April 6, a letter to each priest who pre-
viously served with Anthony Cipolla in the various parishes where Cipolla
was assigned.  The letter shows that Wuerl was so desperate for evidence
against Cipolla that he sought for even petty observations about Cipolla's.

Wuerl was stooping so low that he was silling to use of human personality
traits as his excuse to have Cipolla officially banned from ministry.  Wuerl
was nitpicking.  This was power abuse, squared and cubed.

Always remember that the Bendig lawsuit did NOT produce any new evidence.

Now, March of 1993 was also when Edward Huff's third set of accusers
sent a package of accusations to Wuerl.  Wuerl had already put Huff back
into ministry in Pittsburgh.  So, Wuerl extended his cover-up of Huff and
sent him back to a St. Louis psychiatric facility.  So, this was the scenario:

If Wuerl would have placed Cipolla back into ministry, someone in law
enforcement someone who have commenced a more thorough investiga-
tion of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, being that District Attorney already
announced to the public, in a polite way, that Wuerl and his staff were
uncooperative during the investigation which resulted in the indictment
of three of Wuerl's priests.  Huff would have been uncovered while he
was stationed in Pittsburgh.

Perhaps the allegations of Wuerl's own homosexual lifestyle would have
emerged, along with the allegations of John Cardinal Wright's lifestyle of
Sodomy with under-aged males.  The other things which might have sur-
faced was the fact that a few Boston-era Franciscans and a few Marists
stationed in Pittsburgh were attached to molestation accusations, out of
court settlements, and reassignments.  Plus, the case involving the at-
tempted murder of Adam Ference was still fresh in the police records
and local court docket sheet.  And let us not forgot that Wuerl hosted
the banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive years in two Pitts-
burgh parishes, making Wuerl look like a sympathizer who would
cover-up homosexuals the way in which he covered-up the antics of
Father James Torquato.

All in all, if Wuerl did reassign Anthony Cipolla, his rise to the top
would have been in jeopardy.  Ironically, Wuerl used the Cipolla
case, in having it completely misrepresented in public, to rise to
the top.  Wuerl rose through the ranks on a series of lies.

A specific source assured me that he/she scoured the prothonotary's
office and found nothing incriminating about Cipolla.  Yet, it was 
reported the Tim Bendig's attorney, Douglas Yauger (attorney for
the masons) presented Wuerl with evidence that Cipolla was ac-
cused of molestation in 1978.  In as much, who leaked him the
information which ended up being exaggerated to the point of

Now, in the deposition, Bendig alleged that he went to others at-
torneys, before securing Douglas Yauger's services.  Why didn't
the other attorney's take Bendig's case?  People already filed law-
suits against Wuerl, in Pittsburgh.  Therefore, attorneys weren't
afraid of Wuerl, especially since that lawsuits were filed by
Catholic people and/or entities.

The court records indicated this, when Yauger was granted extra
time to find witnesses.  I know of ZERO witnesses for Bendig's
side.Cipolla had 70+, for a lawsuit trial which never came to be.
It was surmised that Wuerl settled out of court, so the public
would not hear or read Bendig stating the Wuerl was a prac-
ticing homosexual.

In fact, it was conjectured that Donald Wuerl made sure that the lawsuit
would not to go to trial, so that wrongdoinrgs on his part would not be
made public.    Now remember,  Wuerl, Ron Lengwin (the official Pgh
diocesan spokesman) and media members stated that there was or might
have been "major factual inaccuracie," in the Cipolla case.  This made
it sound as if Wuerl already had the evidence to prove it.

Well, when April arrived, Wuerl started scurrying about, looking for evi-
dence against Cipolla.  If he had the evidence to prove Anthony Cipolla
a molesting monster, he wouldn't have wasted his time sending out a let-
ter (through a surrogate) looking for petty informaion.

Let's go one step further:  One year prior to the Vatican's 1993 mandate,
Donald Wuerl wrote the preface of the book of the greatest molestation
in the known history of the Catholic Church, namely Marcial Maciel
Degollado; the founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

Now, it was later found that Maciel's corrupt protector was none other
than Angelo Sodano, secretary of state from 1991 to 2006.  Sodano was
there, when Cipolla was being railroaded out of ministry.  In as much,
the reasonable person can assume that Sodano sided with Wuerl, for the
sake of Maciel.  After all, Wuerl's name was in Maciel's priestly forma-
tion book.  So, Wuerl's name couldn't be tainted by a harassment accu-
sation filed by Anthony Cipolla.  Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen,
Wuerl WAS harassing Cipolla.  I can get into details later.

Ironically, a dossier against Donald Wuerl was hand delivered to Car-
dinal Ratzinger the same year when a damning dossier against Maciel
was sent to the Vatican.  In fact, my report on the Torquato Retaliations
and copies of the accuser's evidence was in the package.  Ratzinger ne0
glected the Maciel dossier for six years.  He neglected the Wuerl dossier
forever.  The effeminate German Ratzinger never disciplined the effemi-
nate German Wuerl.  Instead, the former Hitler Youth, as the notorious
cronyism pope, would later place Wuerl in DC.

Once again, here is the letter which proves that Wuerl had zero evidence
against Cipolla when he had it announced that there "might" have been
major factual inaccuracies involved in the Signatura judgment of the Ci-