August 03, 2018

Rocco Palmo provided a corroborative allegation against Cardinal Wuerl, without even realizing it.

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Philadelphia Eagles.
The land of the Wuerlgate author vs the land of Rocco Palmo.
 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo
The diplomatic private academy alumni in me describes the widely read Ivy League
alumni, Rocco Palmo, in the following way:

A fellow Italian and fellow Pennsylvanian.  However, this is also how I describe the
famed actor Sylvester Stallone and singer Christina Perri.  None the less . . .

Rocco's in Philly and I'm in Pittsburgh.  Both places are immersed in pivotal history.
HOWEVER, Philly people who are unversed in industrial and technological history
think very little of Pittsburgh, even to the point of making fun of the now-extinct
blue collar (Clairton) accent, where people couldn't easily pronounce the words,
'downtown' and 'chipped  ham,' while repeatedly saying, "n' nat."

"N' nat," incidentally, was simply the abbreviation of "And all that jazz."  Further-
more, "yinz" is the second person plural form of Victorian English, as was morphed
through the Scots.   It means "you ones."  I say "yinz" to conceited Philadelphians
every chance I get, simply because it's comical.

We here in Pittsburgh were too busy to notice or even care what Philadelphians
thought of us.  Yet, as it applies to Rocco Palmo, it will make a difference, con-
cerning Pittsburgh native Donald Wuerl.  None the less, Pittsburgh is definitive-
ly the land of innovation that introduced to civilization much of what modern
society now enjoys and takes for granted.  This fact goes zip ... over the heads
of Philadelphians.  Well, we in Pittsburgh will continue to make history, while
they continue to make jokes in Philly.  See:

Pittsburgh is much more cosmic, artistic, spiritual, and intellectual than what Philadelphians
generally assume.  There are more tragic and dangerous parts in Philly than in Pgh.  Yet,
they regard us in Pittsburgh as personi non grata, in the aggregate, despite Carnegie
Melon University, the Pitt Med Program, and the Pitt writing program, five native
Pittsburgh Pulitzer Prize winners and  several motion picture stars, not to
mention pioneer environmentalist and best selling author, Rachel Carson.
 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo

Now, let us review how Rocco once described Donald Wuerl.  He described him
as one who insisted that the "T's" be scrupulously crossed and the "I's" be dotted
with extreme diligence.  Rocco described Wuerl as an administrative fussbudget.

Guess what Rocco revealed?   He revealed a bishop obsessed with using sleight
of hand semantics, so as to be able to deceive without being literally false; to pre-
sent things in a False Light, without having someone play, "Gotcha.  You lied."
Rocco described a syntactic pea-and-shell game operator, when he described
the manipulative Donald Wuerl the way in which he did.

Wuerl often needed to have every word exactly placed as prescribed, in his state-
ments, in order to achieve mass deception.   I have already illustrated this habit of
Wuerl here, at this site.  He had much to hide ... if you only knew what I can't yet
reveal ...  So, Wuerl became fastidiously obsessive with how any statement from
him was worded.

Of course, Wuerl also allegedly took a hissy fit over the way a gift for the Vatican
was wrapped, as well as having "allegedly" taken hissy fits over the way photos
were to be taken.  In fact, one person who personally was in Wuerl's presence
more than once described him as "that politician," saying that Wuerl was pre-
occupied with having photos taken which included him in the photos.

Rocco Palmo made it look as if Cardinal Wuerl were a "perfectionist," when the
truth is that he is a deceptive, sleight-of-hand snake.  Wuerl is as much of a con
artist as is the Tim Bendig whom Wuerl originally declared non-credible, after
Bendig leveled accusations against Anthony Cipolla and a number of other priests,
as well as a couple handfuls of Pittsburgh seminarians.

It's interesting that Rocco didn't describe Wuerl as the godlike super hero that
Ann Rodgers described him.  The closest that Rocco came was in an post that
mimicked Ann Rodgers, in falsely presenting Wuerl's triple cover-up as the act
of a bishop checking files and "discretely" removing three priests.

The truth is that Bevilacqua removed Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, as well as John
Hoehl.  Wuerl placed Hoehl back into ministry quite quickly, and he was poised
to eventually place Wolk and Pucci back into the shepherd's field, as well.  In fact,
Wuerl put Edward Huff back into ministry shortly before Huff would be indicted
and convicted.  Thus, Rocco's credibility is tainted, thanks to the Ann Rodgers
who was formerly known as Ann Rodgers-Melnick.

Why didn't Rocco employ the idolatrous worship of Wuerl, as former Pixxburgh
Post Gazette writer Ann Rodgers did?   Why didn't he adhere to the Wuerl Cult
mentality?  ANS:  Wuerl is a Pittsburgh native, and Philadelphians are not in-
clined to do the idol worship thing with a Pittsburgher.  They are not inclined
to cast a Pittsburgher in bronze cast statuary any time soon.

Of course, Donald Wuerl, in my opinion, is seen by the homosexual world as
the "gate keeper" who will one day open the doors of church power and wealth
to the neo-Sodomites, enabling them to be much like Goldie Locks, in invading
the home of the Three Bears.

Concerning Pixxburgh 'n 'nat:

Despite us maintaining the most bridges of any city in the entire world, and
despite us building civilization on slopes and graded inclines that intimidate
flat-land construction workers, Philadelphians aren't patting us on the back.

It matters not to a Philadelphian that we've presented to humanity the first
robotics institute, the first commercial radio station, the first public televi-
sion station, the first retractable arena dome, the first drive-thru gasoline
station, the first motion picture theater, the first major league baseball sta-
dium, the first all-aluminum shelled building, the polio vaccine, Gene Kelly,
Henry Mancini, Gertrude Stein, Super Bowl champion Joe Namath, envir-
onmental author Rachel Carson, the original Agent 99 of Get Smart fame,
Howard Sprague of Andy of Mayberry fame, Michael Keaton, Fred Rogers,
five Pulitzer Prize winners, and several other celebrities, as well as several
more technological innovations than those stated here.

The great irony to this is that the most recently deceased archbishop of Philly
was the bishop of Pittsburgh before assuming canonical power in the former
capitol of the United States.

None the less, Rocco described Wuerl in a way consistent with a corrupt cleric
who communicates through the vehicle of deceptive semantics.

Sources of mine simply described Wuerl as a liar and a self-absorbed narcissist,
as well as a Vaseline wielding queer.  Thus go the allegations conveyed to me by
more than one person throughout the years.  And remember:  I'm the one who
produced the dozens of pieces of Jpeg evidence which shows that Wuerl has
been nothing more than a cover-up artist, a liar, a retaliator, and a menace to
the Catholic Faith.

So, whom do you believe?  The one with visual evidence and who was there, at
ground zero, during the Torquato Retaliations, or the Ann Rodgers whose narra-
tions of Wuerl resemble fairy tale excerpts?

There is more that I can include about Wuerl ... and Tim Bendig the Liar, as well
as "Pick-up Truck" Diane Thompson who was caught lying in her newspaper tes-
timony about Anthony Cipolla and a Bishop Vincent Leonard..  However, sources
asked me to not make mention of them, because Wuerl and/or Bendig will immedi-
ately recognize the source.    Wuerl is known for retaliating.

There is nothing holy about Dignity Mass Donald, the cover-up artist who made
himself sound like a hero in his own cover-ups.  Wuerl is ruthless.  You've been
warned ... repeatedly.