July 01, 2018

The triple security clearance status of Patrick Anthony Pontillo vs the triple cover-up of Donald Wuerl

The Invisible Man ... The Wuerlgate Author.  The one 
whom the fact-checked liar Thompson said doesn't 
exist --- the one whose existence Wuerl & Pit Bull 
Bill Donohue never acknowledge.  For the record,
 he had gotten his EIGHTH security clearance in 2017,
meaning that the price of defaming him has risen.
In a world where the truth is strange, 
stranger than fiction, there's an irony
in the enmity between Wuerl and all
of good will who know how vicious
Wuerl is.  Wuerl and his pit bull, Bill
Donohue, are regarded as the holiest.
In contrast, the Wuerlgate author, one
known to get a widow's furnace work-
ing at 3 AM, in the middle of Winter,
free of charge, is made out to be the
demon.  Yet, he's the one with all of
the standard security clearances.
Wuerl had his triple cover-up, thereby resulting in the criminal indictments of
three of Wuerl's priests within the same general time frame.  Plus, the first in-
dictment was accompanied by a DA's bitter statement that the same Donald
Wuerl and his Pittsburgh diocesan personnel were aggravatingly uncoopera-
tive with law enforcement officials throughout the investigations that result-
ed in said indictments.  Yet, Wuerl was publicly praised throughout the media,
as if he were the holiest entity of this age ...

... despite his proven nexus with the local Sodomite world, his red carpet treat-
ment of those banned Sodomite church services known as Dignity Masses, his
trademark narcissism, his retaliation against mere school children of the Risen
Lord Parish School, and his ratification of the Torquato Retaliations ...

... not to mention Wuerl's abusive use of police to get rid of professional writer
& credential-bearing journalist, George Neumayr, from Wuerl's corrupt sight.
Then comes Wuerl's other cover-ups, his doctrinal heresies, & additional trade-
mark retaliations.

In contrast, the Wuerlgate author ... yours truly ... had a triple security clearance
status remain in force, even upon entering the Year 2015 ... and had the security
clearance status renewed on May 30 of 2015.  Plus, he is eligible to renew the
exact same clearances at the time of this writing.

In fact, he once has a security clearance with the PA Dept of Corrections, simply
so that he could go into prisons and do construction work in them.  In addition,
in order to get a concealed weapons license, one must pass the typical security
clearance protocols and that was accomplished by the Wuerlgate author short-
ly after the end of the the first wave of the Torquato Retaliations.

In addition, he is known for coming to the assistance of those abused by priests
as unconscionable as James Torquato.  Yet, the Wuerlgate author gets treated
as a persona non gratis who never existed.  No thank-yous, ever. (JPEG evi-
dence of said security clearances incidentally, is posted below.)

It's a simple case of "killing the messenger"

Simultaneously, the same Wuerlgate author gets treated as a demon from Hell,
instead of a conscientious defender of the falsely accused, because he made it
publicly known that he discovered that one Diane Thompson (aka Mangum)
is a fact-checked liar who even lied about the Wuerlgate author, stating that
he (yours truly) was Anthony Cipolla in disguise.  She made this declarative
statement, despite the fact that the name Patrick Anthony Pontillo is is even
in the Harvard Library catalog --- the United States Supreme Court data base
--- the Northwestern Univ library catalog, ---- numerous invoices, delivery
tickets, bills of lading, and receipts related to the construction industry, and
on writings and photography which thus has far received multi-million hits,
even as many as 33,000+ pageviews in one day (within the past year) and as
many as 1,142 hits in a 35 minute time span, as recently as June of 2016.

All in all, in the Vatican II era, where church corruption has been revealed time
after time after time , the message that Wuerl gives to mankind is that you have
to be ruthless, vicious, and without a conscience, in order to rise to the top of the
Vatican II Church.  The message given by Wuerl's actions also is that honesty
will get you on the traumatizing end of a retaliation, at the hands of a cleric
who is presented as a caring and holy friend of mankind.  Concerning Wuerl,
one should have immediately realized that the one who had a propaganda ma-
chine make him out to be the greatest saint of our age who the one who was
the most corrupt.

My simultaneous message is that it's an act of charity to warn the sheep of the
wolves among them, wherever the wolves might be ... and whoever the wolves
might be ... no matter what it costs you.  It cost me a lot.  I would rather have
no has been put on the spot, while being abandoned by a bunch of cowards, in
placing in a public forum that corruption of Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  However,
in the only church ever founded by a Jesus the Nazarene who was executed in
one of the more vicious types of Roman-style execution, there is no place for a
coward.  The Vatican II Church is the comfy, wall-to-wall carpeting,  "ice-cream
social" church that inherently creates a multitude of cowards,

A nation of cowards quickly ceases being a nation.
Let's review the media hypocrisy and contradiction of Wuerl:

Wuerl aids and abets criminals such as Wolk, and he elevated tortfeasors such
as Torquato in the clergy ranks.  Yet, he gets a pat on the back.  The Wuerlgate
author makes sacrifices and takes risks in the quest to undo damage caused by
clerics as corrupt as Wuerl.  Yet, he is abandoned ... left outside in the cold.
Meanwhile, Wuerl gets to live-out his Marie-Antoinette-lifestyle.

As a result, Jpeg evidence gathered at great labor is treated as if it never exist-
ed.  Next came  Tim Bendig  attempting to spread a very false rumor about the
Wuerlgate author.  The false rumor was that he (the Wuerlgate author) was be-
ing investigated by Pennsylvania law enforcement officials, for what he wrote
about Tim Bendig.  Bendig attempted to spread this falsehood, while the Wuerl-
gate author was living on the Carolina Coastline.  In fact, the original Wuerlgate
articles were written on the Carolina Coastline, and not in Pennsylvania.  Thus,
the author was outside of PA jurisdiction..  Bendig was far off the mark.  Liars
such as Bendig and the multiply fact-checked Diane Thompson always are off
said mark.

This rumor was followed by the same Bendig threatening to utterly destroy my
life.  In sequence, there were three lunges for my jugular vein, proverbially speak-
ing.  I have a number of vicious enemies whose only weapons against me are lies
and pretend-expertise.  A few of them will go as far as to market fear of me.  How-
ever, the goal of most of my enemies is to have me be as unknown and as unread
as possible.  Thus, marketing fear of me is counter-productive for them.

As an example, the fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson, began a smear campaign
against me in July of 2016.  She then ratcheted-up the hysterics, by making it look
as if I was going to go down to Melbourne Florida and kill her, even though the
hag is such a gross-out to me that I don't even want to have to breath the same
air as her.

None the less, it has been 200+ days since she posted her "Sky-is-Falling" post,
where she predictably cried, "Wolf," and the closest I was from Melbourne FL
was approximately 850 miles.  Plus, in 2014, about a month after I published
fiindings that concluded that Diane Thompson was a liar, I was actually in
Melbourne Florida, and I have debit card evidence that I was throughout Flor-
ida in 2013 and 2014.  Now, Diane Thompson was still alive and well enough
to harass my and defame me, as well as one Anthony Cipolla and Cipolla's own
friends.  She double-cried wolf.

All in all, since November 1, 2016, I have been in approximately 90 domiciles,
simply to do construction work.  I've been in a handful of commercial establish-
ments such as a couple of Sonics fastfood outlets.  I've been in numerous ware-
houses and supplier yards.  I've been in a few offices equipped with a reception-
ist or secretary or government contract administrator.  In all that time, there were
NO dead bodies, NO missing persons, NO physical assaults on any resident or
counter clerk or supply yard forklifter operator or secretary or inspector or law
enforcement agent or any type of human being.  NO vandalism of property, etc.
Diiane Thompson made a complete fool out of herself, proving what a deliber-
ately deceptive person she is.

For those unaware, the fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson, made it look as if I
were in contact with her, demanding an apology from her.  She then stated that
I was starting to scare her, as if I were yelling at her over the phone.  Well, for
the record ... and so that you will wisely keep yourself out of a libel lawsuit,
know that I NEVER contacted, NEVER sought to contact the face-checked
Liar, Diane Thompson (aka Mangum) in any capacity.  An apology to me is
worthless.  What she needs to do, in order for her to be spared of what will
come upon her in the relatively near-future is to admit that there NEVER
was an arrested of Anthony Cipolla and to take offline ALL that she wrote
of me.

Being that Diane Thompson is a liar, nothing that she will write in the future
will have any value, including an apology.  Plus, that person is an utterly re-
pulsive gross-out to me.  I want NOTHING to do her.  She is so much of a
gross-out to me that she literally causes me to lose my appetite.

Now, being that she claimed that I don't exist, then it is only correct to have her
stop writing about me as if I do exist.

The fact-check liar and menace to my reputation, Diane Thompson (Mangum)
whose writing skills, at best, are remedial, knows that I exist.  The harassing
emails that she sent me prove it to be so.  '

Oh, by the way, she did NOT call me Mr. Mt Vesuvius because of any observed
violent temper, being that she never heard me speak and never saw me act, and
therefore never saw a violent temper.  She called me Mr. Mt. Vesuvius, in order
to mock my Italian ancestry, being that I mentioned online that my people came
from the Mount Vesuvius region of Italy.

I am famous for doing the opposite of "blowing-up."  When there is a dispute at
work ... I've been in seven in the past two years ... I go into the silence mode,
clean out my desk, take all of my belongings, and drive away.  The negociating
occurs through text messaging.  I've left places by the same mode ... that of go-
ing into complete silence, packing up, and driving away.  Such conduct is that
opposite of "blowing-up like Mt. Vesuvius.

Now, my lawyer conference resulted in the conclusion that Diane Thompson is
"unrecoverable," in that no law firm would make a penny in any lawsuit against
her.  HOWEVER, if a deep-pockets entity such as a newspaper or magazine de-
cide to play myna bird and spew out in print her libel, then a lawsuit will occur.
So, joining forces with Diane Thompson will be costly, unless you are another
one of those "unrecoverable tortfeasors."

Tim Bendig:  
The most covered topic from those who have written to me over the years.

As I previously stated, insiders and email correspondants have no interest in en-
gaging in any type of conversation about Diane Thompson.  She instantly got
written-off, becauset her story of being harassed into dropping criminal charges
that were NEVER filed in the first place was so ridiculously theatric that they
don't think that the common man isn't going to let his intelligence be insulted.

Of course, these are people who know legal procedure and the workings of
police investigations.  Diane Thompson instantly gets recognized as a really
sick joke in her self-contradictory accounts.  When I would start a conversa-
tion about her, to person on the other end would act as follows:  "Yeah, yeah.
But, let's talk about something important."

The topic of Tim Bendig is the exact opposite.  In fact, the #1 topic that came
from first-time email correspondants always was Tim Bendig.  People definite-
ly are interested in talking about Bendig and in going into detail.

Being that Bendig's mode of communication is that of lying, the following  is
posted to immediately undo whatever lie Bendig will next attempt to spread.
Of course, there is always a liar here and a liar there encountered in the con-
struction industry who tries to get a discount for work done or or or who is
in competition for a job and lies hideously object the competition.  And those
people's stories as just as easy to prove false.  All in all, in this era of electron-
ci data bases, video cameras, digital purchases, signed paperwork, copy ma-
chines, courthouse archives, etc., it is very easy to catch a liar.  Even though
Bendig is an effective con artist, the paperwork fact checking undid his lies.

Concerning Bendig being an accomplished con artist, his trick is simply that
of sounding confident when he speaks.  He sounds so confident that you con-
clude that he can't possibly be lying.  He then makes an allegation that you
knew to have always been a falsehood, because you looked at all the docu-
ments involved, and you realize that, simply because a person sounds con-
fident and assured while speaking, it doesn't mean that he's telling the truth.

None the less, Bendig already attempted to spread a lie about me, in order to
get people to stop reading Wuerlgate.  That was about 250,000 pageviews ago.
This means that Bendig failed.

Then, in August of 2014, the same Tim Bendig lied to me directly and repeat-
edly, speaking contrary to what a DA's official document in my possession
stated.  Bendig's habit of lying is not expected to suddenly end anytime soon.
In light of this, I posted my most recent security clearances online, to counter
any defamation that will suddenly emerge.

To Whom it May Concern,

The following is posted, in order to streamline references and even curiosity.
The five letters below were written by 1} a professor, author, and publisher,
2} a philosophy professor, 3} a publisher and author, 4} a former landlord,
5} a former and present employer who was/is my contacting officer in gov-
     ernment contract, commercial, and residential construction work.   Yeah,
     I'm no stranger to operating the backhoe, skidsteer, steam roller, jack ham-
     mer, target saw, Fein tool, rivet buster, etc.

The three current (in-force) security clearances below are:  1} My FBI security
clearance,  2} my Pennsylvania State Police security clearance, also known as
the Act 114 clearance, and  3} my Act 151 security clearance.  We start with a
Jpeg of my updated (2015) Pennsylvania State Police security clearance back-
ground check.

Pontillo's 2015 renewed/updated security clearance status, posted for the record.

Directly above is my 2014 FBI security clearance.   It's like all-purpose flour, in that it
affirms the existence of NO CRIMINAL RECORD in any of the 50 states & United
States territories.  This one has an added significance for me, being that I was in 26
 states in the past three years, staying in Virginia, Florida, and Ohio for extended
periods of time, as well as spending transitory amounts of time in Arkansas, Texas,
and California.  I was a polite, lawful, and charming gentleman ... throughout my ac-
cumulative 16,000+ miles of road travel.

This is the Act 151 security clearance which scours a data bank in
addition to the Pennsylvania State Police one.  So, there you have it,
five letters of recommendation and three security clearance certifications
Now for the letters of recommendation:

Concerning the following letter, Duane Locke is the founder of the Immanentist
school of poetry (which has nothing to do with the Immanentist School of Philo-
sophy.)  Duane become a Renaissance scholar and then was published over two
thousand times.  He's also a recipient of the Walt Whitman Award and Edna St.
Vincent Award.

Philosophy Professor's Letter of Recommendation

Alan Britt was/is a widely published Immanentist poet, as well as publisher of Black
Moon Publications.  Even though each name mentioned in the letter was correct, the
quantity of the writings involved was exaggerated, unless you count the package of
 my unpublished works that he read during that same year.

At present, there are approximately 225 articles, exposes, tutorials, poems, statistical
summaries, and news releases posted online which bear my name as either sole writer,
co-writer, or sole editor.  The posts vary in subject matter ranging from economics, to
Poli Sci, to modern church corruption, to Occupational & Environmental Medicine,
to military history, to modern poetry, to a few other subjects.  I even had some of my
military writings placed on display in a humble-sized British museum, for educational

At the time the letter posted below was written, I was in
government contract construction work and not in journalism.

Landlord letter.  Telephone number digits, his former town of residence, and even
his email address were whited-out, for the sake of his privacy.  He was a psychologist
who treated the drug and alcohol abusers of a certain major airline.

Work related:

         Now for the Court of Public Opinion
                   and its de facto resume:

The Pontillo URLs have had over 3.6 million pageviews.   Below is the snap-
shot of one of them, as of June 25, 2016.  The significance is that this was the
approximately one year after the fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson, began
her smear campaign and started playing the "crying wolf" game over a guy
who did  NOT come closer than 850 miles near her ... and who worked in
approximately 90 indoor domicile sites and a few outdoor residential con-
struction sites, and a few commercial sites, as well as having numerous
warehouses, stock yards, secretary offices, government administrators
offices, garages, with NO missing persons, NO dead bodies, NO acts
of violence of any kind in any of those worksites, proving Diane
Thompson to be nothing but a liar who was simply killing the
messenger.  Her libel crumbled like cookies.

                               October 9, 2016
Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Works at Investment & Enterprise, Inc
Attended The Univ of Tampa & St Francis of Pennsylvania
Lives in part time in Chicago & part time in Pittsburgh
438 followers|2,931,222 views
In the middle of 2017, the hit count went over 5 million
for all Pontillo URLs.  At the time of this update, there
are four active ones and a military history site parked.

Diane Thompson had to be the ultimate idiot of the modern era, to think
that she could deceive you into thinking that I was in secluded hiding,
preparing to do evil mankind.  I was in the middle of a major metropolis

There is absolutely nothing private about the Wuerlgate author's life out-
side of the bathroom, the clothing store dressing room, and his sleeping
quarters.  In fact, there are times when the Wuerlgate author literally
showers outdoors and sleeps outdoors during the summer months, while
regularly having lunch at the same public park.  He is the last person on
 Earth you can falsely accuse and/or frame, and Diane Thompson tried to
do it.

The reasonable person now needs to realize that, if she would employ a
high degree of libel to a guy whose life is an open book and who was 850
to 900 miles away from her at all times, then how much more of a liar was
she in her damning and self-contradicting accusations against the late An-
thony Cipolla?

Now that she has proven herself to be an unconscionable con artist and
simultaneous moron, I'll let you in on what the game plan was, at the ob-
jection of others.  I literally said to a couple insiders, at different times,
 "I'm the front man, here.  I'm the one standing in the line of fire (of
the fact-checked liar Diane Thompson's trademark acts of defamation)."

I was to take hit after hit after hit from Thompson's repertoire of libel
and then refute it publicly, showing her to be an out-of-control liar
who apparently doesn't even think while she's writing out her fact-
checked falsehoods.

Also take note that she never offered to have her two sons interviewed.
That is a paramount indication of a liar.  For example,  when I was in
contact with sex abuse victim Frank La Ferriere, shortly after my first
conversation with him, I got a phone call from  one of the corroborat-
ing witnesses.  He wasted no time in getting someone else to call me
who was at the scene of the crime described to me over the phone.

All in all, it is written, "He who receives a prophet receives a pro-
phet's wages."  Conversely, he who receives a liar receives the liar's

Ten months prior, the fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson ratcheted-
up her smear campaign intended to get humanity to the writings of
the Wuerlgate author and to make people think that he was a violent
man who needed to be arrested and imprisoned.  Doesn't this sound
familiar, ladies and gentleman?????   Hmmm.  What a coincidence.