August 22, 2018

500,000 Dollar Bill Donohue is damning the younger generation Catholic journalists, because they're donation dollar competition

At this point in the Street Brawl that Bill Donohue has started against the shoe
leather journalist,  George Neumayr,  and  Team Voris  of the Church Militant
organization, you need to think.  500,000 Dollar Bill Donohue, in condeming
the Church Militant staff and George Neumayr is trying to snuff out the young-
er generation, thereby refusing to pass on a tradition that began with Sts Peter,
John, James, Andrew, Paul, Stephen, Mary Magdelene, Joseph of Arithema, etc.
And Why????

ANS:  Money.  Donohue is a pig in practice as much as he is a pig in jowl-fallen
face, all the while sucking up all the money that he can take.  You need to realize
that the Church Militant is simply Donohue's financial competition.

As far as goes George Neumayr's Humphrey Bogart street beat journalism, he
can easily snap out of their hypnotic trances the American Catholics who think
that the Church in America equals Bill Donohue & Dignity Mass Donald Wuerl.
Breaking that trance will cost Bill Donohue donations dollars.

Observe:  Militant Mike Voris is 21 years younger than Donald Wuerl, and he
is 14 years younger than the teeth-gritted Donohue who made a jackass out of
himself when he sat in front of the mild mannered EWTN anchor, Raymond
Arroyo, acting like super strong beat-'em-up-tough-guy.  George "Joe Friday"
Neumayr is younger than Mike.  Thus, in Donohue's mind, he thinks that he's
a 21 year old bully picking on two 12 year olds.  Something in that money
grabber's mind never matured.  Let us continue:

For those unfamiliar, Joe Friday was a detective in Dragnet.  He was straight,
but he was an earthy cool.  George is journalism's Joe Friday.  George addition-
ally reminds a person of Tom Hanks' character in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie,
Catch Me If You Can.  That mode of journalism is the mode of the heroic man
who makes risks, so that you you and I can get the hidden truth.

One example is Wuerl's Marie Antoinette living quarters on Embassy Row, in DC.
If it were not for George, we wouldn't know where Wuerl lived.  The archdiocese
of Washington DC gave a fraudulent address.  They gave Wuerl's mailing address,
and not the address of his living quarters.  So, Wuerl was more than willing to have
his staff lie for him.  Anyway, George reveals said lie and Wuerl ends up having
police escort member of the press, George Neumayr, away from Wuerl, as if we
live in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or pre-revolutionary France.

At this point, let's do a reality check:  

As is evident in every media venue in America,  it is only Bill Donohue who shows
up at the studio, in whatever debate arises, as the epitome of Catholicism  ...  as the
voice of Catholicism ... as the face of Catholicism ... as the last word in Catholicism.
Well, in order to truly to the model of Catholicism:

- one first must be accomplished at the art of asceticism.  Asceticism, of course, is
a form of athleticism which requires a person to train for it as much as any athlete
trains for any sport.

- Secondly, to be the model of Catholicism, one must be proven to not be greedy.

- Thirdly, one must be an expert at turning the other cheek, instead resorting to
temper tantrums and name-calling.

- And fourthly, one must be universal, in accepting the fact that Catholicism is
the ultimate team sport, as was pointed out be Leo XIII by his analogy of the
structural feature of architecture..

In Donohue, we have an incredibly grotesque and slovenly person whose absence
of ascetism is evidenced in his "temple of the Holy Spirit," otherwise known as
body.n nWatch someone claim that he has a thyroid condition.  All his life?

In Donohue, we have a money grabber.  He does not make his TV appearances
and write his name-calling articles for free.  He could have hired other people
and shared the wealth.  But no.  He kept it mostly to himself.

In Donohue, we have a person who immediately slaps back, and he admitted
this to the mild mannered EWTN anchorman Raymond "Don't-Rock-the-Boat"
Arroyo Donohue, the face-fallen epitome of formlessness acted like Mr. Tough
Guy, in telling Raymond that he first strikes an antagonist to the church "to get
even,  and then strikes the same entitya second time, in order to intimidate them
into negatively speaking out against the church again.  Well, Bill Donohue was
called a Fringe Catholic Screamer.  This is ironic for someone who called George
Neumayr and Mike Voris right wing nuts.

Bill Donohue made certain rapist priests out to be the victims of libel, and he
went presumptive, if not German Nazi, in rants over Jews in Hollywood.  If
he ever did speak out against sweatshop labor profiteering, it was a well hid-
den secret.  Such a thing is one of the four sins which cry out to Heaven for
Vengeance and is a top priority in the Catholic Conscience.  In fact, there
are Catholics working in sweatshops ... or should I say ex-Catholics who
surmised that the Church doesn't care about them.  Donohue certainly did
not.  Thus, Donohue does more to drive people away from the Catholic
Church than to bring them into it.  Donohue must go.

Donohue does NOT touch the human heart.  He is made out to be the one
who speaks in accordance to the Heart of Christ, the Mind of Christ, the
Will of Christ, and the Way of Christ.  Christ knows him not.  Donohue
is an embarrasment to the Catholic Church, and he thwarted the action
which is actually needed to be done by the laity.  Even writing about
him is a waste of time.  To call him a jerk in an understatement.

Incidentally, Vietnam era heroine for orphans, Randy Engel, foundress of the
US Coalition for Life, co-foundress of the International Foundation for Genetic
Research, and author of the Rite of Sodomy, Randy Engel will be back in the
fight, even though she has been severely impaired with respiratory ills.

In addition, Mike Volpe's Crime magazine article about Wuerl is still on the
front page of the search engines, and other people in the background have of-
fered assistance of a significant amount, in the need to take the church back
from people as vile as Bill Donohue and Donald Dignity Mass Wuerl.  For
those unfamiliar, Chicago journalist Mike Volpe is the champion of whistle
blower rights.

A DC attorney gave me the name of an organization Wuerl uses as his propa-
ganda machine, in the name of the Good Name of the Church.

Plus, there are sources in Europe on the ANTI-Wuerl side who are basically
our underground, for us here in the United States.  Very simply, if the cardi-
nals as the Vatican weren't such wolves in shepherd's clothing, Wuerl would
have been gone, long ago.

Now, Wuerl keeps making coup d'etat attempts against the Catholic Church's
2,000 year doctrine, while living the Marie Antoinette lifestyle.  He hasn't
changed a bit.

Now, in November of 2015, after Wuerl was lauded by a disingenuous journalist
who was making Wuerl out to be a holy ascetic sleeping on a Trappist monk's mat,
there was the quest to discover if Wuerl actually did live in ascetic poverty.  Well,
no one knew where Wuerl's residence was.  Then, George Neumayr was consulted.
Bingo.  It turns out that George was the only to know the correct residence.  He hit
the nail on the head.  He hit the target.  He uncovered the secret.  So what did the
Wuerl People do about George's discovery?  ANS: Call him a delusional nut case.

They then admitted that George was non-delusionally correct about Donald Wuerl's
residence.  Thus, George wasn't a delusional nut case about Wuerl's home along the
posh Embassy Row.  Yet, even after admitting that George was correct, the Wuerl
People called him psychotic anyway, Those people are supposed to be adults, with
one being 75 years old and another one being 68 years old.  So, why don't they act
like adults?

In brevity, George attended a book signing, and without him saying anything, police
were called to escort him off of Washington archdiocesan property, despite the fact
that George is a member of the press and Washington DC is the capitol of the land
that protects freedom of the press.

George then attended a second book signing and quickly found himself surrounded
by individuals he identified as Opus Dei members.  The book signing crow contained
those hurling hostile phrases to George, as George was outnumbered.  George would
not voluntarily leave, being that he was a member of the press looking for answers,
one of which was why Wuerl let police usher George off of Catholic Church pro-
perty, as if church servant, Donald Wuerl, owned the archdiocese of Washington.

On the Our Lady of Guadeloupe memorial (feast day,) George encountered a man
leaving one of the four garages of Wuerl's posh Embassy Row residence.  The man
identified himself as Wuerl's chef.  Stop there.  Either the man was hiding the truth
of his presence behind a lie or else Wuerl lives like a pre-revolutionary French mar-
quis or former Pittsburgh steel tycoon.  This is an addition count / instance which
shows that it's a falsehood to claim that Wuerl lives like the ascetics of the Church.

Wuerl has too much to hide.  So, he has George Neumayr demonized

Now, the Wuerl People call George a right wing nut and a critic who won't go
away.  This includes the piglike and non-ascetic, teeth-gritter, Bill "half-million-
charity-dollar" Donohue who will have to answer to the Eternal God for making
Catholicism look bullyish and for publishing Cardinal Wuerl's heresies as if they
were infallible statements.  The Wuerl People only attack George, because he has
Wuerl's number.  So, they attempt to create fear of George, in the hope that you
won't read any of George's writings, some of which are admonitions.

Of course, George is NOT a critic as much as he is an investigator reporter look-
ing to secure evidence and credible witness accounts against the decrepit Donald
Wuerl who, in his retaliations, false doctrine, cover-ups, and accommodation of
Sodomy should have NEVER been ordained a priest, let alone made a bishop.

Add to the list of evils, Donald Wuerl's avarice and obsession with living in
Marie Antoinette luxury, while billions on earth suffer things such as labor
exploitation and war.  Wuerl is a curse to the present Catholic Church.

Even at that, Wuerl is a fulfillment of the wisdom of St John Chrysostom who
stated that the path to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.  Wuerl's skull is
awaited in the Hell where he belongs, if he doesn't convert from a flood of sin.

Wuerl offers no consolation to the Faithful.  He only incites arrogant pride in
those who are deceived into thinking that defending Wuerl in his homosexual-
ity, his retaliations, his heresies, his cover-ups, his avarice, and his indulgence
in Marie Antoinette comfort is the act of defending the very Catholicism that
Wuerl constantly sabotages.

Wuerl sold this parish and it became a pub.  Actually,
it became the  laughing stock of Pittsburgh.
Now, only those who practice some form of mercy in this life get mercy grant-
ed to them by the Eternal God.  Proof that God has granted mercy to any per-
son is seen in the person's conversion.  God does NOT simply let you slide,
after sinning up to the moment of death.  Rather, God takes you out of your
sins, freeing you from your craving to sin, while you are still in this life.

Wuerl's Wolves

Wuerl is now getting more vicious, showing that he is doing the opposite of
converting.  He apparently wants to stay in a cozy and plush setting, at the
expense of the Catholic laity, despite the fact that he is past retirement age
and should prepare for entering into eternity in his advancing years..  Well,
Wuerl shows himself to have no fear of the damnation he deserves.  That's
fascinating, Mr. Spock.  However, when a cleric continues to go to Holy
Communion in the state of mortal sin, while constantly giving Communion
to those publicly obstinate in sin, the cleric gets more twisted and decrepit
in his spiritual state.  Thus, the degree of vice in that person intensifies.

Concerning the Wuerl People and the Sodomite world calling George names,
you have a mind.  So, use it.  Go look for yourself.  Instead of  listening sole-
ly to Wuerl's paid propaganda machine, listen to George yourself and com-
prehend the mindset that's revealed when George speaks sur-le-vif,  That's
French for on-the-spot.

The alliance between George and I go back to the Dereliction of Duty article
which absolutely impressed me --- and this comment is coming from a guy
who was first published along side laureates, in an anthology, at the age of
20.  Shortly after I discovered that the Wuerl Camp was trying to silence
George forever more, I recognized the duty to offer my assistance to the
underdog George.

The most poignant statement that George made in that article was that a car-
dinal wears red in order to show that he is willing to die for the Faith and
that Wuerl only cared about himself and his pampered degree of lifestyle.

That one sentence in George's Dereliction of Duty article was accentuated in
my mind, because I personally witnessed how Wuerl was more than willing
to let my blood or the blood of Fr. Torquato's evidence-based accuser be shed.
This, of course, was during the first wave of the Torquato Retaliations, shortly
after I telephoned the Papal Nuncio in complaint of Wuerl's harassments upon
Fr. James Torquato's evidence-based accuser and upon me, the credible accus-
er's advocate.  Wuerl showed how he only cared about himself.  His murder-
ous deceit was made manifest when he looked the other way, while I took
Torquato's accuser into hiding.

Then came George's landmark article about Wuerl's breach of duty of loyalty,
coupled by the Wuerl People attempting to destroy George.  What they did
amounted to the harassment of George.  That was when I joined the side of
Underdog George.  Take note that George did NOT buckle under Wuerl's
surrogate harassment of him.  Others were cowards who ran and hid at the
first sign of opposition from the habitual abuser of power, Donald Wuerl.

George and I have spoken at length, meaning that I know what makes him
tick.  His conservative stance was the result of him wanting nothing to do
with the way of his former local ordinary, Cardinal Roger Mahony.  For
those unfamiliar, George told me that he was a California native, living
in the geographical perimeter of the LA archdiocese.

A photo taken at sunset during my 12,000 mile road trip in 2012.
Keep in mind that Wuerl was heavily involved in "priestly formation" during the
years when the preferred priesthood candidate was the stereotypically effeminate
and even homosexual wet wash-rag type ... or else the preferred candidate was
someone either attractive to or sympathetic with the typical homosexual cleric
seated in a position of power.

Keep in mind that Wuerl will not debate the issues brought forth by George "on
the merits of the case."  Wuerl simply has George attacked personally.  This is
known as an ad hominid attack.  PLUS, the age old trick of Wuerl was recently
used.  That trick is the use of the word, "might."

Wuerl did this ploy during the Cipolla Signatura appeal, when Wuerl refused
to comply with the Vatican mandate to reinstate Anthony Cipolla back into the
priesthood ministry.  Now, Wuerl feared that doing so would trigger an inquest
headed by DA John C. Pettit who already informed the public that Donald Wuerl
was not cooperative with law enforcement officials during an investigation that
resulted in the indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  The public excuse that
Wuerl gave was that "there MIGHT have been factual inaccuracies in the Cipolla
case."  This caused journalists to misinterpret Wuerl and omit the word, "might."

All in all, you can claim that any case in the history of mankind MIGHT have had
factual inaccuracies attached to it.  Well, one of Wuerl's propagandists stated that
Wuerl might or might not be living in luxury on, of all places, the posh Embassy
Row where he definitively lives.  Do you see what deceivers the Wuerl People
continue to be?  George had Wuerl caught red-handed, yet the Wuerl People
are trying to get you to doubt George's investigative work.

A cardinal has the moral obligation to be clear in his communications, and NOT
a snake who uses surrogates to confuse the Faithful.  In as much, one sign that
the prophesied Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has finally occurred,
 ... so prophesied at Fatima Portugal ... will be that of Donald Wuerl being out
of power with his writings banned as much as were the writings and plagiarisms
of his former associate, the serial molester Marcial Maciel Degollado.   Maciel
actually refused to receive the final sacraments of the Church at his hour of death,
despite the number of priests present. This shows that Maciel willingly chose an
eternity of Helly, in his pride and foolishness.  This actually shows that God does
NOT grant mercy to the merciless, and it requires God's mercy to have anyone
even ask for the final sacraments of the Church.

In the end, neither Wuerl nor the Wuerl People will win the war Wuerl started,
in his belligerent attacks against Catholic doctrine and Canon Law, especially
as it applies to Canon 915.  In fact, the Wuerl People ... Wuerl's accomplices ...
will be the ones held accountable in this life for the evils Wuerl perpetrated.
Wuerl will NOT be there to help them.  They are merely Wuerl's disposable
dupes.  There is no law which says that you have to also be one of Wuerl's

By the way, if you possess additional damning evidence or credible eye-witness
accounts against Wuerl and/or the Wuerl People, know that you are welcomed to
convey such evidence to me ... or to Mike Voris' staff ... or to George Neumayr,
the Joe Friday act-alike ... or to Mrs. Randy Engel ... or to Wuerl victim Mike
Ference ... or to San Antonio Texas canon lawyer Charlie Wilson who once
said to me, "Bishops such as Wuerl are the reason why people leave the
Church."  Take back your Church.  It's not Wuerl's exclusive property.