August 22, 2018

Bill Donohue: Wuerl's Ringer, hogging a $450,000+ annual income, and turning a league into a one-man show.

Perpetually hogging the speaker's spot and
$475,000+ of a Roman Catholic  charity's
annual income, in the name of defending the
Faith, does far more harm to the image of the
Church than any antic of any enemy of said
Church.   There's more to the Church than the
Bill Donohue whose face even resembled a pig.
The pig face is mentioned, to illustrate the absence of the aesthetic and ascetic life
which is a trademark of a valid conveyer of Catholicism.  A formless physique in-
dicates a person who does no penance and no mortification.  Such lack results in
any person being not in control of his senses.  This includes his appetite, temper,
etc.  And of course,  Bill Donohue has repeatedly been seen in the teeth-gritted
temper mode, as if that's Catholicism.  Well, it's not.

This article starts with a question:  What is an article about the formless faced
Bill Donohue doing on a website that exposes Cardinal Wuerl's corruption?

ANS:  Donohue was a Pittsburgh area college professor during the tenure of
Wuerl, and he ever-so-coincidentally landed the big kahuna position at the
Catholic League.

In the old vernacular, Bill Donohue is known as "Wuerl's ringer" ... "Wuerl's
plant."  Oh by the way, if you know Bill, ask him who baptized his grand-
children.  Then, prepare for one of your eyebrows to raise involuntarily.

Pittsburgh.  The manipulation proceeded in the Pittsburgh vicinity.
I was there at the time.  Rocco Palmo was not.  Mike Aquilina
was not.  Randy Engel was not.  None of them can give you
firsthand witness accounts.
I was in Pittsburgh, too, during the time span when Donohue was here, and
the Donald Wuerl who approached me and stopped a foot in front of me was
a flaming homosexual.  Therefore, Donohue comment about Wuerl being
"man, all man," was an absolute lie, as far as concerns the Donald Wuerl
we encountered in Pittsburgh in the 1990s.  Donohue is a liar, too, just like
the rest of the Wuerl People.  Donohue needs to resign from the Catholic
League, so that it can once again be a league.  Okay then, let's begin:

Atheist Bill Maher once said in front of a TV camera that there is no such
thing as the Catholic League ... that there is only one guy.  Bingo.  Case
Closed.  Furthermore, Donohue does not use prudence before speaking

Did you ever wonder why there is only one person going throughout the Unit-
ed States with gritted teeth, being presented as the sole voice of Catholicism,
even though he's void of the charity, mercifulness, and aestheticism of Christ
and John the Baptist?   ANS:  $450,000+ per year, kept to himself which ex-
plains the absence of charity in Bill Donohue's overly ornery approach.  .

He has disfigured the image of Christ, by replicating the 1950s nun with lethal
ruler in hand.  He perhaps doesn't realize how many potential converts he caused
to be repelled from the Church.  He's more of a one-man public relations disaster
than a one-man league.  He's the anti-thesis of unity and teamwork.  He's merely
a pig hogging the donation dollars of kindly people ... He's the pig/man.

Of course, Bill Donohue, the $450,000 Man, demanded that Bill Maher be sum-
marily fired. This should be expected, being that Bill Maher has Donohue's pro-
verbial number.  This also shows that Donohue cannot handle Maher.

The other thing is that Donohue once called SNAP a fraud group.  Now, SNAP
stands for Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests, and  I personally call
that group a Kangaroo Court.  But they are not complete shysters.  They simply
believe every person who claims to have been molested, when the truth is that
there are liars out there.  Tim Bendig is definitely one of them.  I don't say that
he is "allegedly" a liar.  I say that Bendig is a liar who lied to me four times in
a row in a few minutes, changing his story each time.

Donohue's not a dove.  He's a vulture.
According to Donohue's actions, you are too stupid and incompetent to defend
the Faith of Peter, yourself.  So, you must step aside and let him do it only.  Yet,
he has stated things that can make a reasonable person cringe.  Through his ac-
tions, he is saying that Christ and the Holy Spirit are too incompetent to give
you the grace needed to defend the Faith, so he has to make up for the slack in
God's faulty character, by stealing the spotlight every time, thereby creating a
monopoly throughout the studios of today's media.  Of course, this is heresy,
as well as blasphemy.  But, why should Donohue care, being that he is at least
smirking all the way to the bank?

In reality, Donohue entirely misses the initial essence of Catholicism, when
presenting it to those unfamiliar with it..  The explanation goes as follows:

The Moslem terrorists ... murderous entities that they are ... have the sole goal
of instilling fear into those who don't believe what they believe.  Well, Bill
Donohue does the exact same thing.  Donohue seeks to intimidate and that
is the exact opposite of what angels and Christ did when introducing any
element of the Kingdom of God to mortal man.

You don't want to create a fear of Catholicism.  You want to create a love
for it ... an infatuation with it ... a sense of honor for it.

Q:  In the introductions of revelations, what was the #1 thing spoken by the
      angels involved, Christ himself, and even his own mother?  ANS:  "Do 
      not be afraid."

At the Annunciation, the archangel said, "Do not be afraid.  Rather rejoice, 
oh highly favored daughter, because you have won favor with God"  At the
shepherds' field during the first Christmas a choir of angels said, "Do not fear.
We bring tidings of great joy."  On the first Easter night, Christ said to the
apostles who were present in the upper room, "Do not be afraid. It's only I."

Then, at La Salette France (in 1846) and Fatima Portugal (1917), the Virgin
Mary said, "Do not be afraid.  I will not harm you."  All in all, Donohue
tries to act like the jaws of death over those who don't bow to his beliefs.
He has shown that he is clueless to the Way of Christ, and therefore, he is
a stranger to Christ and his angels, as well as to Christ's own mother.

If you're going to shell out in the vicinity of $407,000 yearly dollars of charity
money to this guy who obviously doesn't know the meaning of the words fit-
ness and aestheticism, as well as meekness and self-control, then demand a
better product.  Donohue is one of the reasons why people feel repelled from
the Church.   His effect was very much the opposite of Mother Theresa, and
Donohue is much more pampered than Mother Theresa was.

Dr. Donohue is not well versed in being a charming Latin gentleman, despite
the fact that he used to teach in Spanish Harlem.  He has a terrible bedside
manner.  He does teeth-gritted monologues, and he comes off  as a hick with
shotgun in hand, saying, "Git off my land, you revenuers."

In having come from the Latin culture, and in being a person in a very high
testosterone lifestyle of construction work, weightlifting, and things of a
more personal nature, I can assure that only a strong man can be gentle.

For those unfamiliar, I work in construction, in the estimating dept, in the legal
dept, and in field, with the occasional muscle sprains and bloody hands.  I was
even crushed between steel once.  I had to work in minus 30 degree wind chills,
and was caught in a trench wall collapse up to my hips, during an Army Corps
of Engineers project.  And the one thing that I learned throughout all of the crisis
scenarios is to be flexible and to not snap back at people.  Donohue swings back,
as if he is a brawling school child from the Bronx.

I vividly know how mortal man is.  This is why the arrogance of a frail Rocco
Palmo and the in-your-face boisterousness of a physically formless Bill Dono-
hue makes me cringe.

How can you have an individual be presented as the voice of Catholicism when
he shows the opposite signs of Louis of Montfort's aestheticism?   How can you
present to the world as the model of Catholicism someone who shows himself to
have zero temperance and no self-denial which was the trademark of Catherine
of Siena,  Therese of Lisieux,  Anthony of Padua,  John Chrysostom,  John of
the Cross, and other true representatives of Catholicism?

When one hears Donohue speak, a reasonable person would do nothing but
cringe, especially in what Donohue would say about Jews.  There are those
of use, such as yours truly, who attended college in Florida and had for the
majority of our friends Jews from Philly and New Jersey.  Donohue doesn't
know the Jewish mindset, to say the least.  He makes the rest of us Catholics
look oppressively mean-spirited.

If the people in the Church's positions of power & influence were so correct.
in their ways these days, we would not have had the mass exodus from the
Catholic Church that we had, and we would not be experiencing an even
more massive exodus from basic morals and human decency.  The bishops
of today are utter failures, and the Palmos & Donohues of this era have been
utterly ineffective.  In fact, they have been detrimental.

The other thing about Dr. Donohue is that he hogs the spotlight and does not
set forth a feeling of teamwork.   Yet,  he speaks for a church that is teamwork
in its nature.  He's the president of a league, but doesn't show that there is any
league around him.  He made himself a one-man show.  In fact, he has con-
structed a dictatorship within an organization founded during the days when
Catholics were even denied employment, on account of being Catholic.

Concerning this, a major difference between Bill Donohue and I is that he gets
paid for what he does, to the general tune of $407,000 yearly.  I never charge
anyone as much as a penny for my research and writings.  This included those
who requested my copyright privileges for their books and other publications,
as well as museum display cases and pirate websites.

I have zero respect for Donohue and Palmo, and I can state this without being
called envious, because I'm in the Million Hit Club, too.  ( 1,000,000+ page-
views, for those not familiar with American vernacular).  In fact, I have litera-
ture on the library shelves of Harvard, Northwestern U, Sweet Briar College
and elsewhere.  I don't merely write about one general subject, and I am cer-
tainly not obsessed with clerical vestments that resemble red Christmas gift

I've covered economics, taxes, military history, Occupational &; Environmental
Medicine, ecology, sports injuries, US presidential history, politics, investments,
modern poetry, landscape photography, coastline photography, metro photography,
black & white photography, Our Lady, the Faith of Peter, and a few other topics.

All in all, the present Catholic Church needs a massive overhaul.  We can start
with Donohue, 407,000 times over.  Today's good ole boy cronyism must be
stopped.  You can put it to a stop by sending your donation money to a real
cause, instead of to Donohue, such as one that helps foreign sweatshop slave
laborers --- or the ecology of the earth --- or mothers without husbands --- or
the homeless --- those being persecuted overseas under the guidance of Aid
to the Church in Need or to any one of many things.  Give your money to
Trappists and/or Carmelites and/or Carthusians and/or Sisters of Charity,
instead.  Use it for Mass stipends, and send it toward a shrine.  After all,
prayer accomplished more than a one-man show which is mostly a money-
grabbing racket.

Giving your money to a hog is entirely detrimental.  You and I can defend
the Faith ourselves.  If you can read this post, then you're not too mindless
to defend the Faith of Peter.

The Scorecard on the Catholic League which no longer operates as a league
goes as follows:

Quite frankly, you and/or I and/or many others can do a much better job than
Donohue at 1/4 the salary of Donohue.  In fact, I have being doing that job for
free, via this site and another one.  If you want to join in the cause, know that
my contact info is at my Google+ profile page.  At present, I'm in Pittsburgh,
near the Three Rivers Confluence ... at the most active aquatic triplicity in the
Western Hemisphere which put forth a notable number of inventions and firsts
for humanity.  At this point, think teamwork.  At this point, think.  Don't be a
mindless mynah bird.  Be more like a black eagle.  They remain faithful.