July 01, 2018

I was NEVER molested or "fondled" by a priest, or brother, or nun, or teacher, or coach, or school administrator, so stated for the record

During the years depicted in this photo, I was NOT NOT NOT molested by anyone.
 I was NEVER the play toy of any priest, teacher, coach, etc, etc, etc.

HOWEVER, I was caught in the middle of the Torquato Retaliations,
while trying  ... but failing ...  to help his evidence-supported accuser.

Just because a person writes in detail on the Vatican II sexual abuse
scandal, it does NOT means that the person was molested.  Got it?

People in today's self-centered society think that everything anyone does
is for a selfish motive.  Thus, it was assumed by the less than deep thinkers
that I must have been molested somewhere down the line.  Well, newsflash:

Some people actually do things out of an altruistic sense of duty.  Therefore
and for the record, I was NEVER molested by a priest or a nun or a brother
or a school teacher or a college professor or a coach.  I was never so stupid
to get molested.  I was sexually harassed in life, but you simply hop out of
the car or move to another chair followed by moving to yet another chair
and then walking out of room.

Now, as far as goes my reason for being a whistle blower who warned the
People of the wolves in shepherd's clothing among them, it goes as follows:


I went through a suicide at the age of 18, concerning a 19 year old who was
living at the infamous John S Hoehl's home-at-the-time.  He had just moved
back to his mom's home, due to him allegedly punching Hoehl.  I was the last
non-family member to ever see him alive, and the final look he ever cast at me
was, "It's okay.  It doesn't matter anymore."  Two to three hours later, I had to
sit down at a kitchen table with a young teenage girl, to tell her that my best
friend's oldest brother had just killed himself.

He was the reason why I saw to it that James Torquato would be reported for
that which I was told by an evidence-based withness  he was doing.  I didn't
want to go through another suicide.

Now, I trusted in Donald Wuerl, because of all of the praiseworthy articles
about him, written by Ann Rodgers.  She set me up for the kill in deceiving
me into trusting Wuerl.  If I had known that the Wuerl People were so cor-
rupt, I would have told Torquato's evidence-based accuser to spare himself
and keep silent.


Wuerl had the moral and canonical obligation to grant me a Catholic Aposto-
late dedicated to ending economic injustices such as the present foreign labor
exploitation.  This is because it is formally known as Defraudment of Labor-
ers of their Wages, and matters concerning nationwide injustices must be
countered by the Catholic Church when such a church is part of the main-
stream of society and is benefiting financially or otherwise from the injustice.
Wuerl ignored everybody's plea for him to get into action against sweatshop

Now, Wuerl was made out to be the holiest man in the Catholic hierarchy
by non-Catholic Ann Rodgers, former writer for the Pittsburgh Post Ga-
zette who was caught lying a few times, but whose deceptiveness is in
her use of semantics.  So, someone had to come forth and show the pub-
lic that the Wuerline picture of untold godlike holiness painted by Ann
Rodgers was a complete falsehood.  Wuerl was made out to be the most
caring and loving and compassionate man on earth, when he fshowed
uncaring indifference toward sweatshop workers and abused laborers
worldwide.  They lived in poverty and anguished, while he lived in
Marie-Antoinette luxury.


I was delivering drywall on my day off to an attic which had the shoebox
full of the James Torquato evidence.  The scope of the Fr. Torquato abuse
scenario was later conveyed to me.  Then, the evidence was given to me.

Next, I quickly learned how much and to what degree Wuerl allowed retal-
iation to be committed upon his priests' victims, so long as any victim isn't
under 18.  But, if you're 18, you're fair game, and Wuerl will not rally to
your rescue.  So, I gave the reading public the opportunity to learn how
corrupt Wuerl is.

I also gave the reading public the opportunity to learn how much of a duo
of liars are the teeth gritted Bill Donohue and non-Catholic Ann Rodgers
who was never moved enough by Wuerl to become a Catholic, proving
her to be a hypocrite in publicly praising Wuerl.

Much later did I learn that the one person who needed to learn of Wuerl's
corruption the most was the Papal Nuncio in Washington DC.

I NEVER made as much as a dime off of my online writings.  Randy Engel
and Jason Berry can never say this.  Thus, money was not my motivation.

Concerning my photography, do you have anything against conveying
beauty or instilling a sense of mysticism or posting geometric curiosities?
None the less, I never made a dime from them.

Plus, I never charged as much as a penny for my copyright permissions.
Now, NONE of my work is public domain.  But, I have granted my copy-
right permission to those who asked for them, free of charge.  For the re-
cord, I get deeply offended when someone takes any of my works and
posts them on his/her site/blog without asking me for permission to do
so.  Of course, if you are one of the two people in this world of 7 billion
people I have told to never contact me, then you are entirely forbidden
to post anything of mine on your site/blog/URL.

Concerning my writings, when you remain silent to an evil, you become
accountable for the evil you did not resist.  Then, the evil will own you.

 © Patrick Pontillo