July 20, 2023

Proof Blatant that Bendig was lying to the public, all along

This is where they would have locked Cipolla up,
if ..................................................
NOTE:  Just because Bendig in graphic ways was found to be a liar, it does
not instantly write off the 1978 accusations against Cipolla.  Even at that,
a question arises:  Can a molested youth become as big a pathological liar
and con artist as did become Tim Bendig?  Bendig lied to me four times in
a row.  Bendig lied to the public, in stating that his six-figure settlement was
going to be used in intense psychiatric therapy, when the truth is that Bendig
took the money and purchased the Two Step Lounge from the Levitske Bros.

The following was written before the PA Grand Jury revealed the existence
of the Pgh diocesan secret archives and used said archives in it reports:

According to the Randy Engel, Tim Bendig was molested by Anthony Cipolla
and was hurting badly.  According to Randy, Bendig was destroyed by sexual
abuse, therefore it wasn't any surprise that Bendig filed a civil action against
Cipolla and his employers.

The media kept reporting that Tim Bendig was suing Cipolla and the Diocese
of Pittsburgh for the money needed to go through intense psychiatric therapy. 
And the media literally stated "intense" in print.

For years, Bendig was telling the media that he badly needed the money for
badly needed psychotherapy, being that he was badly hurting from Cipolla's
evil actions upon his vulnerable personage.  The media kept reminding the
public that the ability to pay for intense medical expenses is what Bendig's
reason-for-suing was.  This was told by the media often enough for it to be-
come the refrain of a multi-stanza song.

Well, such intense therapy really does cost significant amounts of money.
Therefore, the Diocese of Pittsburgh just had to cough up the money need-
ed for the always-honest Tim Bendig to receive unparalleled treatment.  So,
Donald Wuerl delivered.  Oh yes.  He settled the case out of court, seeing to
it that Bendig would receive a settlement in the six-figure range --- that is to
say, in the hundreds of thousands  of dollars range.

So there he was, Tim Bendig, endowed and empowered with six-figures of
American dollars, after, of course, Attorney Douglas Yauger took his hand-
some share of the settlement.  None the less, it was now a sure thing for all
so poor Tim Bendig.  It was a smooth trip to the psycho-therapists' clinic.
Go Timmy.  Go.

Bendig now had clear Sailing.  He had daylight from where he was standing
to the psycho-therapy clinic.  So, Timothy Bendig took his checkbook and
marched off . . . . . . to the Levitske Brothers and purchased the Two-Step
Lounge with the money he told the public that was going to be used for
intense psychotherapy.

Ladies & gentlemen Tim Bendig was lying to the public all along.  The fact
that he rushed off and blew his settlement money on the Two-Step Lounge
proves that he was NOT hurting at all, in any capacity.  That purchase de-
stroyed his credibility.  And siding with the publicly proven liar, Tim Ben-
dig, destroyed Randy Engel's credibility in the minds of anyone who is not
a cultish follower of her.

Do you still regard Randy Engel the end-all of all existence?  Do you still
think that she covered all bases, presented both sides of the argument, and
reported on the Cipolla Case is a non-biased way?

She posted the Cipolla appreciation plague from Saint Bernard's parish, but
did NOT show her readers the plaque of appreciation that was given to Ci-
polla by the Oakland New Jersey Police.  POLICE gave him a plaque.
Did Randy mention this?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Anthony Cipolla is dead.  Father James Torquato is
still in active ministry and Engel NEVER wrote about him.  Chicago's
Mike Volpe wrote about Torquato.  Why did Engel never do so?

ADDED NOTES:  I will, when the time and opportunity presents itself
to me, to fully respond, line item by line item to Randy Engel's damning
article against Anthony Cipolla which Matt Abbott posted at the Renew
America site.  For now, a few notes:

In re: Mention was made that Anthony Cipolla was to be arraigned at
Police Station #1:

Oh yes, arraignment dids and do take place at police stations ... in places
like Melbourne Florida, where there is a significant distance from major
metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Pitts-
burgh.  In Pittsburgh, arraignments occur in magistrate offices or in the
Court of Common Pleas.

I have to go, right now.  I shall return ... maybe before sub-zero temper-
atures hit Chicago next week as forecast.  I guess this means that all of
the Global Warming meetings will be canceled next week.

By the way, I was NOT a follower of Cipolla.  I did NOT think that he
was among the holiest on Earth.  It's just that I did some fact-checking,
based on a tip, and found her to be a liar.