July 25, 2023

The #1 give-away which instantly showed that Randy Engel's "Cipolla Arrest" narration was a completely bogus fabrication

Sorry guys.   Cipolla was NEVER arrested.
Diane Thompson is a liar and Randy Engel was her dupe.
If Randy Engel would have waited for the Pennsylvania Grand Jury
Report to be published, she wouldn't have made a complete buffoon
out of herself.  Her version of the Cipolla Case was an alternate uni-
verse's hyper-exaggerated.  Ironically, that hyper-sensationalized and
very false version of the case is still online.  Engel prove herself to be
beyond stubborn and beyond detrimental to society.  Anyone who had
experience with Church corruption know that the cover-ups are like
Donald Wuerl's flaming homosexual whispery voice.  They are subtle,
nearly invisible, pernicious, faded, and off-the-grid.  Only when the
whistle blowers are physically strong people do church officials get
surrogates to perform violence.  That is beyond rare.  When the en-
tities involved are children and their mom, only the subtleties are
employed.  Thus, Engel is out of touch with reality.  After all, she
was sure that I wasn't in construction, proving how incredibly out
of touch with reality this aged woman and conspiracy theorist is.

Now to the article written before the PA Grand Jury revealed the
contents of a Pgh diocesan secret archive file was even known to

It was so obvious that even a rowdy college student arrested during Spring
Break could have detected it.  Even a fan of Jack Reacher films could have
easily seen through Randy Engel's ridiculously elaborate tale of the Anthony
Cipolla arrest which never occurred, in the first place.

It was all so simple.  In all of her wind-bagging, with Police Station #1 this
and Police Station #9 that, along with pre-arraignment here and "released on
his own cognisance" there, Randy Engel never mentioned the #1 thing that
happens to all people arrested and charged under any state criminal code
statute involving a felony or misdemeanor..

In all of her windbagging and uppity church lady verbiage, done in the attempt
to make Diane Thompson sound all so credible, in a detailed account,  Randy
Engel, Einstein that she is, failed to mention the magic words which make an
American arrest story sound credible.  She left out:

                            AND THEY TOOK HIM TO COUNTY.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are arrested and charged in the United States
of America, you will be taken to the COUNTY JAIL and spend at least one
night there.  The fact that Engel failed to add the "county jail feature" to her
narration showed that the whole story was made-up.

But of course, the paramount proof is retired officer Mark Ninehouser, errone-
ously called Detective M.N. Nehouser by Engel.  Mark was NOT a detective
in 1978, therefore the whole scenario about him being in the DA's office with
a look of dejection on his face, while Diane Thompson signed a sheet of paper
that she couldn't read because she had tears in her eyes was total libel .... million
dollar libel.

Engel destroyed her own legacy, and her good good New Jersey friend pushed
her and pushed her into doing the Cipolla article without ever fact-checking any
damning accusation against Cipolla, DA Bob Colville, and the late Bishop Vin-
cent Leonard.  She did this without consulting me, even though she called me
and asked me if she could refer to me during her investigation and use any jpeg
on my Wuerlgate site..  She now faces a multi-million dollar lawsuit in all her
uppity arrogance, because Vince Cipolla WANTS his brother's name exonerated,
and the evidence is in.  Even though Engel didn't consult me even after having
asked if she could do so, Vince Cipolla definitely is consulting with me.

All in all, the "truth has finally come out."  Mark Ninehouser was finally located.
The men have been separated from the good ole boys.  The men have been separ-
ated from the hags.  In fact, other things have come forth to me, and in due time,
you WILL know about them.

Even if Wuerl were to succeed in manipulating a way to neutralize me into com-
plete inactivity, I am not doing this alone.  Others will carry-on.  It's simply that
I solely write that articles here, except for one specific section.  All in all, Wuerl
will not be able to escape being exposed as the fraud he is . . . as the corrupt cleric
who became a superstar by means of a farcical case.

Remember, Cipolla was NOT tried for molestation at the Vatican.  He was tried,
without being present at the hearing, for a diagnosis of Depression and Suicidal
Tendencies.  I know what Wuerl's tactics were at that hearing.  I'll tell ya later
about them.

Engel is just another old hag jerk.  No great, illustrious mind there.   So, smirk.
Roll your eyes, and get on the phone with your fellow vinegary stenched hags,
and do that all-so-annoying, "Oooooooooooooooh.  He's just saaaaaaaying that."
Randy Engel's description of the Cipolla arrest which never
happened in the first place was as credible as claiming that
the Zombie Outbreak Response Team arrested Cipolla.
Let's review for a few minutes what happens when you are charged with a crime,
after an investigation of you have been completed --- as opposed to you being ar-
rested while engaged in criminal conduct.  This is what usually happens in the
United States ... for the most part ... generally speaking.

First, you get a telephone call, telling you to report to the nearest police station
by a certain time.  If you do not do so, you get another charge tacked on your
record, after you are granted extra report time by the police.

Then, while at the police station, you get fingerprinted.

Next, you sit in a small holding cell, waiting for the van to come and take you to
county ..... to the county jail.  Now, I know that Louisiana has parishes,instead of
counties   Same thing.

At the county jail, you have your mug shot taken.  Now, for a while you will be
sitting around a general population area.  And and and, you will be asked if you
feel like committing suicide ... at least in some jurisdictions.   Then, you are tak-
en to a county jail cell where the light is on all night,  to protect you from your
temporary cell mate.

Moreover, even if your hearing is conducted at Night Court, you are going back
to county jail after your Night Court bail hearing.

Finally, morning comes and you get driven to your bail hearing, where your
accuser may attend and speak to the judge assigning your bail.   This is then
followed by you going back to county, to see how you can find the bail money
that will get you released on bond.

All in all, when you get arrested, you go to County Jail, and when you are put
on trial, you go to the County Courthouse.  It's that simple.  Engel's tale was an
elaborately asinine fabricated tale, told by a very uneducated person who thinks
that you are gullible.

Engel's article made criminal procedure look all so technical, thereby making
her look all so all-knowing and intelligent.  No, she's not.  In fact, her ridicu-
lously banal and erroneous explanation of the expungement process proved
how much she does NOT know about law.

In as much . . .

The fact that Engel never mentioned a bail hearing and never mentioned that
Diane Thompson was invited to speak at the bail hearing additionally proved
that her story was bogus.  And Engel's omission of any mention of Anthony
Cipolla being taken to county  (aka driven to the county jail in a police wagon)
was the other give-away that Diane Thompson's story, as was told by Randy
Engel, was nothing but and wall-to-wall lies told by a sophomoric chump.

A man under intense stress and emotional distress, due to Diane Thompson's
overly theatrical web log posts, died of a heart attack.  Always take note that
Cipolla died shortly after Diane Thompson starting posting her damning ac-
cusations which, with the help of retired officer, Mark Ninehouser and docu-
mentation, was proven to be a complete lie.  Defamation kills.  In Florida,
Defamation is a criminal offense.

Bravo, Randy Engel and her New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Hag Friend
whom I never name for legal purposes, and whose address and telephone
number I never reveal, for the same legal purposes.  I am quite sure that the
Eternal God will repay you for all that you have done.  Hey!  That's a nice-
looking tombstone there, Engel.  Congratulations.  This could never have
happened without you.