September 02, 2018

Wuerlgate/Wuerleaks still ranked up-front & up-top, on major American search engines ... even into September 2017

. . . meaning that the Vatican continues to spit in our faces in their Vatileaks
      arrogance, in that its powers-that-be gives Wuerl tacit approval for the
      pain or terror that he inflicted on others.  Thus, the Vatican will learn,
      through the immutable power of Divine Providence, the meaning of
      the axiom, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Apparently, the modernized, sodomized, and Protestantized
bishops of the Vatican II Church ignored the wisdom of St Augustine,
as did the Augustinian priest, Martin "Lex" Luther who enrolled in a 
German seminary under his baptismal name, Martinus Ludher Mansfeldt.
For those unaware, the oceanside is symbolic of Saint Augustine's writings.
The predominate point to this Wuerlgate/Wuerleaks/Wuerl-of-Hurt site is that
Cardinal Donald Wuerl is still in power, at the top ranks of the Vatican II Church.
After all,  he still is on the bishop maker board,  as in the Vatican's Congregation
for Bishops.

Wuerl's present elevation is in keeping with the nearly-encompassing corruption
of the Post Conciliar Church that protected world class molester Marcial Maciel
Degollado, as if he  were the guardian of the Magna Carta, and which recently
underwent in Rome, a police raid conducted upon a toxic level drug & sodomy
orgy which put a 50 year old monsignor in a detox clinic.  This presents the
question:  How easy is it to get drugs at the Vatican --- or get drugs to the

None the less, Wuerl's present state of power is also in keeping with the Good
Ole Boy mindset of a corrupted organization, being that he spent ten years in
Rome, as John Cardinal Wright's personal secretary, thereby rising through the
ranks of the Protestantized & Homosexualized Post Conciliar Church, and do-
ing on John Cardinal Wright's coat-tails.

Said corruption of the Post Conciliar Church has been confirmed via John Paul II's
massive sex abuse scandal, Vatileaks 1.0 (starring the former Hitler Youth, Joseph
Ratzinger,) and Vatileaks 2.0 starring Francis I, the Argentinian Dirty War pope who
let his Jesuits be subject to the brutality of a government in a clenched-fist mode of

All in all, enough people find Wuerlgate/Wuerleaks to be of pertinence, between the
bully tactics of the Global Warming alarmists, the bullying that comes from Antifa,
the bullying done by CNN, and the bullying from an obese North Korean tyrant who
lets his people endure hunger pangs, not to mention America having to endure the re-
emergence of the ever so annoying pseudo-intellectual narcissist, Hillary Clinton

At this point, a cursory use of brain cells would be sufficient.  In as much, we begin
with this site's Internet rankings as of September 2, 2017:

                                                                     R A N K I N G
Keyword Combo                  Google          

Cardinal Donald Wuerl             #3                        #2                            #2
                                       out of 117,000    out of 42,700,000    out of 43,400,000

Cardinal Wuerl                         #4                        #3                         #3
                                       out of 200,000      out of 450,000         out of 468,000

Donald Wuerl                           #3                        #2                          #2
                                      out of 159,000      out of 207,000         out of 209,000

Wuerl                                       #4                         #2                            #2
                                      out of  279,000      out of 525,000        out of 505,000

                                    Photographic evidence of said rankings is posted below

Now, the Vatican ignored, as far as I knew, all of the complaints against Don-
ald Wuerl that were sent to it and to the U.S. papal nuncio.  This included one
sent by a member of the press and two communications from a canon lawyer.

In fact, the same Vatican acted as if there never were any complaints leveled
against the Donald Wuerl, in the first place.   None the less, Wuerl spent ten
years in Rome, developing himself into the stereotypical good ole boy.  Thus,
this is a cleric who attained the state of cronyism which he has been enjoying
throughout the era of Vatileaks corruption.

The Axiom of the Vatileaks Church

It's common logic to realize that anyone in any high seat of power during any
era of corruption is as corrupt as the system that elevated him.   This includes
Donald Wuerl.    None the less,  due to the Internet,  the Vatican cannot feign ...
... cannot pretend ... ignorance of any cleric's line-itemized wrongdoing.  This
is because Wuerlgate was #1 on in the Spring of 2017, and it's re-
mains #2 and #3 on the three major American search engines.  This shows
that the administrative staff of Pope Francis I is as belligerent and haughty
as the administrative staff the obese tyrant Kim Jong Il of cursed memory.

Below is a series of snapshots of major search engine results.  They are the
results of common Wuerl-related keyword searches.  Therefore, the people
in power within the Protestantized  and  Sodomized Vatican II Church can
easily see the existence of the Wuerlgate site which conveys the corruption
of Cardinal Donald Wuerl with documentary evidence included.  Therefore,
the Vatican has NO excuse for its deliberate negligence.  Observe:

Keyword:  wuerl,  September 2, 2017 on search engine

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