May 02, 2018

Here is my July 2, 2014 FBI Clearance Certification, once again

My FBI Clearance which states that I have no criminal record anywhere in the
United States is once again posted below.

Now, Diane Thompson claimed that she is under legal consultation by attorneys
involved in pending litigation, presumably against me.  She stated that she post-
ed some type of link to instacheck upon the advice of lawyers.

Uhhhhhm, Instacheck is NOT an official government site and it can easily con-
tains errors and fraud.  That which Thompson needed to post was the findings
of a SLED criminal history background check, otherwise known as a SLED
CATCH Record Check

If I do have a criminal record in South Carolina, then you have to notify the FBI
that its criminal background check system is faulty.

No government site states that I have a criminal record.  If a private site does
mention a stalking arrest, then there is the need of notifying the editors there-
of.  I was NOT put in handcuffs on September 10, 2010 and was never charged
with any felony.

Concerning this, Diane Thompson took the photo of a record of a traffic stop and
made it look like an arrest for a crime.  In traffic dockets, being stopped by a police
car is not referred as being stopped.  It's referred to as being arrested.  If you get
stopped for a seat belt violation, you get arrested for a seat belt violation, and
such a thing isn't even a misdemeanor.  Thus, Thompson taking a copy of a
simple traffic stop and making look like a felony arrest is called Invasion of
Privacy in a FALSE LIGHT.

One more thing:  During the time in focus, my father had just succumbed to pan-
creatic cancer.

Concerning Diane Thompson's claim of me being charged with stalking, answer
these questions:  1} How did I get a 2014 FBI Clearance which states that no crim-
inal record in my name exists anywhere in Ameica, if I were charged with stalking
in 2010, and how was I able to do such an act during a time when I was on disability
with severe asthmatic constraints which prevented me from driving around the place,
at will, trailing someone or hunting someone down?  How could I have gone into
such a person's home, if there were a chemically laden air freshener in it?  I would
have gone through severe asthmatic reactions and would have been unable to con-
tinue the hunting-down.

2}  If I got arrested for said stalking, then did I go to trial?   3} Was I convicted?
4} What was my sentence?  This is a very serious accusation.

By the way, do you know what stalking is?   ANS: It's the act of hunting someone
down, so that you can do physical harm to him/her.  That is an extremely serious
accusation.  How can a disabled person do said hunting, in an area that was rife
with chemically laden fragrance products and pesticides?

If there is something online mentioning an arrest of me for stalking, I definitely
know the suspect/culprit in getting that online.   Then an editor must make cor-
rections, or a lawsuit must proceed.

I did assume that Randy Engel was going to come after me with everything she
has to hurl at me, but no law firm has contacted me to first notify me of editor-
ial corrections being needed to be made, as in the standard DEMAND LETTER.
I haven't received any demand letter yet.

None the less, Frank Labiaux was NOT the one who committed fire extinguisher
vandalism on the African Methodist Church in 1978, being that it was done the
year prior.  There is no school on July 30th in Pittsburgh for there to be Tucker
doing his homework at the kitchen table.  No one with whom I spoke ever re-
members seeing Anthony Cipolla wearing a cassock, especially in the heat of
late July.  N.M. Nehouser was actually Mark Ninehouser and he was NOT a
detective at the time, as Randy Engel claimed.

Plus, Mark told me that he only took Diane Thompson's statement, transposed
it in printed text, and gave them report to the detectives, doing nothing about the
case after that.  Therefore, there was no M.N. Nehouser in the DA's office shak-
ing his head in disapointment, as Diane Thompson signed something that she
couldn't see because of tears in her eyes.

And quite frankly, a person can easily wipe his/her eyes, which would be neces-
sary for  a person to see the line on which to sign his/her name.   Etc go the ex-
amples as to how erroneous that articles is.  None the less, I am expecting Randy
Engel to furiously come after me, to totally destroy me.  But, she already made
that attempt in trying to prove that I am a fraud not in the construction industry.
Does Engel still insist on believing that I'm not in construction????

Once again, here is MY FBI CLEARANCE ... and I am so tired of having to do
this.  Where is there any mention of me being arrested for stalking?  It's nowhere.
Remember, I was originally claimed to have been Anthony Cipolla in disguise
operating a child molester protection ring, and that a person can hunt for proof
of my existence online all day and not find anything about me, meaning that I
don't exist and am only the late Anthony Cipolla in disguise.