July 06, 2023

Photos of the Carolina Coastline Tourist Rental Village which Thompson/Mangum Called "Trailer Court."

In the continuing saga of "false light" defamation, and in the continuing saga of
Diane Thompson/Mangum painting me as a dreg ... even though she also painted
me as rich operator of a child molester protection ring ... she called the tourist
village where I lived for ten years a trailer park and that I was kicked out of my
deceased father's house by my family, as if that house were not one of my inher-

For the record, I left the place because of my asthma and inability to endure the
Febreze rafting into a living quarters by renters who were forbidden to smoke
in the nearby rental house and who then flooded it with asthma-triggering

For those you cannot read English well, I am severely reactive to the chemicals
of so called air fresheners, aka fragrance products.  And catty-corner to me was
a rental house where smoking was forbidden.  If smoking occurred in the house,
then the renters (who were usually there for one or two-week vacations) forfeit-
ed $500 damage deposits.  So, they thought that they were going to be smart
and hide their smoking by spraying gaudy amounts of Febreze.  In 2012, the
entire area became flooding with a new fad of cars containing three, four, five,
and six air fresheners which could reek for long enough distances to torture
asthmatic carrying severe chemical allergies.

All in all, I left the Carolina Coastline because of my chemical allergies.  I could
have taken the matter to federal court, but living in Pittsburgh, Chicago, etc is
far far more preferable.  All in all, before air fresheners became a gluttonous
fad in America, that coastline was my asthma refuge.  It then became my
asthma nightmare.

Anyway, Diane Thompson made it appear that I was living in a white trash trailer
court in a low income area, inhabited only by the uneducated and the unskilled,
next to rusted washing machines and motor engine parts, and tireless cars on
cinder blocks.

Here is the place that Thompson made appear to be a rusted out potholed trailer
park in yet more defamatory writings against me.  It's low cell phone resolution,
but it's evidence to show once again what a deceiver she is:

How many trailer courts have high-rise apartments next to them
and a fountain in one of its many ponds?
How many trailer parks have promenade bridges?

How many trailer parks have boardwalks to the Atlantic Ocean?
How many trailer parks have tennis courts?
How many trailer parks have swans?
Swans walk clumsy when out of the water.
You can call this Swan Park, but not trailer park.
More swans in what Diane Thompson called a trailer park.
Mallard on the Coastline
Coastline Shade
Muscovy Duck
When you cross Oceanside Blvd, this is what you see.
Trailer Park or is Diane Thompson a perpetual deceiver,
also presenting a whistle blower in a false light?
She thinks that you're stupid.