May 06, 2018

But, a law firm would have sent a demand letter first, and I am NOT under Florida jurisdiction

In the latest reputation destroying post of Diane Thompson, circa Mid-September
2017, she stated that she was under legal advice and couldn't reveal certain things,
right now.  She then mentioned that in Florida, defamation and libel are criminal
offenses.  She made it sound as if the hammer is about to smash upon me.  Okay
then, observe:

Firstly, she made it appear that I will soon be sued for a lot of money and a court
injunction for that which I wrote about her.  She made it sound as if I will sudden-
ly be served with an unexpected lawsuit.

Ladies and gentlemen, before any libel and/or false light lawsuit, the potential de-
fendant is first sent a DEMAND LETTER,  as well as a notice of need to make
"editor's corrections."  Well, no law firm has contacted me.  I received no de-
mand letter or notice of needed editor's corrections.

Plus, she mentioned the Florida defamation laws.  Uhhhhhm, I am not writing in
Florida.  And and and, I am NOT writing letters to Diane Thompson, aka Diana
Mangum.  I am under Illinois law sometimes and Pennsylvania law at other times.
In Pennsylvania, libel is actionable in civil court only.  If Diane Thompson is get-
ting legal advice, then she is getting bad legal advice and needs to sue her lawyers
for Errors and Omissions.
This is Chicago and NOT Florida.