May 09, 2018

Seurity Clearance: To dispel yet another defamation

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the World of Whitle Blower Retaliation

It's very simple.  If you want to know if I do have or if I do NOT have a criminal
record in the State of South Carolina, you do NOT go to a sensationalistic money-
making site which has a pretend docket number attached to the name of a felonious
criminal charge.  Instead, you must absolutely go to:


and google my name.

Go there now.  Google my name and look.  Then come back here.  While you are
there, according to the person who investigated my name, you'll find that I was
NEVER charged with "Stalking" and that I have no criminal record in the State
of South Carolina.  All which that one investigating person found was that I was
issued SEVEN traffic tickets for failure to wear a seat belt while driving.

Meanwhile, a photocopy of my 2014 FBI Clearance is posted below, to illustrate
that the FBI has officially claimed that I have no criminal record in the United
States.  Instacheck is NOT a government site.  Plus, keep in mind that the ID
number of the crime I never committed was cited by Diane Thompson as be-
ing ridiculously too long for it to be a valid and believable court docket num-
ber.  Of course, I already stated this.  I also stated that all South Carolina
court docket numbers begin with the same three typed characters, and the
number that Thompson/Mangum cited did not begin with those three type-
written or handwritten characters.

Now, Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, took a photocopy of a seatbelt
law violation which cost me only $25 in fines and she then presented it in a
false light, making it look as if I had been arrested and handcuffed.  Ladies
& gentlemen, in legal nomenclature (lingo/jargon), a traffic stop is regarded
as an arrest.

Mention of the SEVEN seat belt fines is to show you how incredibly petty
and vexatious are the police in the low income, low population, and low in-
telligence state of South Carolina, about whom it was reported that high tech
companies were unable to establish themselves there, because there were
NOT enough intelligent people in South Carolina to do any high tech work.

The scorecard at present is that we now have at the hands of the Diane Thomp-
son camp Libel, False Light, & the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.
Perhaps you can fathom the intense emotional trauma that I am enduring at
this moment.  This is how violent Diane Thompson is.  She created a distrac-
tion of the blatantly false claims against Anthony Cipolla, DA Bob Colville,
and the late Bishop Vincent Leonard, by making me look like Public Enemy
#1.  Gloss over my FBI Clearance below, and know that in multiple places
are other clearances.

She spoke of attorneys and pending litigation, apparently against me.  So, we
can then add Vexatious Litigation.  And if a law firm takes her case and repre-
sents either her or fiction writer Randy Engel, then I will become absolutely
fascinated that members of the federal or Pennsylvania bar association will
actually try to get a jury to believe that Mark Ninehouser was a deeply in-
volved detective at the time, instead of a uniformed officer taking a state-
ment and hand-printing a report of it, and that little boys do homework on
July 30, and that court hearings occur at Police Station #1 and #9, instead
of at the magistrates' offices and at County Court.  Etc.

None the less:

Even on a famous nationwide radio talk show, mention was made as to how
vexatious the police are in one particular coastline area of South Carolina.  It
was men-
tioned that the police there will charge any Yankee with any felony or misdemeanor
or traffic citation they can.  Money is then made by the ensuing fines, fees for hav-
ing cases dismissed via community service, and even in the free labor of the com-
munity service work rendered by Yankees.  Next, add to the equation the amount
of money spent in defense attorney fees, due to the malicious and vexatious prose-
cutions mentioned in that nationwide talk show.  Defending a mere misdemeanor
in that coastal area can be two and three thousand dollars in attorney fees.

Moreover, the local newspapers once reported that that particular coastline area's
"county police" were "out of control" with their abusiveness.   And of course, the
national news showed an instance or two of extreme and deadly abusiveness in
South Carolina per se, compliments of the police there . . . of the state that proud-
ly flew the Confederate Flag even into the 21st Century, and which had all of the
standard Jim Crow Laws in force, and which was a haven for segregation, and
which was no stranger to the activities of the Ku Klux Klan as a traditional cul-
tural institution, as well as the Good Ole Boy network of the Johnny Reb South
where the motto is, "I'm gonna do what I damn please."  In fact, the first Amer-
ican civil war was started in the very belligerent state of South Carolina.

Okay then, Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum claimed that I was arrested on
September 10, 2010 and was charged with stalking, while I was on full disability,
with a severe allergic respiratory disease which prevented me from being able to
follow anyone in a car, and sit parked in front of any house, etc., etc., etc.  So, go
to the South Carolina State Police Site or General State Site and look me up, to
see if I had ever been charged with Stalking there.

Going to a private money-making site that carries sensationalistic things can get
you sued, if you repeat anything erroneous posted at the sensationalistic website.
And I WILL be the one doing the suing.

I suffered too much in helping this sex abuse victim here and that harassed person
there, as well as advocating for the plight of swetshop workers, while having a 257
pound truck driver attempt to kill me in front of a company owner, on account of
me catching him steadling 19 company tools, for Diane Thompson to continue her
smear campaign against me, simply because I discovered that she completely lied
about Anthony Cipolla being arrested and then assisted in harassing Thompson in-
to dropping criminal charges which were never filed in the first place, and which
only a prosecutor or judge can dismiss once the charges are filed.

And then we have to discuss Diane Thompson's claim that she had evidence of hav-
ing given a deposition in the Bendig lawsuit.  The two sheets that she posted have
major contradictions in them.  But first, go and google ONLY at the South Carolina
State Site or South Carolina State Police Site, all the while remembering that:

 . . . if I were arrested for Stalking in 2010, I would have been prosecuted and sent
to prison in at least 2012, 2013, & 2014, if not 2015 ... and I would still be on pro
bation, needing to check-in a probation office every so many weeks.   This is the
felony charge of Stalking is not taken lightly.

Moreover, mention of such a felony would be on a person's record, and he surely
would NOT have been granted a 2014  FBI Security Clearance under the auspices
of the Dept of Education on July 2nd of that year, as I was.  The following proves
that I was not arrested, charged-with, or tried for Stalking.

Moreover, the sensationalistic online site which claimed that I was arrested for stalk-
ing had an ID number which was too too long for it to be a court docket number and
which did NOT start with the three standard South Carolina typewritten characters.
Because of that observation, it was instantly seen that the number given was not a
South Carolina court docket number, and therefore, the claim of a stalking charge,
was a fraudulent misrepresentation.

One more thing.  You should know by now that, when it comes to righting wrongs,
defending the underdog, and clearing-up misunderstanding, I am confrontational
and do not back-down.  Well, confrontational people get a lot of intense opposition.
To make a long story short, there has been every type of attempt made to destroy my
life by certain people who do NOT want to hear the truth, even to the point of attempt-
ed physical murder on my own personal person, as well as the attempt to destroy me
for all time by destroying my reputation.  People have literally waged war on me.