August 21, 2018

Boycott Wuerl: 30 years is enough of our time for him to have wasted.

Rome is in this direction, and Living-Hell is in the direction of Donald Wuerl

Yes.  I have heard and read the latest from the Church Militant staff
and Church Militant sources --- about Wuerl allegedly being direct-
ed to go undergone and leave United States jurisdiction --- so direct-
ed to do so, by the doctrine annihilator pope, Francis I.  However, I'm
not going to play the role of cherry picker, and act as if their work is
mine.  In fact, the news sounds a bit too cloak & dagger for me.

If the recent news of Wuerl's flight from the public eye is true, then it
shows that the Vatican knows nothing about United States law.  Wuerl
has nothing to fear of the federal government of the United States.  He,
instead, has to fear the governments-to-come after the approaching re-
volutions & third world war.  If you think that any grand upheaval of
governments is not coming, then fine.  Enjoy your sleep and mindless
TV shows.  None the less, consider the following:

At their perspective times in history, no one imagined that Babylon could
ever fall.  No one thought that pagan Rome would ever become Christian
and then no longer be the power of the civilized world.  No one could have
imagined that Cromwell would ever lose power.  And no one thought that
the King of France would ever meet his destiny at a guillotine.

Continuing, no one thought that Napoleon's empire would change in a
flash, especially Beethoven.  In fact, shortly before that time span, no
one could imagine that a bunch of rural colonialists across the Atlantic
could ever endure the military might of the British Empire.

Plus, no one thought that the mighty Nazi German war machine would
ever end up becoming a line of mass wreckage in a nationwide junk yard.
No one thought that Conqueror Germany would end up looking like the
crater-impacted moon.

Furthermore, No one thought that Tojo's fleet of Zero's would succumb to
Yankee Ingenuity, in the form of Wild Cat attack aircraft.  No one could
have imagined the Shah of Iran falling to a backward exile in France.

No one ever thought that the mighty Soviet Union would deunionize seem-
ingly overnight.  And no one thought that Chicago's Al Capone would ever
spend even one night in prison.  In fact, no one thought that the mighty John
Gotti would end his life in a penitentiary.  And no one thought that Cardinal
Donald Wuerl, with all his propagandists, would ever be revealed for what
he really is.  So, think.

None the less, the Donald Wuerl Propaganda Machine is ratcheting-up.
However, we now have multiple pieces of evidence that illustrates his
malice and cunning which he is trying to pass-off as honest mistakes
by a Mr. Nice Guy.  Well, there were no Mr. Nice Guys during the
Father Torquato Retaliations.  So, get ready for conflict.

In such conflicts, the first thing to do is to simply boycott.  In fact, the
Polish Way of the 1990s was Strike & Boycott.  Most of all, do NOT
make Donald Wuerl look like a martyr.  You have not been commis-
sioned by any sovereign state to be an executioner.  So, the rule is
No Violence from civilians of any country.  If Wuerl walks in, you
walk out.  Do not feed fuel to his fire; his fuel being money.  Very
simply, Boycott Wuerl.

All that Wuerl did for thirty years was waste our time and our lives.

Now, what I can say as my own finding is that McCarrick was being
used as a diversionary tactic ... a scapegoat ... a means to hide from the
public the active malice of the present Vatican.  I can easily say that the
McCarrick dismissal-from-the-clerical-state was done to give the lawless
Vatican the appearance of Law & Order.  However, in holding McCarrick
up as a human smokescreen, all backfired for the Vatican.

Q: And why did it backfire?  ANS:  The timing was off, in that the
     Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report which did NOT flatter Donald
     Wuerl was released.

      For the record, Wuerl was the one fighting to keep the Grand Jury
      report from getting published, doing so through Wuerl's well known
      use of surrogates.  The surrogates in this case were Pennsylvania
      priests.  Keep in mind that Wuerl always manipulated things be-
      hind the scenes through the use of surrogates.  Wuerl recently
      used the surrogate ploy, in asking the Public to forgive him,
      through a letter to Wuerl's Washington DC priests.

     Wuerl never admitted to his malice and outright arrogance.  This is
     to say that Wuerl sees you, I, and 99% of everyone else as the Little
     People.  He sees himself as being able to get away with his wrongs,
     because there is nothing that us Little People can do about it, short
     of revolution.  Ah ha!  He apparently forget about the power of the
     boycott.  Once again, when Wuerl walks into a room, you walk out.

You know the score:   1) God is not mocked.  2) God is slow to anger.
3) When God strikes, God doesn't miss.  
None the less . . .

The Bully of Pittsburgh, aka Donald Wuerl, suddenly asks for forgive-
ness from the public for what he called "errors of judgment."  Firstly,
Wuerl makes it sound as if all the pain and loss he caused others was
a series of honest mistakes.  No.  There's a decisive difference between
MALICE and honest mistakes.

Wuerl has been malicious & deliberately deceptive for decades, as well
as narcissistic.  His narcissism stills proves itself to exist in Wuerl's ob-
session with elevator shoes.  The Donald Wuerl we knew in Pittsburgh
was 5'4" in height, and he was so flamingly effeminate that he even sat
like a girl.  He did NOT represent or display the masculinity of Christ or
of John the Baptist or of Joseph the Carpenter or of Peter the Fisherman.

Wuerl was then quoted as having said that, if he could do things all over
again, he would do the right things.  Firstly, he had thirty years to do the
right things.  Plus, when you commit sins that damage the lives of others,
you are obligated to make restitution for the damage you caused --- or at
least be willing to make restitution, if you no longer have the means to do
so.  This includes sins of theft and falsehood, as well as causing the loss
of careers, the loss of rights, the loss of business income in Torquato-type
retaliations, and the loss of opportunities, aka opportunity costs.

For example, Wuerl made ZERO restitution for the damage he allowed the
homosexual predator priest & retaliator JAMES TORQUATO to inflict up-
on the uncle of Torquato's evidence-based accuser, in having instantly cut
off all of the uncle's business accounts with Wuerl's Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Wuerl made ZERO restitution to the advocate of Torquato's evidence-based
accuser, even though Torquato's retaliations set the proverbial snowball roll-
ing which caused the advocate to become bankrupt and homeless.

Moreover, Wuerl made ZERO restitution to the actual accuser of Torquato.

Then there is the matter of the seminarian who was found to have been credi-
ble in his accusation against a certain priest who invited the man to a private
setting, to talk about joining the seminary.  Firstly, Wuerl had the seminarian
ordained a deacon, and then kept the deacon trapped in the Diocese of Pitts-
burgh jurisdiction, all the while having no intention to ever allow the semi-
narian to be ordained.  Wuerl made sure that the whistle-blower seminarian
would never have his life goal fulfilled.  That man, today, should be offered
ordination by David  Zubik.  Thus, once again, Wuerl proved that he has had
NO CONTRITION for his life-destroying sins.

The willingness to make up for your sins is the sign of contrition for sins.
Wuerl never offered to make things right in any issue, any matter, or in any
event that he wrongfully manipulated.  Thus, he is not sorry for his decades
of sheer terror imposed upon a population of Pittsburgh Catholics who were
frightened of Wuerl's abuse of power ... his retaliations.

Then there is the trouble that Wuerl deliberately caused Cardinal Burke.
There are more examples.  None the less, when it comes to making re-
stitution, Wuerl can never pay back the lost time, the wasted time, the
stolen time taken away from us all, while he played the center-stage
narcissist.  His narcissism was illustrated in the amount of times his
photo made its way into the weekly Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper.

Wuerl closed up shop in the lives of many, while living in wealth & pleasure.

Concerning the fact that Wuerl proved himself to have never displayed
sorrow for his sins --- in never having offered to make amends to those
whom Wuerl wronged --- people had to take Wuerl to court, to get any-
thing from him.  Even at that, Wuerl didn't pay out of his own pocket.

Keep in mind that, before the PA Grand Jury Report was published,
Wuerl had the audacity to say that the record would show him to
have been a heroic protector.

Even within the first week after the report was made available to the
public, Wuerl was asserting that the record showed him to have done
all that he could have done for the protection of youth.  Well, the re-
cord showed an entirely different summary & equally different details.

Next came people stating via newspaper articles that Wuerl was a fine
fine man.  Thus, the Donald Wuerl Propaganda Machine got into action.
Dollar Bill Donohue and his approximate $475,000 a year income quick-
ly claimed that Wuerl was an innocent scapegoat.  Due to Donohue's con-
flict of interest, he must be ignored.  Wuerl was the one who got Dono-
hue his high-paying post at the "one-man-operation" Catholic League.

It's a one-man operation, because Donohue is filled with greed. There
is NO Catholicism within the teeth-gritted snarling & ornery snapping
turtle.  He converts no one.  He moves no one.  He bullies people.

Concerning Wuerl asking for forgiveness, even though he never was
known to offer to repair the damage his malice caused, he has a moral
obligation to give back that which he stole through his frauds and his
retaliations.  In reality, Wuerl robbed his way to the top.  Therefore, if
Wuerl were sorry for his sins, he would relinquish all of that which he
gained from his sins, such as power and influence, as well as the ability
to acquire large sums of money and posh comfort all the time.  Concern-
ing wealth, influence, newspaper propaganda, television propaganda, &
posh comfort, Wuerl took it all for himself.   He must give it all back.

The night falls on a thoroughly corrupt, vile, & sacrilegious generation.