August 01, 2018

Wuerl's Long-Term Cover-ups. His Track Record:

I'm more than willing to debate any of those who support the predictable
pro-Wuerl, pro-Francis, pro-Vatican party line, be they the EWTN staff
who lied to the public, Dollar Bill Donohue who lied to the public,
Father "I'm-gonna-sue-Canadian-bloggers" Rosica, etc.

In review:  An Ann Rodgers-Melnick spent the 1990s and the
Year 2002 using the Pittsburgh Post Gazette to declare Donald
Wuerl the Model of Zero Tolerance.  Other writers in theYear
2002 would repeatedly state that Wuerl's Diocese of Pittsburgh
went relatively unscathed during the "modern" Church's sex
abuse crisis.  Both claims proven to have been false.  Wuerl
was the quintessential cover-up artist, using the media as his
collective Useful Idiot.  Is it any wonder why Wuerl was seen
smirking during this time span?  Of course not. 

In fact, in the Year 2002, there was docketed at the United States
Supreme Court a petition for a writ of certiorari that had Wuerl's
name mentioned throughout it.  Yet, Ann Rodgers-Melnick did
nothing more than cover up that fact.  Yet, in 2002, if a bishop
did as much as state his attraction toward an employee, it would
make the news. Ann Rodgers, therefore, is an accomplice to the
crimes or torts of Donald Wuerl.  Yet, Bishop David Zubik made
her the Director of Communications of the RC Diocese of Pitts-
burgh, even though she was NEVER a Catholic in any rite.

The conclusion was long since been that Zubik hired the one per-
son current on the Diocese of Pittsburgh sexual abuse cover-ups.
After all, she hide the facts on Paone, O'Malley, Torquato, Hoehl,

Even when it came to Wolk, Zula, & Pucci, she made Wuerl look
like the enlightened one who would barnstorm against the molester
priest, after Wuerl had dinner with the family of the two molested
lads.  HOWEVER, after that dinner, Wuerl continued to cover-up
Wolk, Zula, & Pucci, as well as Zirwas, Paone, O'Malley, Hoehl,
etc.  Next would come the concealments of Huff & Wellinger,
followed by Torquato, if not also LeDoux, Ghastin, & the Broth-
er Hartmann who ended up in the Australian criminal law system.

Incidentally, Bishop David Zubik was, Wuerl's successor and useful
idiot of molester John Hoehl.  Hoehl was a high school headmaster.
He was my high school headmaster, and in looking back, I now see
the signs that he was a molester.

None the less, Zubik, too, needs to be dismissed from the clerical
state, for lying to the public.  Plus, he should NEVER have been
appointed bishop in the first place, on account of him having re-
mained silent (or stupid) during the John Hoehl molestation days.
Thus, it seems that the Vatican II Church elevated in power those
accomplished in covering up molesters.

However, it seemed that the Vatican II Church appointed to positions
of power those who were the cover-up artists or those who were too
stupid to detect a molester priest.  In fact, in seems that the last two
papal elections consisted in the college of cardinals electing the one
candidate who was accomplished in covering-up molester priests.

Thus, we come to the Third Secret of Fatima and the Prophesies of
SAINT John Bosco, not to mention the approved Marian apparitions
of Akita Japan and Quito Ecuador.  And for you Protestants out there
filled with seething hatred for us Roman Catholics, know that we do
NOT worship Mary.  We simply are classy people who appreciate the
woman of great grace and beauty.  In addition, if it were not for us
Roman Catholics, all of Europe would have been bowing to Mecca
for the last several centuries, raping woman walking alone, marrying
girls as young as nine years of age, forming harems, and having no
concept of faithful marriage in taking as many as FOUR wives.  Why
did the Koran state that FOUR was the maximum was four at one time?

In re:  The August 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report VS the
EWTN FALSE CLAIM that Wuerl removed 18 of 19 priests:

The short answer to the claim by the the EWTN TV Network which
no long resembles its founder, Mother Angelica is Wolk, Zula, Pucci,
Zirwas, Hoehl, Paone, Huff, Krawczyk, O'Malley, Torquato,  LeDoux,
Wellinger, Ghastin, Hartmann . . . for starters.  Wuerl gave them time
periods of free rein, including 10 and 41 years.  A couple of them were
allowed by Weurl to take flight to other American States. One example
is John Hoehl.  Another example is Ernest Paone.  And then comes the
notorious George Zirwas who was in Cuba living the homosexual life-
style while Wuerl's people were telling parishioners that Zirwas was in
Cuba helping the poor.  No, Zirwas was helping male prostitutes.  He
was murdered by one prostitute who injected animal tranquilizer in
Zirwas' unrepentant neck.

Let Us Review the claim of EWTN which stated that Wuerl removed
18 of 19 priests, despite the undeniable record of Wuerl mishandling:


Letting a priest stay employed with the Diocese of Pittsburgh for
TEN YEARS after the first credible accusation against him, and
then accepting his resignation due to retirement, followed by you
not reporting him to the police for an additional three years, and
followed by you lending him $38,000, is NOT the act of remov-
ing the priest.  For those unaware, this was the case of the Butler
County aggressor, Father William O'Malley.  All in all, in Wuerl
covering for such a sexual criminal, Wuerl became more vile and
perverted than O'Malley, above and beyond whatever be true of
the many allegations of Wuerl's own unnatural breaking of one
of his major priesthood vows, namely chastity.

Letting a priest remain in full ministry for EIGHT years after the first
accusation against him, and then letting him go to Cuba, all the while
having him on your diocesan payroll, and then paying the same priest
a bonus directly after he sends you a letter disavowing all knowledge
of any criminal conduct among your diocesan priests, is NOT the act
of removing the priest.   This was the case of Father George Zirwas.

Transferring one of your diocesan priests to California, and then to
Nevada, while hiding from an insurance company the fact that sex
abuse accusations are attached to that same priest, is NOT the act of
removing that priest.  This refers to the Fr. Paone case.

Reinstating a priest, then removing him, immediately after one of
your former seminary classmates got criminally indicted, and then
letting that priest cross your state's line, in order to work with the
youth of another state, all the while failing to notify that priest's
employer that he was multiply accused of sexual aggression, is
NOT the act of removing that priest.  And of course, in this case,
"that priest" is Fr. John Hoehl.

Reinstating yet another multiply accused priest, then sending him
back to a St. Louis psychiatric facility after he gets accused for a
third time, and finally notifying the police of the priest you previ-
ously reinstated into ministry, is NOT the act of removing a priest
from harm's way.  This, of course, was Edward Huff.

Letting a priest remain active, even after he has been reported for
wrong-doing, until that priests gets a University of Pittsburgh foot-
ball player so drunk that the player literally falls from a church's
ceiling catwalk, to his eventual death a few hours later, is NOT the
act of removing a priest.  This involves the case of Fr. Krawczyk,
and if Wuerl would have removed Krawczyk as a Zero-Tolerance
bishop would have done, then Billy Gaines would still be alive.

Letting a priest ride-out the statue of limitations in a neighboring,
despite him being accused of pornographic-ring & molestation ac-
tivity, and then making him the chaplain of a group of nuns in your
diocese, is NOT the act of ever having removed that priest.  This, of
course, refers to Fr. Francis Pucci.

Add to the equation Fr. Richard Zula, the whips & chains guy.  Wuerl
got a psychiatric professional to write an assessment which claimed
Zula to have been in the passive, non-predatory state, enticed by the
youth he molested.  Zula had prison time for him shortened, as a re-
sult.  Then, Wuerl discussed giving Richard Zula a six-figure lump

And then there is the matter of Frs. Wellinger, LeDoux, Torquato,
etc, as well as Brs. Ghastin and Hartmann.

Plus, the Year 2002 was a pivotal year.  For those unfamiliar, it was
the year when the Boston Archdiocesan sex abuse scandal become
Center Stage for the American media.  In response, Donald Wuerl
removed SEVERAL priests who had "credible allegations" leveled
against them, but who didn't have enough evidence against them
to warrant dismissal ... and criminal indictment.  This means ...

... This means that, if the Archdiocese of Boston didn't make long-
term headline news, then Wuerl would not have gotten the 2003
resignations from the priests he did.
Pittsburgh during the holiday City

The Five Major Wuerl Cover-ups would be:

The 1) Wolk, 2) Zula, 3) Pucci, 4) Zirwas, 5) Paone, & O'Malley
cases.  Hoehl, Huff, and Krawczyk would be significant enough to
warrant a dismissal of the bishop who covered such abusive priests.
None the less, the career-enders for any bishop not as connected to
the corrupt members of the Vatican would have been the ZIRWAS,
O'MALLEY & PAONE cases.   Yet, Wuerl's propaganda machine
is revving up as of late August 2018.

Concerning TORQUATO, his sexual agression target was over the age
of 18, and as we have painfully learned, if you are over the age of 18 in
Donald Wuerl's canonical jurisdiction, you are fair game.  Torquato was
personally ordained by Wuerl.  He is Wuerl's former personal secretary,
and he was president of North Catholic School.

In review, and redundantly so:

In the Zirwas case, Wuerl kept Zirwas on payroll and gave him a bonus
after Zirwas sent Donald Wuerl a letter stating that he did not know of
any criminal sexual activity occurring in Wuerl's Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Shortly before doing so, Zirwas wrote that he knew of criminal sexual
conduct transpiring in Wuerl's diocese and was willing to remain silent
about it, IF Wuerl were to raise Zirwas' stipend (pension check).

Wuerl instructed Zirwas to either send the names of the priests or a letter
stating that Zirwas knew of no criminal priests in Pittsburgh.  Thus, it is
construed that Wuerl rewarded Zirwas for contributing to the cover-up
of criminal priests.
Wuerl's posh setting, while being a cover-up artist.
Concerning Ernest Paone, he was on record for being accused of sexual
abuse as far back as 1962.  In 1991, Zero-Tolerance Wuerl transferred
accused priest, Ernest Paone, to the West Coast.  Paone served mostly
in Los Angeles; (Roger Mahonytown), San Diego, and Diamond Bar
California, and for a short while in Las Vegas and then Reno.

Now, former Beaver County DA Robert Masters admitted to having been
complicit in the cover-up of Paone ... in 1964.  His tenure in Beaver Coun-
ty ended in 1967.  Thus, he was NOT the DA when the Tim Bendig inves-
tigation was issued, stating that there was no corroborating evidence to
support Bendig's damning accusations against Cipolla.  That DA finding
was in 1989.  The DA at the time was THERESA FERRIS-DUKOVICH.

As a side note:  There are TWO versions of the Cipolla Case.  One version
is a hyper-exagerration & gluttonously hyper-sensationalized script that be-
longs in a Tom Cruz, a Matt Damon, or a Vin Diesel movie script.  That
hyper-sensationalized version was published in October of 1995, 2015,
and 2016.

The other version  of the Cipolla Case is the 2018 version, and it was writ-
ten  by the PA sex abuse Grand Jury who had access to a secret archive file
to which I NEVER had access.  The 2018 version of the Cipolla Case does
have PROBATIVE VALUE for the prosecution.  Probative value means that
it is worth presenting before a jury in a trial.

The 1995, 2015, and 2016 version of the Cipolla Case was an insult to any
reasonable man's intelligence, in that it alleged a gang's violence upon the
accusing mother's car and apartment windows.  It was claimed all of her
automobile's tires were slit and all of her apartment windows were smash-
ed.  Of course, that is how you instantly lose all credibility.

The 2018 version fits the common mode of underhanded handling of such
cases which accuse a priest of sexual aggression.  The mode was that of
well-dressed lawyer intervention, subtle handling of the case to the point
of it evaporating in snakelike secrecy, and the creation of a torment in the
interior of the victim.

For the record,  Anthony Cipolla was NEVER charged and NEVER arrest-
ed.  Rather, Charges were PENDING.   They were one step away from be-
ing filed.  Do you understand?   Judging by the secret archive file that I
NEVER got to view, Cipolla would have been criminally charged for at
least two counts.

Concerning this, keep in mind that the #1 cause of torment inside of any
sex abuse victim, aside from the regret of complying with the abusive
priest's wishes, is that of the priest getting away with his wrongs --- the
priest going free, without any accountability.  In as much, it's not the brash,
loud, war-zone Vin Diesel Movie plots that end up torturing sexual aggres-
sion casualties.  It's the covert operations where paperwork seemingly dis-
appears in a secret archive that tortures the sex abuse victim.  The priest
getting away with the murder of a soul ... or two ...or three ... or a dozen
which torments the typical sexual aggression victim.

Wuerl, of course, had motive in having the Cipolla Case sound like a ri-
diculously hyper-exagerrated war movie and Mafia movie, and Darth
Vader movie in one.  That will be for another post, due to time ... your

Again, Wuerl sent across state lines, in 1991, a priest accused of molesta-
tion.  He gave lauds to a murdered priest who died while engaged in his
long-term sin against nature.  This is more cover-up.  In fact, the quilt-
work of Wuerl's cover-ups are:

Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Zirwas, Paone, O'Malley, Hoehl, Huff, Wellinger,
Krawczyk, and Torquato without doubt.  Wuerl might be able to claim
extenuating circumstances concerning perhaps Fr. LeDoux, Br. Ghastin,
and even the Br. Hartmann who ended up in the Australian criminal court.
And of course, Wuerl's evils are not limited to his cover-ups of sexually
aggressive priests.  Those other evils were addressed in other posts that
were posted at

All in all Wuerl's Zero Tolerance Grand-standing was a charade, all along.