March 16, 2019

The Luck of the Irish & Murphy's Law Weekend. We was robbed ... again.

A place where Milwaukee and Lake Michigan meet.
Quick note:  Yes, there is Aftermath Restoration to be done, concerning the damage, deprivation of canonical rights, and jeopardy caused by the disgraced Donald Wuerl & his band of accomplices.  The aforesaid "accomplices" comprise those whom Wuerl used as his useful idiots, while they were simultaneously using Wuerl as their useful idiot.

And yes, there is news, thereby bringing us to an immediate question:

Q:  If there is news, then why is it not being shared with the public like the many other revelations of Wuerl and his self-seeking cohort?

ANS:  It's being concealed at this point in time, so as to not tip-off the enemy ... so as to not empower the enemy.

Now, there is beginning to be felt a measure of relief & peace in the observation that Wuerl seems to have disappeared.  Even though you can be reasonably correct in assuming that Wuerl is lurking in the background, manipulating things from behind the scenes, you no longer have to endure the pushy, "in your face" propaganda machine, telling you that Wuerl is so great & mighty that you must submit to him and loudly sing his praises.  In fact, there are spaces in time when it feels as if Wuerl never existed, as in, "Donald Wuerl who?"

After due diligence was employed, it was found that there actually is nothing about Wuerl to admire ... nothing to praise.  And and and, anyone who did praise Wuerl in print literally got payed to do so, as in Bill "lost-credibility" Donohue & Mike "that's-all-you-got?" Aquilina.

Incidentally, the value of their books is the books' ability to prop-up a crooked coffee table here and there.  Those two made the sure bet and lost.  They were welcomed into the elite club which has now become the Club of Shame.  In propagandizing for Wuerl, they were spitting in my face, keeping my life a living hell.

Okay then.  I'm in Milwaukee, for St Patrick's Day.  Will be back East soon.  Then back to the Midwest, to finish a project in the town next door to Chicago ... and then back East, where the next wave of action can commence.

Anyway, we had a heavy equipment vehicle stolen from us, a couple days ago, and only one person knew where we were hiding it ... in an ocean transport box across the huge yard, where the prime suspect's business establishment is located.  He is attached to multiple police reports of suddenly missing heavy equipment.

A few weeks prior ... in Chicagoland ... we had a wallet stolen.  It was sitting on a church pew, and it contained all but one of the company cards.  It was stolen during Holy Communion, meaning that you can't even trust church people in Chicago.

We also had a person who owed us $37,000 and who did not pay any of the bill after the $2K down payment.  Etc go the examples of life in Chicagoland.  All in all, if you don't need to move here, then don't entertain the possibility of doing so.

Now, why is this being mentioned?

ANS:  It was mentioned to show you that the author of is very familiar with liars, cheaters, con artists, and thieves more than the Enchanted Forest is familiar with Lions and Tigers and Bears ... Oh my!  So, if you were wondering how the Wuerl-of-Hurt author was able to identify a fraud here and a fraud there, long before anyone else, the answer is, "experience."

In review: The Year 2018 was the year of Revelation, while its summer was the Summer of Shame.  The Year 2019 will be the year of Response.  Thereafter will be the total vanquishing of the enemy.