May 10, 2020

Also Comes the Year 2020 PA State Police Security Clearance

While we're at it, we might as well include my Year 2020 Pennsylvania State
Police Security Clearance Background Check Results.  In bold print is stated:

Now remember, when you are a whistle-blower, those in power and/or influence
will seek to demonize you with whatever ill tale they can tell.  They will do what
they can to have you written-off.  They will present things about in a false light.
They will twist stories and facts into their desired horror story of you.  If it's not
horror story they can devise, then they will twist things to make you look like a
silly buffoon who is not worth being regarded.

Their goal is to see to it that the public will not read what you wrote.  So, if you
are vehemently against whistle-blower retaliation, then read the writings of the
whistle-blower closest to you.  You can start with the contents of this site.

None the less, submitted for your evaluation, in the Court of Public Opinion, is
my Year 2020 Pennsylvania State Police Security Clearance Background Check.
Let us see what the next character assassination and/or defamation against me is
going be, in the never-ending hatred toward my existence.  Keep me updated.


The larger-sized copy below is there for the sake of font clarity. The smaller copy
is directly below, for the sake of revealing the full document, even though the font
in that copy is not clear enough for convenience.  All in all, the publishing of my
Year 2020 security clearances will not stop the attacks of my enemies.  The attack-
ing just keeps going on and on ... and on ...