November 01, 2022

The Wuerl-of-Hurt author's long-kept secret: His DNA contains FOUR races.

The Wuerl-of-Hurt author at 16. As a DNA preview, the results were {1} Southern Asian, {2} Eastern Asian, {3} native South American (Colombia & Peru), {4} Northern & Mediterranean European.

Greetings Earthlings:

Once upon a time, the Wuerl-of-Hurt author was trying to start an organization in the Church, dedicated to countering slave-waged sweatshop labor profiteering.  Sweatshop labor is the "defraudment of laborers of their wages," this obvious injustice happens to be "one of the four sins which cry to Heaven for Vengeance."  Needless to say, the mission of the only church ever founded by Christ is to keep people from sin ... from sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance ... from sins that constitute crimes against humanity. 

Such groups used to be called, Catholic Action Leagues.  Then, Vatican II inspired a name-change.  Catholic Action Leagues are now called, Apostolates.  Well, the Wuerl-of-Hurt author received a phone call from a person explaining to him why he was going to fail in his attempt to get an anti-slavery "apostolate" underway.  That person repeatedly said, "You look Ethnic.  You look ethnic."

The great irony ... and outright outrage ... is that it's the ethnic looking ones who are the sweatshop slave-waged workers, in the first place.  If anyone should head an organization dedicated to helping abused ethnic workers, it should be a person who at least marginally shares in their ethnicity, even on the cellular level.  But not according to the notably white Donald Wuerl, the pillow mint aficionado who was given the name, Wuerl the Girl, behind his back.

Wuerl never green-lighted the organization.   And a future diocesan priest sabotaged all efforts of the Wuerl-of-Hurt author, in saying that no one should join his anti-slavery effort, because it was not approved by the Church ... not approved by Donald Wuerl, the Marie Antoinette, pillow mint cardinal.  

For the record, slavery was officially condemned by the highest office in the Church, in 1435.  That was when Pope Eugene IV ordered the freeing of all of the slaves of the Canary Islands, under pain of excommunication.   The Canary Islands are of the northwestern coast of Africa.

In the 1537 papal bulletin, Sublimis Deus, Pope Paul III forbade the enslavement of the indigenous people of the Americas. 

On April 18, 1591 Pope Gregory XIV issued Cum Sicuti  by which he ordered that all Philippine slaves be freed and payed reparations, under pain of excommunication for the transgressors.

THEREFORE, anti-slavery activity IS approved by the Church.  Wuerl's future priest LIED.  Oh by the way, the Sixth Criminal Count in the Nuremberg Trials was . . . Slave Labor.   Apparently, they never taught this type of thing in the Pittsburgh seminary.   

Furthermore, there are more slaves on Earth TODAY than during any other time in history.

===>  ===>  ===>  See: Slavery --- Summary on a Map    <====  <====  <====

In fact, Wuerl never gave anyone interested in the subject of slavery the time of day, in those days.  Those days were(the late nineties. Yet, one of those people dedicated to the cause was a very black (African American) lady.  Wuerl never even responded to her.  Yet, she was the descendant of slavery.  But of course, Wuerl is a liberal non-racist.  So, he doesn't have to talk to black women who want him to speak out against foreign sweatshop labor profiteering.  After all, he's just too too glamorous for them.  Ask Ann Rodgers.  She'll tell you.

All in all, the decisive question is this:  How much money did Donald Wuerl accept from corporations that profited from foreign sweatshop slave labor ... and foreign outdoor slave labor? 

Would the donation statistic have been a motivation for Wuerl keeping his mouth closed on the subject in the 1990s, the 2000s, and until the mid-2010s, when he had to meet with labor union organizers and sound all so pro-labor?  Well, his actions through the decades were very pro-slavery.  Basically, Wuerl looked the other way and committed himself to the Sin of Negligence & the  Sin of Cooperation.

Apparently, sweatshop workers throughout the entire Earth aren't glamorous enough for Donald's concern.  So, the years passed, with hundreds of millions of Americans having closets, drawers, and rooms full of merchandise which said, "Made in China" ... or Bangladesh or Vietnam or El Salvador or wherever the government let big business get away with unsurvivable wage pay.  After all, Donald was too too busy covering-up molester priests.  You couldn't possibly think that he would lower himself to care about something as insignificantly petty as hundreds of MILLIONS of humans locked in one form of slavery or another.  Give the guy a break.    He's too busy being as glamorous as a pillow mint.

Year after year, the U.S. Trade Balance Deficit with Communist China was insanity.  This enabled the Chinese government to buff-up its military and spread its influence throughout the world ... without any opposition to the criminally low-wage economy which resulted in a number of suicides amongst workers who couldn't take the pain any longer.   

BTW, thanks to American consumer dollars, Communist China now has the largest navy on Planet Earth.  But, Americans don't have time for this.  They're too busy getting tattoos all over their bodies.  They're just way too busy for this. 

Donald Wuerl could have come off as a hero, by just letting dedicated & like-minded people do the work.  Instead, Wuerl's name was destined to go into infamy.  All in all, by means of Wuerl's negligence --- by means of his sin of omission --- by his snakelike deliberate indifference --- he proved that he has no empathy for human suffering, unless he can get a photo op out of it ... or a sizable corporate donation.  

Preliminary statement:  This post serves as a test, concerning the hit-count after the disclosure of the Wuerl-of-Hurt author's multi-racial DNA.  It will help prove if the commercial media had been correct in one of its annoyingly repetitive assertions, made since May of 2020.  At the least, people who believe in an all-white church won't be coming back to this site any time soon.

None the less, there are white people who are very accepting of multiply racial people, provided that those multiply racial people act white.   Actually, acting civilized is all that matters, and being nice is a plus.  None the less, the Vatican II People who identified themselves as non-racist liberals did talk-up a good game.  But, when it came time to put it into practice, they were out-to-lunch or out having "quality time."  Maybe they were at a yoga lesson, being liberal.

College days.

Now, concerning racial issues, most Americans thought that "this is all behind us now, and we've moved on."  And then came the riots of 2020.  It was understood that they were orchestrated, and NOT spontaneous.  Accusations of "racism" were used as an excuse to destroy, destroy some more, and destroy even further, while looting at will.  There was a money-making campaign in progress throughout those riots.  The money-making organization ended up with $80 million in its bank accounts.   Then, a few million were used to buy a mansion or two ... and a few other types of luxurious dwellings.

Here is the original beginning of this post: 

When a certain clique of people incessantly attack, mock, reject and even dox a person who possesses four races in his DNA's framework ... especially when they never met the guy ... it makes all the people involved look like a master race of jerks.   So, congratulations.   Way to go.  You've all made the grade.  And, nobody messes with you.  Bring out the noose and pick the hanging tree.  Ironically, none of those four races includes Sub-Saharan African.  Incidentally, the doxxing was done by white people.

Concerning the whistle-blower revelations of Donald Wuerl's corruption, and that of Wuerl's associates, someone could have simply posted counterpoints to the issues that the Wuerl-of-Hurt author presented.  But no; not for him.  Everything was ad hominem, and he actually was doxxed, with photos of (and a map to) his former residence. 

Also for the record, NINE "attack blogs" against him existed until he got them taken offline.  The attacks were non-stop.  Those nine weblogs were nine lynchings.

So, here is a question:  Was it merely a matter of whistle-blower retaliation?  Or was there an added trigger of animosity that unleashed a hyper-response?  After all, there do exist whites who resent being told anything by anyone not 100% white. 

Hopefully there still exists some measure of civility amongst everybody else.

Next thing to note:  When a person is the descendant of THREE major maritime empires, it's guaranteed that he will contain DNA from multiple continents.  And of course, the Wuerl-of-Hurt author happens to possess a Hispanic last name.  So, start with . . .

1} the Spanish Empire.  Plus, he has the Y-DNA haplogroup known to ...

2} the Ancient Roman Empire (mostly ranging from Northern Rome to the Livorno region).  Add ...

3} the French Empire which spanned all the way to Vietnam.Grunge France Flag

So, it's correct to say that this guy's DNA has been places.

Now, from personal experience, when college youths of today meet a person who is literally multiple races, that person gets treated as a rare collection piece found in an antique shop ...  or a rare painting found at a clueless home owner's yard sale.  The meeting results in instant fascination seen in the facial expressions & in the eyes of each college youth present.  However, individuals of less educated backgrounds have been known to act the opposite; to act as if they were being invaded by a Martian.

But, concerning the educated, they see a multi-racial person as more universally minded than the average human --- the opposite of narrow-minded --- free from tunnel-visioned tendencies. 

At this point, if the Curiosity Factor caught hold of you, then feel free to stick around.  If not, then you're free to move on.  In as much, the DNA scorecard of the Wuerl-of-Hurt author goes as follows:

1) Southern Asian (India).  2) East Asian (China, Vietnam, and a Japanese genotype).  3) Native South American (migrated to Spain from Colombia & Peru.)   4) Northern European & Mediterranean European, including ~the Southern Slavic genotype to which Croatia belongs.  And of course, Croatia was friendly to that which was Roman (Roman Catholic).

In addition, the MT-DNA Haplogroup (maternal DNA) of the Wuerl-of-Hurt author is from very Northern Reindeer country.  However, that specific DNA originated thousands of years prior in Baghdad Iraq, near the Tigris River.  

This DNA haplogroup ended up in Finland & Northern Russia, and then moved west.
To think, Finns and Arctic Circle Russians are descendants of Iraq.  In fact, that DNA went from Iraq to Ukraine to Estonia and eventually to Reindeer country; and then to Denmark and even to Ireland.  Well, the world is round, and everything in it eventually spreads-out.

 The additional DNA test result was that the Wuerl-of-Hurt author's Y-DNA Haplogroup (paternal DNA) is J2.  It happens to be the DNA haplogroup of the Rothchild Family ... and Elvis Presley, as well as Ben Affleck.  It's one of the two more common ones amongst Jews, including Adam Sandler and Bernie Sanders.  And yes, it was identified with the Ancient Roman Empire.  But, it wasn't the only haplogroup of that empire.  It was actually a minor haplogroup of that empire.

None the less, the Doric Greeks did bring J2 to Italy.  However, it's beginning, according to the experts , was in Amman Jordan.  Plus, Romans successfully exported the J2 Haplogroup to Britain.  In fact, the Scottish Earls of Eglinton have the J2 haplogroup.

His paternal great-grand parents.  He is also a Leone, in his family tree.

In more specificity, the scorecard on the Wuerl-of-Hurt author's ancestry includes:

~Peruvian and Colombian.  His particular ancestors boarded Spanish Galleons (ships) and moved to Spain permanently.  Keep in mind that Lima Peru was/is a coastline city facing a big and sailable ocean. 

~a Japanese genotype group.  An ancestor's DNA was found, as a match was made to him.  However, that ancestor could have come from ~Korea or ~Eastern Russia or ~Taiwan, instead.  When weighing history, it's most likely that the particular ancestor was from Taiwan.

Next comes ~Dai Chinese (southwestern China.)

~Gujarati Indian (Western India).  ~Punjabi Indian (east of & within Pakistan.)  

One point to make at this point:  Mahatma Gandhi was a Gujarati Indian.  We continue:

 Now, as far as goes the European ancestry:  In testing his last 5 generations, he was found to be half Greco-Roman-Jew.  The other half includes  Southern Slavic, French, "British Isles" which is assumed to mean Irish, and Germanic which is understood to be one of those groups that found their way into Ireland.  He also has Punjabi Indian base lines in his "most recent" 5-generation DNA.

 ~ ~ ~

Furthermore, when testing for his last 29 generations, the percentages did change, with:

Race 1 ~Colombian & ~Peruvian entering the scene with statistical adequacy.

Race 2 ~Japanese & ~Dai Chinese being present in a minor, though clear, percentage.

Race 3 ~Gujarati Indian, & ~Punjabi Indian, adequately enough.

Race 4 ~"the British Isles,"  ~"Germany," ~Greece, ~Italy,  ~"Southern Slavic region," ~France, along with ~Spanish & ~Jewish.  (Spanish Jews were called Marranos).

BTW, his eye color did come from Ireland.  Even at that, people with Central Heterochromia are estimated to be only 1% of the world population, anyway.  However, having the rare phenomenon of green in the iris is most common amongst the Irish, even if it's extremely rare the rest of the world.  For the record, 2% of the world population have green eyes, while 8% have blue eyes, and while 5% of the world population have the amber eye color.  

For those unaware, central heterochromia is when you have two colors in your one iris --- the exact same two colors in both eyes.   For legal purposes, when it's time to do paperwork, Central Heterochromia people simply write-down "hazel" for eye color.  In addition, the second color which encompasses the pupil is called the "starburst", because it's somewhat in the shape of a five-point star.  Incidentally, 5% of the world population has hazel eyes.  And according to Medical News, 70% to 79% of the world population have brown eyes.

Next statistical analysis

In his last 29 generations of DNA baselines, the Wuerl-of-Hurt author is 84% white (minus whatever percentage of Catholic Convert Moor might exist in him.)  However, to the less-than-charitable people, that is like being non-white, and such a person is regarded as a persona non grata.  Concerning this, keep in mind that, in the Plessy v Ferguson Supreme Court case, Homer Plessy was 87.5% white, and that wasn't good enough for him.  And remember, there are white people who resent being told to do anything by anyone not 100% white. 

Concerning this, there are three types of racists.  One is the uneducated, superficial animal.  Another is the person who fears harm from those different, and that's actually understandable.  The third one is the Eugenicist who concluded that the world's population is too high and the "lesser races" have to eventually "die-off."

His actual relatives.  This should give some insight.  Are these scary people too you?

All in all, there do exist whites who resent being subservient to anyone not 100% white. 

In re: The photo below:  Let's be honest, here.  This guy doesn't look like the whitest bulb in the shop.  And of course, some Italians don't.  They look like they came out of Assyria or Persia or Babylon or Syria or Anatolia or Morocco or Lebanon or even Egypt, centuries ago.  Actually, some Romans actually are Egyptian.  So, let's be more honest.  Having the lack of total whiteness was an extreme disadvantage, socially, even in the 1970s and 1980s, depending on the sector of America where one found  himself.  

The bottom line is this:  The Wuerl-of-Hurt author endured intense and extended character assassination, including Defamation per se with Malice Aforethought and False Light Defamation, as well as the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.  Included was Invasion of Privacy, concerning the doxxing of him.  His ethnicity WAS mentioned in the mocking of him. All in all, it was all mortal ruthlessness, and this was years after both Torquato Retaliations which, in themselves, are two entirely different animals.

This post presents added consideration for the reason for the augmented degree of animosity and resentment toward the first person on this planet to reveal Donald Wuerl's more involved corruption.  Some people went way over the top on this one.   After all, when a person gets doxxed, it means that someone out there wants him to hurt really really badly.

Simultaneously, the DNA disclosures made herein, at the very least, make for an interesting curiosity piece, and a bit of a supplementary geography lesson.

Wuerlgate author during a summer football camp.

This is the percentage of the past 29 generations.

Note about the chart above:  "Admixed American" refers to his Colombian and Peruvian roots.  And remember, his Peruvian & Colombian ancestors ended up on Spanish galleons and started a new life in Spain.  Eventually, their offspring ended up in Italy.  And then to the United States, around 1907 or so.  

In re: The chart above.  Another sample of the Wuerl-of-Hurt author's DNA test results, explaining why he just didn't "look right" to a "closet" white racist.  Western "Punjabi" is today's Pakistan.  And Eastern Punjabi remains a part of India.  And yes, there was friction between Hindus and Muslims there, throughout their histories.

In re: The chart above:  "British Isles" is understood to mean Ireland, being that both of his maternal grandparents came from Southern Ireland.  The mention of "Northern Europe" is understood to refer to DENMARK, being that Tipperary Ireland (his grandmother's roots) was settled by Danish Vikings who stayed in Ireland and whose descendants fought against Cromwell's invading army, centuries later. 

Even though it's known as the FIN genotype (as in Finland), that genotype traveled beyond Finland and Arctic Russia.  So, this gives circumstantial evidence to the Wuerl-of-Hurt author actually being a Dane, in addition to all else his extensive DNA chart reveals.  This would mean that he actually is more of a Dane than he is an Italian, percentage-wise --- maybe.  If not, then he would be some kind of descendant of the Finns.

PS:  The mention of "N.W. European" refers to his French ancestry, and this would mean that he's slightly more French than Italian.  This is in keeping with the results of a previous DNA test that was not as intricate as the most recent one.

Plus:  Mention of "Toscani Italian" includes his Croatian "genotype" roots.

In addition:  Mention of "Iberian" is not limited to Spanish.  It could include Moor.  HOWEVER, being that the Moors were finally ousted from Spain in 1492, if the Wuerl-of-Hurt author has Moorish ancestors, they were at least superficial converts to Catholicism, from the 16th Century onward.  Incidentally, Moors are Northern Africans, and not Sub-Saharan Africans. 

Above:  That which matters here, with the percentage being a minimal percentage, is whether or not definitive ancestors were identified, with a match to a DNA SNP.   Now, one ancestor could have multiple nationalities mentioned on the chart above.  Two eastern Asian ancestors were identified.  Perhaps those two can account for 4 out of 5 genotypes listed above.  The Vietnamese DNA would come from an entirely different individual, however.  And of course, Vietnam was a colony of the French Empire.  So, it fits.

No matter how it specifically happened, the Wuerl-of-Hurt author's bloodline did flow through Eastern Asia, as it flowed through India, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, the Germanic regions, the British Isles, Peru, etc.

Below are the stats on 25 of the 66 ancestors said to have matched the Wuerl-of-Hurt author's DNA. 

Above:  West Coast of India, north of Calcutta.  This is long before Columbus.

Above:  This is the era of Spanish Exploration and Colonization.  So, it fits.

Above:  This refers to Southwestern China, somewhat near Thailand.

Above:  On Pakistani border.

 Above: The specific ancestor could have actually been Korean or Eastern Russian or Taiwanese.

Above:  This was during the French Revolution & Napoleonic Wars

Above:  Point of interest:  Mahatma Gandhi was a Gujarati Indian.

Above: In 1947 there came to be Western Punjab (Muslim) & Eastern Punjab (Hindu)