July 10, 2019

There is underway an effort to resurrect Donald Wuerl's Cult of Personality ... as in making him appear to be a defamed and/or misunderstood martyr.

 Note: Concerning the Fr Torquato Retaliations, there does exist the cassette recording of a harassment, where within it is clearly stated that Torquato instantly cut off all business accounts that the accuser's uncle had with the Diocese of Pittsburgh. That is whistle-blower retaliation, plain & clearly. That is also undeniable evidence. Case Closed. Yet, the Wuerl Propaganda Machine is trying to change the narration on the Torquato Retaliations.
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Keep in mind that, in 2018, Cardinal Donald Wuerl did speak from a Washington DC
pulpit and admitted that he caused others pain.  Of course, Wuerl attributed the pain
he caused to his "misjudgments," as opposed of his deliberate malice, his underhand-
ed deceit, and his ruthless abuse of power.    Yet, in 2019, there is now underway the
effort to make Vicious Wuerl look like a falsely accused nice guy.   Very predictable.
None the less, this means that persons of good will now be going to the next phase of
what is turning out to be St. Paul's prophesied GREAT APOSTASY.  2 Thessalonians,
ch2 v1-3.  That which follows the Great Apostasy will be the Great Restoration.  Thus,
we will soon enter the Phase of Heroism.

Also keep in mind the church-approved Marian apparition prophecies of 1) Quito,
Ecuador (Our Lady of Good Success), La Salette France (1846), & Fatima Portugal,
(in 1917), and Akita Japan (1973).  Add Rianjo Spain (1931), where Christ appeared
through a consecrated host to Sr. Lucia (of Fatima fame) and stated that the bishops
will meet the destiny of Louis XVI.  The main theme of those prophecies is that of a
depraved generation of priests living the depths of iniquity.

Also add the vision of St. Pius X who saw dead cardinals strewn throughout the Vat-
ican amidst a pope fleeing for his life.

Additionally keep in mind that all of the seven Catholic dioceses of Michigan recently
underwent police raids, in the quest to prevent corrupt Michigan clergy from destroy-
ing evidence and documents there.  In technical parlance, the destroying of evidence

Plus:  1) Dallas police raided the Catholic Dallas diocese's headquarters.  The bishop
of Dallas is the Pittsburgh diocesan priest, Edward Burns, who was in charge of the
Father Torquato investigation during the Fr. Torquato retaliations.  During those re-
taliations, Donald Wuerl looked the other way.  We kept reporting the retaliations to
Burns & someone else who will remain unnamed, only to receive more retaliations
in response.

2) The attorney general of Nebraska subpoenaed approx 400 Catholic institutions, in
the search for documentation pertaining to clergy sexual abuse.   3) Police literally
picked a lock, in order to take possession of the Houston diocesan records related
to molester priests.

4) During the Thanksgiving season of 2018, police raided the office of the president
of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  5)  In late April 2019, the attorney gen-
eral of the American state of Georgia began an investigation of Catholic clergy sex
abuse & cover-up.  6) In the Summer of 2018, Chilean police raided two major of-
fices of the Catholic Church in Chile.

7) In June of 2019, the Iowa AG launched an investigation into Catholic clergy
abuse and cover-up there.

8) In fact, the following states already initiated the effort to launch investigations of
Catholic clergy's criminal conduct in America:  ~New York,  ~New Jersey,   ~New
Mexico,  ~Illinois,  ~Virginia,  ~Delaware,  ~California,  ~Connecticut, in addition
to  ~Nebraska,  ~Texas,  ~Iowa,  ~Michigan,  ~Georgia, etc.

9)  Jorge Bergolglio was connected to sex abuse clergy cover-ups in Argentina.
He was aware of McCarrick's crimes and sanctions, yet he put McCarrick back
into the mainstream, as if McCarrick were an upstanding citizen.

The list of evils continue.  At this point, keep in mind that Donald Wuerl was heav-
ily influential in "Priestly Formation" and seminary life.  The hideous state of the
priesthood is a reflection on Donald Wuerl.  Wuerl has been caught, time and time
again, lying and covering-up.  Yet, certain writers are attempting to convince you
that Wuerl is a good and holy man who did no wrong.  Why do they want to de-
stroy their credibility for all time?

None the less, Wuerl's greatest pastoral evil was that of ignoring to speak out against
a worldwide crime against humanity, involving sweatshop & slave labor.  That crime
was the 6th COUNT of the NUREMBERG TRIALS, and it's classically known as
Defraudment of Laborers of their Wages.  Wuerl remained criminally silent to this
crime for decades, making him the second coming of Marie Antoinette.

Also at this point in time, keep in mind that the clergy aggressors and transgressors
continue their encroachment on the rights of Christ and his laity.  They're not humbly
stepping aside.  They're not letting others take over.  Their claws of greed and their
fangs of lust are still in position to pounch and disfigure the entire Church, making
the Church it into their own image and likeness.

There's more.  We are entering a historic time.  Literally get in shape for what is to
come ... mentally, physically, and spiritually.

July 09, 2019

Wuerl still yields influence at the Vatican. Proof that he lied about McCarrick has been unveiled. MORE evil of Wuerl & Vatican to come.

Patrick Anthony's tour of duty in Chicago will end in July of 2019.   Then resumes the work that
the thoroughly corrupt Donald Wuerl and his minions tried to derail.  So, expect the unexpected.

Let us review. ===>  St. Paul prophesied to the Thessalonians that there will be a Great Apostasy.  The Great Apostasy comprises the act of throwing out the door all of the teachings set forth by the original apostles and Judas' replacement, Matthias.  It also consists in tossing out the door any mode of decency.  Plus, the TRUE third secret of Fatima, as opposed to the one presented in a false and abridged light in June of 2000, is that the Great Apostasy prophesied by St. Paul will start at the top of the Roman Catholic Church.  You have been seeing this transpire, if you have paid any attention to the Church of recent years.

In case you haven't been paying attention, a Msgr Anthony Figueiredo (who was once a secretary and then assistant of disgraced cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, brought forth enough evidence to support his accusation that the following clerics knew about the predatory lifestyle of McCarrick, all along:

1) Disgraced cardinal, DONALD WUERL.
2) Former Vatican Sec of State, Tarcisio Bertone.
3) Former Prefect for the Congregation of Bishops, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re.
4) Former US Papal Nuncio, Pietro Sambi.

Thus is more evidence to show that the disgraced, yet belligerent and even haughty, Cardinal Wuerl is a perpetual liar.  Liars have no respect for others.  In fact, a liar is a person who thinks that you are stupid and easy to deceive.  A liar is also a bully who abuses whatever power and influence the person has obtained.

Concerning Wuerl's influence,  it is shown to still exist in the form of Pope Bergoglio's recent sex abuse norms, as they pertain to bishops.  Shortly before Wuerl was confirmed to be a liar, bully, and con artist in 2018, he was video-taped as having given his solution for predatory bishops.  He simply suggested that the bishops investigate themselves.  Pope Bergoglio's 2019 solution is to have the bishops investigate themselves, in the form of one centralized bishop having the authority to either ignore an accusation or have it taken through the canon law process.  

In case you missed it, Bergoglio set forth a norm equivalent to having foxes investigate the foxes in the chicken coup.  This norm allows for the Vatican II cover-up mode to proceed in an unabridged manner.  No members of the laity will be involved in the investigations of anybishop.  Yet, lay members are involved in investigating accusations against lower ranking priests.

Of course, one of the prophesies set forth by Fatima seer, Lucia dos Santos, is that the bishops will meet the exact same destiny as did Louis XVI.  And of course, Wuerl is known for having spent decades living the Marie Antoinette lifestyle.  History does repeat itself.

There is a lot of restoration work to be done, concerning a Church sabotaged by its own bishops.  If you are of good will, you need to join-in with the restoring thereof.


July 06, 2019

Fr Edward Huff Case: Wuerl Reinstated him. Yet, he would be indicted & convicted.

Pittsburgh's Point State Park, bordering the famous Three River's Confluence,
and within walking distance of the Pgh RC Diocesan Administrative Building.

Let us review, the life of Cardinal Donald Wuerl is one contiguous
lie, always and in every way.  For example, Donald Wuerl did NOT
single-handedly or collectively write the Teachings of Christ.  Wuerl
lied to the media about having done so in 1979.  Wuerl was merely one
of three editors.  A multiplicity of writers wrote that catechism book,
and Wuerl was NOT one of them.

Let us adjourn to the Edward Huff case.  This is one of Wuerl's bigger
frauds, simply because, while Wuerl was being praised as a great noble
fighter against the evil evil Vatican in the Anthony Cipolla Case, Wuerl
was actually covering-up the sexual crimes of Fr. Edward Huff, as well
as Frs. Ernest Paone, William O'Malley, John Hoehl, & George Zirwas,
not to mention John Wellinger.

Concerning Huff, Wuerl literally reinstated him, as much as Wuerl re-
instated John Hoehl the first year Wuerl was RC bishop of Pittsburgh.
So, imagine the following:

     Wuerl was covering-up Fr. Edward Huff, while being paraded
      around the media outlets as the overly heroic bishop of zero

EWTN, decades later would claim that Wuerl removed 18 of 19 priests.
Of course, EWTN has to count the Huff case, for them claim to be true.
Well, their claim is a big lie.  Incidentally, Wuerl reinstated John Hoehl,
too.  Then he got rid of Hoehl as soon as Bob Wolk was indicted.  Thus,
it is an outrage for EWTN to claim that Wuerl removed Hoehl as if to be
a responsible and caring zero tolerance bishop.  EWTN needs to go off
the air as much as Wuerl needs to do.

The added irony to this is that Wuerl worked in Rome, as a cardinal's per-
sonal secretary for ten consecutive years.  So, if the Vatican is as evil as
the media made it out to be in Wuerl's pursuit of the Cipolla Case, then
Wuerl is equally as evil, with ten years of said evil under his proverbial

For those who do not read well, let's repeat this thought:

     1)  Wuerl was made out to be a heroic champion, fighting an
           evil & wicked Vatican.

     2)  Wuerl worked in Rome, under John Cardinal Wright, for ten
           years.  Wuerl could not have seen the Vatican as so torturous-
           ly evil as the 1990s press released on the Cipolla Case made
           it out to be ... or or or Wuerl was a ten year accomplice of
           Vatican corruption.  Let's continue.
Yes, the sun is going down on Wuerl's stretch of power, dating
back to February 1988.  Churches were closed left and right, by Wuerl.
Vocations decreased left and right during Wuerl's time of high power.
Dollars to sex abuse victims evaporated away, and the Faith of Peter
& Paul was replaced by the Sin of Cowardice.
For those unaware, Huff was Wuerl's "ping-pong cover-up."  Like a ping-pong 
ball, Huff was sent between Pittsburgh and Saint Louis. 

Christopher Dickey once wrote that Donald Wuerl was on record declaring 
zero tolerance for priests accused of sexual abuse 14 years before it became 
public policy.  Well, Wuerl did NOT observe, did NOT practice, and did NOT 
fulfill what he declared.  This is proven in the Wolk, Zula, and Pucci cover-up, 
as well as in the Edward "three-times-reported" Huff case, along with the cases
involving Frs. Hoehl, Paone, Zirwas, Wellinger, & O'Malley.  Add Torquato to 
the mix.  The cover-up of him continues, because his target of sexual aggression
was over the age of 18.  In Wuerl's Pittsburgh diocese, if a person were over the
age of 18, he was fair game, and a priest could wreak havoc on his life without
Wuerl objecting, at all.

July 04, 2019

The Krawczyk Case: 7 years probation in death; the death of another.

After Wuerl was unofficially deemed the model of zero tolerance,  there was
the 2003 arrest and arraignment of a Fr. Henry Krawczyk who was previous-
ly reported to Pittsburgh diocesan authorities for unbecoming conduct.

Donald Wuerl knew of the prior allegations against Father Krawczyk before
that priest set the scenario for the sudden death of former Pitt football player,
Billy Gaines.  If Wuerl were not negligent in that matter, chances are that the
young Billy Gaines would not have died an alcohol-related death, twenty hours
after having fallen from a Pittsburgh diocesan catwalk onto one of its church
pews.  Plus, ther parish wouldn't have been receiving the Playboy Station, dur-
ing that time.

In addition, the August 2018 PA Grand Jury Report attributed a suicide to the
same Fr. Krawczyk.  It involved the youngest brother of a family who, accord-
ing to a memorandum, would indulge in alcohol with Krawczyk and whatever
it was that got them high.  The same youth was woke up after an alcohol binge
and found Krawczyk performing an unnatural act upon him.  Of course, in my
ancestors' Renaissance Italy, such priests literally got the death penalty for such
conduct.  None the less, the suicide occurred in 2006, after Krawczyk was put
into the criminal court system, only to receive probation.  None the less, being
a molester priest can be quite deadly.





The thesis statement is this:

Wuerl was made out to be a deeply caring bishop who would risk his life for
humanity..  Meanwhile, Wuerl was living in Marie-Antoinette-Luxury and
had gotten away with the Torquato Retaliations that he de facto ratified.

Wuerl was made out to be deeply caring, but he completely ignored the plight
of hundreds of million sweatshop workers throughout the world whose pro-
ducts flooded the American market and typical American home.

His cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci was given a rewrite, where he was made
out to be the wise overseer, instead of an aggravation to law enforcement per-
sonnel and the family stung by three Pittsburgh diocesan priests.

The Wellinger case was a persona non-grata of its own, and Wuerl's reinstatement
of former high school headmaster John Hoehl was denied so much so that writer
Ann Rodgers made it look as if Wuerl immediately read Hoehl the Riot Act and
ran him out of town.  Curiously enough, however, the Huff indictment and con-
viction was mentioned in the papers during 2002, when the Wuerl-for-God cam-
paign was working overtime..

If he really cared, he would have been sure that human life would not have been
in jeopardy, as was the case in the first wave of the Torquato Retaliations.  Wuerl
proved his unfittingness-to-rule,  when he looked the other way.

Turns Out that the Court System and Media Guide the Modern Church

Concerning the realization that Donald Wuerl was not motivated by conscience,
but by law enforcement authorities, take note of the following statement made by
author and expert witness, Richard Sipe.  It was published in the March 11, 2002
edition of USA Today:

   "It is only the court system and the media that have forced the Church to
    take more reasonable action.  There is a very significant lack of moral
    leadership within the Church to face up to this problem, because they're
    afraid of what it will uncover of higher-ups in the Church

It was the court system which compelled Wuerl to announce a zero tolerance
policy.  It took the indictment of the Father Robert Wolk.  The 2002 media then
forced Wuerl to remove several priests attached to credible sex abuse accusations
whom Donald Wuerl had been keeping in ministry.  At the start of 2002,  Wuerl
was incapable of claiming that his diocese was free of priests accused of molest-
ing youth.  Only after the media exploded with report after report of sex abuse
cover-ups did Wuerl finally remove those priests.  He removed the preists out
of political pressure.

Wuerl's zero tolerance image was nothing more than unconscionable propaganda,
especially in light of the fact that court briefs were filed against his diocese in 2002,
at the US Supreme Court's Clerk of Court's Office.  Furthermore, Wuerl's former se-
cretary was still in ministry during that year, showing Wuerl to not be the model of
zero tolerance that he was made out to be.  In fact, he would soon assign his former
secretary to a parish pastor's post, effective New Year's Day 2004.

The 21st Century praise given to Donald Wuerl by the media was an act of coward-
ice, as if telling the truth about a corrupt bishop would have resulted in the ultimate
destruction of all mankind.  This era of mankind has been one in which the media
deceived the public in a number of topics.  Concerning the topics, Donald Wuerl is
merely one of many.  Concerning corrupt bishops, Wuerl is merely one of many.

A courtesy email that Richard Sipe sent me in 2009 surprised me, because he de-
scribed the Donald Wuerl power play in the following way:

"It's the reformation all over again."
For further reading on other topics, see:







Concerning the Late Father George Zirwas:





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July 01, 2019

The Heresies Promoted by and Tacitly Approved by Donald Wuerl

The etchings made by oceanfront vegetation has more intelligibility
than the teachings to which Wuerl gave tacit approval and which were
long since condemned as heresies in previous church councils.
Reminder:  The Eternal God, aka the Unmoved Mover & Uncatalyzed Catalyst,
is changeless.  That is to say, the God who is who was and who is to come is the
same One Infinite Being.  So, God's revelation to humanity is as changeless as is
God the Revealer.

Now, when you are a clergyman promoting heresy under the guise that it's the
official teaching of the Catholic Church, you are committing Theft by Decep-
tion, in posing to be a Catholic promoting Catholicism, all the while living
in Marie Antoinette luxury.  Enter the formerly whispery voiced Cardinal
Donald William Wuerl, former personal secretary of John Cardinal Wright,
and who spent tens years in Rome, learning how to manipulate its power

That even goes for Mr. Kissy-poo Smiley Face

No bishop, no matter how narcissisticly glamorous he and his militant homo-
sexual (Dignity Mass) followers sees him, can change doctrine.  Therefore, if
the elevator-shoe-obsessed Cardinal Donald Wuerl wants to change doctrine,
then he can simply leave the Catholic Church and his $43 million dollar abode
on Embassy Row and start another religion.  He can call it Wuerlan Protestan-
tism.  No one is stopping him.

But, of course, his new religion will have a much lower number of followers
and less money in the tax-free collection baskets, meaning that Wuerl will
actually have to live like the rest of us.  So, you can bid farewell to his
MercedesBenz-owning chef.

In October 2015, the agenda of Cardinals Kasper, Wuerl, and company was de-
flected like a football that made contact with a defensive lineman's hand, during
a field goal attempt.   The attempt of Kasper and Wuerl was to change the Cath-
olic Church's 2,000 year old doctrine, especially as it involved the Sacrament of
Holy Communion, aka the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

More importantly, Kasper was addressing his concerns only as they apply to his
Germany and the Church's money supply thereof..  He simply wanted more Ger-
man citizens to check the box on their income tax returns which identifies them
as Roman Rite Catholic,  This is because the German government subsidizes all
religions in proportion to the number of taxpayers identifying themselves as "ad-
herents" to the various religions practiced in Germany.

Catholicism is laid waste in Germany, and the numbers of Germany's Catholic
faithful dropped to ground-level when the former Hitler Youth & Cronyism
Meister ascended to the Chair of Saint Peter.  His election to the papacy was
perceived as a continuation that ruled throughout the altar-boy-molestation
epidemic overseen by a Pope John Paul II who, during his younger days, was
too much of a coward to join the tens of thousands of Polish lads who made
their ways to Englad, to topple the Nazi Killing Machine.  Carlos Wojtyla (the
future pope) first let himself be a laborer in a lime quarry and then at a chemi-
cal company, before taking shelter in the underground seminary of Krakow,
for the rest of the war.  A hero in  his youth he was not.  Don't pretend that
he was.

In response to the empty echo chamber of Germany's Catholic Church attendants,
Cardinal Kasper sought to make Catholicism easy to observe.  This diluting of the
Faith, he thought, would bring back people to the church pews.  It had the opposite
effect, however.  Why join something ... or return to something that has nothing
majestic, admirable, challenging, or fulfilling about it.  All in all, in Kasper's plan
to make Catholicism appear to be ho-hum easy, it made adherence to the Catholic
Faith appear to be a boring waste of time.

The elevator shoes aficionado, Donald Wuerl and all of the German DNA jumped
on native German Kasper's band wagon.  And like Kasper, Wuerl feared the loss of
government dollars.
Wuerl has repeated scored on your tax dollars, via "social service" government
contracts, school funding, etc. He allowed Pelosi, Dodd, and company do what
they willed, because Wuerl is a coward who compensated for his cowardice
by letting surrogate bullies harass those whom he feared and who did not have
corporate dollars or the federal treasury purse in their hands.
Wuerl made much income out of "social service" government contracts.  He feared
that, if he publicly denied Holy Communion to Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Joe Bi-
den and other abortion-obsessed politicians, he would become the direct object of
the democratic party's retaliation.  The retaliation that Wuerl feared was the depri-
vation of federal taxpayer subsidies.  Yes, the tax dollars of atheists in the States
do find their ways in a number of religions' bank accounts, thereby funding a
number of "sectarian" schools, hospitals, nursing homes, housing systems, and
"faith-based" social service government contacts

In addition, Kasper did not realize that, if the cardinals and ordinal bishops of
this corrupt & scandal-ridden era would start living decently, then people would
start returning to church.

As a result of German prelate Walter Kasper's obsession with his own national
boundaries, as if Germany were the only nation on earth, Australia's Cardinal
Pell publicly stated that the Catholic Church is universal and NOT continental.
Furthermore, when asked about the African bishops' comments on the matter
of changing church doctrine, Cardinal Kasper stated on camera, "Oooooh, we 
don't listen to them."  Thus, Cardinal Kasper became the Ghost of Nazism.

Kasper limited his concern to the near absence of church attendance in a very
disheveled Germany, in a stroke of Nationalism.  Then, in the spirit of Nazi
racism, he stated that "we" don't listen to the voices of the African bishops.
Kasper's sidekick, Donald Wuerl, is of German decent, thereby rounding
off Kasper's self-evident Nazi German sentiments.

Now, Cardinal Wuerl was allowing those people obstinate in mortal sin to
receive communion for years.  Those initial years were Wuerl's two weekly
Dignity Masses which endured for eight disobedient years.  Thus, Wuerl was
a pioneer at permitting the sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion on a
mass scale.  Wuerl did other evils throughout the decades, and the damage he
allowed must be repaired.

If a bishop wants to change church doctrine, in order to suit his interests, he
can simply go and start another religion.  Of course, he won't enjoy the bene-
fits of the massive tax-free collection basket proceeds that the largest form
of Christianity experiences.  Nor would such a bishop readily procure the
 amount of social service government contracts which a large religion can
procure as a matter of course.  Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude that the
various heretical bishops of today didn't leave the church, only because they
wanted to enjoy the wealth and comforts of the richer venues of the Catholic
Church.  In as much, simply because a bishop walks down the corridors of a
Catholic Church, it doesn't mean that he wants to be Catholic.  Wuerl lived
in luxury for decades.  He wanted the wealthy settings provided by Catholic
parishioners and benefactors, evidenced by the fact that he sought to live in
constant luxury.

Wuerl was made out to be a zero tolerance pioneer with a clean sex abuse
record when the truth is that he was the second bishop caught in what was
to become a Watergate of perversity.  He was hailed as one of the first bish-
ops to announce a zero tolerance policy.  But, this did NOT happen until the
triple indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci ... and long after Wuerl had
put the notorious John Hoehl back into  ministry.  This same zero tolerance
policy was ignored in the case of Edward Huff who would also be indicted.
This policy did NOT apply to James Torquato, either.  Nor was this extend-
ed to the corrupting influence of the banned Dignity Masses (pro-Sodomy
Masses that Wuerl red carpeted in Pittsburgh until the Vatican told him to
knock it off.
One of the Sodomite Mass Venues, during
Donald Wuerl's tenure in Pittsburgh
Shortly before Torquato was discovered to be what we found him to be, and
while Donald Wuerl was in charge of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, there were
noticeable teachings set forth which were contrary to Catholic Church doc-
trine.  These types of teachings are still called heresies, but their essence is
that they consist in stealing church property, for the purpose of promoting
a new religion of malcontents who whined and complained about anything
Catholic.  They merely wanted to use the wealth and comfort provided by
the American church, all the while justifying their non-Catholic lifestyles.
This means that they were imposters to Catholicism.  After all, Torquato
stated that rubbing down an unwilling parishioner was something healthy.
Well, it's not healthy if the parishioner involved has the physical power
to knock out any priest who won't keep his hands to himself.

As an example of Wuerl's doctrinal negligence, a priest who was the splitting
image the of famous 1981 Nerd Poster taught that there was no such thing as
being conceived in the state of original sin.  Well, this is outright heresy and
an attack against the foundation stone of the Catholic religion.  So, the priest
was reported to Wuerl's office.  Yet, the priest was not removed from ministry,
thereby giving the false impression that the undisciplined priest's heresy was
new church teaching.

In fact, the same priest taught something about the Sacrament of the Euchar-
ist (Communion) which was condemned in an infallible statement made at
the Council of Trent.  This constituted breach of duty to loyalty.  Such a
thing would be construed as new doctrine by a trusting Catholic, being
that it was spoken by a confident-sounding priest.  However, the nerdy
look was an indication that he lived the lazy, lethargic, and lackadaisical
lifestyle of a person the opposite of an aethstetic.  It was the lifestyle of a
pampered little brat.  His doctrine equaled lackadaisicalness.

At this point, you need to keep in mind that pathetic state of the Catholic
Church in America as much as Europe in the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.
Those who attended Sunday Mass, according to John Paul II, had the status
of neo-catechuminates (those at the first stage of Catholicism planning to be
baptized in the near future.)  More correctly, that type of person can be call-
ed nothing more than "a baptized pagan."  Such persons didn't/don't know the
preliminary basics of the Faith which used to be easily learned by reading the
opening pages of any Catholic prayer book.  That is how pathetic the Catholic
Church had become throughout the Vatican II years.

The first truth of Catholicism is that its doctrine is as changeless as is the
Eternal God.  It's as changeless as an evergreen tree.  That which had been
taught by the Apostles 2,000 years ago applied 1,000 years later and still
applies today, with no amendment to the articles of Faith.  This means that
there is no such thing as a new Vatican II church teaching.  Vatican II did
NOT reverse any past teaching.   All revelation ended with Saint John the
Apostle at the Island of Patmos, the day he died.

In as much, any infallible statement official recorded in a Catholic Ecumen-
ical Council text is a reflection of what the original apostles taught.  If any
teaching, such as Cardinal Wuerl's teaching on Holy Communion, goes
against the Apostles' teachings, it's NOT Catholicism.  Rather, it's an attack
on Christ, himself.

Even though there were many infallible statements published as a result of
various ecumenical counclis, not all councils  contain infallible statements.
In fact, there is no infallible statement in any of the Vatican II documents.
There were dozens of infallible statements set forth at the Council of Trent.
There were a few at Vatican Council I, and one of them set off a revolution
in Europe.  That one was the doctrine of papal infallibility which happens
to be  limited within its scope of power, pertaining solely to officially de-
fined teachings on Faith and Morals.

Once, a certain director of religious education was reported to Wuerl.  This
was a woman who had a son she apparently neglected to teach basic moral
precepts.  At the parish where she worked, she had a volunteer teacher who
complained that the youth were not being taught the basic necessities of the
faith ... and especially morals.

In fact, a book that she issued to the teachers taught the Taoist belief in Yin
& Yang, as if it were Catholic Doctrine.  Such a thing is contrary to church
teaching.  In fact, teaching such a thing is known as apostasy.  This means
that, if the director of religious education were so enamored by a belief in
Taoism, then she had the obligation to stop accepting diocesan paychecks.
She could have joined a Taoist temple where she probably wouldn't have
been paid as much as a penny.  Well, the whistle blower was disregarded
so much so that he was fired.  The following then occurred:

The son of the director of religious education got the younger sister of
the whistle blower pregnant.  There he was (the fired teacher), trying
to get the youth to start living according to a moral code.  He is then
dismissed and treated with contempt, as if he didn't teach the truth.
Next, he finds that his sister is pregnant at the hands of the son of
the director of religious education who got him fired.

The wrong person was fired.  Wuerl should pay for that child's upbring-
ing, on account of his negligence, because a complaint against the direc-
tor of religious education was sent to Wuerl's office, long before the
pregnancy took place.

There were a number of heretical and apostastical teachings that Wuerl
let be taught in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This included whatever was
taught during Dignity Masses, for eight long years.  As an example of
the heresies which flew about the Diocese of Pittsburgh, a woman went
to the pulpit during a retreat of iron workers and told them that layman
have the power to bless water, thereby making it sacramental holy water.
She then had the ironworkers go through a water consecrating ceremony.

Now, this is complete heresy.  Laymen do not have the priesthood's power
to bless or consecrate anything.  If laymen had such power, then they would
also have the power to absolve each other from sin, as well as the power to
consecrate wine and unleavened bread during Mass.  This means that there
would be no need for any priest, including Wuerl.  Heresy and apostasy ends
up backfiring upon the priests who allow it to be taught.

At this point, keep in mind that best selling author Malachi Martin called
Donald Wuerl a fool who will have to answer to God for all the sins he has
allowed.  Quite frankly, Wuerl is a liar who conned people into advancing
his lies, all while posing as if the accomplices were experts.

By the way, Wuerl isn't anywhere near 5'11, as Ann Rodgers falsely stated
in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  She knew that he's tiny.  So, how stupid did
she think Pittsburghers were?  After all, Pittsburghers were taking Wuerl to
court, left and right,because they felt wronged by him.  They weren't im-
pressed with him, to say the least.  Rodgers fabricated a fairy tale.