December 16, 2023

Wuerl's 1993 to 2006 Cover-up of Fr. William P. O'Malley

Wuerl greenlighted William P. O'Malley into an open lane of sexual aggression

Location:  Butler County, the northern sector of the Roman Catholic
Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Principle Borough:  Meridian, PA

Keep in mind that Wuerl's Pittsburgh tenure started in February of 1988.

The Great Outrage throughout this time span: 

Ann Rodgers-Melnick kept defining Wuerl as the Bishop of Zero Tolerance.

~ ~ ~

Enter One Father William O'Malley.  1991:  O'Malley was reported in an
alert sent to the diocese.  It stated that William P. O'Malley was bestowing
under-aged youth with gifts and that he was having them do sleep-overs
at the rectory.   A little too Chummy.

1993:  A 22 year old young adult accused O'Malley of having committed
sexual assault on him, in a parish rectory.  No action was taken against
O'Malley, except for "a warning."       

Note:  Wuerl would not protect any victim over the age of 17.

1997:  Another male accused O'Malley of having sexually assaulted him
to a certain degree when he was the age of 12, while the 12 year old was

At the same time, according to the same accusation, William O'Malley
photographed three other boys in their undergarments.  O'Malley did
NOT deny the accusations.  However, he did not volunteer any play-
by-play details, either.

Only at that point in time did Wuerl order O'Malley into psychiatric
assessment and prognosis.  O'Malley was diagnosed as having an
unnatural attraction toward high school aged males.

It was a matter of crucifying Christ anew.  Period.

Instead of practicing Zero Tolerance, Wuerl reinstated O'Malley
into ministry and violated the Child Protection Services Act, by refrain-
ing from reporting O'Malley to the police.  Wuerl gave O'Malley a post
in the diocesan administrative dept.

2002:  More male accusers against O'Malley continued to come forth.
It was six in all.  The accusations went into the Year 2006, when Wuerl
packed his bags for Washington, DC, all the while being regarded as the
ultimate bishop of Zero Tolerance.

Of the additional youth who came forth, the most recent alleged sexual
aggression was done by O'Malley in 1999.

2003:  O'Malley finally tendered his resignation from Pittsburgh diocesan

2006:  It was not until the year when Wuerl was to transfer to Washington
did Wuerl report O'Malley to the police.

2008:  O'Malley died

On occasion, Wuerl would have an accused priest ride-out the statute of
limitations before Wuerl would report the priest.  At other times, Wuerl
waited until the priest was soon to approach death, before Wuerl would
report the priest.  Wuerl did NOT report O'Malley until two years before
O'Malley's death.