May 04, 2024

The suicide I went through as a teenager was my motive in seeing to it that Torquato would be reported.

I know that I have enemies who hate me with a seething passion.  I was made 
known of this a couple nights prior to the time of this writing.  I also know what
it is to get violent profanities in texts and emails after 1 AM, while needing to get
up early that morning and do some work in a profession that requires you to have
a 25 year old athlete's body and a 50 year old contractor's wisdom.  

Such blinding hatred was it that the sender failed to realize that he sent me a trea-
sure chest of evidence against him, in proving that he has no sense of compassion
for those who suffer  ...  that he is absolutely vicious  ...  has no self-control and is
controlled by a violent temper ... that he has is a merciless harasser upon someone
sleep-deprived for consecutive days at a time.  In fact, at this moment I'm intense-
ly craving sleep, nodding off into Dream World and then coming-to.

Of course, thdifference between the Hollywood profanity sender and I is that
the Hollywood guy allegedly has a criminal record, while I have three current
security clearances that were required for my work.  None the less, the follow-
ing day, he decided to continue the harassment of me by sending a text which
read in part:  "You are  sailing in dangerous waters, my friend.  Beware of
Pirates."  Meanwhile, I went to work in the days to follow, one day of which
involved concrete work which  did not end until 10:20 PM.

When I get back to the construction yard/office, my body is sometimes wracked.  
Can  I please have some peace?  In fact, at the time of this writing, I have to get
up as early as possible tomorrow and finish the concrete job.  More specifically,
at the time of this writing, it's nine minutes past the start of tomorrow.

As another example, it was during the Torquato Retaliations when I had to 
endure someone with a flaming homosexual voice screaming at me over the
phone and then hanging up on me, as well as me hearing someone else tell
me to  "back-off" in the Torquato case.  This was followed by the same per-
son later saying that he was more than willing to go through me physically,
in order to get to  Torquato's credible accuser.

Of course, there is the intermittent occasion when someone writes to me, asking
me for the copyright privileges of my photography and writings.  Those occasions
are moments of relief for me.

Incidentally, for those unaware, I've seven websites thus far comprising approx-
imately 800,000 pageviews, and I was published along side laureates a couple
of times, even to the point of my literature being placed on a Harvard library
shelf, on a library shelf at Northwestern Univ, and elsewhere.   My writings
were even put on display at a British war museum.  In addition, I happen to
be Phi Sigma Iota.  In as much, I've been asked for my copyright privilege
more than once.

None the less, I would occasionally get calls about a priest here and a priest
there,  as well as a priest's false accuser here and a false accuser there, as if
to be called to duty to do the stories.  Then would come the calls about this
article and that article which I absolutely must write, as if I have the time.
Also came the request to find an attorney for a person in need of one, as if
no one on earth can do so.  Can't anyone else find an attorney for the person
seeking one?  Can I get some sleep for a change?  Why doesn't someone else
help?  People are more than willing to put my photography and articles on
their sites, but no one is willing to go through even a quarter of the effort
required to produce them.  Instead of offers of assisting me in my research
and writings, I get profanity and name-calling sent to me when I'm craving

If you're one of those people affixed to a seething hatred for me, maybe, just 
maybe, you might have a touch of understanding if you knew what motivated
me in setting forth the effort in exposing Donald Wuerl in the fashion that 
did.  Well, it was a suicide that I went through when I was 18 which was the
motivating force.  In fact, I was later told that yet another former football
teammate committed suicide

All in all, I did what I did, in having certain Pittsburgh diocesan wrongdoing  
made known to people as far away as China, Russia, France, Germany, the 
United Kingdom, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Brazil, because 
I wanted to not have to go through another suicide again. When you encounter 
true sex abuse victims, you see an 'End of the World, scene in their eyes, if you 
don't see the avenging activist in the same eyes.   You either see anguish and a
sense of  disgrace or a sense of mission.  When you're in their presences, you
have to be extremely diplomatic.  You have to be a tightrope walker whenever
 around them.

The suicide that I went through at the age of 18 involved a 19 year old youth
who lived in a predatory high school headmaster's home for a while.  He was
a former football teammate.  Well, one night, this 19 year old male punched
the predatory priest and ended up having to be sent back to his broken home.
It's assumed that he was fending-off an unwelcome advance.

Shortly after the youth was sent back to his broken home, he took a rifle and
ended his life in the basement.  His name was Vince, and I met him during
football camp.

I was the last non-family member to see him alive.  In fact, the last time that
he ever looked at me, his facial expression said,  "It's okay.  It doesn't matter 
any more."  Within an hour or two, I was in a driveway with one of his broth-
ers and was given the news of his suicide.  I then had to walk back into the
house I was leaving, to relay the news immediately to the girlfriend of one
of his brothers, with zero time for preparing what to say.  She took it hard,
to say the least.

If you wonder why I got involved in the church scandal investigations and
the way in which I did, it was because I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't
go through another suicide ... literally.

When I was told of Father James Torquato, the suicide that I went through in
 my teenage years was the first thing that came to my mind.   Donald Wuerl, in
 his stone coldness, couldn't care less.   He made sure that Fr. James Torquato's
credible accuser, the uncle of Torquato's credible accuser, and I, the advocate
of James Torquato's credible accuser ... would suffer significantly, through the
retaliations that Wuerl could have instantly ordered ceased, but did not do so.


The dozens of pieces of hard copy evidence collected concludes with zero doubt
that Father James Torquato knew his accuser for years.  Of course, he publicly
never acknowledged the young man's existence.  In fact, reading Torquato's
notes to the young man gives you insight and how Torquato regarded him.

This envelope was purposely scissored and opened, in order to show both sides
of the envelope.  This shows that yet another envelope was sent from Bishop
Donald Wuerl's former personal secretary to his eventual accuser, meaning
that he certainly knew the young man for an extended period of time.