October 11, 2022

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First Grade
high school graduation

College days.

West Virginia woman
Mississippi woman
Michigan gal
The Spring of 1999
Australia Outback Gal

Duane Locke is the founder of the Immanentist school of poetry (which has
nothing to do with the Immanentist School of Philosophy.)  Duane become a
Renaissance scholar and then was published over two thousand times.  He's a
recipient of the Walt Whitman Award and Edna St. Vincent Award.

Philosophy Professor's Letter of Recommendation

Alan Britt was/is a widely published Immanentist poet, as well as publisher of Black
Moon Publications.

Landlord letter.  Telephone number digits, his former town of residence, and even
his email address were whited-out, for the sake of his privacy.  He was a psychologist
who treated the drug and alcohol abusers of a certain major airline.

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