May 06, 2024

Letter by one of many sex abuse casualties of a priest reinstated into ministry by Wuerl.

Donald Wuerl's cover-up of his former personal secretary was in progress
in 2002, the year when Wuerl had the media make him look like a caring
man who had a clean sex abuse handling record.  In that same year, a few
writers made the tiny Donald Wuerl look like a hero in his triple cover-up
of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  In fact, the Ann Rodgers who was caught
lying in print made Wuerl's cover-up of John S. Hoehl look like the stern
deliberations of a zero tolerance bishop.

You see, Ann Rodgers, former Post Gazette writer who was found to be a 
liar via fact checking, wrote that Wuerl emphatically told Hoehl that he could 
never go back into ministry.  She made it sound as if Wuerl stamped his hand 
on the desk, while reading Hoehl the Riot Act.  Liar.  The truth is, ladies and
gentlemen, that Wuerl was the one who put Hoehl back into ministry.

Concerning Hoehl:

Below is something that I had in my possession for years.  It's the copy of a
2007 letter written to present Pittsburgh bishop, David Zubik, by one of the
many sex abuse casualties of the Pittsburgh area.  This person is also a vic-
tim of Wuerl's way of administrating.  The way of Bishop David Zubik was 
apparently morphed into a clone of Wuerl, as far as goes administrating.  Af-
ter all, Zubik cut off Michael Unglo's psychiatric funding, resulting in poor
Michael committing suicide.  Yet, Zubik had the audacity to not resign.  
That was cold-hearted, to say the least.  Zubik's fatal error was that of
being a Wuerl clone, instead of being himself.  Zubik passed on Wuerl's
baton of death.

The individual who wrote the letter posted below had long since made the
local newspapers and television newscasts.  Thus, his name, face, thought
patterns, and voice patterns were already made publicly known.  He isn't
mentioned here by name, simply because I've a policy of not waving in
neon the names of private citizens that haven't become household ones.

I encountered another casualty of the same priest years ago and saw the pain
in his face.  This was before I learned how corrupt Wuerl was, meaning that
I encountered the sex abuse victim a year before being told about Torquato.
That is to say, I learned of how corrupt Donald Wuerl was, via the Torquato
Retaliations.  If I did not get involved in the Torquato case, I would never
have discovered how vicious Wuerl was.  I would have been praising him,
like everyone else, in 2002. Here is the letter written about the priest whom
Donald Wuerl returned to ministry the first year Wuerl became bishop of 
Pittsburgh.  Bishop David Zubik is addressed, Fr. Dave, because the writer
of the letter knew Zubik as such years before Zubik became a bishop.  It 
was a matter of habit for the gentleman:

Now remember:  This was written by a play toy of John Hoehl with whom I
haven't spoken in years.  He left the Catholic Church and, the last time I spoke
with him, in was living in the former Confederate South.  I used to live in the
Johnny Reb South too, incidentally.  I don't advise doing so.

                                                   November 9, 2007
Fr. Dave:

"Here we go again, 10 years later, with me writing you and trying to rely on
my faith that you would possibly have the strength within you to do the right
thing:  A simple act of kindness to a family that has been betrayed, living with
the pain of the abuse of a sexual predator  -  a religious sexual predator;  one
who has been set free into society by his so-called leaders, so that he can con-
tinue to molest innocent children without recognition of his horrid past on
file.  And as last time, you failed horribly."

"Do you recall the first time I wrote you regarding this?  1997!   Even then
 I had to write you (via certified mail) twice, to get you to return my call for
concern.   That was a sign of the relationship I would come to face with the
Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese; a relationship of aloofness and arrogance,
without accountability."

"During our most recent meeting of last month, I asked if you beforehand
read the four page letter I had sent to Bishop Bradley, so you could familiar-
ize yourself with what me, my wife and my parents have been going through.
You didn't take the time.  You didn't care enough to take the time."

"You sat there, with arms crossed, and tried to tell me how you had become
a victim, as well, by being associated with Hoehl and Quigley.  Trust me, you
have no idea what we victims of that sick {censored} have to go through; how
every association that he scarred us with sends us back to that horrible time
in our lives; of how he washed me up in the shower, {censored} in his bed,
and {censored.}

"Here I am, 26 years later, at 44 years of age, still dealing with the night-
mares, the raucousness, the depression, the knowledge that he's still out
there to do what feeds his illness.  You and Wuerl could have made a tre-
mendous move forward, to help local Pittsburgh youth, as well as gain
recognition nationally, for outing these predators that your leadership
chose to keep secret.  You chose poorly."

"I saw this as God's will, in order to make me deal with my guilt, by com-
ing forward in the courts and at least out Hoehl.  It was the most challeng-
ing test I have ever had; a test that I literally bet my life on."

"Now, again, you could have allowed the agreement that Bishop Bradley
and I had go to fruition.  But you denied that move of good will.  As I have
always stated, it was never about money, and this still stands.  It's is about
the actions taken.  The action of Bradley, and not you, to pay my legal fees,
truly brought about good will and trust in my heart that there is someone
in the Pittsburgh diocese who actually cared enough to do the right thing."

"After reading my letters (the ones you ignored) he even had Rita Joyce
call to offer additional monies  -  not the petty $1200 she now defends.
Please!   What an insult!" 

"So here I am; tossing since 3:30 a.m., struggling with my Crohns' Di-
sease and the aloofness from you.  You said at the end of our meeting
that you would find some monies to send my parents and call it tuition
reimbursement.  I thought that was great."

"There again, I {miscalculated} and I trusted you.  Ten days later, and
three days after my call, you had your assistant call me to tell me that
you won't do any more and that you have done enough. 


"Correction:  You have done plenty  -  all the wrong things.   You have
destroyed, once again, the belief I had that you actually care.  You truly
are a disciple of Wuerl."

"How you live with yourself I will never know.  It takes a very little person
to do what you do.   You are a minimalist.   You do the bare minimum
to get by, regardless of the effects to good, caring people, looking for a
thread of human decency to hold on to.  The Diocese of Pittsburgh put
the wrong man at the helm.  Bishop Bradley deserves that seat, not you." 

The following was written by one of John Hoehl play toys who left the
Catholic Church.  I used to coach him in basketball, too.

End of the edited letter addressed to Bishop David Zubik in 2007, by a
gentleman I coached in basketball a few years before he became one of
many preys of a Pittsburgh diocesan priest.

And remember, if I didn't go through the suicide I went through, I probably
wouldn't have gotten involved in the Torquato case and in the investigation
of Wuerl's corruption.  In as much, if Torquato never got away with his re-
taliations, I wouldn't have uncovered what I uncovered about Wuerl.  I also
wouldn't have discovered what others uncovered about him.

In trying to keep things covered by means of intimidation, Wuerl caused them
to be discovered.  He did what was counter-productive to his goal of cover-
up. Of course, such uncovering happens when you don't succumb to threats
and retaliations ... and when they don't succeed in silencing you permanently.