December 02, 2018

Once, first 30 Google search engine results were this site's articles

This is only here, because of the egomania of Donald Wuerl and the smug
arrogance of his supporters, with all of their dismissive remarks, especially
the one which stated why no one (except for approximately 5 million times)
wants to read my "stuff."   Well, the Harvard,  Northwestern,  Sweetbriar
College, etc library systems have some of "my stuff."

None the less, watch how defending oneself becomes construed as an act
of arrogance and braggadocio.  This is here, because I doubt that any of
the Wuerl People ever had any type of writings which spanned the first
three Google pages.  This includes the teeth-gritted character assassin
Bill "$475,000-a-year" Donohue and his one-man league,   There is
work to be done in a world of slave labor, toxic water supplies, and
high tech sabers, not to mention sexual anarchy, and battle cries
against life, itself.  And these people cater to a narcissist.   .

In re:  The Google search engine, on  June 16, 2014:   The search engine results
of it went as follows, pursuant to the keywords, "Did Donald Wuerl ever have a
cover-up?"  Snapshots of the first three Google pages of June 16, 2014 are post-
ed below, simply to show the reader that I'm not lying.

Each of the first THIRTY search engine results were articles found
at the new edition of the Wuerlgate site   ...   at

In fact, twenty-nine of those articles were written solo by yours truly.  The Wuerl-
gate site had a monopoly on the first three Google pages, and even recently, and
this as of March 1, 2015, pursuant to two different Wuerl-related keyword com-

The March 1st search engine findings:

The June 2014 Grand Slam Fest

Consuming the first three pages of Google, of course, is like bowling a 300 or
even pitching a perfect game.

To be really honest, it's like hitting three grand slams in the same baseball game;
especially after having been threatened with the predictable forms of retaliation,
for not removing said Wuerlgate articles from the internet.  Well, none of the
Wuerlgate articles have ever been banned from the internet, and no retaliation
ever ensued.  No law firm ever contracted me on behalf of the liar Tim Bendig
or Ann Rodgers or Diane Thompson or Father James "All Hands" Torquato or
Bishop Edward Burns or Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  In fact, no one ever sued me.

Let's Get Really into Reality, Here

Now, Rocco Palmo, the grown man who lives in his parent's Philadelphia base-
ment, has been called the blogger extraordinaire.  Yet, I read a website written
by a Catholic woman which excels Palmo's by leaps and bounds, meaning that
she should be regarded as the blogger extraordinaire.  But of course, she doesn't
have the backing of the lavender cabal that infiltrated the Catholic Church at
the rate of candida proliferating in an unfortunate person's intestinal tract.

Anyway, ask yourself one thing:  Did Rocco Palmo ever capture a monopoly on
the first three Google search engine pages pursuant to any keyword combination?
No?  Then why do you call him the "blogger extraordinaire," when he's basically
a groupie who has an obsession with aged men walking around Rome in garments
that resemble red Christmas gift wrapping?   What's the big deal about him, then?

Ask yourself something else:  Did he ever get visited in a very unfriendly way,
for accumulating evidence against any bishop?   Did he ever write under threat,
like I did?  Did he ever risk his physical safety, in order to deliver the truth to
the reading public?  No?  Then what's the big deal with the guy?

Let's go a step further and get something out in the open:  Now, in the newspaper
article which made Palmo sound like the next Mozart and Da Vinci combined, it
was stated that he couldn't become a priest, because he had a crush on a girl when
he was 13.  Okay, stop there.

What about now?  Does Rocco Palmo have a crush on any woman, today?  Does
he presently have an attraction to a lady he is trying win-over to him?   Has he
asked anyone out to share coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages, recently?  Is he
online, trying to meet a lady?  Is he praying a novena to St Joseph for a wife?
Does he have a female prayer partner?  Mine, incidentally, was an Australian
Outback gal who was also my tennis partner.  She was the closest definition
to a woman of valor I ever knew in my life, and I did encounter women like
her ... but no very often, at all.

And Palmo only had one crush at the age of 13?  I had three crushes every Sat-
urday night, per high school dance.   Why do these con artists think we are so
stupid?  This 13-year-old crush thing predictably and typically sounds like a
homosexual hiding his homosexuality.  Do the con artists in the church realize
that their con artistry is the reason why so many people have been leaving the
Church and giving up on the Faith?  These are the last people you should have
speak at a conference on electronic evangelization.  Palmo's presence at any
such conference is merely a continuing sign of Vatican cronyism.  The lady
who constructed that Catholic website I mentioned should have been there,

Meanwhile, the Wuerl People continue to bumble & mumble, especially in
assassinating the character of a George Neumayr who was brave enough to
state what he did about Wuerl.

Now concerning my reacton, as an individual who was published along side
laureates, who has literature at Harvard's main library and elsewhere, and who
even had literature placed on display at a humble-sized Britisth museum, I can
assure you that George Neumayr's first article in complaint of Wuerl was very
well done, except for the lack of cadence in the rhythm.  Wuerl's writings, on
the other hand, are really sophomoric.  He is extremely void of talent.

Wuerl is not a prolific writer in the least.  In fact, the one priest in the Diocese
of Pittsburgh who was a prolific communicator was one who did proofreading
for the Diocese of Pitsburgh.  He should have been the bishop instead of Wuerl.
Anybody should have been the bishop, instead of Wuerl.

The conflict of interest on the part of the Wuerl People,
as in who signs their paychecks.

Concerning the character assassinations of the Wuerl People against George
Neumayr, keep in mind that there's a conflict of interest, and therefore a very
dishonest bias, when one of today's so-called Catholic newspapers presents
an article about Cardinal Wuerl which makes him sound more immaculate
than the Virgin Mary, more miraculous than Christ, more chosen than Saint
Peter, and more divine than Bette Midler.

The fatal error in today's Catholic newspaper staffs is that they obsessively
defend a particular bishop here and another one there, instead of defending
the office of bishop, per se.  Sometimes, you have to defend the office of
bishop from a corrupt bishop who needs to be removed from the office of
bishop.  In as much, Donald Wuerl is the model of corrupt bishops.

Cardinal Wuerl is a sign of our times ... of the evil times of the Catholic
Church; of the Dignity Mass Don who always sides with the Sodomite ...
... of the pillow mint cardinal who even green-lighted a retaliation against
Pittsburgh school children, on account of their parents protesting against
Wuerl in front of local newscast cameras.

Those who want Cardinal Donald Wuerl removed
are like the baseball fans of a last place team

Simply because a baseball expert wants his favorite team's manager fired, it does
NOT make him anti-baseball.  It simply makes him a man who wants better base-
ball in his locale.  In a similar fashion, simply because there are people who want
Wuerl removed from office, it does NOT make them anti-Catholic.  It makes them
people who want much better Catholicism in the United States.

These people would only be anti-Catholic is they wanted to destroy the office of
bishop, per se.  They want the office kept in tact, and they realize that Wuerl is
damaging said office.  They simply want the Donald Wuerl types to NOT be a
bishop anywhere.  These people simply want a decent man in the seat that was
given to Wuerl by the former Hitler Youth whose papacy was cronyism and
corruption.   Keep in mind that Wuerl was placed into power by the German
pope who caused an alarming number of Germans to suddenly leave the Cath-
olic Church, account of Ratzinger's corruption, especially in Ratzinger letting
molester Marciel Maciel Degollado continue to have his free reign for six con-
secutive years.

Why be an accomplice to the Donald Wuerl Liar's Club?

I received word in late May of 2014 that pivotal witnesses involved in a certain
private investigator's pro bono work are allegedly reluctant to come forth and
reveal pertinent things about Donald Wuerl, in fear of being sued for Libel or
False Light (which is the act of taking things out of context to the point of it
being defamatory.)  Actually, the first thing that will be done is the attempt
to destroy the credibility of the newly emerged witnesses.  None the less,
take note of something:

In the past eight years, after all of the things I stated about 1} Cardinal Wuerl,
2} the reputed liar Tim Bendig who attempted his intimidation tactic con game
upon me,  3} the Diane Thompson who was repeatedly caught lying via fact
checking, 4} the Fr. James Torquato who literally endangered people during
his first series of whistle-blower retaliations, 5}, the pathetically sophomoric
Ann Rodgers, 6} and the Bishop Edward Burns who was in charge of the
Torquato investigation during the Torquato Retaliations ...

...  nobody ever sued me.  In fact, none of the aforementioned persons even
sent pit bull attorneys after me.  As the snapshot evidence below shows, if
the Wuerl People ... and/or the liar Tim Bendig ... tried to get my writings
and Jpeg evidence removed from the internet, they hideously failed in the
attempt to do so.  So, why should you fear Wuerl, while you hold us down
like people being crushed under heavy leaden weights, by remaining crimi-
nally silent as you have been?  Why do you not fear our retaliation against
you for your silence which caused us to work overtime and to endure much
suffering?  Why don't you ever give us a break, for a change?

Free the Church from a tyrant who is trying to change 2,000 year
old  doctrine, because he's not courageous enough to defend it.

You can free the Church from an unconscionable manipulator & liar perched
in pivotal power.  No one ever sued me.   So, speak and feel free on account
of finally venting the truth.

Now, how often does one website consume the first three pages of Google,
pursuant to the same one set of keywords ... and how often does one do so
without spending as much as a dollar in promoting the site?

The site was put online and left to be.  No money was spent to neon-light the
site in anyone's face, as is the case with the ads pertaining to the sale of Don-
ald Wuerl products.  Yet, this Wuerlgate site became front and center on the
Google, Yahoo, Bing, Lycos, and Hotbot surface, as well as on almost every
other general search engine, except for less than a handful of them.  If you tell
the truth and show pivotal evidence, the presentations will surface to the top.

Ann Rodger's Conflict of Interest

Whereas Ann Rodgers was paid for writing things found to have been false,
(via fact checking) those people who contributed to this site's contents, in all
of its displayed evidence, in all of its timeline chronicling, in all of its archive
research, and in all of its witness corroboration, did what they did entirely free
of charge.  This includes yours truly doing the bulk of the work at his own
expense and at his own risk.  Rodgers had a conflict of interest and cannot
be trusted.  The fact checking showed her to be a liar.

Without further ado, here are the June 16, 2014 Google results pursuant to,
Did Donald Wuerl ever have a cover-up?  I defy you to find any one indi-
vidual who captured the first thirty search engine results, solo, twenty-nine
of which were written solely by him.

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